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  1. Or you could actually report what Mr Woods has actually said. In the fact that the league is over after 23 games and a new competition has started. So he's saying present the lls before the super8s start.
  2. Larroyer has apologised and said it wasn't intentional. Still think he will be in front of the jury Tuesday.
  3. Springer will hardly play again for us. Just doesn't do it often enough.
  4. Was thinking about women's rugby when it happened 😳
  5. I will say one thing. Unlike rugrats from Leigh, I know when a play has done wrong. I'd give Larroyer 5 games for going after another players tackle. Just can't do what he did.
  6. 9 sky sports channels and they have to cut off at final whistle. Absolute disgrace
  7. Have some of that. That took some guts. Think Cats will be ok in qualifiers.
  8. 1400 Cas fans there. Absolutely chuffed to bits for them.