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  1. Don't know for sure, but word at the ground was it was for racist abuse of Bailey. Long ban if he said what people said he said......
  2. I enjoyed (is that the right word considering some of the stuff in it?!?) Tawera's book. I have Mike Gregorys book but I can't tell you anything about it - I've never been able to read it :-(
  3. Black Panther.....?
  4. Surely Warrington would have to be Wolverine??
  5. Could be a long while. He only had his Operation today :-(
  6. Yeah, I thought we might snatch a draw at one point. When Gilmore missed the kick for Thompson's try though I thought we'd lost our chance. Not a bad effort considering we only had 1 fit sub for the 2nd half. Yet more injurys for a few weeks now...... I honestly can't recall a season so bad as this one for injury!!
  7. Widnes were in a false position last year which has certainly done them no favours this year. They wouldn't have been in the qualifiers though, even if Salford hadn't have had a points deduction. Widnes, Leigh, Huddersfield and either Wakefield or Catalan. Saints and Warrington seem to be turning things around. I'm sure we'll all have a clearer picture after the silly extra fixture at Magic.
  8. In other news, it's the WARLA plate and challenge cup finals today in a double header starting with the Plate at 12 and the Challenge Cup at 2. Huddersfield St Joes v Hunslet Warriers 12pm Stunningly v Wigan St Pats 2pm Big Fellas Stadium, Featherstone.
  9. Why is it being played on a Wednesday? (Sorry if this has already been covered elswhere)
  10. M62 eastbound closed at j25. Long delays building up already.
  11. I hope they are employing someone new then! The girls game was really strong a few years ago with increased participation year on year untill the RFL decided to change the format - hopefully it can get back to that again.
  12. Of course. You're right. I was getting mixed up with the 12 teams by 2021. But my point still stands, if they don't invest in the 12s 14s and 16s the players won't be there to expand. And what's the RFLs plan for the 3 teams that don't make the cut into the 8 team SL? Play each other every other week if they can raise a team....?
  13. Where are the newcomers coming from? There are hardly any U16s teams, especially in the North West (I think there are currently only 2). There are 11 Open age teams at the moment and games are often cancelled due to teams not being able to raise a team. Where do the RFL think the players are suddenly going to appear from for an extra team to make up a 12 team league? There has been no investment or interest in the girls game for years from the RFL and this is where they need to start from to ensure the success of the women's game.
  14. Where are the players going to come from? Under open age the girls game is so poorly organised that so many teams have folded and players lost to the game. The growth needs to come from the younger age groups to be sustainable.
  15. And yet every season the same CEO goes to great lengths to let the fans know they have spent no where near the cap....