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  1. getdownmonkeyman

    TRL Helpdesk: Amplifier

    Did you turn it up to 11?
  2. getdownmonkeyman

    Rant thread

    Probably better than trying to run across the car park of your local farm shop.
  3. getdownmonkeyman

    The TV Thread

    I fell asleep before it came on. I take it by tour comment, it isn't worth bothering with on iplayer?
  4. getdownmonkeyman

    The TV Thread

    Quite looking forward to BBC Question Time tonight.
  5. What is Hetherington’s issue? Is it the change in format, or; is it that he wasn’t consulted?
  6. As I have blithered on about many times before, the first think Sky should do is thin out the number of people in the commentary box. At any one point in time, you can have Hemmings, Cummings, McDermott, O'Connor and Clarke all shouting over each other; it is ridiculous. Another problem with having the same people, week-in, week-out is their predilection to labour the same points. An anchor commentator and two co-commentators/analysts, maximum, preferably on a rotating basis would be my preference.
  7. Thaler can be a bit of a lottery. Sometimes the play the ball is a free-for-all. Other times, he is pedantic.
  8. getdownmonkeyman

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Echo this sentiment. Kitchen Confidential was one of the most eye-opening books I have ever read. The book very much replicated his personality; no ######.
  9. getdownmonkeyman

    France then....

    Villefranche on the Cote d'Azur. My god, simply breathtaking.
  10. getdownmonkeyman

    scott taylor on the danny baker show

    What did he go for? Red, brown or none?
  11. getdownmonkeyman

    Book thread: what are you reading?

    The Secret Barrister. If this book is remotely accurate about the current court system, be very afraid.
  12. Toronto deserve better than Rowley.
  13. getdownmonkeyman

    Food and drink thread

    Brie and Iberico Ham on crusty white bread.
  14. getdownmonkeyman

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Patatas Bravas is a scarcity in Tapas restaurants in Madrid, unlike Tapas restaurants in the UK.
  15. Another vote for Shark. Better than Dyson, in both performance and robustness. Cheaper, too.