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  1. Morgan Knowles.

    Doubtful given the disciplinary ignored a kick to the head (On report) and an gouge (penalised) by Warrington last Thursday
  2. See and I thought this was going to be about various pundits "team by team season previews" Which are also p*$$ poor and I'll informed
  3. Very pleased with the Giants performance really, we respected the ball and held our discipline well, the Wire try- although very well taken was against the run of play, the break made after Currie? Picked up a loose grubber and went 60m to set up the field position.
  4. From last night's game Ratchford was awful at fullback but dangerous at halfback Masilla was surprisingly easy to contain Brown was simply awful Rarely did I think the Giants were in trouble and even if Wire were making meters it was entirely contained.
  5. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    So far I'm being proved right that it's more your wishful thinking
  6. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Such as? And I hope they are unique to the two clubs and can't be applied to any other clubs in SL
  7. England Squad Named

    Yeah yeah Ferres was as good as any other England forward that series and "average" Cudjoe kept Inglis out of the game (and scored past him) and was one of England's top assist providers that tournament
  8. England Squad Named

    2013 Ferres was good though, as was Cudjoe
  9. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Konkrete's notion of "the Giants being next" is more wishful thinking than anything based on logic tbh. As for Salford, the move to the AJ Bell and the timing of their financial collapse seems to simply have further hamstrung them, combined with Koukash wasting a lot of money on the wrong players early on Good luck to them Though, they looked like they had seemingly turned stuff around on field at least
  10. England Squad Named

    Nope. It's definitly Sinfields fault.
  11. England Squad Named

    Which I blame on MacNamara picking all 4 Burgesses and not just the 2 good ones and 2 better English based props
  12. England Squad Named

    And Ratchford has shown up well at test level playing fullback before too. No complaints from me for his selection
  13. England Squad Named

    Nathan Brown when Eden played for Huddersfield Tbf what he said was "has the potential to be".
  14. England Squad Named

    Plays for the wrong club though...
  15. England Squad Named

    Yes Remember the 4n when McGillvary had to wait till the 3rd game to play, and proved instantly why he should have played from game 1? Look at his stats, the way he carries a ball, the number of penalties he wins.