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  1. Another dumb comment from the eighth. Kill Sydney teams just kills the game simple as that.
  2. Infact Sydney is missing one team, the North Sydney Bears who should be brought back feeding the north and Central Coast as they use to. This area is a huge black hole for rugby league.
  3. Clubs in Sydney last year averaged 13,509 for 90 games Outside of Sydney for 90 games the average was 14,881 This excluded Brisbane's 12 games who averaged 31,000 per game.
  4. It's usually based on media rumours....then people follow these stories like sheep guessing who should move not believing clubs can turn things around and grow where they are as South Sydney did and until today Cronulla were in the gun.
  5. Are these games at the Stade Ernest Wallon?
  6. The great thing for French rugby league is we had: 8,021 in Perpignan 6,103 in Toulouse over 14,000 to watch club games, that wouldn't have happened in many years.
  7. That's a massive result for the Bears who were in a rebuilding phase last year. The Eels have played in the last 12 grand finals.
  8. Played at Stade Ernest Wallon,. Toulouse behind at half time 16-6 before scoring 40 unanswered points in second half. Great result allround for the French club. Whets the appetite for how a competitive Toulouse club playing at the same venue would go in Super League. Close Previous Next
  9. rlno1

    2020 ashes series...

    Games should be played Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately the momentum built up in the Ashes from 1982 to 1994 has eroded and will need to be built up again to another generation.
  10. Yes, it was in their annual report.
  11. Russian clubs played in the Challenge Cup: 2003 - Locomotiv Moscow and Strela Kazan 2004 - Locomotiv Moscow and Dynamo Moscow 2005 - Locomotiv Moscow and Strela Kazan 2006 - Locomotiv Moscow and Strela Kazan 2007 - Locomotiv Moscow and Strela Kazan 2008 - Locomotiv Moscow and Vereya Bears 2009 - Locomotiv Moscow The 2004 Dynamo Moscow team (coached by NZer Bob Bailey) were the only club to record a win, beating West Bowling 22-18 in Round 2 before losing to Rochdale Hornets 60-24 in the next round.
  12. The Australian PM, Scott Morrison also presented his counterpart in Vanuatu with an Australian Rugby League jersey. https://vanuatuindependent.com/2019/01/16/aus-pms-colourful-visit-port-vila/
  13. rlno1

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    It would be interesting to see what days/time that Wigan played their home games in 2012 compared to 2018.
  14. rlno1

    The Flying Dentist RIP

    How good were those 2 tries, very skilful, miss seeing play like that. The ball movement was great, how rugby union ever was called the running game I'll never know (well I do really). Sadly if Rosenberg were playing in today's structured game he would have to jump for the high ball lottery style and make some yards from acting half.
  15. Did all the name changes do much for London Broncos pre 2000?