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  1. If your a Pacific Islander that is - E-mail just dropped into my Inbox The law on Race discrimation states : Race discrimination is when you are treated unfairly because of your race, or because of the race of someone you are connected with, such as your partner. ‘Race’ includes colour, nationality, citizenship and ethnic or national origins. If race discrimination takes place in any of the following situations it is illegal and you may be able to take action about it: employment and training education when providing goods and services, for example, banking, entertainment and transport Someone needs to withdraw this.asap
  2. With the Challenge Cup its more like a "clayton's toss" given the amount of injuries to an already water thin squad. The only caveat I wuld put on this is that London have been on the end of few spankings from Leigh recently and to lose by another shedload might cause a degree of mental branding before THE big game against Leigh in early May at Trailfinders. Not surprised that Batley won. Not an easy place to go to especially if it rains, that's when the slope really takes effect, though one of the things peole miss is the number of dual registration players appearing for these Hearlland clubs. As Derek Beaumont said suddenly you prepare to face Featherstone and get four Leeds players in their line up. My views on dual registration are well known but it would be interestng to know how many dual registration players are in each game (i.e. How many Warrington players turned out for Rochdale and how many dual registration players were in the Batley XIII if any). Dual registration might even up the competition against the non-dual registration teams Leigh, Toronto, Tolouse and London but it's no indicator of the real strength of a club or its suitability for Super League.
  3. Just a bit sad

    Freedom of speech and expression are easy to defend when you agree with what is being said or written . It is vital to continue to allow and defend the posting of views with which some would disagree and are offended by. Otherwise you end up with an echo chamber for a message board.
  4. Without disparaging the Hornets this was a really poor and unconvincing performance. The only plus points being: After a dodgy two weeks my match predictions are again returning to form A Win is a Win But the only song being sung tonight would be "Top four team your having a laugh".
  5. Half-Time 9-6 to Hornets -Broncos putting it politely absolute pants...
  6. Featherstone's Major Announcement

    Replacing Catalans in Super League ?
  7. votre position est perdue dans la traduction car personne "aime" aller à Rochdale un vendredi soir - surtout si vous perdez
  8. Favourite commentary

    No-one has mentioned this yet...
  9. Catalans threaten return to French League?

    So Catalans owner wants to join the French League because the beastly Brits allegedly consipire against his mercenaries.
  10. Rochdale Hornets v London Broncos - Rochdale by 4 Batley Bulldogs v Toulouse Olympique - Batley by 4 Barrow Raiders v Featherstone Rovers - Featherstone by 8 Dewsbury Rams v Toronto Wolfpack KO 3pm - Dewsbury by 4 Halifax v Swinton Lions Halifax by 24 Sheffield Eagles v Leigh Centurions - Leigh by 34
  11. 7-8 Apr: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Probably not - If the game plan is as the Agent on Backchat alluded to wait until you get into the middle 8 and then spend on strengthning the squad. all I will say is firstly you have to get into the eight and secondly it is certainly not nailed on that the team will "gel" with the new players. More likely this is a continuation of way the club has been run since Ian Lenagan had to divest his shareholding on buying boyhood club Wigan. Basically as London Poundland, Now David Hughes came on the pitch at the Warrington Game that season back in 09, to assure the fans that the club was debt free and it is, in the sense that David swallows the debt. Maybe he is tiring of doing so. Yet tightening the pursestrings over the last decade has led to a decline on the playing side, which in turn lead to a decline in attendances and in media interest and resulted in a championship club. Follwing a disgraceful effort from the playing staff in the Challenge Cup Semi-Final against Wigan. He ceased to fund the club in 2013 until cajoled by the RFL to continue to fund the club at Barnet. David claimed to have saved the club and indeed he had .. from himself. It's not just in the playing staff the cheap option was pursued, Once Brian McDermott had departed Rob Powell the coach of the amateur South London Storm was appointed aginst RFL advice with obvious consequences as you could not see internationals and origin players givng his coaching that much respect. After Rob, Tony Rea a personal friend of David Hughes came back and up to 2013 things stablised a bit. During the Broncos year zero in 2014 Rea, who did uncover some rough diamonds in the hastily put together Broncos side, allegedly left the club after his request to spend more cash to avert relegation while the club was still in Super League was turned down and replaced by Joe Grima, The St George Video analyst allegedy the result of Jamie Soward putting in a word on behalf of his mate. "Honest Joe" was found out pretty quickly and by accident, Andrew Henderson got the vacant job early in 2015 and he made quite a decent fist of it for 2.5 years before accepting an Assistants job with Warrington. Again David Hughes turned to yet another "L" plate coach in Danny Ward. Now you can view Danny as the contnuity option or as the cheap option and in truth he is both. Whether he can react to adversity or has a mentor remains to be seen. It's said that there are those who would take over running the club who are more cashed up than David Hughes if our benefactor walked away. Certanly I can tell you from the horses mouth so to speak, that David would walk if someone turned up but that individual would have to be cashed up and I mean loaded. IIRC Steve Mascord reporting along the lines that the NRL had said to the RFL about the need for a capital presence for the credibility of the league to which the RFL response was on the lines of "you wanting to run/fund it" which ended the conversation. That's the size of the problem. For sure the club runs and academy and is not a dual registration club and should be applauded for that but it becomes pointless if the pathway only leads to players going north because of the poverty of ambition at the Broncos. Rant over.
  12. 7-8 Apr: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    If there is any difference it boils down to sides having to travel down to London on the day, which is negated by London also travelling up north every other week. The fact is if London are serious contenders and are full time, albiert nowhere near the full salary cap, then they need to be going up north and grinding out results which to be fair has been the case the last two seasons but not now. As the Chronicler has posted, the cost cutting at London has decimared the backroom staff. It also gives little room for Danny Ward to freshen up the side. The problem is not only injuries to key playmakers but loss of form with players out of form still being picked for the matchday XIII due to a lack of alternatives. Last season Henderson was able to drop players around easter following a similar slump. does rookie coach Ward have the same latitude. I doubt it. As Derek Beaumont said on backchat he would find it hard to support a Full time Leigh side that did not have the funding associated with coming in the top four, so I suspect many would agree that Mr Hughes will also be cutting his losses if the club fail to make the four and the club, if it still exists, would be part-time. Expansion clubs operate to different dynamics to community based clubs and poverty of ambition will be the death of the club. OK so far this season a 66% winning record might not sound so bad but London's need to be in the Top ofur in many respects is greater than others as the future of the club depends on it. And there is a curse of LPL because London's woes started in 2009 when after a 40-0 win at Hull KR Martin Sadler predicted London would start losing and this has been the case ever since. Its time for a Garry Schofield slagging off London in TRL to redress the balance...
  13. 7-8 Apr: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    The wheels are not so much falling off as have come off in London - They will not make the top 4 this year. Granted they will not finish as low as 10th eithe,r mId table obscurity beckons then a descent into part-time oblivion. Do not think there is the experience in the coaching staff to turn this around, at least in the short term. Well played Halifax. The curse of LPL strikes again - Whenever there is a positive London piecein RLW this happens.
  14. 7-8 Apr: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Toulouse by 24 Batley by 6 Featherstone by 16 Halifax by 16 as the wheels fly off London Broncos. Leigh by 32 Swinton by 4
  15. Stop This MoM Nonsense Now

    It's back tot he old days where it was a turn up for the books if Andy Farrell did not get the MOM award. Captain Faztastic was good but not that good Struggling to see how Ben Barba won by a landslide on Good Friday and I am a fan of his.