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  1. Ant

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    I didn't miss it What I did miss was the parity of advertising of events, news reporting of results and studio appearances of players that the BBC affords to pretty much any other sport it still covers. The BBC for example has 2 regular weekly shows covering the NFL, a sort not covered by the BBC and not even played professionally in the UK. compared to the one, wandering timeslot comparitor it gives the RL. Are we surprised then that it underperformed?
  2. Ant

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    Until the BBC realises it can have a wealth of top quality sports programming for a very competitive cost then RL is shackled to sky. While the BBC is run by the old school tie then they'll give us nothing.
  3. Ant

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    Which is the real failure of digital sports tv, and why major sports like NFL, NRL and others have their own streaming apps now
  4. Ant

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    I used to have Sky Sports, but can't justify it's cost for the little I'll watch it. A dedicated rugby channel will get my money
  5. Someone else noted earlier that maybe also the issue is Wembley isn't the jewel it used to be? Too many games and it just isn't special any more maybe? Maybe a switch to Cardiff (which I loved) would be good or even the Olympic Stadium would be good,especially as Wembley don't hold such a monopoly now
  6. As a side bar. One thing that shocked me when I looked at going to the Cup Final as a neutral this year was the obscene ticket pricing. If I'm going to a game I want a decent view of the action and to get that it would have cost a huge chunk of change, never mind getting there and having a day or weekend out. Maybe the RFL have their pricing structure set so most people just look and think no thanks, like I did? And I love cup final day.
  7. This is beyond a disgrace. On so many damn levels. Whoever made that decisions has made us looks truly like a Mickey mouse organisation run like Arkwrights shop
  8. I just decided he was a troll to be honest Daz
  9. Nah. Saints just use the Giants design from the 70s.
  10. Yeah. Change shirt at Wembley. Ok They played in a V through a good few years in the 70s, and the year they won the 3rd division was a V.
  11. It's a slide show
  12. Clearly you haven't got a clue. I'll see if I can dig out any old claret and gold V shirts if I have any still, the Hudds away kit was traditionally white with a claret and gold v and we've used similar in the past for a principle kit too. Also Anyway, the Giants home kit is fantastic.
  13. Ant

    Ikahifo and Wardle

    Wardle went downhill when he moved to 2nd row, of which the Giants have many. If he sheds weight and improves speed then he is a powerful centre. Not better than what we have though. And Seb might blow a bit but he changes games and carried our pack at times last season
  14. Ant

    Ikahifo and Wardle

    Absolutely mental deal on Hudds part, unless it's to free up a colossal amount of salary cap for some free agent superstar player
  15. If Mamo can keep fit he can be superb. Big IF. That said he was fit at the back end of last season and couldn't get into the side. Good luck to him, didn't have any luck with the Giants so I hope he can settle at Wire