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  1. 2017 World Cup

    mmmmm if thats the rule then there would only be 3 teams playing in this WORLD CUP , England Aussie and NZ .....some World Cup that would be from memory these teams in the last WC did ok in Bristol attracting crowds bigger than those in the Heartland games ........
  2. yeh i agree it will only take the USA another 10 years and you will be outclassing the England team , its taken 125 years to get as far as we have
  3. except if you live in the UK ............
  4. not really NO.........all the people that are interested will find out, all potential new viewers and fans will miss it .......... dont suppose some RAH RAH , MASON has anything to do with this do they
  5. Dave woods

    me neither ........oh there hasnt been any
  6. Dave woods

    you ARE Talking RUGBY LEAGUE here what do you expect
  7. now we are getting somewhere ......... so you have to give em your details and register ..................This is what the BBC have done lately , you used to be able to log on BBC and watch game slike the Siddal v Toronto game earlier in the year, or listen to match commentaries, but ive noticed now that you have to be registered to get any video pictures or even on line commentaries it seems !!!!!!
  8. New York rugby league.

    unforetunately if you have a resteraunt that continues to serve ###### up to its customers, your business will go bust. A better run business will come along and take all your customers away from you , especially if you let them and dont put any kind of fight ............. if its a pub, a club, a coffee shop, a newsagents, a football club or even a RUGBY LEAGUE CLUB etc etc etc etc ......FACT
  9. Next season's format...

    "Ralph Rimmer" also says "England will win The 2017 World RL Cup
  10. The Facts

    Well Oldham have well and truely missed this boat now it seems
  11. The Facts

    The only way that anyone else on this planet apart from CH will EVER get any input or involvement in ORLFC is if they ; 1) someone has half a Million as Geoff said above 2) something happens to CH that forces him to sell 3) enough creditors take ORLFC to the court and have them wound up To be honest i cant see any of the above happening in the next 20 years , and suppose thats why 1,000 or so Oldhamers follow Wigan, Bradford, Leeds, Saints and even Salford etc etc etc or more like go shopping with their wives SO WE ARE STUCK WITH WHAT WE HAVE GOT
  12. Anthony Crolla Event

    My Congrats to Anthony Crolla on his victory on Saturday night , , , , if he reads this forum
  13. You mean Gayle the invisible man ........again
  14. yes .........22% off every sale add to that postal costs and its like 40% reduction