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  1. hello Peter sent you an E Mail a week ago now did you get it ???
  2. Roughyedz

    French Scene

    I was hoping to see and read about this , but cant even fathom out whos in Elite1 never mind a list of whos in Elite 2 , as i dont speak french apart from wee-wee, Parlez Vous Francais and ouvre la porte, any list that could be provided would be gratefully received. Also anyone know whatever happened to the Cavalion team that played Salford at The Willows in the 60's was it u ?
  3. Roughyedz

    Crowds this season.

    I was one of a few thousand that bought shares when the old club was floated , all the lot went down the tubes about 4 weeks later. . . .
  4. Roughyedz

    Crowds this season.

    Oh dear , no wonder gates have fallen if you cant attend an Oldham match if ur illiterate ( that bars most people in Oldham now a days )
  5. Roughyedz

    Crowds this season.

    You just cant resist can ya Dave , you conctantly try to drive people AWAY, r u sure ur not Chris Hamilton using a non de plume, I never saw you on here when this forum first started ( 10 years was it ) , ??? will you still be around when it finishes i wonder ?
  6. Roughyedz

    Crowds this season.

    im sure i am reading the wrong forum here ..........Ive been slagged off for saying ALL the above .......
  7. Roughyedz

    Lack of signings

    Wow u av certainly brought the feelings of Vitriol out in this discussion .....AGAIN. . . havent you Tandle....... they will be calling you a Traitor next thing
  8. Roughyedz

    Workington Town

    you are so funny Dave i just fell off my chair and had to go to hospital . . . well im sure all the 274 loyalists will find you funny. . . unforetunately the missing 1,200 since Oldhams first game at Whitebank may not agree perhaps
  9. Roughyedz

    Workington Town

    Why oh why are getting so petty with your comments Dave ur getting just like the reast on heree trying to STOP people being interested or attending matches by insulting them, oh asnd i never spell check and im aleways pressing two keys at once that may be y u get eaxrta lettrs inserted ..... and it seems that now counts as being not worthy it seems
  10. Roughyedz

    Workington Town

    u can prove anything with stats after all the Newcastle attendances are up 400% if u look else where on this forum .
  11. Roughyedz

    Workington Town

    It never amazes me more that people take critisisum personally . . . . ive been to more Oldham games than you have had hot dinners ....... keep up this tirade of attacking people and there will be nobody left at all ??? pasthetic
  12. Roughyedz

    Workington Town

    Hello Richard Head , , please read carefully before replying , ive even given up coming on this site ( although its the only way to keep in touch with whats going on in Oldham RL wisd ) Please STOP assuming you know everything about EVERYBODY
  13. Roughyedz

    Workington Town

    Did I say im glad Oldham lost ........NO .......ur making things up ....Like CH eh . . . . As i said if u care to read ive been following Oldhasm RLFC for 45 years but there has to come a time when enough is enough ...ur driving another away as i see in the comment about Tandle . . . when you have watched Oldham for 45 years come back to me please. If you HAVE been watching Oldham for 45 years then i congratulate you for your persistance, but there comes a time in life when you just have to stop banging your head against the brick wall as the missing 2, 000 or so people over last 15 years will testify . . .
  14. Roughyedz


    To join all the other morons who call themselves fans,
  15. Roughyedz

    Workington Town

    Watch out Tandle you will get Badgered and Badgered until u never come back again talking like that