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  1. I'll take that at half time
  2. Will Hull rest key players ahead of the cup final? Giants still missing some bodies of course but will be as strong as at any time this season otherwise, full of confidence and in winning ways I wouldn't be surprised if the giants win this weekend, and if other results go our way it would leave us just about in touch of the top 4, a minor miracle given our season
  3. The 8s aren't a playoff It's just another part of the season, that's why everyone keeps their points. The top 4 the have a playoff for the final and the tital. Cas have almost certainly earned themselves a home playoff spot and that's their reward
  4. So long as Gale doesn't vanish like last 4N Widdop if fit Then who has the best kicking game of Gale or Williams?
  5. Totally agree Some players are habitual offenders for it
  6. No chance...i'll send a letter saying to just get rid now and cut his losses though;) Fwiw though, Leigh looked far more capable than Widnes did last week and I think they'll be just about safe through the 8s.
  7. Margin of win doesn't matter I wouldn't even care if we'd lost so long as it's consistent reffing or even decisions that remotely make sense - I'm still puzzled as to why last night Brough steals a ball one on one and is penalised for a high shot for example But like week in an week out, all fans are infuriated by the disparity of officiating at the ruck and the offside
  8. He was absolutely abysmal Last week's was good if that helps, genuinely a good ref.
  9. Well in the end it was a tough ground out win against a spoiling Leigh side and a very inconsistent referee With Turner and Ridyard back next week we will have much more strike in attack..with Hull maybe looking at the CC this season could end quite well for us now
  10. Hard grinding half thanks to Leigh being allowed to spoil by a naive referee Leigh have threatens but the giants defence has been very good and very organised
  11. Isn't the rule now if he is dead and touches it he has made it dead so a drop out (unless it hasn't bounced) I remember McGillvary conceding a drop out by catching a ball that had bounced in goal while he was stood dead, but the ball hadn't landed dead yet - it's all to stop players shuttling the ball dead with one foot over the line
  12. I'd also say it should have been chalked off I also think Wigan should have been rewarded with a drop out when Ratchford shepherded the ball dead in goal too What IS the point of the VR?
  13. Id say wigans attack made wires defence look good
  14. Not sure on that If the giants win, we go 7th To retake 7th Wigan will need to beat Leeds at Headingly, very unlikely on last night's showing