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  1. Yeah Clearly pushing him back Saint Ablett wouldn't do anything naughty
  2. Danny Brough faces a ban for being eye gouged by Ablett ###### joke
  3. Nope The score entirely flatters Leeds, who deserved the win yes but by 2 points at best Giants still lacking fluidity in attack but slowly getting there, way better than last season
  4. Giants were unfortunate tonight A bounce of the ball and a double sin bin at exactly the wrong time undid the Giants Score very much flattered Leeds but hey ho just have to beat them at Headingly
  5. Jeez there some humourless types on this forum at times Giants to win by a score
  6. I suspect Leigh will run up a big score tonight
  7. I'll be right as well Applies to the Rhinos equally well
  8. If you're basing it on missed kicks, I hope Brough remembers how to take easy goals because he's been missing them for a year now
  9. Ferguson back for the Giants to add some beef to our back row, hopefully freeing Taai to go back to prop Big game this, Giants tend to rise to it though
  10. Oh it was said firmly tongue in cheek don't worry I do hope they can take the self confidence now they need to play at the level they are obviously capable of - or at least well enough to beat Leeds next week
  11. No that was 2012 He was off to Leeds in 2015 I think
  12. You're always safe with a pet ref on the park though
  14. Nah utter rubbish Denied already by the club and Brough Don't read the s*n is the lesson
  15. Absolutely a pleasant surprise Well done giants