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  1. rlno1

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Why doesn't France and Wales tour also. Something similar to union where the southern hemisphere teams go north and vice versa.
  2. rlno1

    Whinging Aussies just don't get it

    If Fittler is one of our greatest minds, heaven help us...................
  3. rlno1

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    I think nines is an area where they can see growth. It is easier to get other nations involved and ultimately push on into the Commonwealth Games and ultimately the Olympics.
  4. I have watched this game and there are times when they whinge about the ref yet he is correct. They were extremely biased. The tackle by Shearer should have brought a penalty to GB as he grabbed him around the head and slammed it into the ground. When Hanley dives into Lindner on the ground later in the game as he wasn't tackled, the commentator whinges Hanley shouldn't have done it. Clearly double standards. Infact Hanley's play was legal.
  5. The Aussies will come as they can sniff a buck to be made.....this is what motivates them to do anything for the game.
  6. Do you know if Conrad is a Welshman?
  7. Does anyone know who the commentators were on the Wales v France game?
  8. If we were to have neutral refs I think also teams should not be allowed to have "meetings" with them before the game as Bob Fulton use to love doing. It was just about subtlety putting pressure on them to get what he wanted.
  9. I can remember a PNG ref doing the 1988 World Cup Final. How the game has slipped in some areas.
  10. rlno1

    NZ Player Numbers Up

    Men are down because they are heading to Australia for opportunities.
  11. Shouldn't they have done the feasibility study before making the announcement.
  12. That is a huge upset, after Russia's performance against Spain, well done. Could be a bigger upset then the Kiwis knocking off the Australians.😅
  13. rlno1

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    The NFL also is seen as a massive event, with glitz and glamour, thus attracts the casual sports fan. Rugby League does not have this.
  14. rlno1

    Bring back the 4 Nations

    The 4 Nations should be played half way between each World Cup, like the European Championship in football is played at the half way between WC's. It can evolve as it did from 3 teams to 4. Why can't Australia talk up both origin and tests, why does one have to compare and be belittled. Other sports manage to get by with different tournaments and leagues without the constant one is better then the other BS.
  15. Here is a breakdown of where the players who played in the million pound game came from: Wales (3) - Williams, Kear, Evans Australia (1) - Sammut New Zealand (1) - Ioane France (1) - Pellisier London/South (6) - Walker, Dixon, Hindmarsh, Lovell, Butler, Davies North (5) - Hellewell, - Pitts, Gee, Spencer, Battye (was from Sheffield not sure of his amateur club) Great example of an expansion club which shows the true development of rugby league over the last few decades. Compare this team to the Challenge Cup Final team of 1999 which was made up of Australians, NZers and players from the north with the odd exception (Offiah). And all true rugby league players from young lads. Well done London.