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  1. Bulls close to £1.2m lawsuit deal

    TUPE cases involved the last few years of my working years, and what primarily started out as cases involving competitive tendering in the public sector, has now been dragged into unlikely cases involving such as sport clubs. Despite the RFL attempts to hamper the formation of a new club, and make it appear by the use of penalties it was still the former club, I would hope we soon see a quick resolving of this issue. I seem to remember that when the new club attempted to sign remaining players, the majority had already signed for other clubs. Unless these players are earning less pay at their new clubs, I cannot see that they have much chance of compensation after all TUPE is not an instrument to increase workers pay. Players wages in sport are usually a well kept secret, but I wouldn't have thought that there would be little difference in earnings, between their former salary than that with their new clubs.
  2. Bradford relegated

    Sadly, Angelic Cynic is a regular critic of the Bulls, and like the rest of his ilk is best ignored. I feel sorry for Adeybull who over these last few tragic years, has endeavoured to give the full facts regarding the Bulls tragic decline. Unfortunately AC is one of a number who just want to constantly kick the Bulls, and take a sadistic pleasure repeating the same ill informed rubbish all the time. My old mother used to say if you can't find any good to say, keep your mouth shut.
  3. Bradford relegated

    Once again another person trying to make out how well the Bulls have been treated, the new owners took the policy of thinking a new top coach could helpl the team, which stopped the purchase of players, and the supporters themselves pain sponsorship so we could have a coach. No matter how the the explanations of the Bulls decline are explained, the same critics will state how well the Bulls have been treated, despite points deductions, slashing game allowances,and plenty of other penalties. Just for once could the appreciate that the club would have died without the wonderful generosity of the clubs supporters.
  4. Bradford relegated

    Why doesn't anyone criticise the RFL, their determination to penalise the club has forced Bradford into an Industrial Tribunal they certainly did not want. They were certainly not treated as a new club. 12 point penalty, reduction of monies, put in Championship league, given top match at Blackpool, need I go on? If the Appellants are successful I presume Bradford will be expected to settle the bill, I would have thought the RFL would have taken legal advice on this matter.
  5. Bradford relegated

    Perhaps we shall now lose these stories of secret funding will now stop, and letters in the paper that how lucky we are to have our academy fully funded. Thanks to the RFL we have had a completely wasted year, their efforts to destroy Bradford have almost succeeded, certainly the only time I have seen similar depression at the ground was in 1963. I now await to hear from the games leaders that we should face further punishments, and to ensure the club has been exterminated. It seems a long time ago since we received our full funding entitlement, perhaps next year, I cannot see this being much in League 1.
  6. Bradford relegated

    Everything was against the Bulls, a long list all highlighted. The comparison of full and part time was misleading, as Sheffield showed last year, and certainly at this level. A bad hand was dealt, and thanks go to Leeds who gave us the loan players which gave us some hope during such a terrible season
  7. Bradford relegated

    The torture of the club is not finished yet, thanks to the meddling by the RFL the new club faces a industrial tribunal over the Christmas period, when players and ground staff are claiming for lost earnings following the demise of the old club. The penalties against the new club have left an open door for people to claim, so how the new club can plan for next year with this uncertainty hanging over the club I don't know. It was revealed last week that a bidder was turned down because they would only take over the club if they were playing in league 1. After one of the most painful seasons I can remember, and I have supported them since 1945, at least when we left the league in 1963 we could at least blame the horrid winter. Now the game's masters are keeping on a path to destroy all the clubs supporters.
  8. Championship clubs fear Superleague changes

    Living in S Wales I still see very little coverage of Rugby League, and in fact to find out what is happening to local Welsh clubs I have to follow on Total rl. I see the game dying nationally, and watching Super League on TV I find somewhat boring, watching the same sides week by week, and to be brutally frank where are the crowds? I know that attracting sides from Canada and France will in the long term will probably be good for television fees, but as yet I am unaware of Toronto playing players from Canada. There is a definite shortage of clubs in Super League having youth sides, so cutting the number of youngsters entering the game, but no one seems to care about this. Having watched the game since 1945 I see a game like myself slowly dying, although I certainly feel better than the game which seems to be hitting new lows. The major change which should take place immediately is that no club can be a member of Super League or the Championship without having a youth side, and both Hull clubs should have separate youth sides. Until the game goes out of its way to force youth sides, then our game will continue to slowly die, it is a tragedy to see our youth structure disappearing.
  9. Bradford are not getting relegated

    Living in S Wales I know full well what it is like to see a RL team being let down by the RFL, who promise new owners the world, then stand back, and watch them sink without trace. I have now twice been a full season ticket holder of the Blue Dragons, not learning I then bought a few season tickets for family and friends to the Blue Bulls. I really should have known better as my Union friends had told me to be careful as the new owner had sunk Bridgend union club. The same occurred to the BBs but we were promised there would still be a team locally, and in fact season tickets were sold for Newport's ground, and even now I receive promotions for Newport. I still meet people in Bridgend, who sat in the stand by me, and they slag the RFL off. I now see my own former club disappearing, and no way can I see 5K supporters being cast out, as a benefit to RL, here I mean Bradford.
  10. Bradford are not getting relegated

    Once again Angelic Cynic can't wait to have a go at Bradford, surely he must have read all the press coverage regarding the Dane Chisolm story? My only concern with this matter is that I was one of the stupid Bulls supporter putting money in a bucket at last years final of the Championship, when Sheffield were being threatened with closure. It is as if some so called "fans" are ready and willing to continuously slag off Bradford, although I notice that we are more than welcome at away matches to swell other sides gates.
  11. I am a life long supporter of RL and actually live in S Wales, and I cannot believe some of the nonsense which some people have written. In the time L have lived here seen all the clubs who start so well, and end up a disaster. In the valley where I live I have seen all the many union youth sides which used to prevail here vanish, now we have only one football side, and two union clubs which in the past supplied players to the National side, and good quality League players. Actually, for a League side to survive then I would support Merthyr as a likely home, but some people with money are needed to form a management board and aim for a solid level. Bridgend set their sights much too high, and all that is left now is an area of bad feeling to League, particularly as we finished the season playing our last home game at Newport, and then finding our next home match the following season was 200 miles away at Wrexham.
  12. Bradford are getting relegated

    I resent a certain person's comments about Leon Pryce, he is always available to be present to support Bradford events, and now he is coming to the close of a wonderful career. Listening to his regular broadcasts I am sure we will soon see his return as a trainer. These last few weeks Leom has taken some awful knocks because we haven't had strong enough forwards to protect our half backs.It is clear to most spectators that his body has taken enough punishment and he as held his hand up to play when others would have capitulated.
  13. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    I would like to respond to Angelic Cynic, I know it was some time ago but his missive really needs a response. He blithely quotes that Celtic Crusaders were given assistance by the RFL, It was so good that I discovered that my recently bought Season Tickets at the time were to watch my team play 150 miles away at Wrexham. No consulting with supporters after we were told that the following tickets would be for Rodney Parade at Newport. I often bump into season ticket holders of the former club in Bridgend, who I now tend to keep away from as the subject of how bad the RFL was arises. On top of this, during that last season in S Wales the club was constantly bombarded with abusive emails from Widnes supporters complaining that we had taken their place in Super League. I really do not want to continue this subject, but just wish some writers on here would realise that it us, we the supporters who have to bear the miseries when a club crashes, but then Celtic Crusaders didn't has I understand it, they play somewhere in the remote Northern reaches of Wales.
  14. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    Already people like Lowdesert are trying to twist the facts, such as being like the employer who has been paying below minimum rates. In Bradford's case they were late paying players wages by one or two days, but every player was paid fully as per contract. I hate forums like this where individuals deliberately twist the facts, and attempt to make them out as crimes. If every employer who paid his staff a day or two late was to be hauled up for it then the courts wouldn't be able to cope with the numbers.
  15. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    Once again the doors of bankruptcy are open, and as usual so many so called fans are screaming for the Bulls to be given the maximum penalty, plus I suppose any extras which can be applied, like the Super League clubs sharing half the Bulls TV money between them. Over the last two seasons when Bulls fans have been crowded into Championship grounds, very suspicious low crowd attendances have been recorded, and also the Bulls generosity in donating money to Sheffield in their need for assistance two months ago. The biggest loss would be to the City of Bradford, with such as their support every year for the homeless by players and supporters sleeping in the open. They are one of the few clubs with a full youth training programme, people forget that RL has lost a lot of government money by having too few youngsters playing the game. Before everyone demands the club being hung drawn and quartered, they should also think of the clubs unremitting generosity and assistance to not only the public of Bradford, but also the extra monies they bring to club sides with their large number of travelling supporters.