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  1. Surely it was a crucial game, aren't they all at this stage? 7600 for a team looking to contest back to back grand finals and apparently the most entertaining team to watch in the world...shocking. Can't even blame it on a Thursday night. And less sarcastically Cas need to hit form and focus with just a couple of games left before the GF bottle show.
  2. What was the crowd for this crucial game for a team hoping to secure a home semi final against their biggest local rivals?
  3. Ant

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Meast hit the nail on the head, attendances are typically used to beat one or two clubs who are seen as easy marks - hey it used to be our away attendances so at least that's changed (given it was no worse than most other clubs) Do attendances matter- yes of course they do. Do the people that comment actually have any understanding of why numbers are like they are? Not in the slightest. Not so long ago in SL the giants were closing in on 8k average, not great but it was all upward movement. Since then it's crashed again, the real question is why. Poor performance is one, fans want to watch a winning team play well - I'm sure if Wire had our record of the last few seasons they'd be in a half empty ground too. Structure. The 888s are awful. This was predicted when they came in and had proven correct. Thursday night games. Financial issues. Let's make no mistake, for the last few years everyone is feeling the squeeze and money doesn't go as far. Going to a game isn't a cheap option, going to an away game is even less cheap. (Its been blatantly obvious that travelling fan numbers from all clubs have plummeted) I can only imagine the grief the giants would get if we had Wakefields crowds in their bomb site of a ground.
  4. That was the pie eaters. They make a similar tinny noise.
  5. Given there was no cow bell there last night, the comments about it show the trolls didn't watch the game in any way shape or form. Giants missing about 8 players, Wigan about 14. Awful weather, rookie ref, Tomkins waving for a penalty at LITERALLY every play. Thursday night dead rubber game. Decent crowd all told. I better the game looked worse on TV due to having to listen to sky commentary You want to improve RL 1000%? Sack the Sky commentary team. Perceptions of the game will improve immensely
  6. Always going to be a dour game given the awful rain. Genuinely random and sporadic refereeing didn't help either side. Giants had so many chances to score and didn't take them, I think with either of our first three choices of centre we might have taken some of them. A draw would have been fair
  7. If only he played for Wigan he would be a paragon of virtue
  8. Fairly so But Escare had run behind 3 players before he got hit. And why no penalty when Gaskell got punched in the face or Senior got knees in the ribs?
  9. Giants showed they missed a few big men mid field. Cas not missing Gale at all.
  10. Too much defence in the first half and that injury to Turner telling it's toll, plus Cas are quality in attack. I think we've got a couple of tough calls on knock ons but we were always long odds to win this one
  11. Senior on the wing has got lots of talent but lacks experience, and is outside another academy player He will be a star in years to come
  12. Then why did he wait till Mamo was 80m down field?
  13. So he got lucky. He wasn't sure or he'd have just called it
  14. Tongue in cheek I'd say it was 50 50 a loose carry