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  1. I don't think that is 'proof' of anything other than David Irving has made that statement.
  2. My uncle and his wife gave me Billy Bragg's Tooth and Nail for Christmas so I am just about to start listening to that.
  3. I am not sure exactly what you mean but I suppose it might depend on what his advice was?
  4. Although though he did appoint Keir Starmer!
  5. Indeed! The following quotes are taken from his Wikipedia page; Keir Starmer is the author and editor of several books about criminal law and human rights. Acting in several appeals to the Privy Council for defendants who had been sentenced to death in Caribbean countries, his legal submissions led to the abolition of the mandatory death penalty in those countries. He worked with lawyers in African countries towards the same end. In 2005 he persuaded the House of Lords that evidence obtained by torture should be inadmissible in court. In 2007 he represented two alleged terrorists in a case in the House of Lords in which he successfully challenged their control orders on human rightsgrounds. He has also acted in 15 other cases in the House of Lords since 1999, including two cases about the conduct of British soldiers in Iraq, and representing David Shayler in his appeal against conviction for breaching the Official Secrets Act 1989. He was a human rights advisor to the Northern Ireland Policing Board and the Association of Chief Police Officers.
  6. Is a Remain supporting, human rights lawyer the sort of person who is going to win Labour votes back in areas where they have moved away to other parties, stopped voting or who are at risk of voting UKIP? I thought we were being told it is now all about anti-establishment policies and a tiredness with political correctness ( BREXIT, Trump and Farage, etc.) I agree that Labour will probably not win the next election whoever is leader. I don't blame Corbyn for that. I do think that the people who organised the second leadership contest in 12 months certainly didn't help and showed poor judgement. My recollection of Neil Kinnock (or "the Welsh windbag" as he was typically called at the time by the tabloids) was that he lost two elections the second of which he should of won. I remember staying up for that election with my sister and my brother in law in their flat in Elephant and Castle and getting very depressed about Labour's long term chances of ever being re-elected after that. Leaving Iraq aside things turned out a lot better than I had feared that they ever would.
  7. He has an impressive cv. I think he went to Leeds University and perhaps Oxford later, after he got his degree though? What is his position on BREXIT? BTW John did you support Neil Kinnock at the time by any chance?
  8. You may be right but who as Labour leader do you think WOULD win the next general election?
  9. No . Have you watched the documentary though?
  10. Yes I am looking forward to the new season very much. The Broncos are in a far better place than they were 24 months ago. I recieved a telephone call on my mobile reminding me about the game on Saturday against the Army (which London won) so the marketing has improved from where it was some years ago. I hope we get promotion but stay at Trailfinders basically. I hope Toulouse and Toronto both do well too.
  11. I did not say that. Please look at the post but I was replying to. I would ask you to look at the BBC documentary on Mark Duggan though. It shows some of the problems in this area. Personally I hope that we never get to a situation like what exists in the USA.
  12. Not at all. As stated elsewhere the minimum sentence for possession of a gun is 5 years.
  13. Sure but in this country you are innocent until proved guilty. That means in court by a judge and jury. Capital punishment has been abolished in this country and quite rightly too.
  14. True but the BBC documentary about Mark Duggan is very interesting nevertheless.