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  1. Given the behaviour of the Russian 'fans' it doesn't bode well for the World Cup in 2 years time. If there's no improvement in their conduct FIFA should seriously consider moving the World Cup to a country where foreigners, gay people or non-white people can enjoy the sporting spectacle without fearing for their safety.
  2. Cru v Keighley very entertaining game, best match I've seen for a while despite being on the wrong end of the scoreline in a game we could have won. I thought the ref was unduly lenient with regard to head high shots, not using that as an excuse though. Thanks to the large number of Keighley fans who made the journey across the M62, it helped create a great atmosphere at the Racecourse.
  3. Congratulations to Leeds on their victory and achieving an historic treble. What a fantastic game, the result in doubt until the last few seconds. I was hoping Wigan would have a North Queenslandesque comeback but it wasn’t to be. Thought McGuire knocked on but video refs made honest decision on the basis of what they saw; I can live with that. Leeds came from behind twice and their vastly superior kicking game was the crucial factor in the victory. If Wigan ever decide to recruit someone with a decent kicking game no one will beat them at OT. My only complaint, will someone please ban horns from the stadium bowl at OT.
  4. That’s a mass brawl? Purrlease, my Mrs works with pre-school nursery children and there’s more violence in their spats than what’s on that video. Whilst we’re on the subject of ‘aggro’ at sporting events, there was trouble at the Etihad last night with people trying to jump the queue for the tram after the England v Uruguay RU game. Obviously that’s not going to be reported in the Telegraph. If the story does surface in the main stream media no doubt the blame will be apportioned on the Uruguay fans attending the game or Northern RL fans attending the game out of curiosity.
  5. Thanks Saintslass, thank God for Premier Sports. I'll miss the Sky preview tomorrow night as I'm stopping in Manchester for the GF. Hope Premier Sports preview the England v NZ Test series and the European Championship.
  6. Looking forward to reading Michael Shenton's thoughts tomorrow, should make interesting reading.
  7. Voted and shared it on fb. Fingers crossed.
  8. Pat Richards and Brian Bevan pre-SL.
  9. Brilliant promo, captures all that's good about the GG. Can't wait for the start of the season.
  10. Great Britain whitewashing the convicts 3-0 in their own back yard.
  11. Brilliant! Fingers crossed for the RWLC 2013 DVD in time for Christmas.
  12. James Graham is one of the best forwards in the world. It
  13. Tragic news. Deepest sympathy to all Terry
  14. 1. Wigan 2. Crusaders 3. South Wales Scorpions 4. Keighley
  15. Something wrong with my sky box, Shaun Lunt scored for Huddersfield and Paul Wellens didn