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  1. What sentance a Judge passes on anyone has nothing to do with the LAW its all about predjedice, all depends on which Masonic Lodge Daddy is in, Which Lodge The Judge is in, How much Money You or Daddy have , just look at Trump and all the situations where he's blatently assaulted women, no charge no case , "Its all about the money money money " as someone sang. Even Whinestein and Spacey have now been brought to book
  2. It's that time.......again! HMRC

    im under the impression, or was, that deductions are made from players, ( whoever an employer is ) and this pot of money is NEVER forwarded on to HMRC thats why the raids take place ........
  3. It's that time.......again! HMRC

    What P****** me off about all this is that i have no choice my tax is deducted at source even before i see the pay ...........i hate tax dodgers and cheaters
  4. Breeze hill school

    Yeh , like the Council have a spare 20 mil floating around doing nothing ..........not to mention the £100 hike in everyones council tax, thats for everyone in Oldham not just the 200 or so that go to matches
  5. Toronto Wolfpack Home Games

    u may get an answer if you posted on the Toronto Forum ( i think this has been well discussed elsewhere on Total RL Forum ??? somewhere or other )
  6. League 1 2018

    thats just about right for something the RL put out . . . . par for the course. . . . assuming your right of course that is ???
  7. 2018 Fixtures

    Only the 13 home games now then .............. and with all that travelling to away games, its going to be a very tight season both financially and on the pitch
  8. rugby league fairs and auction

    Spot on ..........Tell me about it ......... The ones run by Richard Bailey were great and i do know that it was his son with help of others that launched the above 2 do's ....... anyone on here actually go ???? I used to go to Richards when i had my own transport but sadly dont have that any more
  9. Home games

    Major Tennant ?????????? cant see that ????? you mean its been lieing dormant virtually until Wolfpack turned up ??? Dont think so somehow
  10. Whitebank/vestcare stadium.

    now now boys theres only 2 people responsible for the mess ; Jim Quinn and CH have together driven the club down this dead end road
  11. rugby league fairs and auction

    Thats a NO then ??????????????? see that the 1942 Final went straight on E Bay how much did it go for at the auction ? ...............but i think its like flogging a dead horse as i didnt even receive any acknoledgement for the bids i put in .......... ah well never mind, this world we live in now is for everyone with a car .............. so if you didnt go its just hard luck seems to be the story, not a very good way to attract new fans of the hobby really and certainly not a good way to maximise your price achieved at an auction in the future
  12. The Future of ORLFC

    sounds like the Samoan Rugby Union then ........although The Chaps from Twickers have agreed to Bank Roll them i see ... just like a true Mason would do
  13. The Future of ORLFC

    Not sure what this has to do with the future of ORLFC ???? maybe should have been posted in the " General RL Forum "
  14. Whitebank/vestcare stadium.

    They were probably after free drinks and a breakfast ( thats both the crims and Plod ) ............ Not a cat in Hells chance of catching anyone at all ...... Plod are just not bothered ........ I wonder just how much damage and theft has taken place in £ over last 15 years ??????? must be over £250,000 in total i would have thought ???