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  1. Hunslet

    ha ha ha ha correcting spelling errors will get Oldham RLFC far im sure .......... Or perhaps Oldhams next home game will be in ...........DARWEN
  2. Hunslet

    Charles ....ever heard of him ??? or do you want to go even further back in time ???
  3. Hunslet

    How far back should we go ??? Darwen ?? Oldham RLFC are where they are End Of. . . and theres NOTHING anyone can do about it except the one man ...........I should think he will be applying for The Pennie League for next season assuming the facilities are acceptable
  4. Hull KR

  5. Hull KR

    Any news on where the match is to be played or is it a last day announcement ???
  6. Onyango.

    I meant THIS club NOT THE CLUB i already know all THE CLUB stuff as was
  7. Onyango.

    anyone know the record for the oldest Oldham player ??? He was a fav of mine when he was here before and aslo my daughters fav
  8. Are these Kosha , sold from HULL

    mmmm nice profit for someone in HULL then .......pity an Oldham fan cant walk up the road and buy one ( unless they live in HULL that is
  9. Waterhead v St Annes

    oh that we could get the channel up the Saddleworth area
  10. Are these Kosha , sold from HULL

    Theres a whole Range of Oldham RLFC goodies on E-Bay . shirts, home and away various sizes, Scalfs, Hats , Polo Shirts ect etc etc
  11. is the list ready to post yet ?????
  12. Watersheddings Memories (book)

    Save the search criteria on E-Bay and then if its ever listed again you will get an e-mail off E-Bay telling you
  13. Watersheddings Memories (book)

    Just 2 days to go now ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,isnt it exciting ..............
  14. Sunday - Whitebank

    I do wonder why ??????????????
  15. Watersheddings Memories (book)

    Let us know how you get on Lofty . . . East Preston , so not far for you at all in fact, just down the road from Brighton in fact ......