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  1. Luis Johnson

    Offered a new contract. Came from union, and gone back to it.
  2. Luis Johnson

    £45k is silly money in our game for someone who might make it. heard he’s 2 years away from being considered for a go at first team.
  3. Winger rejoins the Tigers

    Back up winger/ full back.
  4. Jason Moore sounds extremely confident about the plans for New Zealand v England in the USA next June. However, I'm told there are plenty of stumbling blocks which still need to be cleared for it to happen. Not a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination It would clearly be fascinating if England could get a game over the line in America mid-season. Getting the idea past the NRL clubs - who may be reluctant to let players go if opposition is NZ, for example - will be the challenge. both quotes from Aaron Bower. Would be fantastic.
  5. Why no mention of Ryan Atkins

    I’m a sucker for it, guilty as anyone. But in debates like this it should be law that you can’t name a player from your own team. Gildart hopefully will flourish next season. Shenton will be too old moving forward. Percival in squad but not picked is a worry. Sutcliffe being played anywhere to get in the team. Connor the same.
  6. All banging on about Ward and I’m going to say it again. Milner is as good if not better than him. Also covers hooker. Another good season and he’s a shoe in for at least a squad place for versatility.
  7. Adam Milner is a better 13 than Ward. He was immense last season.
  8. Think you’ve just woken O F with a startle.
  9. Still proud as punch over that effort. And what about our players fitness levels. Deserve every second of the rest you will get before joining pre season.
  10. Michael Shenton has had an outstanding season, and the reason Eden scored all those tries. He should at least been in the squad.
  11. Powell should get it. Betts will unfortunately.
  12. I’m gonna be the first and probably only one to say it. I though Heighington made some great carries when he was on.
  13. Wow. Think you need to start watching something else, if you thought that was poor.