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  1. Exactly, but we're in the post truth world now where facts and evidence are meaningless If only we had someone to make RL great again
  2. The article in question absolutely infuriated me It was a typical doomsayers whinge with no substance and no analysis done at all, and not even a consideration of the alternatives Lazy cheap populist rhetoric that cheapest any debate really. I remember when Richard Lewis was appointed, to much criticism from those same people now agreeing with this article - he did some fantastic things and took RL forward, but faced an upward battle against clubs and fans alike The RFL aren't perfect, but I'd say 75% of the problems of RL are down to the member clubs
  3. A board is beholden to shareholders in the real world (in theory) Who are the shareholders of the RFL, that is who can fire them?
  4. I suspect the new club might fare well with loan players I'm sure Huddersfield will have a couple to spare now ..
  5. Someone resigning with these grievances is ridiculous Whoever is responsible should be given the boot asap, if it's endemic then clear the whole mess out
  6. Fans, for the most part, only care about their club - as do chairmen Until the RFL has enough cash to bribe chairmen to sell ideas to fans we will see no change in the game The only way the RFL will get that cash is internationals Catch 22
  7. If I was in the position my employer was in administration with no sign of a new buyer or any hope of continued employment, I'd be out of there like a shot I've tried it the other way, staying loyal and keeping going in hope and it ends up with not being paid for weeks and losing all your benefits for a forlorn hope Anyone complaining that players have got new jobs needs to give themselves a slap
  8. @ exiled Wiganer Remind me how all those honourable clubs in SL didn't sign the giants best players on relegation? Giants were never exempt from relegation (only Catalan have had that honour, and Widnes?). You're confusing it with no other club being suitable to come up or accepting promotion. You also forget that in the first season in SL the giants were promoted late after PSG collapsed and got ZERO funding The giants at least tried to make the merger work, you're confusing the asset plunder by Hull on Gateshead with what happened in Huddersfield Gifted a ground? You don't have a clue do you
  9. They tried it, it was a disaster
  10. As a giants fan I'm genuinely looking forward to the new season. I know many look in with a superficial look and predict another bad season for us - and that may happen - but taking a much deeper look things are looking positive imo, short term and longer term I'd say other clubs would have more cause to be worried, but time will tell
  11. No Its bad for everyone's business
  12. Like many clubs they will be xyz company trading as Club Nickname Oh and the rugby league don't need any clubs, superleague doesn't need any clubs If that's the case why not just shut up shop and say here's 6 clubs that are bulletproof, the rest of you can lump it
  13. That's how Huddersfield were first promoted to SL after PSG went pop That's a recipe for disaster
  14. Exactly my thoughts Not gonna see top 4 this season but top 6 is doable and I've no doubt we will make top 8
  15. It depends how you count the ins and outs, and why I compare v last seasons starting squad It's lighter than I'd like, but that's the price for finishing in the middle 8s I don't think we need a centre or a prop, an alternate hooker would be nice but Ellis couldn't lay off the pies I'm feeling confident