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  1. I see what you mean. If the economy is dependent on these people and they then have to leave and the economy takes a dive then it will be in many cases the UKIP voters who will suffer. I have a old friend who has moved down to the south coast and has got progressively more right wing. He seems to be to the right of UKIP now. He lived in London but he seems to have taken for granted the benefits of his parents council house, free education, free NHS, etc. The kind of people that make up the UKIP leadership would never have campaigned for these things to be introduced in the first place. It is only just over 100 years ago when there was a third world type slums in the East End of London.
  2. I am quite interested in the history of London. My grandmother came from the East End of London. The character of London has never stopped changing.
  3. I think UKIP and BNP are quite different actually. UKIP are right wing Tories that believe in the free market and are supported by by some very rich people. The BNP are basically national socialists.
  4. I agree. My experience is that for a lot of ukip voters it's all about immigration really or though they often try to disguise it. Most could not explain the financial or policy issues surrounding the UK being in the UK at all and start talking about straight bananas and fishing rights because they have seen it in the Mail/ Sun , etc..
  5. I think Lib Dems will also pick up a few votes at the expense of the Tories. They are the only significant Remain party outside Scotland. To me UKIP are going to be the big losers. It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.
  6. The Palestine Mandate was administrated by the United Kingdom from September 29, 1922 to November 29, 1947
  7. I find it impossible to understand issues like Northern Ireland or the Middle East without having some understanding of their history. Didn't the U.K. run Palestine before the the state of Israel was created? By the way if you disagree with or don't like Diane Abbott that is fair enough but is there any need to make a reference to her and Michael Jackson's skin colour in the same post?
  8. I think he believes in justice and equality for everybody and that includes Palestinians and also Catholics living in the north of Ireland.
  9. The same thing was said about him and the IRA. While that publicity was being put forward the British government was negotiating with the IRA behind the scenes and later invited Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams to 10 Downing Street. I expect they used the usual diplomatic language during the course of those meetings.
  10. I agree totally. Andy Burnham, who some on here have raved about was particularly poor here I think. Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader as a result of what had happened previously. Andy Burnham also has very strange eyebrows in this clip!
  11. Jeremy Corbyn has never said that he supports Hamas if that is who you mean. He does support the rights of the Palestinian people though but so do a lot of people.
  12. Quite a controversial record as a minister. Like Denis Healey someone who started as a communist supporter and then moved to the right of the Labour Party.
  13. He would have been the first British PM to have been divorced twice.
  14. On the contrary if the Tories win big then they can point to the election result as a vindication of their Brexit policy. The British people will then have truly spoken. In any case Labour are supporting Brexit. The person who will be blamed later in the history books is David Cameron surely ?
  15. Good news for everyone except possibly the Liberal Democrats I think for whom it is a bit early. Theresa May has shown herself to be a better and braver politician than Gordon Brown. Brexit is a certainty now I think Jeremy Corbyn may do slightly better than expected but he is hamstrung by the fact that he is so pro-BREXIT. I expect him to stand down after the election unless he does a lot better than predicted. Not sure where this puts the SNP? Or UKIP?