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  1. Sounding like an old fart, but, I really don’t get the Citrus bitters that seem to be coming to the fore. My tastebuds prefer a ruby type bitter, but they are becoming the minority. There is a lovely beer from a Shropshire brewery, Joules. Only makes it as far north as Chester, so on the occasions that I find myself there, a trip to the Cross Keys is a must.
  2. i honestly don't know. It wass effectively a joint venture between Leeds and Yorkshire CC, as it helps both. Leeds to develop the stand and Yorkshire to make sure they have Test status for the foreseeable future.
  3. It is a mammoth undertaking. Far beyond what is spectator seating. The conference/banqueting facilities are something like 1100 seats.
  4. I don't think Lam has been dealt a great hand. Tomkins gone, Williams going, O'Loughlin running on fumes. Hardaker is a good fullback, but he isn't the ball handler that Tomkins is.
  5. I can't recall where I have read it, or if indeed my recall is correct, but this the 14th meeting in three years between these teams.
  6. The above description reflects, perfectly, the physio ‘helping’ me with my rehab.
  7. Trainsplit.com seems to be the best out there at the moment for ticket splitting.
  8. The West stand must have been close to capacity with school kids and their parents. Well done Warrington.
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