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  1. Wakey aren’t big on defence, but they are bloody good to watch.
  2. I think Saints are the side to take most from this. They need a re-think, when a side is organised, collectively structured in defence it seems unsettle them somewhat. On the flip side, they may consider themselves a touch unfortunate to play Leeds at a time when their side picked, dictated to play a simple gameplan.
  3. An organising halfback would compliment Williams’ running game. Maybe, in hindsight, letting Smith go was an error?
  4. Rant thread

    More and more people seem to be going out of their way to find offence in the innocuous.
  5. Eddie Hemmings

    I think you have identified one of the fundamental issues with Sky's coverage; far too many voices in the commentary box.
  6. Eddie Hemmings

    Doesn't that prove the point that a change of personnel is required every once in a while?
  7. Eddie Hemmings

    Jon Champion
  8. Both sides fielding changes in key positions. Who knows how it will go?
  9. TRL Help Desk: Chef's Knife

    Spent a few bob on a Wusthof Classic a few years ago. Look after it and it will last. Only ever spent money on a Chef and paring knife.
  10. Rant thread

    The trickle ran dry at the end of the 1%
  11. Removing Wallpaper

    Use one of these:
  12. Our new position in the EU

    Strong and stable. Just like it says on the tin.
  13. Online streaming is waiting to be fully exploited/developed in respect of live sports, in my layman opinion. It would be beneficial for RL to be at the forefront of this.
  14. Wire sign Mitch Brown from Leigh

    I would say Warrington have swapped an older Aussie utility in Pomeroy for a younger one in Brown?
  15. London Broncos announce new head coach

    One significant advantage Melbourne have over many clubs; News Corp.