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  1. People seem to be overlooking the fact that Tomkins isn't particularly good under the high ball, his preferred method of catching the ball being after it has bounced. That said I would still have him in the squad, along with Hardaker and Ratchford.
  2. Totally. Reminds me of when he was at Bath and he was sin binned for a no arm chop tackle and he just laughed at the absurdity of it as he walked off.
  3. Love the fact Sam asks the ref "what for?"
  4. So if Sale and Solomona were" quite willing to let the case run to trial, confident that they had done nothing wrong", how come they have settled now? Calling a huge dollops of Diamond BS on this one. What an unpleasant person. Best thing in all of this though is that Cas clearly don't miss Solomona. Not one bit.
  5. Can someone explain how non Tupe'd employees of the old liquidated business can have a case against the newly incorporated company which apparently has no connection? Also, doesn't the Insolvency Service take care of employee rights (Statutory Notice Pay and Redundancy Pay) where a company is insolvent? I know you don't necessarily get everything due.
  6. Definitely a step in the right direction. Seems like Eastmond might be able to return to RL after all, seeing that Superleague clubs can now afford to match his RU wages and only have 50% count against the cap. Whilst they were all in the same room, I'd like to think they had a review of the Cas v Solomona issue and had a look at the player contracts situation to do what is possible to avoid/ make it significantly harder for a player to do a Solomona in the future. Reading the RU trade press, seems they are quite keen to make use of the retirement get out clause if things go in Solomona and Sale's favour.
  7. Don't know the seriousness of the break, but this fellow fractured his leg not so long ago and will be playing rugby this weekend. Saint's clearly need to check whether Halewood International has a dairy farm in its portfolio!
  8. An extra in any Mitchell & Kenyon remakes.
  9. Oh I think winning the World Cup (and by necessity beating the 'Stralians at least once) would be much bigger news and have greater transformational possibility. Let's face it we won a "comp" 12 months ago and I'm not sure that did a great deal for the game. The question mark about winning the World Cup would be whether or not the RFL would be capable of building on such a legacy.
  10. Let's face it KC isn't the brightest button in the box. Yes it will be an inconvenience to lose a couple of players for a bit, but as others have said, they will in all probability develop more as players in 12 days with England than they would do in 12 days at Cowley with Cunningham watching over them. And who's to say Saints will lose any players anyway. England have to compete next October they really do for the long term future of the game, and the test doesn't come bigger than the opening game on October 27th. The Aussies will have had another Origin series by that time, there is no space mid-season for Bennett to get his charges together for nearly 2 weeks and you cannot seriously expect England to compete off the back of one international against Samoa. Bennett won't have had any time with the squad post the 4 Nations and he clearly needs the players in camp before the season starts so that they can work on issues identified in the 4 Nations and set the playing group their targets for the season ahead. England has to perform and win meaningful things, ie beat the Aussies, before too long otherwise, well let's just say I love RL but for it to have a viable long term future in England, and that means getting more money into the sport, the national side has to be top of the table in the structure. And winning competitions. Hopefully this will be short term inconvenience for long term gain for all the SL clubs.
  11. I am really not sure what 10 years behind means? Anyhow it's a bit ironic coming from a player who has publicly said how much he enjoyed playing over here. Rugby League in the UK is like Union in Australia, very much the poor relative of the stronger rugby code. That isn't going to change anytime soon so people should really forget about it and let's just get on with being the best we can be, in spite of the limitations. There are enough well run clubs in Superleague and enough quality England qualified players to be keeping the Kangaroos honest. And let's not forget that when we needed to beat Australia the other week, it was missed penalty kicks to touch by our NRL based hooker and stand off and 2 stupid cheap penalties from our NRL based captain which were momentum changers at key times in the game. Burgess was lucky to stay on the field with that punch too. Bennett was very clear, the ability is there, they just have to make changes starting with the captain who gives away cheap penalties at Souths and takes this into his England shirt. Although I will say he needs to coach his side how to defend at scrum time 10 metres out from the goal line, Watkins had kept Inglis pretty quiet all game so what on earth was he doing packing down in the second row leaving Widdop to defend the short side against Inglis. And the full back was at loose forward. Anyhow I digress. However, England's prime problem is that the national side simply does not play enough games. Without wanting to get this shunted to the x-code, Eddie Jones must look at Bennett and wet himself laughing. Bennett (or anyone else coaching the England RL side for that matter) has what, 4 games max in any given year to develop the England side. How do you get combinations working properly if they only get to meet up twice a year at most? England went about 11 months without playing a game, then had France (no disrespect meant) as a warm up before a winner effectively take all fixture against the Kiwis. Very difficult/ almost impossible to really make any meaningful progress when this is your fixture list. FWIW that Dutton bloke in charge of the 4 Nations needs shooting for his lack of organisation, England should have played Scotland first (get the win), Australia second (likely loss), and the Kiwis last - an easier game to have to win than Australia and the side has had 2 games to gel a bit. Eddie Jones has about 12 games a year to build a team with, on top of which he gets plenty of time with his squad at key points of the season, and it is clear to see he is building his squad in 2016 with the 2019 World Cup in mind. Absolute luxury. Meanwhile, all that currently stands between England and Australia in Melbourne next October is Samoa. Again, no disrespect to Samoa, but how do you build a team/ squad to win the World Cup with that kind of preparation. In the meantime the Aussie spine will play yet another Origin series. Bennett is a top coach but he ain't no Merlin. There has to be some movement on a regular European 4 Nations tournament with England, Scotland, Wales and France, to get the national side playing more minutes together. We've seen Scotland and France can both have a dig at England, and I'm sure a John Kear coached Wales would have a crack too. Sure maybe the winner would be a bit of a forgone conclusion for a season or two, but give it 5 years and there might be a few surprises, but crucially they would all be playing regular internationals and getting minutes together as teams. You won't increase the competitivity of international RL if countries don't play enough fixtures regularly. Obvious I know but so blindingly so.
  12. But surely under the old P&R system which is now quite some time ago, a club like Leigh would have spent several hundred thousand pounds to put together a squad strong enough to gain promotion, Leigh would have then in all likelihood had to recruit a near whole new squad to stand a chance of competing the following season in SL and staying up. Granted under the current system it might cost Leigh more in advance of the event, but if Leigh do go up they have been building for several years now and I presume their squad will remain pretty much the same in their first year of SL given that they have experience of playing at the higher level? So they have invested the money ahead of the event, sure the risk is it doesn't come off but that's life, no? Anyhow, it is an intriguing situation right now and that's what people were calling for. Plus the Super 8's isn't all about getting promotion, read this and see what John Kear has to say about the positive impact of the end of the season for Batley.
  13. Some people are right doomsters. Excellent appointment by the RFL, Sinfield is one of the best players of his generation, totally respected in the sport and widely so outside it. He has a national profile, is a serious, dedicated and intelligent individual who could have very probably found a lucrative role somewhere in English RU. For sure it is a role with plenty of challenges but he is up to it I am sure. The hardest bit for him on a daily basis given he still lives in the Oldham area will be remembering whether it is a turn left or turn right morning when he gets to the M62.
  14. Nothing has been won yet, in a long old season, but FC seem to be finally finding their feet as a top side in Superleague and I think it would be quite fitting if someone from the club were to win the Steve Prescott Man of Steel this year.