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  1. Why not? I assume the 879 people mention is for their last match which was of course a dead match with very few away fans. If you seriously want to talk about attendances I think you should start by showing the attendances for the last 2/3 seasons and then we can discuss it from there? If London to go back into the super league they will get more than 879 people per match but they will probably not get more than they got the last time that they were in super league. Certainly at first anyway. After that it will depend on their performance on the pitch (as well as other things) just like any other club.
  2. Not original I know but I love Claude Monet. If you see his large paintings in the Tate modern up close you appreciate how good they are.
  3. Sorry mate I don't normally follow the Bradford threads certainly not as much as you obviously do! 😀
  4. In regard to London and I have to say that I have attended the post match celebrations a couple of times recently and on both occasions David Hughes has strongly given the impression that he is ready for London to get back into super league. No doubt he will prefer to stay at Trailfinders now as things seem to be going well however if is forced to move then I suppose he will have to consider that? Hammersmith Hill Hoists played the silverbacks before the match and I think that was a good move to allow the leading amateur clubs in London to play at trailfinders. I haven't heard so many Aussie accents at London games so much recently until today.
  5. I think the structures will change. But I think it might be more likely to be the season after next now? I think then they will expand the Super League and possibly bring back licensing and the main reason being to ensure that Toronto get in. However they must also be desperate to get Hull KR and Bradford back in. I'm not sure about the position as regards Toulouse? Personally I would like to see them in the super league.
  6. You have obviously never read the Daily Mail!
  7. Well the RFL would have to change the rules pretty quick to stop them going down now! I suppose the danger is they get relegated and find because of off the pitch difficulties they cannot get back up again.
  8. Comfortable win for London at Trailfinders. I think they will do better in the play-offs this year than they did last year.
  9. Very good match for the neutral.
  10. Is there a commentary / video feed somewhere?
  11. Toulouse Bradford Sheffield Hull KR London Rochdale