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  1. I certainly never said or indicated you were "fickle", but your idea of the club being on a downhill run for decades doesn't match my experience at all and what would many on here give for Fartown's seventeen year run in Superlegue plus Wembley and league Leaders. That's something plus is something other SL clubs have not managed leaving Huddersfield Giants probably one of the top ten clubs in the modern game. I remember Fartowns decline from Division 1 in 1978 to second bottom of the whole pile ten years later on paltry crowds averaging 500. The curve after that was very much upward with Fartown on a winning curve and returning to 3,000 crowds just before Davey took over. Greater decline and sadness can be found in many many other places than Leeds Road Huddersfield.
  2. Lordy GS what a short memory. League leaders not so long ago.......
  3. Given the rush to review the structures that "Increased cap" may also be under review. It may remain to be seen how any Championship Club with ambition has to work it's way to Superleague next year 2018. The big spending clubs could get clipped wings. We shall see.
  4. Well in 2009 they played a whole European Cup two groups of three winners met in the final. Results included...... Italy 0 Scotland 104 before 2,139 fans and Ireland 82 Serbia 0 before 250 fans.......The Final was Wales 28 Scotland 16 before 1,608. 2010 Wales, France, Scotland and Ireland played in the European cup. Close games, big crowds in France, couple of thousand in Wales, in the hundreds in Scotland and Ireland. 10,500 at the final in France. That was not repeated a year later. Instead Wales played ireland to warm up for their 4 nations debut, and France gave England a warm up before 17,000. The Knights played and got 2000 against. France in Leigh. 2011 was a mish mash. Knights played in ireland and scotland before low crowds and got high scores in these games plus a return against Ireland - average 60 points a game. So for me on recent form a six team comp = Italy with massive problems, and England Knights strolling it. Good crowds in France poor elsewhere.......
  5. I'd agree with the opening analysis, but more so some club officials agree with that. The Swinton shock is on the back of the Oldham shock last year at HKR. I thought your opinion on P&R was out of left field until I realised that as it stands now Superleague Survival is more imperative then ever and clubs will take chances to rest players during the cup rounds. I would not agree cup shocks will enable Championship Clubs to fancy their chances in the play offs. The play offs will be when SL clubs will certainly not be resting anyone or resting on their laurels. The championship clubs that can fancy their chances will be the ones running fully professionally.
  6. Enjoyable and interesting post. That there aren't the players to buy and that Fartown aren't an attraction to those available, and the downgrading of the Bulls academy means the move to boost Fartown's academy looks to be a great move. Hopefully the first team won't ruin that through relegation.
  7. Very good point, sorry you were slagged off above. In reality Les Catalans two year licence then ran into a three year licence 2009 and as you say they have become one of the big RL clubs and are a success story. The reason the RFL have not followed this "succesful model" is that during the mid 2000's the game was on a policy of expansion and Richard Lewis had the clout over the SL clubs on this no-brainer. France were wanted in SL in 1996 but wrongly chose Paris, then they froze over expansion until Lewis arrived. Do remember Celtic Crusaders didn't go straight in SL, and the model failed for not just Paris but also Gateshead. here is your clue as to why Toronto have not gone straight in. Les Catalans offered an (1) existing junior/amateur game, and (2) an an existing fanbase and (3) the prospect of test Rugby between England and France. Toronto offer none of this at the moment, and so the RFL have put them in the bottom division like Celtic Crusaders where they probably have to go on to prove that they can develop Canadian players and get a TV deal that will boost SL income across the board. That was the last stated requirement of the SL chairman for accepting "guest" clubs into Superleague. Toronto have only been accepted into the RL Championship, and Superleague is indeed the glass ceiling you quote where boxes will need ticking. Good luck to them in working towards doing this.
  8. What's annoying is people seizing on this sort of lazy journo stuff. Then you trying to justify it. 7,500 crowds dropped badly under Millward's failed coaching and by the end of last season Powells excellent coaching had brought the fanbase back to 7,500. Cas have indeed wiped off a lot of debt, Mr. Fulton's cheque book has regularly seen to that. If Trolling means answering a point with some well chosen realities then that is what I'm doing. What exactly are you doing as it seems you are failing to answer my points, Crowds didn't shoot up because of Gill they came back due to Powell. The Fultons are the ones who have reduced Castleford's debts. Deal with that don't troll me.
  9. Thanks for that view from the front line. It may help dispel the myth soccer is not a rival/competitor to RL. It however may not but thanks anyway.
  10. "Match day experience" was done as long ago as the 1990's through Cougarmania, and carried on to SL level through Bullmania. Eventually the Bulls realised that they put on a show for a crowd that largely turned up just to see the match. Your inventing the idea there is so much room for growth, which then enables you to hammer our clubs for not achieving this supposedly easy to set up cash cow, that brings in so many more fans. The other day Leeds Rhinos did their "Kids day" for their home Fixture and put on a great day for the parents and kids. It didn't particularly put much on the crowd but they did it anyway as they've made it a bit of a tradition, and it helps cement RL as part of the local culture with the younger generation. For years threads like this go into "magic solution" mode in which the premise of the argument is the SL clubs marketing people are just useless and they are missing the obvious. You get away with this stuff because Mr. Hetherington chooses not to come on here and tell you just why it's not a matter of copying what Ice Hockey do.
  11. You said it and no matter what Toronto thread arises the issues both positive and negative will rear their heads. I would make a wild guess and suggest your a strong supporter of Toronto just going all the way into SL regardless?? This may explain why you complain about people daring to say "Oh hang on a minute"? The usual shoot the messenger and ignore the point stuff Damian.
  12. Go back to the simplistic quote that started this point that a quarter of the people in Castleford watch the club as though nobody from outside the town watches the club. You may wish to argue that research may show a quarter of them have been once, or whatever it is your trying to contrive, but I'd be sure on the basis of a sloppily thrown together piece on Cas's supposed rise to the top that there was no such research. Only 40K cas population divided by the average gate which included two big derbies....... Ignore if you will also the fact that Cas's average 7,500 crowd dipped heavily when Millward was coaching and rose back up to normal levels when Powell got the team back on track. You tell me where Cas would be without Mr. Powell never mind Mr. Gill.
  13. This is a very stupid perception that businesses can all go forward and if RL can't make any great progress forward then it's full of bad business people. The competition is intense in all Markets chasing peoples's time and money. It's so tough that tens of thousands of businesses go bankrupt every year. Salford had the advantage of being able to give a game away and nobody came. Standing still can be very hard work and can at times need very intelligent and commited people to do that. What a crass idea that businesses are measured by how they are "going forward". We have a traditional regional product that could not break into a national market due to intense pressure from Soccer and Rugby Union who have always had tremendous structural advantages over RL. We do darn well to stand still. Your "going forward" measure suits your idea that Toronto are doing "phenominally well". This being because last year they didn't have a team and this year they have a team. Thus in your warped business logic their success is overwhelmingly greater than Wigan's whose onfield success and crowd levels are no better than they were 30 years ago. They've bought themselves an English Chamionship team that's all so far.
  14. Never once did I say these things the way you have disingenuously presented them. On behalf of fellow clubs Lenegan wanted to see Toulouse bring benefits to SL that meant a TV contract SL clubs could share in and the development of French players to add to thin SL playing pool of SL which Thewlis spoke about the other day. These issues clearly matter to SL. It seems Toronto matter to you at all costs which is fine, but you need to aknowledge Toronto may not be everyone's idea of the saviours of RL in the Northern Hempishere. Toulouse offer a lot more in rthe actual here and now.
  15. Unlike the shambles of clubs in Superleague eh? The failed clubs that have 8,000,000 people on their doorstep and a motorway linking them all up and yeh, look at how rubbish they have done despite 20 years of TV money - all wasted. Yet in a matter of month's Toronto have achieved so much more and showed our useless clubs the "phenomenal" way forward. Read Og's post that sets out for you the reality so far as regards Toronto. Come back to me when they make a real "phenomenal" achievement