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  1. This! Variation on middle lane muppets.
  3. Looking at that photo, a name change is required. Motley Crew, maybe........
  4. PS I wonder when the deflecting will go back on Junior Doctors?
  5. The cross party select commitee has called on the Government to publish its Brexit proposals by the middle of next month.
  6. When is a criticism, not a criticism?
  7. Behind a paywall. Do you have the body of text?
  8. 30.1 million income tax payers in the UK according to this: So as you say, foregoing a shop bought coffee a week would generate £3 billion per year. Kind of puts things into perspective.
  9. Do we include the furrins that the NHS is dependent on, too?
  10. I'll leave this here:
  11. Jools Holland Show has gone a little off the boil, but it is still one of the best things on the box.
  12. Inadvertently came across the Christmas market, whilst heading for Ku'dam. It was a hive of activity. Berliners have just got on with it.
  13. 2016 is taking as many as it can as it draws to a close.
  15. I do like a sponge finger. Quite partial to a pink wafer, too.