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  1. York will be getting a friendly wirth London Broncos first grade on Sunday 29th
  2. Sadly something we will never hear again San Diego Chargers song Chris Berman who used to host ESPN's pre-game show used to hum this tune when the Bolts were doing well. real 70's sound
  3. There is no Hard or soft Braxit there is but Braxit albiet a red,amber and black Braxit... This thread sumns up RL fans. Sety up a thread for whingers and hardly anyone gripes....
  4. Got my ticket via e-mail today, Presumably due to a lack of pre-season opponents the mighty Broncos will play ther first grade side at New River. Is that the big news ?
  5. Yes and the fans missed nothing when the final product was unveiled on Saturday
  6. For factual accuracy the SPFL System is not like the RFL system as it has promotion and relegation (see link)
  7. For accuracy, the clubs voting against London were Bradford, Wigan, Salford and Leigh.. Wakefield and Widnes abstained. St Helens, Warrington. Leeds, Hull and Huddersfield voted for London. The link with Harlequins RU emerged six months later and was not discussed at the meeting though discussions between London Broncos and Harlequins were taking place at that time. Please remember the actions of Club owners do not represent the spectrum of opinions amongst players, coaches and fans of Rugby League Clubs anymore than internet message boards accurately reflect majority opinion in the game. It's one person's opinion and no more.
  8. The Big Bash will soon be coining it for Cricket Australia over TV Rights Shows what happens when a sport is bold enough to break wirth tradition and reinvent itself Lynn can play I saw him socre a century at the WACA in the shield last year but for some reason national selectors are reluctant to give him a run in the ODI side nor took him to the World T20 last year. He is a better bet than Maxwell who will give you one innings in four and this may be proved once he gets give a fair go in the upcoming T20 series v Sri Lanka played in February when the test side has gone to India.
  9. Very Good article in this link relevant to all sports not just the NFL
  10. With the collapse of Bradford who wwre the club that more than abny other bought into the Super League dream under Peter Deakin transforming itself from dour Bradford Northern to Bullmania as The Bradford Bulls. The time is now right to have a debate within the game as Rugby Union is having - i.e. just how many professional clubs can the game sustain with an added twist in league as to where these clubs should be. Rugby Leagues great strength and achilles heel lies in the local club "my small town" syndrome The games greatest chalenge is for he or she taking the reins at the RFL not only to be able to articulate the case for a professional league is that has a geographical spread - perhaps even a transatlantic spread- but also to withstand beng the most most unpopular figure in certain areas of the "hearrtlands". Sorry but its geography and cash that will save the game, it's no good furious banging of keyboards that my small town club has "earned its place" "proved it;'s worth", history, heritage etc and would be just as big as Leigh, Huddersfield and Salford in Super League. Those clubs have cashed up backers. Yours does not. As things stand from a business viewpoiont only Leeds, Wigan, St Helens, Warrington, and Hul FC are viable business propositions of which only Leeds breaks even * This season in both Super League and the Championship a gap will emerge betyween the rich and poor, those spending the cap and those not, those full time and those part-time. Given that the trajectory of the game seems to be an ever decreasing spiral. It's now time to take back control of the games future by having this debate about who and where with the focus on long term planning to increase playing numbers, the spectator base, sponsorship and media viewership with the aim of future proofing the game so that there is a professional game to post about in 20 ears time. Was this not the original aim of Super League ? * Not commenting on the French scene as I do not know enough about their finances so could go either way,
  11. In answer to the OP, the comparitor is London Broncos 2014. For thiose with short memories a club with at one stage only 4 members of staff, was allowed to cobble together a side for the 2014 Super League season for much the same reason as many posters have identified on here for the Bulls in that preparations for the upcoming season were too far advanced to alter the schedule. I certainly do not think Bulls fans are going to enjoy a season of being trouted on a regular basis prior to inevitable relegation any more than I did. What's more damaging for the Bulls than the Broncos is what I will refer to as the tyranny of geography for if you want to watch a professional full time side south of Wakefield there is only the one choice, but for the Bulls there are plenty of local alternatives which may not appeal to diehards but will appeal to junior fans, casual followers and young rugby league players for while it is but a short journey from Halifax Bus Station to Odsal, it is also a short journey in the opposite direction. As the webmaster pointed out in the other thread it's debatable if RFL is really doing Bradford a "favour" by letting the club limp on the 2017 season in the Championship.when it's unlikely they can compete..
  12. An MBE is the least Stevo deserved for his services to charity and Rugby League heritage. Pity it was not a knighthood.
  13. What is the GMB doing on behalf of the players?, My understanding is that the GMB remained the Union for players at championship level even during the short-lived management staff association that was League13. If we are looking at a TUPE situation then i would expect the Union to be advising the players on what their options are.
  14. Enjoying the BBL as always. There are some myths surrounding T20, Firstly, as with the other forms of Cricket you have to take wickets first up and contnue taking wickets throughout to slow the scoring rate. if you are 4/5 wickets down comne the 10th over of a 20 over game then you are not likely to post a challenging total nor chase down one. Secondly batters play proper cricket shots, apart from Sam Billings there are few revese sweeps or Dilscoops going on Sam got some legitimate criticism from Ricky Ponting in the Sixers - Hurricanes game over a full toss he tried to reverse sweep rather than plock it into the grandstand with a conventional pull. When Eoin Morgan made reverse sweeping trendy again in 2008/09 he overdid it to the extent that you could actually see the field moving in anticipatio of the shot being played in Middlesex matches. It is fascinating watching the tactcs employed by the coaches. Justin Langer getting it wrong today altering the bating order to push up David Willey instead of Mitchell Marsh as the Scorchers got off to an ordinary start. Willey took 8 balls for his 6 before driving to extra cover. This put pressure on Ian Bell to up the scoring rate and "ding-dong" duly got out - reverse sweeping - . Your best batters need to face as much of the strike as possible. Marsh should have been in earlier and if he had been the Scorchers mightb have got the extra 20-30 runs that could have proved a winning total with their attack. As for tips for the tournament go, Melbourne Starts are the team to beat. Perth Scorchers despite today are in with a shout. Brisbane IMO do not have the firepower bowling wise to trouble sides if McCullum and Chris Lynn fail to fire.don't see any of the others challenging this but am seeing Stuart Broad finding the middle of the bat regualrily which is why he does not bowl for England in 50 over and T20 format.
  15. The Village has its own website but the lack of publicity under events calls into question the marketing of the sport in the village.... Thers a pub called the Bells of Peover near Knutsford Ideal for a side that could end up being the bell-ends of Peover by theier rivals but looking at the Wikipedia entry I cannot see how any of the radical progressives on this board can endiorse a club in lower peover when a peover inferior also exists in the next parish... as for the chant - with a nod to the White Stripes seven nation army It's got to be "Oh Lower Peover..."