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  1. So after 8 minutes on hold to a premium rate number I was disconnected!! Actually not very happy right now.
  2. Awful Widnes performance. Bizarre reffing at times, incredibly inconsistent but (despite what some fans in the ground thought) that's not why Widnes lost. Early in the 1st half when Inu broke through on a free play and didn't pass outside to Marsh for a walk in was the moment I realised what type of game it would be. Pass and it's 4-6 ktc - game on! Shocking tackle from Albert, I'm not surprised McGillvary was filthy after it. 3 matches I reckon. I was also less than impressed some fans clapped him off, I hate stuff like that. Oh well, on to Wakey......
  3. I do think it's daft that they are playing each other again after 3 weeks. I know technically that was round 12 but still....
  4. Good to see that normal service has been resumed and Widnes are still capable of total collapses in the 2nd half - I was starting to worry
  5. Today's teams brought to you in association with Picow Engineering: Widnes - Hanbury, Marsh, Inu, Whitley, Ashall-Bott, Mellor, Gilmore, J.Chapelhow, Heremaia, Cahill, Dean, Wilde, Houston. Subs - D.Walker, Burke, Craven, Olbison. Warrington - Ratchford, Lineham, Goodwin, Atkins, Russell, Brown, Patton, Hill, Clark, Cooper, Currie, Hughes, Westwood. Subs - Crosby, Smith, Murdoch-Masila, Philbin.
  6. Can't see past a wire win. I don't think they are poor enough to loose 3 in a row. And their team looks a lot stronger than ours I'm afraid.
  7. Shocking from Bird there. Playing for the penalty and now cost his team possesion.
  8. It worked perfectly last week so they must have decided to stick with it. I think mixing it up would have made it harder to defend against though. It must have been pretty easy for Cas to predict by the 4th one......
  9. He managed to play for 20 minutes with a broken arm - even scoring a try in the process! And at least Widnes have waitines for the season to start this year before the long injuries kick in.... http://www.runcornandwidnesworld.co.uk/sport/15922308.Ah_Van_touches_down_as_he_plays_for_20_minutes_with_a_broken_arm/?ref=fbpg
  10. I think it's going to be a long season for both teams. Widnes were dominant in the 1st and spent long periods in the Catalan half but couldn' get over the line - which was an issue they had last year - untill they had a 1 man advantage. There were some good signs, Mellor was excellent and showed flashes of brilliance at times despite being head hunted for most of the game. Wellington Albert already seems like a fan favourite but he needs to watch his offloads, a more switched on team would have picked them off. A good start though. And it needed to be looking at the next few games.....! I shall enjoy being 2nd while I can!
  11. News breaking on Twitter that PGN player and Widnes signing has passed away age 23. So sad Thoughts with his family at this time.
  12. I've been saying for years that one day I'll follow the cup from start to finish. Well I have just decided that this year is as good as any! I think I'l start at Thatto as it's the closest to home and go from there.
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