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  1. rlno1

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    It would be interesting to see what days/time that Wigan played their home games in 2012 compared to 2018.
  2. rlno1

    The Flying Dentist RIP

    How good were those 2 tries, very skilful, miss seeing play like that. The ball movement was great, how rugby union ever was called the running game I'll never know (well I do really). Sadly if Rosenberg were playing in today's structured game he would have to jump for the high ball lottery style and make some yards from acting half.
  3. Did all the name changes do much for London Broncos pre 2000?
  4. Does changing names really make that much of a difference. I remember when Canterbury and Balmain became the Sydney Bulldogs and Tigers it did nothing and they changed back within a couple of years.
  5. More that they donate a small amount to the RLIF to help them assist these countries rather then lose them.
  6. From memory that coach was 1990-91 New Zealand coach Bob Bailey. He was also involved in the Dynamo team that played in the Challenge Cup in 2004, the only Russian team to win a game in the tournament. Also taking the Russian national team on a tour of New Zealand in 2004.
  7. Yes true, however the NRL and SL should assist with funding. At least it can help with development officers etc. Keep the sport growing until the IRLF can take over. Otherwise what is the alternative? Scrap the barrel until the game keels over in places like Russia. The AFL in Australia fund their international game, which is nowhere near as strong as our game. They had 170,000 people go through their programs internationally in 2017 and 21 nations play in their "World Cup" like our developing nations cup.
  8. True. This is the point, we keep giving up ground we have gained. We have been in Russia for 30 years and our useless administrators just standby and watch it all disappear and move to another country where the same thing will happen. At least have a plan to help the code survive some tough times and rebuild.
  9. The warm up game before the First Test at Wembley in 1990 was between London and Moscow. So nearly 30 years history. Goto the 4.40min .
  10. These are the figures as known. The Asian Pacific RL started a League Net registration process in member countries 12 months ago, and data is tracking to their expectations. They expect the results in the next 12 months will surprise as more and more people access the system. Another encouraging area was the youth game in France, 4000 junior matches were played in 2016. France has nearly 700 teams. In 2016 England had 4581 adult matches and 5809 youth games. 1 in every 100 possible men play league in Fiji. There are 38 teams in Tonga across 3 divisions. Also numerous kids teams. Jamaica had over 100 games played on the island last year.
  11. Lokomotiv Moscow first entered the Challenge Cup in 2003 https://www.leighjournal.co.uk/sport/leighcenturions/4179151.Lokomotiv_aim_to_express_themselves_against_Leigh_Centurions/ Russian clubs played in the Challenge Cup: 2003 - Locomotiv Moscow and Strela Kazan 2004 - Locomotiv Moscow and Dynamo Moscow 2005 - Locomotiv Moscow and Strela Kazan 2006 - Locomotiv Moscow and Strela Kazan 2007 - Locomotiv Moscow and Strela Kazan 2008 - Locomotiv Moscow and Vereya Bears 2009 - Locomotiv Moscow Dynamo Moscow were the only club to record a win, beating West Bowling 22-18 in Round 2 before losing to Rochdale Hornets 60-24 in the next round. The major fallout with the games financial backer who was a Dynamo man occured in January 2005 yet the game still managed to survive: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_league_in_Russia The big hit for the game seems to be the IOC accepting union sevens as an Olympic sport in October 2009 which soon followed the deregistering of Rugby League by the government in January 2010. It is no coincidence the Russian Rugby League have not played in the Challenge Cup since 2009.
  12. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/russian-to-claw-his-way-to-nrl-big-time-20070324-gdpr1t.html https://www.smh.com.au/sport/wests-tigers-say-goodbye-to-russian-20070615-gdqe9d.html He was with the club for about 3 months
  13. The people who distribute the money, provide support and leadership. The supporters haven't that's why these topics pop up.
  14. Found this list of past Russian Championships: 1991 - Tiraspol 1992 - Moscow Magicians 1993 - Moscow Magicians / RC Lokomotive Moscow / Kazan Arrows 1994 - Moscow Magicians 1995 - Moscow Magicians / Kazan Arrows 1996 - Strela Locomotive / Kazan Arrows 1997 - Strela Locomotive / Kazan Arrows 1998 - Kazan Arrows 1999 - Kazan Arrows 2000 - RC Lokomotive Moscow 2001 - Kazan Arrows 2002 - RC Lokomotive Moscow 2003 - RC Lokomotive Moscow 2004 - RC Lokomotive Moscow 2005 - RC Lokomotive Moscow 2006 - 2007 - RC Lokomotive Moscow 2008 -
  15. Exactly and this has been the problem of the game for 100 years once the game isn't self sufficient in a particular area or club the game just moves elsewhere. I recall Colin Love the RLIF director visiting Russia when they drew 20 plus thousand in Moscow. He did nothing for them after that so a nice holiday for him.