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  1. Notwithstanding letting a fourteen point lead go.
  2. Jack Gibson's autobiography is well worth a read.
  3. Watching back the Broncos v Rabbitohs game, it suddenly became apparent the silence from the commentators when nothing was happening on the pitch. Compare and contrast this to Sky's team who seemingly feel compelled to fill every moment, which is made worse by the fact they talk over each other.
  4. That's the spirit.
  5. Last Conservative PM's gamble didn;t pan out too well, did it?
  6. Quite. 'We've only had seven years to rectify the mess we inherited'
  7. I am going into the bookies later to put a bet on a record number of spoilt ballot papers.
  8. With these shared Academies, which club gets priority offering first team contracts?
  9. It is a sleepy Sunday afternoon in Doncaster and 943 people are watching the world’s first transatlantic rugby league team thrash the local side. Sample the FT’s top stories for a week You select the topic, we deliver the news. Meet Toronto Wolfpack, owned in the Canadian city but based in the West Yorkshire town of Brighouse. Their team of internationals defeats Doncaster — part-timers who train three days a week and who are paid about £300 an appearance — by 82-6. As the black-clad Wolfpack cross for yet another try a Dons fan yells: “Show some Yorkshire grit!” But it will take more than grit to stop the Canadians. With a budget of C$3.4m (£2.1m), they are topping the League 1 table in their debut season in England. Starting in the third tier, they aim to play in the top-flight Super League in 2019, joining the likes of St Helens, Wigan and Leeds. Rugby league is a blue-collar sport played almost exclusively in the north of England, Australia, New Zealand and the south of France. It is dwarfed by football: revenues in England were £118m in 2015, with a TV audience of 17m and 2.3m spectators. But because it is so small, rugby league has long been open to innovation. The English league already has French and Welsh teams in it. It moved the season from winter to summer to minimise coinciding with football, and instituted a salary cap to prevent clubs going bust. All 40 teams in the league’s three divisions agreed to accept the Wolfpack. Eric Perez, chief executive of the Toronto team, fell in love with the game when he saw it on television in Gibraltar. “Rugby league is the most exciting sport you could get,” he said in an interview before the Doncaster game. “It is fast, it has got finesse, it has got pace, it is hard hitting, there is a bit of fighting in there which we Canadians like. “Toronto is an under-served sports market. We have six professional sports teams in metropolitan area of 6m people. You go to London, there are about 20 pro football clubs.” David Argyle, a mining tycoon who grew up playing rugby in Australia, has bankrolled the Wolfpack. He said this effort to spread the sport was more sustained than previous attempts. “I can see expansion rugby league teams in North America in a few years, cities such as Philadelphia. It is a wonderful sport. It has a lot of playing time, the ball is in play for 60 minutes. That is more than America football or even soccer,” he said. Because of the salary cap, new clubs would be able to make money after the initial lossmaking start, Mr Argyle added. Top players earn an annual maximum of £175,000 — what star footballers get in a week — while a squad of 20-plus players receives a maximum of £1.8m, rising to £2.1m by 2020. Mr Argyle said the sport could build an international audience in the way that Ultimate Fighting Championship, the mixed martial arts series sold for $4bn last year, has done. The Wolfpack have already copied UFC by creating a reality TV show, “Last Tackle”, in which players who just missed out on a career in American football go through a boot camp to make it in rugby league, living together in a house, Big Brother-style. Mr Argyle said the show had just clinched a distribution deal in North America that would take into 50m homes. Of 500 applicants, 18 entered the house. Three got Wolfpack contracts and six went to other league teams. “That has attracted a lot of interest. People become interested in their characters and the journey they go on,” he said. The team’s matches are also screened on Premier Sports, a global subscription channel and the first game at the 10,000-seat Lamport stadium in Toronto is set to sell out. The story has attracted sponsors. The main one, Air Transat, the Canadian budget airline, is flying visiting teams to Toronto for free once home games begin in May. The Wolfpack will play groups of home games back-to-back to reduce their travelling. The team has recruited well. Paul Rowley, the coach, has Championship (second tier) experience with Leigh Centurions while the director of rugby, Brian Noble, coached the mighty Bradford Bulls side of the early 2000s that won three world championships, as well as the Great Britain side. While the sport’s hierarchy has welcomed them with open arms, some fans are not so sure. Toronto attracted some expat Canadians when they played in London but the “away” fans at Doncaster were almost all employees or relatives of staff. Barry Brown, a Dons fan and junior coach, said: “I don’t think they should be playing in our league. It takes away our automatic promotion because of the players they have got. “When there are clubs in our heartland that are struggling financially and they fetch a team in from the other side of the world, I can’t weigh it up. Let us safeguard clubs in our country, not ones coming into it.”
  10. Quite simple really; don't spend the extra cap space on the first team. Those who voted against the increase won't have any desire to increase their first team spend anyway.
  11. You raise a very good point, good olive oil is almost impossible to get in UK supermarkets.
  12. Experimenting, of fashion, with my own pizza toppings. Started with Parma ham and rocket. Moved on to Milano Salami and now thinly sliced Chorizo. It makes you realise that less is more when it comes to pizza toppings.
  13. Westwood gets four game ban and £300 fine.
  14. He won't struggle for offers in the NRL.
  15. Microsoft maintaining their 'good OS, ###### OS' hsitory. Hoipefully, the nexy OS will be a good one.