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  1. Roberts out for next week. Will be Chase and McShane in halves
  2. Wane magnanimous in defeat accepting they got well beat. Thing is are Williams and Lockers really injured.
  3. Fantastic. Scintillating rugby league at times.
  4. Absolutely ripping them to bits.
  5. Samoa still have an open spot for the test. Moors? Hope not
  6. Haha we've just had a free play, lost the ball. And Hicks has given Wigan scrum. Bizarre
  7. McMeeken, found our mojo we were looking for. Cracking stuff.
  8. We've just lots Benny Roberts to injury
  9. Not heard about the head test, but I do know he's been training.
  10. Hull have done what my team need to. Just get the mojo back. closest and best Super League comp for many a year. Literally anyone can beat anyone.
  11. As a Cas fan I'm relieved they haven't picked the Samoans that lay for us.
  12. Ban coming for Manu. Absolutely no need.
  13. Watts got 2 games. I'm gobsmacked. Thought it would have been no ban.
  14. Think we've lost our 3 games by a total of 5 points. So no disgrace