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  1. I would say Warrington have swapped an older Aussie utility in Pomeroy for a younger one in Brown?
  2. One significant advantage Melbourne have over many clubs; News Corp.
  3. Taking medicines abroad

    Just to add to this: Medication containing Codeine is illegal in Dubai, even if you are merely stopping over in transit at the airport.
  4. The Observer reporting that Fallon had a fair few allegations against him. Jane Merrick, whom previously hadn’t named the person who lunged at her, has now put a name to the incident.
  5. Neither Gale nor Widdop came out of this game with credit. But when your hooker thinks he is the primary playmaker, it doesn’t give you a lot to work with.
  6. Does that all the time. He never gets close to collecting the ball.
  7. Jonny Lomax

    Difference between Lomax and Slater making errors; England need to minimise theirs.
  8. people on tv that you are not too fond of

    Minimal TV exposure these days, thankfully, but it will always be Anthea Turner.
  9. Has anyone come across any highlights?
  10. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    Where to start: Ten years ago. End of season stint. Salary Cap parity. Favourable exchange rate. As I have already stated, the days of the likes of Cronk coming over have long since past.
  11. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    I have had this conversation many times over. If this is the case, why hasn’t it happened? The simple fact is, the monies between the SL and NRL are incomparable. The NRL cap is three times that of SL. Even bang average NRL players will be marquee signings. Look at Daly Cherry-Evans, his $1million dollar contract would require a SL club to offer him £600k just to match it, which is probably beyond the reach of most of not all clubs. From the players perspective why would you move across the globe for the same cash? You would need to add, say, 25% to that: £750k!
  12. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    The reality is, the top 50 NRL players are never going to come to SL, bar those jettisoned from the NRL due to indiscretions. I would argue, this is as good as it gets.
  13. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    Quite. I can never understand why Warrington haven’t gone for Cronk.
  14. Where next for Gareth Hock?

    I think Toronto are more astute than people on here are giving them credit for.