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  1. I do wonder when the oil companies will derail this technology.
  2. getdownmonkeyman

    Independent Group

    My hopelessly naive/romantic view has me thinking, these guys are looking to generate a centre ground option. At the moment we are left with extreme options.
  3. getdownmonkeyman

    Independent Group

    For clarity, it is only Shuker.
  4. Ah, apologies. You have highlighted a fundamental difference between SL and NRL. The young Australian chap has two competition structures before first team. The UK guy goes from Academy to first with a bit of dual reg. Way too big a jump.
  5. Let the kid develop at his own pace. When he is ready, he will get his chance.
  6. Just watched the highlights on Sky’s website. I don’t think Austin has anything to worry about.
  7. getdownmonkeyman

    Those nice tories

    He needs deselecting.
  8. getdownmonkeyman

    Ray French retires from Commentary

    Had a great evening listening to him as an after dinner speaker. He was brilliant.
  9. getdownmonkeyman

    Rant thread

    Just a tourist....
  10. getdownmonkeyman

    Opera browser

    Seems to dislike TRL forums all of a sudden. Slow to load between pages/threads. All seemds fine with Firefox. Any other Opera users experieincing similiar?
  11. getdownmonkeyman

    Radio thread

    Simon Mayo has resurfaced here:
  12. getdownmonkeyman

    Rant thread

    Variation on a theme: People who are stood at the bar of a crowded pub, deliberating. If there was a God solely for pubs, he would smite them in an instant.
  13. getdownmonkeyman

    Rant thread

    Do what I do "head up, head up!"
  14. getdownmonkeyman

    Fitness Thread

    For those working away from home, try using resistance bands. They really can be nasty.
  15. getdownmonkeyman

    Dear Diary

    It must be in cahoots with our washing machine. PS As Tyrone Shoelaces mentioned, why the hell would a washing machine have an app for it?