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  1. westlondonfan

    Sammut wins the day (again) Malta champs

    Amazing guy. I remember his first try at magic weekend for Celtic Crusaders I think it was. When he is on form he has been amazing for us.
  2. westlondonfan

    London in Superleague

    I only want a higher standard of rl from the Home team really!
  3. westlondonfan

    NZ v Australia

    Highlights available on YouTube. Great match. That Kiwi try on 69 minutes was great. I didn’t think much of the bunker though.
  4. Brilliant highlights. That kiwi try on 69 minutes was great. I didn’t think much of the bunker though.
  5. westlondonfan

    London in Superleague

    I am not party to the clubs finances but I would guess the rent and bills at Trailfinders are considerably lower than Barnet, The Stoop and Brentford we’re so maybe this time more money can be spent on players. Danny Ward was quoted last week as saying he thought London could get to the top of SL. If London could at least be a consistent top 4 or top 6 team I think things could really take off. There were six London/SE born and bred players in the team in Toronto I believe. I am optimistic that some of the lessons from London’s last period in the SL have been learnt . Moving to a brand new 20,000 seater stadium is at the bottom of my list of priorities for the Broncos.
  6. westlondonfan

    SL could increase to 14 teams in 2021

    They will want Toronto and Toulouse in sooner rather than later.
  7. westlondonfan

    London in Superleague

    I got an email from London Broncos yesterday inviting me to renew my season ticket. £99 again this year. What excellent value that is now we are in SL next year.
  8. westlondonfan

    Championship Club Attendances 2018

    I have just been on website. Plenty about the match on there?
  9. westlondonfan

    London in Superleague

    You can be a sports fan and care about the environment surely?
  10. westlondonfan

    Championship Club Attendances 2018

    Yes I agree about London but Toronto look much better funded and marketed than Celtic Crusaders ever did ( who should been supported by the sport as a whole in my view). I was at Skolars for Toronto v Fax and there were definitely a lot of Canadians in the crowd. It was a great night despite the rain.
  11. westlondonfan

    London in Superleague

    QPR are building a training ground on Windmill Lane aren’t they? It is a very big site.
  12. westlondonfan

    London in Superleague

    It was an enjoyable afternoon. What’s a legacy?
  13. westlondonfan

    London in Superleague

    Agreed but might be worth taking a game or two down to southeast London? I went to Wigan v Catalan at Millwall and that was well organised and successful I thought? I thought Gillingham worked well too?
  14. westlondonfan

    Bring back the 4 Nations

    Southerner80 you are right. The thing is the fourth team had been competitive despite the predictions and the concept could have been increased gradually to five or even six countries. Just playing Australia and New Zealand is a backwards step in my view. I would rather England and let wales try to qualify.
  15. My wife listens to the Today program every morning and to me it is pro-remain, anti Corbyn , pro-Israel, anti-Trump but that is just me I guess.