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  1. I personally think the most impostant thing of all that is that you have boxed/mma'd. If you are ok taking a knock, then you'll be fine playing. I am jealous. Get out there and enjoy!
  2. Where did I say anywhere that I know that Mr Rowley would allow Bailey to coach anyone?
  3. How do you know the pros would be "quite angry"? Maybe Bailey, for example, has signed in the knowledge that he won't be playing in all the games ("Just the important ones Ryan" ;)) and also be picking up some experience coaching some up and coming Canadians?
  4. That system is too open to abuse. I can imagine it being gamed, especially where teams play multiple times. Just spitballing here, but lets say that a team's play maker cannonballs someone. This someone is the other team's under 18 centre who is filling in for injuries. The recovery time is six weeks. BUT, the teams are playing again in the play offs seven weeks later. I wonder whether the centre would still be injured?
  5. That's my point. You say that it is intuitive that teams won't look at the big picture under P&R, and so choose the easiest way. That suggests that you think that under a non-P&R system, teams WOULD look at the big picture and blood youth rather than buy from overseas (happy to be corrected). But that wasn't happening anymore under licensing, in particular from the teams in "P&R" positions. That I could see, anyway.
  6. Who were all the lads getting chances from the teams at the bottom during licensing?
  7. What is a "Toulouse"?
  8. Who is this "Tompkins"? Another one off the famous Wigan production line?
  9. To be fair to the skolars, anecdotally their marketing at least helped. The fact the tickets were 12 quid, there was a beer festival and some entertainment certainly made it a lot easier for me to decide to go. Surely that could be an Idea for all the teams this year?
  10. I'd say - don't worry about it. Play where the coach tells you to play. I'm not much bigger than you and I played prop for a bit!
  11. But it's only 1 point. You'd have to have a pretty good success rate but otherwise it'd be pretty funny to watch. Once. A different thing, but I would pay good money to see a kick off volleyed back to the kicking team.
  12. Just a minute - didn't you say in another thread that players are queuing up to join the likes of Leeds, even at lower salaries than they are currently on?
  13. So you mean two full time divisions at the top?
  14. It's two divisions, one higher than the other in the pecking order.