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  1. That is exactly what i looked at earlier. I just want to quote this from the bottom of that article.. Is this type of tax planning seen as aggressive? No. Elaborate tax-planning schemes, including investments specially constructed for the purposes of cutting tax bills, have been under fire from HMRC and other quarters for several years. But the sorts of arrangements described here are generally viewed as "practical steps" taken as part of wider tax planning and tax efficiency. Mr Ludwig said: "We have got to the point where there is an unhelpful blur between sensible, practical arrangements which are simply tax efficient, and the sorts of aggressive avoidance schemes which make the front pages." So your comment about going to ''great lengths to devise a scheme to avoid Inheritance Tax'' is incorrect.
  2. My workmate whose family own a farm voted leave. Nothing has changed his mind as yet.
  3. Are you sure he went to ''great lengths to devise a scheme to avoid Inheritance Tax'' because a cursory read says what he did was nothing of the sort.
  4. jacksy

    The TV Thread

    Watch out for Doom Patrol chaps..very good pilot.
  5. I don't understand why people hark for a blairite labour party. Every election since 97 labours majority has reduced. Only in 2017 did it make a remarkable surge back up. I'm not saying Corbyn is the man but a lot of what he was saying certainly hit home with a great many.
  6. He was sucking up to Murdoch before he got in.
  7. Wigan not being helped by the poor officials.
  8. He has missed the forearm leads to from the roosters.
  9. jacksy

    Well done Sri Lanka

    Stefan Kiszko.
  10. I don't know why they got actors for the NHS ad but the issues are real. I am more concerned about other stuff about my party.
  11. Was not the universal credit chap an actor in the Tory advert?
  12. Allegedly, the ad stated these are actors but the stories are true. Omitted by the Tories, i wonder why. Just did a search for the ad and it does indeed state the above. Not like you, not to check facts CKN.
  13. He wrapped his leg around McShanes leg and they banned him for that one.