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  1. I was going to post this on a seperate heading but what the hey, I see by pics in Oldham Chron last week that Avro FC have done more to Whitebank Stadium in 17 weeks that Oldham RLFC have done to ANY Stadium in 17 years. . . and before theres any comment much of it seems to have been done with the help of "Sponsors Help". . . Just a fact
  2. all i get when i click on the link is a lot of football and other rubbish posts on facebook
  3. Don't want to sound critical but it's you that asked for help whilst giving no information whatsoever . . We are all still waiting for a clue as to what you have ? ? , my estimate for what you have so far after the 8 posts . A box and 150 programmes 15 quid the lot ( including the box ) and that's delivered by yourself to the buyer
  4. when i read all the above i though id gone onto the Oldham Forum ...........LOL ..... Im afraid that the whole of the UK management system is corrupt of any ideas whatsoever and all any senior management person is interested in is SELF SELF SELF
  5. true i remember as a kid when there was over 70 coaches of Oldham fans parked outside Odsal Stadium and 18,000 turned up for a drawn cup tie and then another 18,000 packed Sheddings for the replay
  6. No i wasnt ........LOL get me back it would have to be IN Oldham .....i went to the London game last season .....What a ball ache it was toi get there never mind the two hours to get home by public transport. Just look back in history , unless the disenfranchised speak up the chap in charge thinks that everything is honkey dorey, and everything just continues to spiral downwards, as it has done for last 17 years. . .
  7. you dont like facts ???? . . . . LOL .. .
  8. so would we all .....just paste the list on here for everyone to ponder ......
  9. Only plus is that there will be possibly 6 or 7 times as many people there as would have been the case in Stalyvegas, therefore more gate receipts for Oldham . . and as already said it is winable. as long as the team playes fior the full 80 mins unlike against Haydock whrn it was only the last 70 mins
  10. Hows about in OLDHAM ..... out of the 743 that turned up on Saturday over half must have been from Haydock
  11. Reminded me of the Leeds team of the early 1970's great Rugby Football However a word of warning to you 3 will get slagged off for any praise of Super Leage from the Norberts on the Oldham forum on here
  12. It wasn't on the red button . . Just on line
  13. Where are Siddal playing their match against Toronto ?
  14. Tracey WHO ?????? im afraid ive never heard of her, and so whatever she says will go unoticed by 99.9 % of the UK population. . . A big name is needed ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  15. There seems to more work done at Whitebank in last 8 weeks than in the previous 18 years. Its a no goer for most Oldham Rugby League fans who would only visit the place on a fine sunny day perhaps for a Challenge Cup match. Nobody seems to have mentioned the old Breeze Hill site. It did have a Large School, and leisure pitch behind it, so theres plenty of ground there with trees surrounding it on all 4 sides. Only drawback i could envisage is that there are 2 ( from what i saw the other day ) of those methane gas pipes sticking out of the ground, they have seen better days so perhaps are no longer in use, however if pupils have been sat on the top of the site for the last 50 yerars or so, is there any problem? After all it was the home of Salem Hornets at one time. Its overgrown now but the grass is not deep , only about 4 or 5 inches in fact. Parking may be a problem but there is plenty of land, maybe enough for a car park. Just food for thought