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  1. Probably have an eye on next weeks Challenge Cup semi final
  2. WALES’ 38-MAN TRAIN-ON SQUAD: Larne Patrick (Castleford Tigers), Zak Williams (Coventry Bears), Courtney Davies, Steve Parry, Lewis Reece (all Gloucestershire All Golds), Danny Ansell (Hunslet), Sam Hopkins (Leigh Centurions), Michael Channing, Ben Evans, Dalton Grant, Elliot Kear, Rhys Williams (all London Broncos), Josh Ralph (Newcastle Knights), Matty Barron (Newcastle Thunder), Joe Burke (Oldham), Caleb Aekins, Daniel Brown (both Penrith Panthers), Ant Walker (Rochdale Hornets), Craig Kopczak (Salford Red Devils), Matty Fozard (Sheffield Eagles), Morgan Evans, Connor Farrer, Andrew Gay, Christiaan Roets (all South Wales Ironmen), Regan Grace, Elliot Jenkins, Morgan Knowles, Ben Morris, Calvin Wellington (all St Helens), Rhodri Lloyd (Swinton Lions), Jake Emmitt, Dan Fleming (both Toronto Wolfpack), Rhys Evans (Warrington Wolves), Ollie Olds (West Brisbane Panthers), Gil Dudson, Lloyd White (both Widnes Vikings), Ben Flower (Wigan Warriors), Phil Joseph (Workington Town)
  3. How many of the 38 players are born and bred Welshmen?
  4. You would play the Sydney teams at night when they are away.
  5. I believe Sydney clubs need to get back to playing Sat and Sun afternoon and also to develop decent 20-25,000 seat stadiums for each club.
  6. Adelaide great crowd for a one off game but history shows that crowds would taper off. When the game was expanding in the 1990's before super league they played one off games at the Adelaide Oval: 1991 - 28,884 St.George v Balmain 1992 - 18,892 St.George v Brisbane 1993 - 20,246 St.George v Canberra 1994 - 12,874 St.George v Wests 1995 - 8,987 St.George v Newcastle Best thing for Adelaide would be to develop an under 20 team to play in major comp or NSW cup Also for the Storm to play in Adelaide and Tasmania like AFL teams do with Hobart and Launceston. AFL is stronger now in Adelaide as they have two teams there soaking up the media attention and corporate dollars. The AFL was smart when league was squabbling over super league strengthening Adelaide by entering Port Adelaide in 1997 and Fremantle in 1995. They shifted champion goalkicker to Sydney which turned the Swans around whilst the average fan got sick of league imploding.
  7. How is changing the name going to make more people go, this has been done many times in the game and makes little difference eg. Canterbury become Sydney Bulldogs in the 90's and Balmain become Sydney Tigers both reverted to original names after a season or two. Need to play at more supporter friendly times.
  8. Anyone know how many people paid for the broadcast of the Samoa v England game recently?
  9. When I first started following rugby league the only London/Southern players or Welshmen were ex-union players. Would be interested to know how many current players come from London and Wales? Can anyone list the players?
  10. Agreed, who opens the defence more a Burgess or a Norton. Ideally you would want Burgess running off a Pinner or Norton.
  11. Exactly, this was my original point we have replaced aspects of the game which gave it it's quality for strength, speed and power. I believe the game is poorer for it.
  12. Ward could slip a ball with 3 tacklers hanging off him, similar to Steve Roach. Whilst I like Graham he doesn't really play like that. I think it's something that the game has lost which was a great skill in the obsession for quick play the balls to catch a back peddling defence out.
  13. I was comparing the play or style of the five eighth in today's game compared to the skilful style of the 80's where you had Kenny, Tony Myler, Gary Schofield etc. It seems sad that the game seems to have lost this aspect and yes you probably are right that the well organised structured defence along with the 10 metre rule has contributed greatly to this. Also the demise of the specialist position with coaches today's obsessing over one size fits all. Give me 10 Kevin Ward's over James Graham any day. Another aspect of play from today compared to the past is in games from the 80's running one out from acting half was considered dumb unimaginative football whereas today it is the norm. Again, has the game really improved as a spectacle?