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  1. You said it and no matter what Toronto thread arises the issues both positive and negative will rear their heads. I would make a wild guess and suggest your a strong supporter of Toronto just going all the way into SL regardless?? This may explain why you complain about people daring to say "Oh hang on a minute"? The usual shoot the messenger and ignore the point stuff Damian.
  2. Go back to the simplistic quote that started this point that a quarter of the people in Castleford watch the club as though nobody from outside the town watches the club. You may wish to argue that research may show a quarter of them have been once, or whatever it is your trying to contrive, but I'd be sure on the basis of a sloppily thrown together piece on Cas's supposed rise to the top that there was no such research. Only 40K cas population divided by the average gate which included two big derbies....... Ignore if you will also the fact that Cas's average 7,500 crowd dipped heavily when Millward was coaching and rose back up to normal levels when Powell got the team back on track. You tell me where Cas would be without Mr. Powell never mind Mr. Gill.
  3. This is a very stupid perception that businesses can all go forward and if RL can't make any great progress forward then it's full of bad business people. The competition is intense in all Markets chasing peoples's time and money. It's so tough that tens of thousands of businesses go bankrupt every year. Salford had the advantage of being able to give a game away and nobody came. Standing still can be very hard work and can at times need very intelligent and commited people to do that. What a crass idea that businesses are measured by how they are "going forward". We have a traditional regional product that could not break into a national market due to intense pressure from Soccer and Rugby Union who have always had tremendous structural advantages over RL. We do darn well to stand still. Your "going forward" measure suits your idea that Toronto are doing "phenominally well". This being because last year they didn't have a team and this year they have a team. Thus in your warped business logic their success is overwhelmingly greater than Wigan's whose onfield success and crowd levels are no better than they were 30 years ago. They've bought themselves an English Chamionship team that's all so far.
  4. Never once did I say these things the way you have disingenuously presented them. On behalf of fellow clubs Lenegan wanted to see Toulouse bring benefits to SL that meant a TV contract SL clubs could share in and the development of French players to add to thin SL playing pool of SL which Thewlis spoke about the other day. These issues clearly matter to SL. It seems Toronto matter to you at all costs which is fine, but you need to aknowledge Toronto may not be everyone's idea of the saviours of RL in the Northern Hempishere. Toulouse offer a lot more in rthe actual here and now.
  5. Unlike the shambles of clubs in Superleague eh? The failed clubs that have 8,000,000 people on their doorstep and a motorway linking them all up and yeh, look at how rubbish they have done despite 20 years of TV money - all wasted. Yet in a matter of month's Toronto have achieved so much more and showed our useless clubs the "phenomenal" way forward. Read Og's post that sets out for you the reality so far as regards Toronto. Come back to me when they make a real "phenomenal" achievement
  6. How about you engage in the actual debate and points made. Every Toronto thread clearly raises the issue of their SL ambitions as does this one as does the last several threads on Toronto. Or do you want to shout down debate by narrowing down this thread to exactly what? How do we think Brierley will go playing for Toronto? I'll say OK .
  7. The context is clearly stated. The reality is 7,500 people the bulk of them from WMDC watched Cas last year no different to 2008. The reality is Millward's coaching dragged the club down whilst the brilliant Powell has dragged them right back up there. Gill is a fine fellow but Powell effectively joined his home town club, and joined to get a SL coaching berth. Gill didn't have to do anything to persuade him and can't reasonably be credited with pulling off a masterstroke. As for debts the Fulton family should take the credit for helping to clear those. It's a vacuuous article.
  8. They may have a different opinion or they may call you a Capper Gary and try to shout you down as being negative or an RU troll etc etc. The other day I posed this question about what would happen here if we reduced the footprint of M62 clubs in SL, In 1996 the idea was that less but bigger clubs would see all the fans and players outside the immediate areas of those clubs getting excited about Calder, Cheshire Manchester and Humberside etc. I don't think that anyone over the last 20 years now sees that as a good thing or thinks for example that if Leeds and Bradford were the only West Yorkshire SL clubs in a transatlantic league RL would prosper. That was your stance too and so I do think it's worth thinking hard about this. It would be hard to deny Toronto a chance in SL if that could be a catalyst for their own game to grow, there is room and if new clubs can bring big money then more room can be made to 14 clubs. This is what Lenegan's stance was and it's a fair one.
  9. "In these parts, rugby league is not so much a hobby as it is a way of life. A quarter of the town’s 40,000 population watch Castleford Tigers" Really? Nobody from Ponte or Knottingley then?
  10. He said:- The long game here is 10 years from now if a SL team can draw eyeballs. Its taken 10 years for MLS (North American soccer pro league) to get eyeballs for TV games. It will take that long, if not longer for TWP. There is a LOOOONG history in Toronto and Canada of failed sports adventures. People are seriously skeptical of TWP. More importantly, the awareness of the team locally is next to nil (yes I saw that Sun article - one of their biggest advertisers is Air Transat - take it with a grain of salt). Toronto is a "top league or we don't care" town. Until the TWP are in SL, attendance and interest will remain dampened. I'd be sure Toronto will get some sort of junior system going but it will be hard to do. As above Og argues that Toronto would need to be in SL to generate genuine interest to attract the kids. It's the same here, you generally need a local SL club to get the kids coming along in enough numbers and to get decent athletes amongst them. It will probably be a catch 22 with Lenegan saying "develop Canadians" and Toronto saying "We can do that but we need to be in SL to do so"..... That's the stand off I've envisaged all along, whilst others have envisaged half a dozen North American Superleague clubs in the next decade.
  11. They probably don't even need to do that. They just need to appoint some of their own people to offer local kids the chance to try Rugby League. It may be that the cart has to come before the horse and Toronto actually need to play home games to kick the possible interest off. Then I assume they will embark on the path of fighting RU for the same kids. RU offers no professional pathway which is what Toronto are boasting. They've promised to so something, as Double D says. There is time for that to still happen this season once Toronto start to get through a batch of home games. Let's see what they say and do then when they are in front of their own audience.
  12. This is the very start of the young player development with Ngwati who has New Zealand roots being the first to join the club as a Canada based player. The base they have to build on is the same as anywhere, i.e. any young players who fancy a career in RL. Ngwati will maybe get a run in the home games.
  13. Re-read your slavish proclamations of how Castleford are a paragon of virtue, the special ones, for "getting of their Asses" to develop the club management and new stadium all the way to the top. So who hasn't "got off their asses"?? Inference is a trick many people play on here. Indirect criticism. You can clear this up by admitting Wakefield, your local rivals your post made an inferred dig at, are making as great an effort as Cas are to move their business forward.
  14. Thanks for being brave enough to talk about the issues. (1) 10 years of heavily invested Canadian Junior development will most likely start to produce Canadian SL level players by then but one or two not a 25 man squad. Toronto face having to get away with dipping into the English, French and NRL player pools heavily for many years. By talking about the Burgesses and signing the Brierleys' this elephant in the room is now coming to the fore. (2) Toronto can't also steal English Juniors for an English Academy and call them Canadian as well. That trick is wearing off already. (3) There isn't a reserves league to play in BUT, what they said about Canadian development IIRC was there were a lot of Grid iron players wanting a tryout. What better an idea than to actually start looking for Canadian Trialists and get them in a Canadian Toronto team and come over and play Siddal, Brighouse etc. it would really boost their PR and it would put money into the coffers of the amateur game here.?
  15. What? You mean like at Acton, Liverpool, Coventry, Gateshead, Crusaders, Kent, Newcastle, Mansfield, Nottingham, Pontypridd, Liverpool, Carlsle, Streatham, Scarboro, Paris, Sheffield, Chorley, Blackpool Runcorn and so on?? It's not "bound to fail" but it's a very tough ask, however it won't hurt their progress one bit to talk about the challenges they face along the way. Everyone wants them to succeed, of course they do, but they need to bring something to European Superleague not take it out. The more they take SL players away like Brierley and the more CEO's like Thewlis speak of the problems with the "thin" SL player pool, the quicker the honeymoon period will end. Yes the owners are apparently mega rich, but if the European SL doesn't see much of that money, or benefit positively from it -as Lenegan said of Toulouse - "Bring us a TV contract, bring us a new pool of playing talent" - then the bandwagon will probably come to an abrupt halt.