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  1. Having Teams from different continents competing in the same league is a significant departure from the normal of European sports
  2. I thought that too, but I'm sure that someone jumped into a tackle the other day and the tackler got done for taking the man out in the air. Forget what game. Cas vs Leeds?
  3. I don't quite mean that. I mean some tweaks so that you feel like you're still playing league. More like the different Tees at golf rather than the hot dogs at ten pin bowling
  4. Is there an argument for making amateur RL a bit easier? In football and RU you can still have an enjoyable game if you're a bit fat and rubbish provided your opposition is also a bit fat and rubbish. Do the demands of RL prevent this?
  5. I went to the skolars game. They had a beer festival and a Brian Adams impersonator on. And iirc it was on a Saturday, which made the beer festival more appealing. I thought that was a great road to go down. Although there were quite a few Canadians there. I suppose skolars are the best placed club to attract Canadian fans (other than TWP!) Haha - unfortunately concessions in that case over here means kids, old folks and maybe students who get in cut price
  6. I'm not calling you a liar. To use your bible example, if you say "Jesus said that you should turn the other cheek" and someone says "can you back that up", they might reasonably expect the book, chapter and verse rather than "in the bible". Doesn't really work with the dictionary, because that is ordered by word.
  7. Saying that your source is in any one issue of two periodicals is NOT giving a source.
  8. Ah, come on guys. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  9. They are not. But they do seem to be a breath of fresh air. And to be honest, I would rather put up with a few, lets say, gung-ho supporters than the marvin the paranoid android types we so often seem to see in RL...
  10. I would have liked to think that the RFL already had things in place, and the money was used to augment these, and add new initiatives. TWP are starting from scratch. Maybe they are still in the very initial steps, which I can appreciate might take more time. Maybe they are feeling out partners for some of their initiatives, and don't want to (or can't) name these partners...
  11. If the system stays as it is (as unlikely as that is), could the SL chairmen prevent the inclusion of TWP into SL?
  12. I agree with JohnM - the NRL decided, through their systems, to give the guy a ban. I think that supporting their procedures is only the proper thing to do. Whether they would extend the same courtesy to us, I am not so sure...
  13. Why didn't the ref bollock Percival?
  14. Are wanting promotion and bringing something to a division mutually exclusive? When Rangers where moving up through the leagues, I bet they brought something to the lower divisions whilst they were there...
  15. I didn't make the phrase up! It was probably someone from the RFL...