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  1. Toronto Wolfpack v Rochdale Hornets by 40 Dewsbury Rams v Batley Bulldogs by 4 Featherstone Rovers v London Broncos by 16 😢 Halifax v Toulouse Olympique by 4 Leigh Centurions v Swinton Lions by 50 Sheffield Eagles v Barrow Raiders by 4

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    Whatever way you cut it Leigh will be in the top four and probably Joining Toronto, Tolouse and Featherstone

    14-15 Jul: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Watching London Broncos is like watching a Jason Roy innings starts off ok then invariably there's a brain-fart and things start going south. In truth London had enough possession in the first half to have killed off Halifax and having scored first in the second stanza should have sealed the deal but no sooner had Kieran Dixon weaved his way to the 10 metre line then rather than take the tackle he throws a blind off load to a Fax player and they go down the other end and score. London disrespected posession in the second half and Halifax to their credit scrapped and stayed in the game pulling to within 2 points at 14-12 then from the kick off a Fax player knocked on London got eventually over and 20-12. There was still time for a Rhys Williams knock on to make things interesting in the last two minutes with Fax narrowing the gap to 20-18 but in the end the right result. London would only get a 7/10 on this and I have the feeling both teams will contest the Micky Mouse Trophy Final for the Championship bottom eight. Scott Murrell got on the end of a bit of banter from the crowd about his lack of athetic prowess (his very own middle eight so to speak) and the big lad ended up pointing at Rhys Wiliams "he's fatter than me". London targeted Murrell for their "Tiger" attack down the middle. Fax targed Sammut but to a lesser effect. Oh and In the past I might have posted on this forum that James Child had all the refereeing ability of Mr Magoo in sunglasses, I apologise unreservedly to James after todays result he is clearly a standout aribtrator who deserves no less than a swift return to Super League after todays performance and London's win.

    14-15 Jul: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Toronto Wolfpack by 30 Leigh Centurions by 26 Dewsbury Rams by 2 Swinton Lions by 2 (Dual reg swopping sides maybe. this would test the patience of a Saint or two...) Halifax RLFC by 6 🙁 Barrow Raiders by 2 (a long and inhospitable way to go to Barrow - This may be an upset)
  5. Spot on - The Old Ground was in the community and near Metrolink. The new one despite beuing near a motor way is difficult to get to by public transport bneibng an hour on a Friday from Manchester City Centre via the rammed Liverpool Road. This has killed the fanbase and deterred neutrals like myself who used to pop over to the Willows on a Sunday when on a Northern weekend.

    8-9 July : The Betfred Championship match thread

    Great result for London Broncos, one point more that dared hoped for particularily without Jarrod Sammut - Absolute Four pointer down at Trailfinders - Kick off time might change though as there may well be something else starting at 4.00pm that Sunday...

    8-9 July : The Betfred Championship match thread

    Toronto Wolfpack v Sheffield Eagles by 32 Toulouse Olympique XIII v London Broncos by 8 Rochdale Hornets v Swinton Lions by 4 Halifax RLFC v Featherstone Rovers by 8 Dewsbury Rams v Barrow Raiders by 2 Batley Bulldogs v Leigh Centurions by 16

    McDermott Gone (Merged Threads)

    Panic Save Our Season move by Hetherington. It could pay off players playing to retain their places could wn 3 out of 4 and get out of the bootom 4 and get through to the Challenge Cup Final.. On the otherhand of course Gary's not left himself a scapegoat if things go wrong for Leeds has he..

    Should Championship clubs get equal shares?

    Absolutely not. If the mantra thast was being loudly prioclaimed on TRL a few years ago about Organic Growth and building from below has any credibility left then you have to accept that in order to "build" year on year there should be a reward on offer for clubs based on their final league placing. Otherwise how are clubs going to build the infrastructure to allow them to compete in Super League long term. Martyn your article should have addressed the real elephant in the room when it comes to the Chamnpionship. The split between those clubs who could potentially be in Super League in the long term and those clubs that are never going to be realistic candidates. Your idea of a welfare state for underperforming heartland clubs is why this game is going down the gurgler at present. Pandering to the past, the hall mark of the nIgel wood era, has achieved a shrinking of the game and ironically with the revenue "pie" shrinking as a result, now there is squabbling about how big a piece of the pie clubs should get Equal funding will simply damn all Championship clubs to a part-time existance and reward mediocrity nad a lack of ambition but then again that is, and always has been, on some people and their clubs agenda
  10. Leigh Centurions by 8 - Leigh are the better side end of. Halifax by 20 Batley Bulldogs by 12 - The wheels fall off the Broncos Season at Mount Pleasant Featherstone Rovers by 18 - Dual reg in for a hat trick Sheffield Eagles by 2 - C'mon Sheffield you wer good not so long ago.. Swinton Lions by 6
  11. Someone somewhere is going to be doing a Shaun Wane shuffle GIF after what SKY telecast in the second half. Agree with Eduardo though that there is a tale about Shaun Wane's departure we are yet to be told as I too struggle with a Wiganer giving up what must be the dream job voluntarily. One-way traffic tonight and bad news for Leeds reserve grade down at Post Office Road as I cant see dual reg getting an outing if Leeds are in the bottom 4 And fair play to the 1 k in attendance supporting Rugby League and ignoring other distractions...

    England vs. France Oct. 17th @ LSV

    The point that is missed in all this keyboard klattering is that because it is played 4 days after the Grand Final the England side will not include any of the players who were in said Grand Final. Evens things up a bit but also becomes a trial game and not a chance for Benny's first choice XIII to get any match practice together. Good luck marketing this..
  13. I would only give England 7/10, Too many Kiwi line breaks particularily in the first half. John Bateman for me the stand out player with Connor running a close second. I have always rated Widdop he was the key man in a mediocre St George side last year. On the crowd - two points. Firstly, it looks poor because of the size of Mile High Stadium, putting it into context, crowds this autumn in the UK will be similar but because they are played in smaller venues the ground will look full and make for better TV. Stub-Hub centre in Los Angeles or another MLS Stadium would have been a better fit. Secondly, regardless of any alleged free tickets or not. If offered a free ticket you still have to e curious about a foreign sport to actually turn up but the point about expansion is a valid one in that should you have gone to Mile High stadium and left thinking "Dang this sure is the game for me buddy" What Rugby League could you watch in Colorado ?. This is less the "Field of Dreams" approach than the "Hamburger Hill" approach to expansion as in choppering in taking the high ground at considerable expense and then choppering out conceding the territory straight back. I am not against the idea of International RL in North America, but would rather this have been in Ontario where suitably impressed locals could have been told we not not only have a game but also a club for you. If You are holding an expansion event you need to consider what comes after and that is a valid criticism.
  14. Vist Denver have not worked out that Russell Crowe is a native Kiwi and relative of the late Martyn and Jeff Crowe both New Zealand Cricketers so would not be supporrting England......🤠 Visit Denver Twitter
  15. Toronto Wolfpack by 42 Leigh Centurions by 30 Halifax by 14 Swinton Lions by 2 Toulouse Olympique by 8