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  1. foozler

    Zak Hardaker (Merged Threads)

    Only reason he would get a custodial is if the bizzies found something else on or in his possession of a reasonable quantity. For what he has been charged, community service, a fine and a ban will be his lot. Question then is whether Shaun Edwards can be bothered with Hardaker. Part of me thinks that Edwards will be looking for a new full back, someone who isn't going to help get Wigan to finals but then not be available because of some complete idiocy. But then another part of me remembers that Edwards had plenty of experience at Wasps coaching another talented rugby player who has a capacity to go off the rails, and seemed to manage OK. I presume it will be Edwards' call.
  2. foozler

    Brian Barwick Alert

    £258k pa for Wood? WTF? That is outrageously ridiculous.
  3. foozler

    Wembley Crowd

    Having just seen the issues with the roads and railways over the bank holiday weekend, fair play to anyone from the North West who makes it to Wembley.
  4. Homesick probably.
  5. foozler

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Given that the recent Wales v SA international in Washington seemingly got just over 21k crowd, for a sport which is actualy pretty well established in the US, I would say that above 25k in Denver would be a quite amazing achievement for RL.
  6. foozler


    Thank you.
  7. foozler


    Can't see that there is a recent thread on this anywhere. According to the Rugby Paper from last Sunday, Eastmond has decided that he has had now enough of RU and is definitely looking to head back to RL now his contract with Wasps is up. I would imagine partly due to the fact that no-one else in the Premiership is interested in him, on the salary he would have been earning at Wasps. Warrington and Wigan are the clubs quoted as being of interest, although there was mention of the possiblitiy of him signing for Leeds on a dual code contract. Am I right in thinking that for cap purposes, only a part of his actual salary would count on a club's cap due to him crossing back?
  8. foozler

    I still want to play test football

    Indeed. The Holy Grail for RL photographers that.
  9. foozler

    I still want to play test football

    The most amazing thing in all this, is that picture of W Bennett laughing. Not something I thought I would ever see.
  10. I would have thought he could be waiting a long time to see Everton move into that new stadium, and he probably knows it. I think once how it is being funded becomes common knowledge at national level, there will be many questions asked about the appropriateness of using state funds to effectively subsidise a Premier League football club's capital development. Just because Joe thinks it a good idea, doesn't mean it is going to happen.
  11. That is the best post ever on this forum.
  12. Denver is a bit crackers for a one off game. Flight time from Sydney is almost 18 hours and crossing the Pacific date line is not a good journey for jet lag. Manchester to Denver is about 11.5 hours. Even with modern sport science you would expect such journeys to play an intense test match would have a negative affect on player performance at some point when back at their club so you can understand some clubs kicking off. England need to give France a game, and I am sure the Kiwis are looking to avenge their defeat by Tonga. Surely these are more realistic fixtures to play in the break?
  13. foozler

    2018 Series v NZ

    Plenty of good old fashioned RL moaning going on here. The RFL is damned whatever it does in this regard. Still at least they haven't booked a fixture at the Ricoh. It is great to know 12 months ahead when and where the fixtures are and to be able to plan which games to go to and get a group together. Sure a match in London would be good, but realistically there are only 2 options for it, Olympic and Wembley. It looks increasingly likely that Spurs could be playing Wembley again in 18/19 as their new stadium is behind schedule, and I imagine this far out that the second season option means nothing can be firmed up. And the Olympic stadium is a horrid stadium for rectangular sports (terrible Aussie expression but it works), having been there for the previous England v NZ match I would certainly not go again. Personally, I think it would have been interesting to take an international to St James' Park, build on the RL exposure from recent Magic events. The biggest concern anyone on these boards should have is what kind of shower turns up wearing the Kiwi jersey next year. The Kiwis seem to be going backwards at an alarming rate.
  14. foozler

    Our new position in the EU

    Many ordinary working men and women are far more savvy than many so called smarter people given them credit for and know what's what. Freedom of movement is no friend of the unskilled and semi-skilled UK born population, it has simply increased competition for jobs, kept pay down and increased demand on public services. Many ordinary working class people have already had the rotten end of the stick since the EU was enlarged, the Brexit vote was their chance to do something about it. My view is you really cannot have an open door migration policy for 300 million plus EU nationals, plus all the sons and daughters of Italian and Spanish migrants in South America who have the right to come and live and work in the EU/ UK. Migration into the UK should be controlled based on what the country needs, and can afford (in terms of what additional funding is needed for public services etc), even more so as we move towards the era of increasing robotisation of the workplace. On top of which Freedom of Movement is a real headache in terms of law enforcement, just look at what the European parliament said recently about objecting to the UK demanding the right to run criminal record checks on new migrants from the EU post Brexit.
  15. foozler

    Wigan sign Gabriel Hamlin

    And his mum is from Blackpool, so eligible for the England jumper if he's any good. Maybe that's the way to go beat the Aussies in the longer term, find good Aussie under 20's (cheap) with solid English blood lines and get them over in SL. Clubs benefit, so does the national side.