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  1. I'm over the moon with that draw That was the round I was most nervous about not being able to make in my attempt to follow the cup from 1st to last round. A local(ish) tie was crucial, and I've got a nice little 45 mile trip to Leigh ? I was dreading the Army away at Shots ?
  2. I've just read about this lad on fb funnily enough. Hasn't Nigel Jones offered to Ref a charity match for him? Fantastic gesture.
  3. So for the past few years I've tried to follow the cup from start to finish (you know, start at a game and follow the winner to the next and so on.....) but there has always been something in the way when the cup dates are announced - a family wedding one year, a holiday another etc. This year (so far) nothing! So I'm determined to do it*. So where to start? Shall I pick a draw at random from a hat? Or start with the closest geographically....? (I'm in a non-heartlands area) Any 1st round ties that stand out as potential crackers......? Any help/ideas gratefully received ? *an away tie in Catalan would be out of my price range so my journey would end there ?
  4. Didn't Swinton finish 4th in 06 when they made the final, after a golden point semi-final win against Celtic?
  5. ^^^^ What he said. The original play is superior to the film, and fantastic fun to be in to! Its one of the few plays genuinly I wish I hadn't grown too old to be in But I hope thats not the ball they are using in the production.......!
  6. Sorry for being dumb (and for going back on topic ) but if Wigan can't play friday because of the turnaround how is playing sunday possible? Is that not 24 hours as well??
  7. Why no points next to Crusdaers and Catalans?
  8. Half a team or 3 players.........? Still lets not let facts get in the way, ey! And your second paragraph seems a contradiction to me, if widnes have no need to bother this season then surley they WOULDN'T bother with loan plays to cover their (rater long) injury list rather than the fact that they are...... And why doesn't it make for good sport? Surley competative games = good sport!
  9. Widnes currently have 3 loan players as previously stated. 2 of those have been aquired in the last 2 weeks to cover our injury crisis. Paul Cullen stated on local radio that on sunday he had 12 first team players sat in the stands with injuries - and 2 others went off during the game (Yates and Ford). This has been the situation since pretty much the first match of the season, so we HAVE remained competative without borrowing, and have done so with home grown players from our youth system. Loaning in players when they become available is a good idea and will benifit the young players as the pressure of having to perform to such a high standard week in week out at such a young age cannot be good for their long term development.
  10. Don't think you'll find many Widnes fans who were happy with the change of date either...... and as for the other fan - the silly buggers were in the wrong bar!! I wasn't at the match due to a family 'do', but looking at the highlights I can see why you are upset over the kick off incident - it looks to me to go straight out. There isn't a clear view of the disallowed try but the tj was right there at the time so you have to assume its the correct dicission. Haggerty was lucky not to walk, and I wont be supprissed if there is a lengthy ban, but whoever tackled Thacks (No. 3??) needs to work on their tequnique before he injurs himself!! It looks to be a clear headbutt into the chest to me..... Also I'm a bit dubious about the comment from a poster about them calling Ritchie a cheat..... I can only assume Dave Allen wasn't joining in...............
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