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  1. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    I'm not sure but I just got the impression from seeing many kits over the years that they emphasize the blue and gold more. Could be wrong.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    And there, in just a few words, you highlight the arrogance that has done so much damage to Labour in Scotland and contributed to its electoral collapse. The Scottish electorate are just expected to loyally turn out for Labour at every Westminster election to make up for the party's underperformance in England. That came to an end during the independence referendum campaign. We knew before then that Labour MPs from Scotland followed the agenda set by the British leadership, but most of us had assumed it was career-planning or just plain laziness. What we discovered was that the ingrained Labour culture does not view Scotland as a nation in its own right, a nation with a distinct political culture, different interests, different values even. Many of us who thought otherwise turned away from Labour at that realisation, and haven't gone back. Corbyn - who shows his ignorance of Scotland almost every time he opens his mouth (often doesn't know which policy areas are devolved, didn't realise Scotland had a distinct legal system) - is not the leader to tempt us back. And the other 'deserters', the hard-line Loyalist/Orange vote Labour has so assiduously courted over the years, have returned home to a rejuvenated Tory party. The SNP hasn't caused a warped political climate, it has created a political culture that puts the opinions and interests of the people of Scotland at the forefront. For Labour to succeed north of the border it has to do the same. For Labour to form a Westminster government, though, it needs to win in England.
  3. Happy Easter!

    I ran my first 10 mile race in over thirty years, struggled, then went home and had chocolate and red wine.
  4. the birds in your garden

    We had a pheasant in the front garden today.
  5. So I've taken the plunge....

    Good luck with your efforts. I can't give much advice other than what other runners have told me - that you don't reach halfway in a marathon until 20 miles. Much as other people on here have said. So, run within yourself to start with. As for my running, I've always enjoyed shorter distances. Not as taxing and you get to run them more often. Like Marklaspalmas, I'm quite happy with 50-55 minute 10k runs (50 more than 55) but I did fulfill one goal this winter. I joined our local running club (Perth Road Runners) at the beginning of 2017, started to improve and I did think about cross-country running again. I looked at the previous seasons results to compare where I was in comparison to others, using Parkrun times as a standard, and found i was well off the pace. Now I didn't mind finishing near the back of the field - I am getting on a bit - but I didn't want to have race officials to have to be standing there for ten minutes after everyone else had finished. Anyway, after a lot of training I managed my first cross-country season in thirty years, and I didn't finish last in any race (although it was close at times!) And the thing was, life is just as competitive when you're at the back of the field. All the best, anyway.
  6. Our new position in the EU

    I'm intrigued as to how the "southern Irish" (or even the central or north-western Irish) have "made considerable inroads into Northern Ireland". If it's related to any influence the Irish government has then this has actually decreased since the implementation of the Good Friday and St Andrews Agreements. In fact, that was one of the objectives of the GFA: to replace the Anglo-Irish Agreement that the unionists feared gave too much power to Dublin. The irony is, of course, that the consolidation of direct rule will mean that those functions undertaken by the North-South Ministerial Council will now come under the remit of the British-Irish Council; Dublin and London ministers having control. As for the Irish Language Act, this responsibility now falls to the UK government under the terms of the St Andrews Agreement. I think the DUP are judging that Theresa May is so weak and directionless, and in need of their support in the Commons, that she will shirk her duty.
  7. More games for Wollongong?

    Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't a doubleheader of NRL clubs, playing for competition points, whet the appetite of Perth locals much more? Something like Bulldogs v Storm, Rabbitohs v Warriors, played at the new stadium, sounds a lot more appealing to a rugby-starved population.
  8. Our new position in the EU

    So, No 10 will not have a hypothetical discussion about their hypothetical solution.
  9. Our new position in the EU

    No, quantitative easing was never going to stop in 2016, but the vote to leave the EU caused the Bank of England to extend it by £70 billion (along with a raft of other measures) to help mitigate any adverse effects on the economy. So that's £375 billion of assets purchased (mainly government gilts) between 2009-2012 to alleviate the 2007-8 financial crash, followed by £70 billion (£60 billion gilts, £10 billion corporate bonds) announced in 2016 to specifically deal with the fallout from the vote to leave the EU. The extra money created in the economy by these actions is still there, and the assets purchased are still held by the Bank of England. QE won't be scaled back, reduced or ended until the Bank of England takes the decision to start selling these assets (thus taking the "new money" out of the economy).
  10. Scottish Football= a question

    Similar to Keith in the Highland League.
  11. Scottish Football= a question

    If he called them Hamilton Academicals then he got it wrong every week. They are, of course, called Hamilton Academical. As in there's only one of them.
  12. Million 30 - 18 Strathmore Silverbacks Apparently Strathmore were leading at halftime.
  13. Scottish Football= a question

    Kind of a bit of poetic justice in that one, in that the owners of East Stirlingshire moved the club lock, stock and barrel from Falkirk to Clydebank in the sixties to play as ES Clydebank.
  14. Scottish Football= a question

    No, that was definitely a sixties thing. Just as an aside, my late dad once admitted over a pint (or six) that Third Lanark were the only professional football he watched when he lived in Glasgow. And he climbed over the walls of New Cathkin Park to do that. The club has been revived and now plays in one of the amateur leagues in Glasgow, although not at its now dilapidated stadium. Is it the same club? Who the hell cares.