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  1. Anyone who follows RUGBY LEAGUE will know that Rangers have been playing out of The Etihad for last 2 or 3 years and also that Steve Molloy has been their coach for 2 or 3 years , so only thing actually new here is their application to join L1
  2. Ha ha ha yeh just like the Oldham club did with Watersheddings ..........
  3. Come on now and knock me down with your whippet this is RUGBY LEAGUE
  4. Am i missing something but i see catalan in the "Super League Forum" and Toronto already in "League One Forum" , BUT ...........cant see Tolouse anywhere for the life of me ?????????
  5. Hes raw but does seem keen on the game both attack and defence wise, if this is what the Serbs are like after only a few years then in another 20 or so they will give ENGLAND A GOOD BEATING IM SURE . . . however its too big a risk for Oldham on a zero budget but i wish him well in the game , its one for Catalan or Toulouse me thinks
  6. Couldnt be bothered to read it all ( mostly B******t ) ) but seems that the legal secretary somewhere along the line actually forgot to type the prawyer in the text ( a very serious crime indeed ) and all i can add is that the post apatheid regeime is learning very quickly in SA to feather its own LEGAL nest , money foir the soliciters lawyers, judges, etc etc etc , abnd they are the only ones that come out of it all MUCH RICHER than they went in and who foots the bill , just like this country its JOE PUBLIC
  7. Are you really Donald Trump Bearman ???????
  8. Well said that man , no moaning and groaning , just get on with it
  9. when i said playing in Oldham i didnt mean in a S*** Tip ............. At least at Sheddings there was a modicum of comfort ............
  10. LOl ........... Why is it do you think that the crowds are at the level they are even though the team has been relatively successful over last 2 or 3 years ?????????? People from Oldham want to see a team from Oldham Playing in Oldham, otherwise as several people have already said on here if you are travelling out of town you might as well go to Leeds or Wigan to name but two to watch a match ! ! !
  11. will this mean Oldham will be playing home matches in Blackpool, Ashton, Rochdale , Sale, Sedgely Park or A.N. Other Place when the Chairman falls foul of the Stalybridge Chairman ????
  12. I have a copy of the programme issued for the Hull Kingston Rovers v Widnes game played at Craven Park, Hull on Saturday 14th October 1950 it is in excellent condition with no rips, tears or writing at all. £4.00 plus postage , Pm me if interested at all
  13. I have a copy of the programme issued for the Halifax v St Helens game played at Thrum Hall, Halifax on Saturday 11th February 1950 it is in excellent condition with no rips, tears or writing at all. £4.00 plus postage , Pm me if interested at all
  14. I have the following programmes for sale , if interested in any just send me a pm, all are in unmarked & excellent condition unless stated ( just the one ) , Oldham v Rochdale Hornets Monday 16th April 1990 Bridlington Bulls v Bolton - Le - Moors Conf Shield Qtr Final Sat 16th Aug 2003 Great Britain U-24 v France - 14th November 1976 1969 Leigh V Swinton Rugby League Lancashire Cup Final ( Scores neatly noted ) 1990 London Rugby League Cup Final St Marys v South London Wanderers May 1989 London Rugby League Final London Colonials v South London Wanderers May 1971 Saddleworth Rangers v Hull BOCM Yorkshire RL Cup Qtr Final Sunday 28th Feb 1971 Wales v Australia Sunday 19th October 1975 1930's Ogden's Football Club Captain No 24 F. T. Adams - Batley Rugby League Club 1935 Ogden`s Football Caricatures No 47 J. Sherburn Keighley Rugby League Club 1935 Ogden's Football Caricatures No.34 D.M. Davies Huddesfield Rugby League 1936 Ogden's Football Club Captains No 49 W A Williams Salford Rugby League Club 1930's Ogden's Famous Rugby Players No 40 A. Murdison of Halifax Rugby Club
  15. Is this because they fear Toronto will pass them as Toronto go up a Division when Bradford are relegated at the end of next season ?????