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  1. I resent a certain person's comments about Leon Pryce, he is always available to be present to support Bradford events, and now he is coming to the close of a wonderful career. Listening to his regular broadcasts I am sure we will soon see his return as a trainer. These last few weeks Leom has taken some awful knocks because we haven't had strong enough forwards to protect our half backs.It is clear to most spectators that his body has taken enough punishment and he as held his hand up to play when others would have capitulated.
  2. I find steve Reed's posts totally condescending, and he living in S Wales as I do, I am amazed he can write about the Bull's club as if he is on the doorstop. I suppose his next condemnation will be ensuring that the club in the next few months are ensuring 16 thousand youngsters are going to get a taste of rugby league. Despite all the clubs troubles they are running junior sides, and that essential coaching is given, plus much scouting for young players. I said before I had not been on this topic board ofr a long time, as I have constantly found that their arterioles waiting to write prejudicial things about the Bradford club. Clearly nothing as changed.
  3. I have not joined in any forum debate about Bradford Bulls for many months, because a number of so called fans are trying to cause the club as much damage as possible, nothing positive , just destructive. Because Toovey was seen with the Bulls in France, once again these same people are trying to cause trouble. I recall a few seasons ago Bradford attempted to sign Bird, but this was stopped because he was not allowed to play for a British club, but he was immediately signed by Catalan and could play in Super League. I would surely think the same rules apply to Toovey. Perhaps given time these same people will start thinking about writing something more positive-but I very much doubt it.
  4. I would like to respond to Angelic Cynic, I know it was some time ago but his missive really needs a response. He blithely quotes that Celtic Crusaders were given assistance by the RFL, It was so good that I discovered that my recently bought Season Tickets at the time were to watch my team play 150 miles away at Wrexham. No consulting with supporters after we were told that the following tickets would be for Rodney Parade at Newport. I often bump into season ticket holders of the former club in Bridgend, who I now tend to keep away from as the subject of how bad the RFL was arises. On top of this, during that last season in S Wales the club was constantly bombarded with abusive emails from Widnes supporters complaining that we had taken their place in Super League. I really do not want to continue this subject, but just wish some writers on here would realise that it us, we the supporters who have to bear the miseries when a club crashes, but then Celtic Crusaders didn't has I understand it, they play somewhere in the remote Northern reaches of Wales.
  5. Already people like Lowdesert are trying to twist the facts, such as being like the employer who has been paying below minimum rates. In Bradford's case they were late paying players wages by one or two days, but every player was paid fully as per contract. I hate forums like this where individuals deliberately twist the facts, and attempt to make them out as crimes. If every employer who paid his staff a day or two late was to be hauled up for it then the courts wouldn't be able to cope with the numbers.
  6. Once again the doors of bankruptcy are open, and as usual so many so called fans are screaming for the Bulls to be given the maximum penalty, plus I suppose any extras which can be applied, like the Super League clubs sharing half the Bulls TV money between them. Over the last two seasons when Bulls fans have been crowded into Championship grounds, very suspicious low crowd attendances have been recorded, and also the Bulls generosity in donating money to Sheffield in their need for assistance two months ago. The biggest loss would be to the City of Bradford, with such as their support every year for the homeless by players and supporters sleeping in the open. They are one of the few clubs with a full youth training programme, people forget that RL has lost a lot of government money by having too few youngsters playing the game. Before everyone demands the club being hung drawn and quartered, they should also think of the clubs unremitting generosity and assistance to not only the public of Bradford, but also the extra monies they bring to club sides with their large number of travelling supporters.
  7. Great pity this game couldn't have been played in Cardiff, thus promoting the links with the West Indies which have arisen around the Cardiff Bay area. The Cardiff International Athletics club which played from the Bay had many West Indian players who provided a continuous supply of Caribbean players to League. Also the 'Windrush' which brought a ship full of settlers post war, and the majority settled in the Bay area, including many who have become household names- such as Dame Shirley Bassey. I seem to recall a former bay resident scored the winning try when we actually won the World Cup, a tremendous link to Rugby League who gave the sportsmen the opportunity of international recognition which sadly Wales wouldn't.
  8. Boston was and still is I believe President of the CIAC's so the piece about Billy being left to travel home by himself from the tour will be true, clearly other players being injured and joining him on the journey home as Padge writes saved embarrassment. I found it interesting to note that one of the reasons the WRU stopping the CIAC's from Welsh affiliation, was allowing players to go north too easily, in other words they were not paying players. Mind you they would not have played for Wales because the majority who went north were black. I read the book about players who were in the Rugby League Hall of Fame, and it indicates when Boston was selected for the tour there was opposition from Australian quarters, but once Billy had shown his skills all opposition disappeared, and it is giving itself a pat on the back for making a contentious selection-no mention of the South African decision. The most famous players to go to Rugby League were David Willicombe, Colin Dixon, and Johnny Freeman, who many say was the equal of Boston. Another famous player was Joe Erskine who opted to take up professional boxing instead of rugby, and was a life time friend of Henry Cooper. Apartheid was a terrible stain on rugby, that treated a rugby player as a second class citizen because of the colour of his skin. The WRU at the time made disgraceful decisions, but not all Welsh Clubs acted badly, and I reiterate what the club wrote, 'We cannot see what this club or the players had done wrong, they were offered money to play rugby and were honest enough to turn professional to enable to do so, as a club we are proud of them and all that they have achieved'.
  9. I my collection of Rugby League books I had a booklet covering 60 years memories of the Cardiff International Athletic Club entitled The Boys from the Bay, being lazy, and not interested in rugby union, I had only read the parts covering players who went north, a big mistake!! The CIACs has the club are known in S Wales were the starting point for many RL stars, non better than Billy Boston. Despite being known as a club which played attractive attacking rugby, and were a popular opponent by S Wales clubs, yet despite numerous attempts to affiliate to the Welsh Rugby Union they were continually turned down, despite other clubs being accepted not having as good facilities which the CIACs were being turned down. Another reason given was that the club were not attempting to stop players going north, but what does not show through was the large number of black players in the club and the clubs opposition to apartheid, including taking part in a anti- apartheid march against the touring South Africa team. They were accused of bringing politics into sport. In 1957 Billy Boston was in Australia with the Great Britain Rugby League team, after the tour they were to stop off in South Africa and play three exhibition matches to try to establish Rugby League in that country. Inevitably the question of a visa for a certain Mr Boston arose which was required for him to enter the country. The South African authorities agreed to allow him to enter the country only under certain conditions. These were that he was to stay in a separate hotel from the rest of the party, he could not visit them at their hotel and he would not be allowed to play in the games as the teams they were to play were made up of white players. These conditions meant that he would to all intents and purposes be held in isolation, understandably Billy refused to accept them. While the rest of the party went off to South Africa Billy was left in Australia to travel home on his own. I cannot believe that the Rugby League management allowed themselves to do this. A small rugby club in South Wales should have been supported in their fight, and certainly a great player who brought such distinction to our game should have been supported, it left a sour taste in my mouth after reading what had occurred.
  10. I actually stayed at the George hotel on the 60th anniversary of the Indomitables tour, and two of the original players were still alive and attended. I walked around the museum which was based in the basement, small but well laid out. Despite it being a special occasion, media interest was more or less non existent, only the direct families of the tourists and Stevo who hosted the gathering. The rugby media hardly covered the event, and if we the rugby people think so little of our major rugby events, we cannot blame the National Media for the poor coverage of our sport. Having worked at two university's I know they are hardly the sites for housing museums, and the City Hall at Bradford is a most central site for the venue. One of my grandfathers came from Ireland and was quite extreme in his political views, and spent many hours based in the cells their, which used to be in the basement of City Hall. Delighted we now have an historical base for our great game.
  11. Another Thurs./Friday match that will be a waste of time watching. The only thing is at least Wakefield are a different side. The last few weeks have been viewing the same sides, no variety, it is as if there are only four teams in SL, with Castleford thrown in now and again for some variety.
  12. The booklet covers the history of the Cardiff International Athletic Club from 1946 -2006, and records the rise of the CIAC's, who became one of Cardiff's premier rugby clubs. The club was formed alongside Cardiff docks by service men returning from the war, and a decision had to be made wether the club played rugby or football, eventually rugby was settled on, and many of the players from the club went on to become some of the most famous players in League. Although Gus Risman went north before the club was born, he had attended the same school as Billy Boston, and visited the school when trying to get Billy signed professionally. Billy Boston started his career with the CIACS, and features prominently, others were also legendary, including David Willicombe, Johnny Freeman, who I know was Robert Gate's (RL historian} favourite, and one of the games most loved personalities Colin Dixon. Colin had one of the largest funerals that Halifax has ever seen, literally, anyone connected with Rugby League was there.Just for good measure the second team was captained by Joe Erskine, the well known international boxer. I am now getting rather long in the tooth, and would like the booklet to go where it can be seen, and not destroyed after my death due to somebody not being aware of its value. All suggestions welcomed, as Rugby League seems to have nowhere that such items as this can be saved.
  13. All top class athletes can be tested randomly, that is the nature of top class sports today, and having known a number of people who have been found guilty of drug taking to improve performance, the majority were nice people, but they were still guilty of cheating. Being involved in drug trials I know how difficult it is to catch drug cheats out. I am sure we all want a level plain for all sportsmen, and instead of finding excuses for them we should show them up for what they are. Top class athletes have a list of forbidden drugs, and yet when caught they always appear to have a good excuse has to why they were innocent. It is really laughable to think a club are being picked on, this attitude only delays finding cheats, just remember how Armstrong the American cyclist got away with it. Clubs should take a positive attitude and stop any player within their club from cheating, and be proud of stating their club is drug free.
  14. Angelic Cynic really ought to be wary of posting newspaper articles, particularly about the Bridgend saga, and while certain local people were pushing to have a Super League side, there were certainly plenty of others locally who had there doubts. The backer had a background of withdrawing his support, ask any Bridgend RU supporter. I was a regular supporter from their pre SL days and it was quite obvious, while support was building up, it was very far from supporting a Super League side. Another two years of solidly building up were needed,and then the club may have been ready for it. As predicted locally the backer dropped out but made sure of recouping the majority of his money. The big mistake was then made by the officials of the club that they would carry on playing at Newport, and selling season tickets. Then out of the blue stating they were moving to Wrexham, a good four to five hours journey. This all lead to a pull out from Bridgend which left a nasty taste in ones mouth. I am far from seeing what this had to do with Ferres, and more to RL wanting a foothold in S Wales, and a number of locals overselling the situation. Incidently I note our former infamous backer on our local and sometimes national news involved in the fight for the Labour party leadership, I hope his support his a somewhat more soled this time.
  15. I viewed both matches on Sky last Thursday and Friday, and sadly I found myself wondering how far back the game has gone? I now live in Wales and looking at empty terracing is not my idea of match entertainment, the scenes reminded me of teams practising ready for a big game. I also noticed the high number of high tackles to the head, which the commentators appeared to think was OK, because of the players having to have these checked by medical staff. Doesn't any one realise that the actual damage is done at the time of the high shot, not by just testing if the player has got concussion. The new ruling seems to me just an excuse to give high shots knowing that disciplinary action is very unlikely to follow, and the other side having to lose a player. The administrators of the game have a duty to all players, and every high shot should mean 10 minutes sending off, and not endless playbacks identifying if the player was caught by an high blow or not. Sorry, the game is likely to have more players suffering with brain damage than before.