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  1. The title says it all . . Like East Germany stopped all their peole having freedom of choice . . .Unforetunately the UNION still do in many areas of the UK and Australia, must admit it was only reading on the "Australia Wallabies Smallest Ever Crowd" forum that it was so bad in Australia
  2. I would NOT be happy at this if I was a Wigan fan ? ? Why oh why are Wigan and Hull promoting RUGBY LEAGUE in Australia . . besides to make money . . There are many more cities in Europe or Canada that would be better served with a Super League fixture ! ! ! Can't the Australian Rugby League promote their own game ? ? ?
  3. As an introduction to why Rugby League came about, may I suggest you get hold of a paper back book called "Rugby's Berlin Wall"
  4. Yes . . I'm a Yonner through and through I had a belly full of defeats in the early 1970's ( think they won 18 out of 80 Match's, and I saw every match ) I said to myself NEVER AGAIN . but still kept going along for next 35 years. I sold thousands upon thousands of lottery tickets in the Ray Hatton era that allowed the club to sign Ashton, Worrall, Flanagan, Foy and Goodway. What did that team win , just a 2nd Div Premiership. . .I feel I've put more than a lifetime of cash over ORLFC counter over nearly 60 years or so, . . . I think that I have a right to voice my opinions. . . . . As the missing 4,000 spectators already have done ! 1 !
  5. Looks like 7 losses then ? going off last few weeks . . Which farmer has CH asked if we can use his field for next year as I don't see any alternative ?
  6. Sounds much like Oldham to me . Lol . .
  7. Ok ........i see now its the other two that wind me up with their complete drivel
  8. Dont tell Man Of Kent , Parksider and John1 that , they seem to hate the game of RL apart from their own club ( no idea who John1 and Man Of Kent are supporting ? maybe Rah rah ?? its certainly NOT Rugby League )
  9. John1 , Parksider and Man of Kent read and digest .......
  10. you are a TRUE RUGBY LEAGUE MAN through and through , wishing decline on the very game you proport to LOVE .....what a joke you are with your Kent buddy and Parksider in your cloth caps and whippets ., Id love to see a picture of all three of you in your local park
  11. You would need GOOD eyesight to see ALL 4 Sides of the ground from that ONE camera angle for the entire match , but if you put your cloth cap on and send your whippet out he could tell you maybe ... do thery have cloth caps and whippets in KENT
  12. 7,247 there today , good perfprmance from Stags , Toronto will learn about the tackling part of Rugby League next season ..............
  13. The Championship got on TV Years ago did they ..................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I* must haver missed the 2 min clip
  14. to be honest i couldnt give a TOSS its at least a PENNY more than Hunslet , Swinton or Oldham have ever got .ha ha ha ha
  15. didnt bother FEV it seems