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  1. Think people should let them play a few games without making silly statements. Let them win/lose/draw a few games first before making predictions.
  2. I think I remember this from Wakey fans every year in non commital Xmas friendlies. They do like to get carried away.
  3. No chance Widnes will be about 6th, absolutely no chance.
  4. Ha ha good run out, best of luck to everyone this season.
  5. Eden hat trick, go far this lad, I'd expect NRL clubs to be keeping an eye out for him. Must be half dozen. McShane, Hardaker, and Turner all missed. We've put some young uns on to play fair, and we are scoring even more quickly now.
  6. Yeah it's a young Hull team, Eden just gone full length, Billy Slateresque
  7. i have just checked what sides were put out, and Leeds had a pretty strong side apart from the subs.
  8. Cas 24-0 Hull. Ht.
  9. Cas 6-0 Hull
  10. Is this a wind up?
  11. Sorry, but is there only me loving the Parky meltdown. About time Bradford got their house in order, or just folded. Groundhog Day. And after all that money they haemorrhaged in Super League.
  12. How many times does it have to be said. Gale plays left edge for us and has been outstanding. Gets moved to the right to please Widdop by our wonderful coach. Woe and behold Brown comes in and plays left and does nothing. In my eyes the coach has been a bigger problem than the players.
  13. Shame Percival wasn't as quick in the game, as he was when swapping shirts.
  14. Solomona is said to be coming back on loan for next season as part of the deal.
  15. Fee agreed with Leeds. Terms agreed with Zak.