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  1. Agreed, who opens the defence more a Burgess or a Norton. Ideally you would want Burgess running off a Pinner or Norton.
  2. Exactly, this was my original point we have replaced aspects of the game which gave it it's quality for strength, speed and power. I believe the game is poorer for it.
  3. Ward could slip a ball with 3 tacklers hanging off him, similar to Steve Roach. Whilst I like Graham he doesn't really play like that. I think it's something that the game has lost which was a great skill in the obsession for quick play the balls to catch a back peddling defence out.
  4. I was comparing the play or style of the five eighth in today's game compared to the skilful style of the 80's where you had Kenny, Tony Myler, Gary Schofield etc. It seems sad that the game seems to have lost this aspect and yes you probably are right that the well organised structured defence along with the 10 metre rule has contributed greatly to this. Also the demise of the specialist position with coaches today's obsessing over one size fits all. Give me 10 Kevin Ward's over James Graham any day. Another aspect of play from today compared to the past is in games from the 80's running one out from acting half was considered dumb unimaginative football whereas today it is the norm. Again, has the game really improved as a spectacle?
  5. Recently I watched a couple of matches featuring Harry Pinner from the mid 1980's what a magnificent player he was always scheming and distributing the ball creating openings in the defence and putting his supports away. He made the game so interesting to watch. Has today's game really developed to a point that it is better than what it once was? Here in Australia I find it a little tedious like a basketball game where only the end is exciting. To hear Craig Bellamy talk of the game as a process just about sums it up. Compare the exquisite skill and variation of a Harry Pinner to any of today's thoughtless forwards who have more power and speed than Harry but nowhere near the deft ballwork, is this really what we want from the game. I watched the NRL grand final this year and lamented that Cronulla had David Fifita playing at five eighth from scrums and his "skill" was to run straight and hard every time. Compare this to the 1986 grand final when we had the supreme skill of Brett Kenny, again has the game moved forward when the five eighth role has evolved into a battering ram. Oh to see these two players weave their magic again or even two who possess the same skill and thought with the ball.
  6. Maybe when Cronk retires you should offer him a shed load and put him in charge of coaching your young halves preparing them for the future.
  7. Has rugby league been accepted by this organisation? I recall earlier in the year that a decision was postponed to November.
  8. I have a copy, mostly on the French game, lists test, cup and championship final teams. Plenty of pics. Was published in the 80's. If you like French rugby it's great.
  9. Would anyone be able to list the Auckland team that played the 1984 Lions at Carlaw Park?
  10. Shame......I recall Cambridge touring Australia in 1988 and playing the curtain raiser to the Australia v Rest of the World game. Oxford have now won 7 straight by 292-20 before this Cambridge led the annual fixture 16 wins to 12, with one drawn. Would be sad if Cambridge can't get back to a competitive state.
  11. Interested to know how many players from Wales and the south are now playing Super League or in the Championship. Can anyone provide a list of players and the amateur club they came from?
  12. In 1988 the Sydney Football Stadium had just been redeveloped and ticket prices for representative games were very high which affected attendances. Even origin games that year were not played to full houses at both Sydney games. Also as usual the Sydney media went in hard on the Lions, I can recall Reilly booting out one very negative Sydney journo from the victorious dressing room after the third test. So combined with ticket prices, results and media negativity it did hit the crowds in 88.
  13. Anyone have figures on the number of clubs in England? How many in Yorkshire, Lacashire, Cumbria and the rest?
  14. Why not play, home and away, promotion/relegation matches between the last place team in SL and Chmp 1 winners?
  15. In AFL, they are happy to support teams in expansion areas because it is for the good of the whole sport. Unlike us where we seem to resent teams like Melbourne or Harlequins getting a much needed helping hand.