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  1. Bit like West Yorkshire Police and the Ripper victims.
  2. No we should not have. The obstruction decision was another farce. We have had them go against us also.
  3. We had a try chalked off too. Playing 13 instead of 12. Not to mention the terrible play acting to get them the pen that led to the try.
  4. You are right but neither should the two that went cats way for same thing. Up to the refs to use common sense.
  5. Fair enough but not ten when the player is near on his knees. Anyway i will let the disciplinary decide.
  6. I know im FC but its ridiculous to suggest that he straight on forearmed him intentionally.. I also note you didn't say a thing about the shoulder to Connors head.
  7. I hated the second series. The vicar did my swede in.
  8. They need to get rid of Bazza,Tezza and Powers.
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