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  1. Well it appears to say the Bulls got £787K as a parachute payment to pay for the 2015 campaign and £500K for a second place finish 2015 paying for the 2016 campaign??? Marc Green's retirement was based on being out of the prize money wasn't it? I appreciate this does not fully compensate for the loss of SL level funding, but you'll have to see Wood Rimmer and Solly about that. After all they capped Bradford and Leigh at £1M to stop any overspend trying to pay SL wages, then they capitulated and allowed Beaumont to maybe put his house and business and club on the line. I don't recall Green following that policy so he must have some financial prudence??
  2. Well I may not have it all immediately to hand. I have to hand a statement that the RFL and those for the system said in 2014 "It will make movement between SL and the championship much easier for clubs to handle than a conventional P & R system" Parachute payments were "£788,000 and £787,000" "First and second in the championship £550,000 and £500,000 respectively". I don't quite have the fine detail but it appears the system Marc Green voted for in line with the RFL was designed to give Bulls a financial chance to get straight back up, and if by any chance they just failed it was designed to heavily reward them getting close, so they could have another pop at it. Marc Green was simply playing the RFL's game he and six other clubs voted in, and which Wood and particularly Solly made it abundantly clear that SKY wanted to see the jeopardy of clubs going up and down. Go back to stardate 2003 when Mike Stephenson made it abundantly clear that an SL club who was "cutting their cloth" to avoid financial problems by not spending the full salary cap were committing a "crime". Stevo was saying clubs had to play the game and compete or get out, SKY did not want clubs to be just surviving so they could get to the next season for another SKY handout. Far from condemning the Bradford Bulls for an overspend the condemnation from Stevo on behalf of SKY was of clubs drifting probably like Wakefield and Widnes are doing today as they allegedly have not been spending full cap. If Green had banked the £Half a Million for a rainy day that would have been akin to theft. People have got the wrong villains here. If all Widnes and Wakey can do is drift we may be heading for a 10 club SL. Whilst we agonise about a championship club overspending we forget that the game is (very sadly)all about the Superleague contract. Championship clubs are expendable in this reality, and the 12 point penalty is as ridiculous for Bulls and the No penalty for Salford in the year they cheated the cap.
  3. I dropped that agenda some time ago Steve. My current agenda is one club in Bradford, not none. What was your agenda with all the stuff you posted on the Bradford thread BTW?
  4. 1. The Hull City academy will now be a supply line for Hull FC who will offer the one or two lads who will shine each year Superleague Contracts. The best players will all go to Hull. Even if HKR go back up they and their dads know where they need to sign and that's with a top class club, who wins trophies. The last thing FC will do is "share". 2. Since they came in and propped Hull KR up with their own money, had they not done so you may well need to ponder where you may be now? Look no further than Bradford. The "Symbiotic" relationship Hull/HKR supposedly had didn't pump up the numbers of kids playing in Hull and the universes greatest Derby slowly lost it's appeal until HKR couldn't sell it out in a smaller ground. Go steady having a go at fellow clubs good sir.
  5. 1. Never said that. I said the RFL put a system in and paid half a £Million to clubs like Bradford and Leigh so they could be full time and compete with SL clubs for places to provide entertainment for the SKY contract. The RFL did not pay those monies so clubs could pay off their debts and stay/go part time. The monies were paid to make the system SKY apparently wanted, work. Had Bradford not joined in SKY would have been pretty miffed. You make the spectacular mistake as many do thinking you can take SKY's money and tuck it away for a rainy day. You can't you have to compete. I think some of the more considered posters are getting this point now, 2. That's a poor point, you'll have me in tears. The limited liability laws allow companies to overspend i.e. invest, and take a chance they may succeed. Without these laws the economy would be shot, unable to borrow and invest in case the directors end up in Newgate debtors prison. All those who traded with the Bulls certainly knew the risks and took them. Please leave the violins out of this Lizzy. 3. "The end of a club in Bradford" Have I missed something here? Have Chalmers and Lowe pulled out????? 4. "Poor Bradford fans" How many times have you come on here to have a go at the poor Bradford fans when they were winning stuff and Halifax were struggling because they "cut their cloth". I think it's Halifax's predicament that probably persuaded most Bradford people to back a couple of all out go's at getting out of the Championship. After cutting your cloth 13 years ago you have ended up taking SKY's prize money to pay debts that also saw your club slash wages by 10%. When SKY and the RFL wanted clubs to make this system work Halifax said no. Green took the money and played the game, that's what the RFL wanted to try to satisfy SKY.
  6. You describe all threads, this thread is nothing special. Let the readers who don't enter the bear pit to "shout" make their own minds up.
  7. Then your blind to them being given a parachute payment to allow them to stay professional and compete for SL and your blind to them being given prize monies to do it all over again, which they duly did. Your blind to the RFL: abandoning any financial prudence, abandoning any Championship cap to facilitate clubs being able to spend even more. Deal with the points not me. I didn't post about the RFL's "an enhanced environment for club financial failure"; .
  8. The lad asked that whoever took on the Bulls grew the club and show they had the resources to do so. That is clearly asking for a Hudgell or a Koukash. So what do you want for Xmas?
  9. I hope it doesn't go in LE why should it? He says:- show me how this club still not just survives, but grows. Show me you have the resources to cover that He's basically just asking for a rich owner or don't bother. 25 other clubs fans want that. He'd reject Kevin Nicholas taking over, the master of stability,
  10. Thanks for that honesty, much appreciated. You and Bulls both played the system, neither of you invented it. The RFL did.
  11. The RFL have set salary cap limits for years to ensure clubs did not overspend, so the RFL clearly take responsibility for stopping clubs overspending. You need to keep that in mind, The RFL allowed the Championship a £1,000,000 cap so they could compete for Superleague and IIRC gave the first and second clubs in the Championship c.£500,000 prize money to help them compete for SL - NOT to put in their bank account for a rainy day. Can't you see that there's a big shortfall there?? The SL clubs don't have such a shortfall, SKY pay the full wages for SL clubs. Championship clubs have to over stretch to get to the £1,000,000 AFAIK Leigh spent the £1Million and came bottom of the qualifiers so Beaumont bust the cap by threatening the RFL he'd openly break it an idea he got from Koukash. £1,000,000 was not enough to bridge the gap so the RFL allowed all clubs to spend full SL cap IIRC. Outside SL that's a gross abandonment of the RFL's original policy to set cap limits to prevent Championship clubs overspending to get to Superleague. The RFL encouraged and allowed Green to overspend so he did. The RFL made a mess of things beating off six SL clubs to put in this stupid structure Bulls are victims of. But hey let's string up Green for going along with it.
  12. I like Michael Carter, he's a great bloke, and i like Trinity.But Carter was able to steady your sinking ship thanks to a new SKY contract and advanced monies going in to SL clubs in trouble. I don't think you could blame Green for having a go at the MPG, 2015 they certainly scared you. You have to remember that the RFL and the game were and still are running a system whereby Championship clubs are given SKY monies to actually compete for a Superleague place. After losing to Wakefield narrowly, and receiving more SKY funds to compete for promotion Green took a decision directly in line with what the RFL wanted top Championship clubs to do. The SKY prize money was re-invested in the team and Bulls duly had another go at it 2016. The RFL did not have to professionalise the top of the Championship. If they had not done so Green would not have been able to spend on a professional team to compete to go up, again as per the RFL's plan. It's easy to criticise Mr. Green for not going semi pro but he was only playing the game that the RFL wanted top CC clubs to play. It was the RFL that opened up the Championship cap to allow overspending. This isn't as simple as a failure to follow the Batley model.
  13. You have got to be joking here. surely. Wakefield "cut their cloth" and ended up being slaughtered week on week, winning only 3 games and shipping in over 900 points in 23 games being second only to Halifax 2003 as Superleagues biggest embarrassment. No that's wrong - As your Chairman says Belle Vue is Superleagues greatest ever embarrassment. Due to the change in the league structure you got away with being able to avoid relegation and probable oblivion yourselves by being given a chance to beat a Championship club, with a team on a heck of a lot less TV funding that yours, Wakey were able to scuttle around strengthening their side mid season. And why not Bradford cut their cloth? Because had they done so last year they would have fallen behind further. This year they came fifth with a professional side, had they gone part time as Jimmy Lowes suggested then crowds would have fallen further and Bradford would have taken their place alongside Halifax, Dewsbury, Batley, Featherstone as a semi pro club treading water until something turns up. When Carter cut his cloth at Wakey your crowds were worse than Salford's. Fans don't do cloth cutting, they walk away. The structure helped destroy Bradford and save Wakefield - had straight P & R been in Wakefield could also have gone into Liquidation. Luck lucky Wakey is the chant here.
  14. It's no different to the pre-season predictions from clubs needing to sell season tickets and keep the fans on side. In 1987 David Ward coached Hunslet to Championship champions and the clubs aim for the new season in the First Division was "we are not there to make the numbers up we are going for top four" totally disingenuous. They came last. Your departed owner as far as i know never promised your club £Millions of investment and then didn't come up with the goods. Or did he - you/anyone else tell me?? He did give Superleague two goes keeping Bulls pro to try to get you back in there and nearly did first time. All owners/coaches have to talk their clubs up and if they didn't the fans would all be heading for the exits, and lets face it Bradford fans have been very good at that. 15,000 fans in 2003 and 4.000 fans 2016. Green was very candid about why he'd had enough "The demand for the product was simply not great enough for the club to function on a firm footing" and that sounds more than fair enough to me.
  15. Green was OK - he took the club over and did his best in the circumstances to manage it out of decline, on being relegated when two went down he took the decision to go all out for Superleague. Bulls battled through the 2015 season coming second to Leigh, but at the business end Bulls stepped it up went to Leigh and battered them and got in the MPG and gave a good show before being narrowly defeated. Lowes said the club would have to go part time - obviously all the money had gone, but Green had given it a go. So at that point what did you and all other Bulls fans on here want?? Bulls to dismiss their full time playing staff, reduce staffing and adjust all budgets down?? In retaining a professional squad they still only came fifth -, if they had changed it to a part time squad what then? Would fans have walked away as Green abandoned ambition for financial prudence. I wholeheartedly guess they would and you would never have got near 4,000 attendances or even fifth place. And so what then?? Cut things further?? Lose more fans?? simply survive on the £150K Sky handout? If so Green would still have been the villain that dragged the Bulls down to oblivion. When the RFL sit down with all these people the only real question is "How much have you got to invest". When Koukash said as regards Salford "Millions" Wood said your in Pal. Then he wouldn't let him spend the £Millions. The only thing that wasn't OK about Green is he would not spend £Millions, he gave it a go and nearly got back but for the bounce of the ball and a missed tackle here and there.If Bulls had edged Trinity out of SL guess what? Mr. Green would have been a folk hero around Bradford. Again I don't know why the Koukashes made bids for Bradford, I don't know the plans they had for the club. I don't know if £Millions of investment was involved I don't know if Wood scuppered that. All I know is Green got the gig and gave it a real good go. .