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  1. 3 forward passes and finally gives one.
  2. Luke Gale would have won this game on one leg, given the attempts at dg.
  3. Lilley is garbage. Championship at the very best. We seriously should have been 30 or 40 points up at half time. Leeds have nothing in the forwards and not much in the backs.
  4. Smashed up front. Outplayed in the halves. Love a Derby day victory.
  5. Trueman outstanding this half. only 1 team in it. Coach isn’t Leeds problem.
  6. Ha ha not noticed. Seems apt to be fair.
  7. It quite clearly says Lowe's will be the first team coach with Winfield taking on some of Hetheringtons workload. Director of football is about getting players and sorting contracts etc.
  8. “I know who I’d rather be coaching”
  9. snapski

    Gadwin Springer

    Big, strong and fast enough to have it all. Just doesn't do it.
  10. snapski

    Gadwin Springer

    You've been a lot kinder than I'm going to be. He's garbage. Wherever he wants dropping off I'll take him.
  11. Wonder who they will go for?