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  1. I can't believe no one has mentioned "pouring partner". What a crock of...
  2. Is the difference with the nfl not that the nfl actively encouraged head to head impact? Rl had always had rules to minimise head contact, so would a lawsuit have as much chance of success as one against the nfl?
  3. I thought Bird was going to sign for Bulls, but couldn't get a visa so went to Cats? And Richards came to Wigan before he went to Cats...
  4. I was just spitballing. Which I think is fair enough. And, I was commenting on Parky's thoughts about fairness. If everybody on here waited until all the facts were known, it'd be a lot quieter! I don't really see what Rohan Smith's position on the whole thing has to do with my comment. Yeah, I suppose so.
  5. If the concept of fairness exists - why not OFFER a League One club the spot? Why not offer it to them all and then pick from the applicants?
  6. I want Bradford around. Was it really that recent that they were successful? I am unduly aging myself! That said, I think that people are thinking of a different Bradford when they are assessing the impact on the RFL if they were to be lost...
  7. Have they not sort of already lost Bradford? I mean, there is (sort of) still a team called Bradford, playing out of Odsal. But you barely compare them to the team that were mixing it at the top 15-20 years ago...
  8. True. I was surprised to hear the tv guys banging on about 66k having attended the world championships. But that was over the course of two weeks. As you say above, we manage that for our flagship events in one day.
  9. What he did for the darts was make it a big party. Most people who go don't even watch the darts. Or that is how it seems to me. I mean, they showed a clip from when Dennis Priestley won the first PDC(?) championship and it was all still "very best of order, please". Can you imagine that now? And can you imagine what the people on here would be like if they made the SL a massive session on the ale?
  10. To be fair, if you got anywhere near the NFL, you are probably a good athlete, and know how to put the work in. So if they can hack it this year, they have two years to work on their aerobic ability...
  11. I can understand the argument for swapping, but I think it should be one way. Why not admit that as of yet, there are two tiers to RL. You can go from the top tier to the bottom tier, but not vice versa. I think that is somehow less damaging to the reputation of the game. For example, Civoniceva going to Fiji. You know he played for years for Aus, but you still have a legend of the game lining up in your team. Also, it could be seen by at least some as you know why he played for Aus for so long (i.e. $$$), but he wanted to represent his country of birth too and did that with pride before he his boots up. That's a better story for me than if he played for Fiji when he was young to get seen on the international stage by Aus, then dumped them as soon as he could...
  12. I think it is. But you also know what you are going for. I am sure that a lot of the folk that go to those games have a vested interest in the game, but realise it's unlikely to be the highest class of game. But here's the twist - the ALSO enjoy going to Twickenham. FWIW is there much pre/mid/post-match for those games?
  13. I've not rewatched it but I'm sure that the centre did pass to an overlap one time, but it was so laboured and in decisive the defence drifted over with relative ease. Or did I dream that?
  14. I thought the surrender tackle was where you just hit the deck as soon as someone touches you, the idea being that you avoid the tackle altogether. To try to combat that, the defenders get a bit more time in the tackle. I thought a voluntary tackle is where you hit the deck without anyone touching you, then get up and play the ball. That's a penalty offence, isn't it? Finally, what I think you are describing is a "dominant" tackle. I could be talking rubbish, though