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  1. snapski

    Man Of Steel 2018

    I'd like Macca to get it. But I'd have thought Thompson will get it. Driven the best team in the comp forward all season.
  2. snapski

    Tom Johnstone

    Mate of mine is a season ticket holder at Trin. Says Johnstone’s defence simply isn’t good enough at Super League level, never mind international.
  3. Question should be asked how a game of rugby league continues, when the ref gets sin binned?
  4. Eddie Hemmings not keeping himself aware of how the structure will work next season. Bin him off.
  5. Guess I’d prefer wire won. i’d rather play Saints away than Wigan anywhere in the semi finals.
  6. Honestly give up. Just get rid of the gimmick.
  7. Thaler was a joke on Thursday. This tops that performance. Moore was a disgrace.
  8. Saints knock on and get the decision. Fages pass forward for try. Liam Moore may as well have just scored the try himself.
  9. 12 - 3 penalty count to Hull. Extra man didn’t count.
  10. Garbage call from Hewer. Not even a penalty.
  11. Is Radford the best coach in the world? No He's not the worst either. Do you want Agar back? Thought not. Need to be careful what you wish for. Sport is about ups and downs and taking the rough with the smooth. Think on.