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  1. Love the Gruffallo! Room on the broom and Squash and a squeeze by the same author/illustrator where also popular when the girls were little. Teen I would say pretty much any John Green Everyone should read A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving.
  2. I was in the play a few years ago - very funny but very frustrating trying to explain to the director why it wasn't appropriate to sing Sweet Charity, or have RU shirts around the sets.... (There was more, believe me!) I got sick of hearing "but it's all Rugby, it won't matter"
  3. He must have been desperate to leave widnes then. Why leave a 2 year deal for 1....?
  4. It's the length of the contract rather than there being one that made me wonder.
  5. Thanks.
  6. If he's gone on a 3 year deal then I'm concerned about what message that sends to Dec Patton. We need to be developing our young half backs, not keep them on the sidelines season after season.
  7. What does he say? (I won't click on a link to that paper)
  8. I'm happy to admit bias here but no Hanbury.....? He's no slouch and I think the fact he was top/second in the Goldthorp medal table all season says something about his abilities.
  9. Could that be because he's on holiday with his family perhaps.....?
  10. The Warriors name has had its share of would be owners. Widnes wanted it first but we're told they couldn't because Whitehaven were having it. It was then taken off them and given to Wigan which didn't go down well with widnes fans at the time. The Vikings name was thought up by a school girl as part of a school project. The original project is on display at the Widnes museum - it's quite good.
  11. Yes, very much so. It's in an awful state and showing no signs of improving any time soon.
  12. It can be linked without cutting her out completely. "Ruan Simms, sister of Ashton, to become first professional womens player" or similar.
  13. Here you go: E Ihowā Atua, O ngā iwi mātou rā Āta whakarangona; Me aroha noa Kia hua ko te pai; Kia tau tō atawhai; Manaakitia mai Aotearoa God of nations at thy feet In the bonds of love we meet Here our voices we entreat God Defend our free land Guard Pacific's triple star From the shafts of strife and war Make her praises heard afar God Defend New Zealand. (I have no shame in admitting I copy and pasted the Maori as it's far to hard for me to remember without listening to the music at the same time!)
  14. Well after being told repeatedly by the rfl that my tickets had been sent and would definitely be here by Sunday, I got a phone call today saying sorry they hadn't been after all but they promise to post them today
  15. Was wondering the same myself....