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  1. 2018 Admission prices

    Complimentary? I think i could make my entrance fee and train fare back in that time!
  2. Ryan Bailey

    He thought he'd been spiked
  3. Ryan Bailey

    I thought he was concerned that a WATER bottle that he drank out of (which had been handed to him by a tester) was not properly sealed, and that the water he drank had been contaminated, not the sample bottle?
  4. Northern & Pariochal

    How many young players were these teams blooding in the licensing era, in particular once it was confirmed that they weren't in the play offs, compared to under P and R?
  5. Ryan Bailey

    Because you think you have been doped? Although as the Telegraph indicates, there are other ways around that. But it's easy to think why he wouldn't want to do that either, if he truly thought the Canadian anti-doping was out to get him I thought that looked pretty harsh, really. Unless he was having some kind of paranoid episode. We all should pile on this, accusing the Telegraph of racism. I mean, they had a correct picture of Bailey at the top, so it'd be hard to plead pure ignorance...
  6. What about cheep laughs?
  7. Good point. It's unlikely to have any benefit to the person that was offended against, so why would they go?
  8. Now, I would like to think that, but his comments post-game suggest otherwise...
  9. Reverse SL-era rule changes

    NO! 1992 isn't 25 years ago. It's about ten years ago. Isn't it?
  10. Champions trophy final this year...
  11. Ryan Hall

    Yeah - I was thinking that. Don't they watch tape of their opponents?
  12. Can an international club comp work?

    Have there not been four this year? Wcs, sl, championship and league 1...
  13. Media Watch Grand Final

    Not specifically the Grand Final, but did anyone else see Will Greenwood on Sky Sports news saying that rugby union shouldn't be any more "kick it and clap", mentioning that "we get enough about that from the league boys" then asking if the hosts had seen the rugby league last weekend and how great it was? Then losing his union thread!
  14. Catalan v Widnes

    Fair enough about the France thing. But as for trips away, I'm not taking about folk who are planning trips at the start of the season. They'll (mostly) watch, cats or not. I'm talking about marginal fans