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  1. He's been going over to Queensland during the summer since 2014. An incredibly driven young man. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/11002602.Herbie_hopes_to__fill_the_boots_of_rugby_hero_Sam/ http://www.pendletoday.co.uk/sport/more-sport/herbie-makes-dream-move-to-the-broncos-1-8382042
  2. Herbie Farnworth, Fullback, Brisbane Broncos. 17yrs old, already had a couple of games for u20s.
  3. Is Joe Burgess a bit thick ??? Off the BBC RL web page. "The lack of English success in this competition adds extra incentive. Even St Helens will be wanting us to win. We are all English and want to stick together. I can see at least 8 squad members who are not English..........is Joey aware ???
  4. Incredible talent this lad. Picked for Broncos u20s already. Hope he fulfills his promise. http://www.pendletoday.co.uk/sport/more-sport/herbie-makes-dream-move-to-the-broncos-1-8382042
  5. I can't wait to see Toronto this season and hope they succeed. Planning a trip next year hopefully. 'The first Trans-Atlanic sports team' though ??? I was a regular at Wembley for the London Monarchs Gridiron team and saw a few Trans- Atlantic teams...https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_WLAF_season.
  6. Good news. Looking forward to it. At a function at HAC on Thursday evening and back for the game on Friday. Can't wait.
  7. Do you think you should reserve judgement then ? Or make statements in your posts without knowing the facts?
  8. Seriously ??? You said in a previous post that he was unarmed ! Was he ? Yes, the firearm was found in the footwell. Maybe, just maybe it ended up there after he was shot. Maybe, he was reaching for it after being told to show his hands....maybe, I don't know. Are you seriously suggesting that an armed police officer should wait until a firearm is pointing at them before defending themselves. I don't know what happened but you seem pretty sure that, 1) He was unarmed...and 2) He wasn't threatening them with a firearm. Please clarify how you have come by this information.
  9. Unarmed ????? Confirmed in Coroner's Court....firearm found in passenger footwell. .
  10. Here's one for the future. Keep an eye out for this lad. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/11433365.East_Lancs_rugby_starlet_Herbie_is_a_huge_star_Down_Under/ http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/14459222.Herbie_Farnworth_has_a_stepping_stone_for_England_rugby_side/
  11. "More to it , than pulliing a bloody top over ur head and saying ur Scottish ... " Is this really what you think about the players who represent Scotland? You have no idea what their upbringing has been like. How they have embraced their heritage and how they feel about representing Scotland. It's not as simple as being born in one country or another. I live in England, my son was born in England, ask him how he 'feels'.......it's Welsh ! My grandsons will be made fully aware of their heritage.......who knows how they will 'feel' when they grow up. Who knows ? Hypothetically. If they are approached to play for England they may well jump at the chance.......if they aren't then Wales could be an option.......And I will definitely be supporting them 100% and if the rest of the squad are recruited having the same background, I couldn't care less.
  12. I was under the impression that some RL fans would love a return to winter rugby......the "traditionalists" (my inverted commas) will love it
  13. Game being played on the 50th Anniversary of the Aberfan disaster. Hope that there will be a fitting acknowledgement/tribute.
  14. I thought that there were some regional leagues. A quick Wikipedia search shows this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_and_Canadian_football_leagues