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  1. Total small-time thinking. Just how many fans does the RFL think Salford or London would take to Wembley in the event they got to the final? Here we are, new season starts at the end of the month, and the governing body has managed to generate this sh*t show. This surely has to be the start of the end for Rimmer and others at the RFL. Elstone and all the SL clubs should come out in support of Catalan and threaten to boycot the Challenge Cup this year if the Dragons are not in it because of this 500k clause. That would put the RFL on the back foot big time.
  2. foozler

    Catalans v Wigan in Barcelona?

    That sounds a truly great weekend.
  3. Look, Origin works because it is State against State, real rivalry. And properly meaningful. Compare that against whatever combined north west counties side you could put out against a Yorkshire side with 15k to watch and yes it would look pathetic in comparison. Especially when the concept has to be dropped after a couple of games because it is losing money the game does not have to lose. If you want a game to rival Origin, then it is the original Derby which should and could be taken on the road to showcase the sport. Take it to the Etihad one summer, challenge the two clubs to bring 15k fans each, and then sell another 20k tickets at sensible prices to rugby fans across the North West and into Yorkshire. 50k to watch Wigan v Saints in Manchester for a regular season game, sounds a fair but ambitious target.
  4. Forget Origin, you are never going to replicate the formula up here. Anything attempted will just look a pathetic and blatant copy. As for West v East, we already have such a concept, albeit South West and North East - of the Lump that is.
  5. I am sure the stats will tell a different story, but from where I was sat in front of the TV Myler was gash. Absolute gash. Should have moved Connor into the halves to replace Tomkins, and put Percival or Ratchford in the centre.
  6. Great Britain for a number of reasons has had its day IMO and should be left in the RL annals. FWIW, I would happily buy tickets tomorrow for all 3 games of an England v Australia Test series in 2019. And I am sure I could get quite a few friends and family along.
  7. foozler

    Zak Hardaker (Merged Threads)

    Only reason he would get a custodial is if the bizzies found something else on or in his possession of a reasonable quantity. For what he has been charged, community service, a fine and a ban will be his lot. Question then is whether Shaun Edwards can be bothered with Hardaker. Part of me thinks that Edwards will be looking for a new full back, someone who isn't going to help get Wigan to finals but then not be available because of some complete idiocy. But then another part of me remembers that Edwards had plenty of experience at Wasps coaching another talented rugby player who has a capacity to go off the rails, and seemed to manage OK. I presume it will be Edwards' call.
  8. foozler

    Brian Barwick Alert

    £258k pa for Wood? WTF? That is outrageously ridiculous.
  9. foozler

    Wembley Crowd

    Having just seen the issues with the roads and railways over the bank holiday weekend, fair play to anyone from the North West who makes it to Wembley.
  10. foozler

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Given that the recent Wales v SA international in Washington seemingly got just over 21k crowd, for a sport which is actualy pretty well established in the US, I would say that above 25k in Denver would be a quite amazing achievement for RL.
  11. foozler


    Thank you.
  12. foozler


    Can't see that there is a recent thread on this anywhere. According to the Rugby Paper from last Sunday, Eastmond has decided that he has had now enough of RU and is definitely looking to head back to RL now his contract with Wasps is up. I would imagine partly due to the fact that no-one else in the Premiership is interested in him, on the salary he would have been earning at Wasps. Warrington and Wigan are the clubs quoted as being of interest, although there was mention of the possiblitiy of him signing for Leeds on a dual code contract. Am I right in thinking that for cap purposes, only a part of his actual salary would count on a club's cap due to him crossing back?
  13. foozler

    I still want to play test football

    Indeed. The Holy Grail for RL photographers that.