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  1. A guy at work is a trustee is an Academy. He told me they have a Business Manager, as they have to explore all avenues for additional income.
  2. Two things I have taken from this thread: Reading ckn and Tony's posts, the phrase 'price of everything, value of nothing' keeps popping into my head. Secondly, l never thought I would read about anyone who teaches or aids the teaching process as a luxury. When did this country go so far off the rails?
  3. I can heartily recommend Villefranche. Beautiful place.
  4. Selfish sod. If you like it so much, ###### off there, etc......
  5. I was in Paris one time in the lead-up to Bastille day. I didn't realise it was such a big thing until I witnssed it firsthand.
  6. I work in the private sector and my average pay rise has been well over 1%
  7. Rant at myself; managed to crack my head closing the boot on my wife's car. That really is a special kind of stupid.
  8. That was my query, David Strettle. Not David Steggles as the OP.
  9. David Strettle?
  10. That is unusual in my experience. The inspection is done jointly.
  11. Is Cooper Cronk's lady friend relocating to Warrington?
  12. London.
  13. One person conspicuous by their absence in all this; the Architect.
  14. Local Authority are not responsible for enforcing Government legislation. My wording was inaccurate, your point was completely incorrect. Happy to correct.
  15. Please explain to me how. Local Authorities are not solely responsible for compliance with Building Regulations. Approved Building Inspectors, of which there are many, who are private companies, confirm specification and installation compliance with Building Regs. It has nothing to do with the Local Authority beyond planning consent.