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  1. WTF's wrong with Orienteering being a member of an international sports federation? Or Korfball for that matter?
  2. "Perth should be in Super League" Couldn't agree more. Put them in a blue and white kit, play at McDiarmid Park, call them Perth Saints and I'll be first in line for a season ticket
  3. Yes, absolutely, use the shirt and the Lions name - they both belong to English rugby league anyway. If I could make one suggestion, why not use navy blue as other England teams do (soccer, ru, cricket)?
  4. It's not Aberdeen specifically. At present this is just one guy sticking his hand up and saying he will invest £25,000 a year IF others will also invest AND if someone else will organise and lead the thing. Aberdeen and the borders are just speculation, and the location would depend on who else made up the consortium.
  5. There are a couple of soccer grounds in the Borders too: Gala Fairydean and Hawick Royal Albert. Dundee is a strange one. Apart from the two soccer stadiums there is nothing suitable. The university has playing facilities only, nothing for spectators. The athletics stadium is just a track. The rugby club, Dundee HSFP, has a small stand but is otherwise an open playing field. And, as its name suggests, it is a traditional RU club that probably wouldn't welcome rugby league. And the non-league soccer clubs... Junior football in Scotland does have some wonderful grounds, but not in Dundee. Some have covered standing, some could be described as decrepit, and then there's Lochee Harp.
  6. And it wouldn't just be £25k. He is asking to be part of a consortium, members of which would also contribute. He doesn't want to lead the thing. It is a reasonable proposal and could, possibly, be achievable.
  7. I'm a little bit reluctant to share this, or to get too excited about it, but at least someone is enthusiastic enough to put their money where there mouth is. As for location, that's a tough one. Aberdeen seems to be where the action is at present but it is a long, long way from the heartlands, never mind the expansion areas of League One. The Borders is nearer but the fear would be that it would become just an outpost of the Cumbrian game. The temptation to utilise playing resources from the west coast would be too much when the going got tough, I fear. The plus side is that there are numerous venues in the area that would be ideal for League One type crowds. We'll see...
  8. Stormont looks a decent enough venue when it's all dressed up for an event. 7,000 capacity isn't to be sniffed at. And there's Malahide and Clontarf in Dublin.
  9. I thought it was on the cards for Ireland and Afghanistan.
  10. Didnt north-east clubs play in the York and District, as opposed to the Yorkshire?
  11. Hope the mods don't mind me going off on a slight tangent, but I think you'd be surprised. The name Caledonia Reds is still used for the age-grade district rep sides at u20, u18, u16 levels (ie what used to be North and Midlands District). And a Caledonia Reds senior district side has been revived and have played a few games, most recently against the South in November. This is, of course, from the club game below professional level. As for the professional ranks, the SRU has said that they want a third franchise and that this would most likely be in the Caledonia district. An amusing incident occurred on the lunchtime news on Radio Scotland a while back. The ex Scotland international, John Beattie, now a news presenter, was interviewing the head of Aberdeen Asset Management about an economic issue. At the end he broached the topic of rugby knowing the guy was an ex player. He then 'mugged' the guy by asking would his firm back a revived franchise, perhaps based in Aberdeen. Caught off-guard, he responded enthusiastically and this became the top sports story of the week in Scotland! That was a couple of years ago and there have been no concrete developments, but there was a genuine anger in the north and Midlands when their side was merged with Glasgow. Watch this space.
  12. Just been to WH Smiths in Perth and it wasn't on the shelves. I didn't ask as I didn't realise they might be keeping them back. To be fair that is the first time I haven't been able to buy a copy there - must be the interest from the 4 Nations and/or having a Scottish player on the front cover that has led to it selling out Will download.
  13. As raw as my steak on the night the power supply failed!!!
  14. Were they any good?
  15. Developing Odsal is one of those stories that gets repeated every so many years, like setting up a professional league in the USA or this will be the year England/GB finally beat the Australians in a series. It isn't going to happen, we know it isn't going to happen, even the interested party/parties who want to revive Bradford and generate a few headlines know it isn't going to happen. It won't happen.