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  1. Narrow squeak for the Broncos, First 20 minutes or so they could have killed the game off but a combination of dogged Swinton defence and handling errors lerft a lot of points on the field. Unsurprisingly this came back to haunt the Broncos second half. When Harrison was sin binned a minute before the end of the first half for a professional foul, I felt that was Swinton's opportunity going in 22-6 behind. So It proved when they scored first after the break, narrowing the gap to 22-12. Then Api Pewhairangi got a length of the field try in broken play missing the conversion. 26-12 and with Harrison back I thought they had weathered the storm. It's a myth that part-time sides tire and full time sides press home the advantage in the last 20 minutes. What actually happens depends upon where momentum is within the game. Swinton got that momentum in the second half with London's left flank proving fertile try scoring territory and at 32-28 with 10 mins left anyones game before the Broncos closed the game out Bienek scoring under the sticks in the final play of the game. Swinton fans can be proud of theie tream. Put in a shift like that and when you come down south next year it will not be to play the London Skolars. Though i have to say your trainer spent the entire game trying to influence the referee over the Broncos line speed. He is the original whinging pom... If the questions asked on that performance, London are pretenders not contenders On a brighter note I saw the under 19's defeat the City of HUll Under 19's and the team victory song rang out at tjhe end "Oh London Town is wonderful". Now my question for the TRL Brains Trust versed in matters Bronco is which came first is this the song from the Loyal and Loud adopted by the team or the other way round ? Returning to the gloom Kieran Dixon (The London Phantom Himself) was warming up in full kit pre-game. From someone who was a fringe England candidate at the time he broke his leg for the Knights just before the world cup he has become a player that cannot get into a championship starting XIII. This should hurt Kieran, today should hurt. If you do not think it hurts to be excluded then you need to give the game away because a Bronco shirt is a shirt you need to earn under this coaching team..
  2. Depends on where they finish. going to Toulouse is tough so if thery get into the top two with normally three wins getting you to the MPG. They should be there or therabouts. Well beaten by the Broncos though so not so good away from home. and of course cue the inevitable "they don't bring any away fans" jibes from t'cappers. On to Swinton having met some of their hard core fans at the New Zealand v PNG game in the world cup. Its good to see the clubs day in the sun and the reward of Wigan in the next round of the cup to fill the coffers. It's much harder to follow a heartlabnd club languishing in the championship when you have nearby Super League clubs, so if I had a metaphorical hat I would be taking it off to their fans and those who also march to a different drumbeat following their local club in the lower leagues. The game is one that London need to win and any club beating a super league teams deserves respect - Good London performance at Batley but that was then this is now, the players need to focus on the game in hand. Going to be interesting to see if Swinton get a reaction from an emotional high last week in the cup or if it is London showing signs of ring-rust after a week off. All to play for.
  3. The gap between the top championship clubs and the bottom half of Super League has narrowed but unfortunately it is more as a result of standards levelling down rather than standards levelling up. The game itself is not as good as it was 10 years ago, and that's not just my opinion by spme of the postings on this and other forums in the last 12 months. So wth the level of mediocrity in the game, the lack of genuine stars who fans would pay to watch, even at the big clubs, and certain Super League clubs allegedly not spending up to the cap limit. Yes the gap has narrowed but perhaps not in a good way. I still favour one up and one down P&R.
  4. Depends on the money men. If a group of jilted Force backers decided not to pursue legal action against the ARU but to seek to join an expanded NRL then given that they have a ready made stadium holding 20,000. and a pre-existing brand, Plus mre juniors in the other code than Melbourne rebels. The idea does have legs. Remember Perth is isolated from the rest of Australia so there a craving for top level sport in the city, almost any sport can be a success in the West. However given the insular attitudes amongst the Sydney clubs then I am afraid there is more chance of Newtown returning if it ever came to a vote.
  5. Well played Hull
  6. So don't go thinking there's a lot in the kitty for other sports including RL when the rights negotiations begin again
  7. Please try not to post anything sensible and rational about the long term prospects in Toronto
  8. Well Done St Helens beating the full strength Castleford Tigers.
  9. London getting back in the race with an impressive result at Batley. Not surprised by the Toulouse result not many sides will come away with the points down there this season and KR had a few injuries.
  10. Tough ask for London to go to Batley , IMO best result of the ill starred Rob Powell era was the challenge cup win there in the wind and rain which with the slope makes the difference. Not a ground to be forward lite. Hendo said they needed a win to turn things around. They got the big win but that was then this is now. I hope this Janet Jackson number is on the team bus going up
  11. Cracking game at Trailfinders probably watched by the Broncos lowest ever crowd. London dominated the first 30 minutes of the game buliding up a 12-0 lead. This dropped to 12-10 at the interval partly down to Lolndon clocking off and partly down to erratic and inconsistent refereeing. Within a minute of the second half the French team claimed a 12-16 lead with the best try of the game a break up the middle by the forwards and offload. I had to say I feared the worst at that point but London replied in the corner soon afte,r though there was a rocky 20 minutes until London closed the game out with Toulouse falling apart chasing the game in the last 10 minutes. Total team effort from London justifying the changes made in the squad. I would say Alex Walker,,Mark Ioane and William Bartheu (the best frenchman on the field) stood out but you could not say anyone had a bad game and its been a while since that was posted.... Toulouse are a proper French team who play with gallic flair. I think people forget that they are not an expansion team but very much in the French Heartland so as som one who supports the idea of French RL teams with French players, I wish them well (except against London) and they are definately top four material A welcome return to the Broncos of last year but this win amounts for nothing unless the points are secured at Batley on Monday.
  12. St Helens to cause an upset win. It reminds me of when the full strength St Helens under Ian Millward travelled to take on a Wigan side comprised of the Under 20's captained by Terry O'Connor a few years ago on Good Friday in reverse...
  13. Charlie Sale in todays Daily Mail
  14. Contenders or Pretenders time for the Broncos. With the axe being shown to four profile signings. The club decided not to offer a Contract to Jamie Soward at the end of the last season as paying him would both blow a hole in cap space and run the risk of him breaking his leg in the first game and equally to avoid being a club where there was the one main playmaker. Then they sign Jarred Sammut the poor mans Jamie Soward, and his erratic performances have undermined the team performance. The four profile signings dropped have been busts this year. The London Phantom especialy disappointing on his return. What escapes some people is that when London began their under the radar run last year it was as a workmanlike team unit and curiously I am much more chipper about London's chances this Friday than would have been the case before the squad was named. Truly there is no I in in the spelling of team. You want the shirt you earn it on performance not on reputation. Now all to play for.
  15. My prediction sadly spot on