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  1. Methven Hornet

    The Culture Wars

    Right, where are we in the God morality stakes before I disappear into the blue skies of the European Union from the grey skies of this benighted kingdom? In the beginning Man created God. Out of gratitude God then said unto man: go forth and multiply with women who are physically mature enough to bear children. And this Man did. And it was good. Then, desiring a son, God chose a young and righteous girl, aged between 12 and 15 (so scholars say) to impregnate, thus reinforcing his earlier instruction to Man. His son was born. Many centuries later, God's most important Prophet was born. God so trusted his Prophet, and was so impressed at the Prophet taking in and caring for a wife of such tender age, that he passed on His most holy Word to him through the Angel Gabriel. Together, Man and Woman grew in knowledge and enlightenment. And it came to pass that Man and Woman, now knowing more about the health, wellbeing and welfare of adolescent girls, decreed that no girl should marry and bear children until the age of sixteen. And God saw that, in terms of child development, it was good. But it came to pass that the ignorant and the bigoted discovered that God's most important Prophet had taken a young wife. And ignoring the cultural and moral values of the that time - and God's word, don't forget - the ignorant used this information to verbally smite and harass the followers of the Prophet. Yet the honest followers of God saw that the Son of God had been conceived by a girl of similar age. And they said to the ignorant "Cease your hypocrisy and hatred!" But they ceased it not. And they listened not. But, by God, they'd better start listening!
  2. Methven Hornet

    New Years Resolutions

    Get my running back to 2017 levels. To help focus that means a sub-50 minute 10k and a sub-24 minute 5K. With those targets in mind, I'm setting off for Spain in just over an hour to a warm weather training camp in Spain. 😀 Other than that we plan to go on as many adventures as we can in our recently acquired campervan.
  3. Methven Hornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    After I'd posted that I remembered the rest of the quote. "How can I be a traitor when Tories, British nationalists, 'Lexiters' and all their fellow travellers are foreign to me?" The way the EU negotiators, the EU27 leaders and the European Parliament have behaved throughout this process shows that they are on the side of all who have the interests of the peoples of these islands at heart. I can't say that about the UK government, sadly.
  4. Methven Hornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    How can I be a traitor, etc
  5. Methven Hornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    The other side??? The EU are my side.
  6. Methven Hornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Now, how does this go, you know, the techniques you used to evade Padge's quite relevant question? I will respond by saying that your fundamental misunderstanding of what the two referendum campaigns were about, the questions asked, the restrictions imposed and the implementation of the result has led to you asking an irrelevant question.
  7. Methven Hornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    No, it really wasn't. And if you are not clear about the differences then it indicates that you understand little about either.
  8. Methven Hornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    I don't think they are asking that, they are asking what tariffs are imposed by the EU on goods flowing between member states.
  9. Methven Hornet

    Who really likes Christmas?

    For some reason I associate that more with Easter. 😏
  10. Christmas and the hypocrites who celebrate it. Hmm. Christ was very clear as to who the hypocrites were, and it was those who displayed their religiosity and piety for all to see. Those who paraded their righteousness to prove they were closer to God and far removed from other mere mortals. The fact is that Christmas is part of the period of feasting and celebration that has occurred in this part of northern Europe since it was first inhabited by human beings. Of course its origins lie in our pagan history and the worship of the old Gods, but we simply needed this time of merriment and excess to get us through cold and dark winter months. Yes, some of us do celebrate the birth of Christ as the son of God, but do so by praying as He instructed: quietly and hidden from view. Muslims commemorate Him as an important prophet but, as with people from other faiths and none, are perfectly entitled to join in the more cultural and secular celebrations. And no Holy Willies (or Willamenas, should the cap fit) get to decide who does and who does not celebrate Christmas. Especially when they otherwise show very little adherence to what the person we are supposedly celebrating preached. No, Yuletide starts at the solstice and continue until Hogmanay and New Year's Day. Where on earth do you think the twelve days of 'Christmas' come from? As for 'hijacking', surely being a devout Christian you will have heard of Interpretatio Christiana, yes? I hope this helps. Yes, and your ignorance seems to suggest that you are unaware that many Christians do not celebrate mass. The predominant Christian denomination where I live doesn't, meaning that, traditionally, Christmas was not celebrated nor given as a holiday - for many it was a working day, at least in the morning. The birth of Christ was commemorated at the normal church service on the Sabbath before December 25th. The Anglo/American version of Christmas we have adopted relatively recently has everything to do with cultural factors and commercialism, and almost nothing to do with the worship of Jesus Christ. Anyway, to all readers of this thread, whether Christian, atheist, Muslim or any other faith, I wish you a very merry Christmas.
  11. Methven Hornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    I can see where you are coming from but I would also add that a similar process has been ongoing throughout the UK's 45 year membership of the EU (and predecessor organisations). Vulture/predatory capitalism does not appreciate being held to account and that is why business organisations spend so much time, money and effort into lobbying when it comes to possible regulation. National parliaments are increasingly vulnerable to this sort of pressure - Westminster is so easy to buy its acquiescence comes gift-wrapped at sale prices - but the EU often stands up to the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Murdochs successfully. I think a major reason we've had the negativity about the EU over the years is that these 'business interests' have connived with their political allies in government, parliament and the press to drip-feed propaganda about straight bananas, sovereignty, unelected bureaucrats and the like. They've built an unholy alliance with what I'd call lumpen-conservatism, won a very slender majority, and a previously pro-European politician has leapt at the chance to consolidate and increase her and her party's power. And, despite, or perhaps because, of the damage and chaos this whole process is causing, and the lack of effective opposition, the Tories will look to strengthen their grip still further. You are doing a fantastic job but you may have to accept that fanatical brexiters are beyond reason. Continue to enlighten the rest of us, though.
  12. Methven Hornet

    Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Yes, it is hard to think of another. Heath's, maybe, or Major's, but it is hard to think of any other that would have made a bigger mess of what is the biggest issue the UK is facing in decades. And there are ways of 'respecting the decision' that would have better reflected the very real divisions over the issue and the closeness of the vote. She could have held discussions with other parties, involved those with very real alternative viewpoints, sought consensus. Instead, she followed a very narrow path designed to both consolidate her and her party's grip on power.
  13. Methven Hornet

    Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    And finished second to the worst, most incompetent government in living memory. It is also worth noting that they achieved their vote by attracting 54% of the remain vote (Tories just 26%). Alienate those people - like Corbyn is trying to do - and there's a possibility they'll go elsewhere.
  14. Methven Hornet

    Park Run

    Tomorrow it is back to our home parkrun at the North Inch in Perth especially for Christmas (mainly because my wife doesn't want to travel far on Christmas morning) ps above video from last year includes warm-up. 😀
  15. Simply put, it is a tier 4 league because in 'the south' it is the only realistic option below tier 3.