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  1. One of the best sporting documentaries I've ever seen. It was heartening to see the contribution of Welsh RL players to the Greatest Game, World Cup and Ashes winning sides being recognised, however, it saddened me that Clive Sullivan and his 1972 Rugby World Cup winning side were totally ignored during the SPOTY awards. The BBC should make amends by giving Clive Sullivan a posthumous award this year and previewing the 2019 GB Lions Tour.
  2. BringbackGB

    Zak Hardaker suspended for positive drugs test

    The selfish p***k. Cas and England rugby league fans deserve better. In retrospect Cas should've employed a minder to keep an eye on him. You wouldn't allow your infant child outside unsupervised.
  3. Brilliant game (final result apart!) and good to hear Karl Harrison on Radio Cumbria. Sky missed out on broadcasting a belter. PS: Thanks Bearman
  4. Family work commitments prevent me attending, great shame that Sky can't show the game with the rest of the Summer Bash fixtures. Will try and follow the game via Cru twitter feed if games not on the radio.
  5. RFL need to tighten up the rules, they should set the fixtures not the clubs. Having said that, don't blame Saints or Huddersfield for avoiding the Bank Holiday fixture having played tonight.
  6. BringbackGB

    Most Entertaining Team in British Sport

    Got to say they're brilliant to watch, apart from when my own team is being taken apart.
  7. BringbackGB

    Premier Sports Offer

    Thanks Derwent, couldn't afford the airfare to PNG, this is the next best thing. Best £25 I've spent this year.
  8. Y You'll have to forgive my enthusiasm for the shirt, I'm just the same with any new shirt club or country that gets released. I didn't discover the greatest game until the early 90's, hence my excitement when any new shirt gets released. The sooner the new Lions shirt is released the better. I'd disagree with your second observation, the return of the Lions doesn't mean the absorption of Wales (or any of the other Home Nations for that matter) into a 'new' team. The Lions aren't a new team, they've been the senior representative team in Britain since 1908. That doesn't negate the importance of the national teams and I'll continue to support Wales, the greatest rugby playing nation on the planet. If you get the chance try and purchase a copy of The Struggle for Ashes II by Robert Gale which details the glorious history of the Lions battles against Australia. It should be compulsory reading for anythone posting on this thread!
  9. The RFL should be congratulated for listening to the fans and resurrecting the iconic GB Lions. I've been amazed at the positive response in news media across the UK; papers that wouldn't normally mention RL devoting column inches to the greatest game. The reaction of players and coaches has pleased me the most. Carl Ablett Yorkshire Evening Post 12 May 2017: THE RETURN of the Great Britain rugby league team is welcome news. As a kid growing up I used to watch GB’s Test matches and that’s the jersey I always dreamed of pulling on. Read more at: Daryl Powell also in the YEP: Enthused Daryl Powell has welcomed the return of Lions tours, insisting it is the “pinnacle” of rugby league.... Read more at: Liam Farrell in the Wigan Evening Post: The Liam Farrell Column: Great to know Lions’ roar will be heard again Read more at: Tony Smith in the Independent: Former Great Britain coach Tony Smith pleased to see the return of the Lions and Kangaroos tours Roll on 2019.
  10. Completely agree the Lions shouldn’t include ‘Heritage’ players in the Tour party. Hopefully the squad will include players from all the Home Nations. However, if the coach wants to pick 17 Englishmen I’ll support the decision as the boys on the field are representing Great Britain. PS: RFL please get the new GB & Irish Lions kit out asap as my 2007 kit seems to have shrunk!
  11. Bloody brilliant! Thank God the RFL have listened to the players, the fans and other stakeholders in the game and had the good sense to bring back Great Britain. As John and Greg would say "It doesn't get much better than this!"
  12. BringbackGB


    Given the behaviour of the Russian 'fans' it doesn't bode well for the World Cup in 2 years time. If there's no improvement in their conduct FIFA should seriously consider moving the World Cup to a country where foreigners, gay people or non-white people can enjoy the sporting spectacle without fearing for their safety.
  13. Cru v Keighley very entertaining game, best match I've seen for a while despite being on the wrong end of the scoreline in a game we could have won. I thought the ref was unduly lenient with regard to head high shots, not using that as an excuse though. Thanks to the large number of Keighley fans who made the journey across the M62, it helped create a great atmosphere at the Racecourse.
  14. Congratulations to Leeds on their victory and achieving an historic treble. What a fantastic game, the result in doubt until the last few seconds. I was hoping Wigan would have a North Queenslandesque comeback but it wasn’t to be. Thought McGuire knocked on but video refs made honest decision on the basis of what they saw; I can live with that. Leeds came from behind twice and their vastly superior kicking game was the crucial factor in the victory. If Wigan ever decide to recruit someone with a decent kicking game no one will beat them at OT. My only complaint, will someone please ban horns from the stadium bowl at OT.