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  1. But then people would end up voting without taking part in the debate (at least nominally). Doesn't that completely remove the point of having the adversarial system we have?
  2. Another article from the European perspective http://www.voxeurop.eu/en/2017/uk-and-brexit-5121166
  3. Still don't think it would have change the headline numbers by much as UKIP were not much above 12% and most of those were conservative voters.
  4. This is an anecdote oft repeated, is there any actual evidence (I'm not doubting you, just curious to see how much etc)
  5. The figures were 65% of labour supporters voted remain.
  6. Come even most wiganers will say they prefer Escare at 1 this year. He did put in some excellent passes in the run up to 3 of the tries but bombed quite a few things too. I'd put money on him being in the halves next year when Leuluie retires.
  7. Could be. I think labours job is to force a GE before May is replaced. Especially now Murdoch has turned against her.
  8. I have started to wonder if May will try and cling on 2 years, and when we fall out of the EU resign saying something like "I was given a mandate and I have achieved it. I now leave the future to others in my party" that said I heard another rumour this morning that the torys were going to try and go for a September election to defeat the student vote.
  9. We genuinely didn't deserve to win that. We made some good tries but generally, in skills and discipline we were awful.
  10. Here's an interesting article about the European view of the British Conservative party. Viewers of a right wing, hard brexit nature please look away now http://dlvr.it/PMXLRN
  11. I currently like the Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo at about £7 from Tesco. Very drinkable.
  12. And interesting clip of James O'Brien on LBC say exactly why this SHOULD be politicised. http://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/politicising-grenfell-tower-fire-james-obrien/
  13. And yet the vicars daughter wasn't repeatedly and doggedly asked the same question, even though she had a worse voting record on LGBTQ rights.
  14. He's done ok without being particularly good. Personally I like him, as he used to be a councillor in leyland when I was young and I know he's a good guy. That said he's not exactly been a dynamic leader.
  15. I know, the amount of people who think AV was a proportional system is depressing.