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  1. jacksy

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Totally agree. Sky commentary team is bloody awful too.
  2. jacksy

    Serena Williams

    I'm sorry but i do not see the difference between big lips, wide eyed and big noses and big eared. It's not a skilled caricature by the artist in my opinion.
  3. jacksy

    Serena Williams

    So no issue if it had been one of the Israeli players being depicted with a big nose and ears etc..
  4. The backroom staff need sorting too imho. 51% win ratio isnt good enough and a bash and barge game doesnt cut it for me.
  5. That performance is nothing to do with injuries O'Connor/Hemmings.
  6. Of all the the things he could of said..why did he choose Monkey?
  7. Just announced on Matty Johns show.
  8. I Appreciate your kind words Shadow.
  9. done Resolved. please close the thread. Thanks for your help and advice.
  10. Resolved. please close the thread. Thanks for your help and advice.
  11. Anybody, had anything similar to this and how did you resolve it. my daughter passed away two years ago and we became the guardians of her daughter our grandchild. She is ten years old now. Her father is with another woman and he has two kids to her. He has a different surname to my granddaughter. My granddaughter has a different surname to us also. On our way back from Spain last week border patrol stopped and questioned us. They wanted proof that we were indeed her guardians and not child traffickers etc.. we could not prove that we were even related to her. She has her own passport with her name on it. Thank fully they believed us and allowed us to go home together. They did say we have to carry documents in future to prove family link guardian ship etc..what they did not say was how to do this. any help and advice would be most welcome. cheers