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  1. Women's game

    It just shows the shortsightedness of the RFL. When my daughter started playing at age 11 there were girls teams from Leigh (x2) Widnes (x2) Crossfields, Wigan, Goldburn, Ashton, Hindley, Chorley, Rochdale...... plus more I can't recall right now. Now there are only 2 girls teams. Thatto and St Judes. If the RFL had put any effort and encouraged these teams instead of constantly changing the goal posts and neglecting them then these girls would be open age now and ready to play for all these new clubs we are getting. And I feel for those remaining who may well be left without a team because they can't commit to SL terms (for whatever reason)
  2. Women's game

    I completely agree with that. Thatto and Pats are already very good teams who will loose lots of players to these new teams, and will probably struggle to field a team every week. So as well as loosing the teams, the players who don't play for the SL team will also be lost to the game. Some of those players will be bloody good ones as well, but who can't commit to the SL terms :-/ The pro-clubs should have partnered these teams imo rather than launching their own in competition.
  3. Women's game

    There is already a very good team in Wigan playing out of St Pats. I don't think there is enough interest to support 2 women's teams (plus 1 in Leigh as well).
  4. I'm looking forward to the feature on the Woman's Challenge Cup. Love it when the women's game gets good exposure.
  5. Starting Rugby As an Adult

    Merit league is a good place to start if there is a team nearby.
  6. Carney and abusive language

    It doesn't matter what Bailey did or didn't do. No-one deserves to be racially abused on a rugby field (assuming the claim is true)
  7. Carney and abusive language

    There was. He was pulled away by team mates but he looked incensed at the time. The ref was also very quick with the card. It was these reactions combined that made me, and those around me, first suspect it was more than just dissent.
  8. Salford V Toronto to livestreamed by AMG

    Don't know for sure, but word at the ground was it was for racist abuse of Bailey. Long ban if he said what people said he said......
  9. Autobiographies

    I enjoyed (is that the right word considering some of the stuff in it?!?) Tawera's book. I have Mike Gregorys book but I can't tell you anything about it - I've never been able to read it :-(
  10. SL Marvel Shirts

    Black Panther.....?
  11. SL Marvel Shirts

    Surely Warrington would have to be Wolverine??
  12. Could be a long while. He only had his Operation today :-(
  13. Yeah, I thought we might snatch a draw at one point. When Gilmore missed the kick for Thompson's try though I thought we'd lost our chance. Not a bad effort considering we only had 1 fit sub for the 2nd half. Yet more injurys for a few weeks now...... I honestly can't recall a season so bad as this one for injury!!
  14. Who will be the bottom 4 after 23 matches?

    Widnes were in a false position last year which has certainly done them no favours this year. They wouldn't have been in the qualifiers though, even if Salford hadn't have had a points deduction. Widnes, Leigh, Huddersfield and either Wakefield or Catalan. Saints and Warrington seem to be turning things around. I'm sure we'll all have a clearer picture after the silly extra fixture at Magic.
  15. Barla cup

    In other news, it's the WARLA plate and challenge cup finals today in a double header starting with the Plate at 12 and the Challenge Cup at 2. Huddersfield St Joes v Hunslet Warriers 12pm Stunningly v Wigan St Pats 2pm Big Fellas Stadium, Featherstone.