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  1. Revolutionary compared to other sports in the UK Soccer's Maximum wage of £ 20 was not abolished until 1961 under threart of Industrial action. The aboltion of the distinction between Amateurs and Professionals in Cricket was in 1962 Professionalism in Rugby Union in 1995 Definiition of Socialism is the common ownership olf the means of production Definition of Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Since Rugby League is a collection of privately owned clubs most definately a capitalist enterprise. The best analogy for the players is the abolition of of serfdom where former serfs wanted to move to towns to receive higher wages than those they could earn working in the fields, Hence once restrictions on payments and contracts ended players used the free labour market to achieve higher wages by moving to other clubs paying more. The more talented the player the higher the demand The system we have today.
  2. Well at least I can go to this game now and might also be able to make the Halifax game now also moved to Saturday at 7.05pm 😁 Probably will not have to bok a ticket in advance though
  3. Soccer clubs that is but will also apply to Rugby League and may go some way to explain why your eyes are not lying when you think that the attendance figure you are seeing in front of you looks nothing like that announced over the tannoy.

    New league structure revealed

    Two obvious responses Parky, firstly if the player base is shrinking all the time with the remain option being pursued would it not have been a lot better to leave the heartlands in order to grow the base which as you say is shrinking fast..After all No business thrives based upon contracting Secondly, with London you have not been paying too much attention, the London club does produce players that can hold their own in both Championship and Super League. It's the one area in which the London Broncos could be classed as a success. Argue what you like about funding, performance and crowds but player development and the Academy side is a plus.and Toulouse as I have posted on another thread, are a French heartland club that produces its own players the standard of which will rise once they play in a better competition.

    David Argyle to relocate Skolars to USA

    I get it though, there is a sense of humour deficit on TRL these days....and they don't get the punchline. The Skolars most regular poster / publicist on here has not commented on this thread - so wha's going on IM2 ?

    Super 8s all over, e games to play,

    All over now, enjoy the next three weeks of Trial games in which every game does not matter - Is that not right Mr Hetherington...
  7. London were absolute pants for the first 60 minues against Toronto. Then they started to play once the game had gone. Similar to the leeds game. The Broncvos are becoming the "kings of garbage time" getting scorelines respectable enough for those who did not actually watch the game. Toulouse by 12 for me. Does not change my view that Danny Ward should be Championship coach of the year but London's squad limitations are being laid bare. I suspect M Barthau will return to haunt his former club. A win for Toulouse would IMO put them in the Million Pound game and I would remind those on here that back in the day when Toulouse faced Leeds in the Challenge Cup Semi-Final under Justin Morgan there was a view expressed that the wrong French applicant had been approved for Super League.. It would make a change for a proper French club, not over reliant on imports, to be in the top level for is not the whole basis of French clubs competing in UK league the fact that the are a rugby league heartland and not an expansion club per se. A French club prodcing French players will also boost French Rugby League and give England genuine opposition with the decade. However unlike all those Warrington posters who claimed they would not mind a Catalans win and got their wish. I certainly mind the Broncos losing and always hope my tips are as way off the mark.....
  8. Sunday 11th November 15:00 Wales v Ireland, Racecourse Ground, Wrexham Why has this game been played at the same date as the England v New Zealand Test at Elland Road. Surely if you played it on the Saturday some league fans (incluiding myself) might make aweekend of it and see both games.

    Denver test is dead

    NZRL Suffered a $400,000 loss on the Denver Test (unclear from the Article if AUD or NZD)


    Alasdair Cook retires after the India series, I suspect he got the "knock on the door" (i.e. we are not picking you in future) in much the same way that Nasser Hussain did before his "retirement". So much so that George Dobell suggested he would retire after the India Series yesterday a full 12 hours before the announcement on Crickinfo. I doubt too many of Cricket's Fourth Estate frequent TRL so it's a good a place to bury the smoking gun as any... It also highlights the difference between the English and Hard-bitten Aussie attitudes, When Ian Healy was told he was being replaced long term by Adam Gilchrist. He told the selectors he wanted to play the next test in his native Queensland at Brisbane as a farewell game. No way "Heals" and Healy promptly retired on the spot. So the end of Cook's tour(of duty) and the retention of Keaton Jennings a man without the technique to play test cricket will leave England fans none the wiser as to who will front up first dig come the tests in Sri Lanka.# Other toughies England may dodge would be Rory Burns and Olly Pope in for Jonny Bairstow and Adil Rashid. As ever the future is on hold in English Cricket....

    James Cunningham

    This of course is the big problem for the Championship Clubs in the Super 8's. If your London, Toulouse or Halifax even and any good then the eights act as a shop window for Super League Clubs to see who would be a a potential addition to their squads (same as the NRL treats world club challenge / trial games against Super League sides). No blame can be attached to any player wanting to maximise his earnings out of the game and progess into a higher league in what is a short career where your next game could be your last. I would be surprised if James was with London in 2019.

    Adam Pearson Launches Stinging Attack

    Well said, theres getting beaten by a better side and being towelled which is what happened to Hull on Thursday. There few clubs bigger than Hull FC. It reads like Pearson and Radford are about to "clean the muck the stable" and more power to their elbow.
  13. No joy for London in Canada I am afraid. The Club would be appear to be targeting the Toulouse, Salford and Halifax games with possibly KR away which is almost as dependent upon the attitude of KR as London. London have been planning for a post Sammut future with him dropping to the bnench recently. He is not expected to resign The mancunian candidates will triumph by 16😢

    Wembley Crowd

    Depends upon what you mean by offensive, Perhaps those who send 80 minutes, effing and blinding in front of family groups, up down up down- during the game and being a total a*se for the whole game struggle to understand there is a game going on out there and that your not exactly selling rugby league to any new audience - Nice to know you think this is having a "good time" and thanks for illustrating my point.
  15. Warrington's comedy of errors cost them the game forward passes, knock on's, failure to find touch from penalties and a sense of blind panic in their play despite getting more than enough good field position to have won the game confortably against an ordinary Catalns outfit. How on earth dis Steve Price get that gig after his stint at St George...