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  1. I’d guess so, I’d expect Conservative grass roots will be very upset if he doesn’t make the last 2. So we can expect a hard boiled WTO brexit then as all he needs to do is sit on his hands to achieve that.
  2. Managed twice swimming this week and have replaced any biscuits/ sweets in my diet with nuts/seeds. Weight was not bad like I’d worried 98.4kg snow but steady progress. Let’s see how I do in the coming week when I’ve got a cub camp this weekend.
  3. I’m weighing in tomorrow. Bit nervous about this week. I’ve tried a few things on the food front I don’t think have worked.
  4. The Lib Dem twitter feed always used to have a good sense of humour. If it’s returned so much the better.
  5. Tbh I’m still not sure whether labour want it or not. Its interesting that the dedicated pro remain parties add up to nearly the same as the brexit party.
  6. Well he can’t have much less acumen than the current govt.
  7. There is a difference between companies like Oliver’s and, say British steel. There are hundreds of different restaurant chains but there are few manufacturing businesses in the UK. So no, they shouldn’t rescue Oliver’s restaurants, but the should rescue British Steel.
  8. Since I’ve finished most series we’ve started watching Into The Badlands, the Mad Max, Crouching Tiger crossover you never dreamed you might enjoy. Its quite fun.
  9. As much as I’m normally a Lib Dem go with your conscience, win or lose it can’t be interpreted by Corbyn or may as a vote to get on with brexit.
  10. Her pitch is interesting if for no other reason than it ‘seems’ that she’s still trying to be all things to all people. Labour would best be advised not to back it considering a new PM would probably ignore it.
  11. An interesting view of Brexit is how our authority amongst the world community and UN has waned since the referendum result. The Chagos islands dispute is a good example of this. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/21/chagos-islands-un-expected-to-call-for-end-of-british-control?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other The article also notes “growing resentment of the UK’s permanent position on the security council”. While clearly the whole Chagos matter is a throw back to our colonialist days we haven’t handled it well.
  12. Ok the big bits that seemed odd to me were Arya staring for 5 mins at the end of the previous episode at a white horse, at the time I wondered if this might signify her becoming lady Death or something like that, but no it had no baring on anything. Also what is the point of the nightswatch. I mean the white walkers are gone and there’s a honking big hole in the wall which can’t be fixed. There were plenty of others but those really stuck in my mind.
  13. There were lots of holes there at the end, I’m not sure if we’ve left the spoiler free zone yet so won’t go in to it yet, but overall it’s been brilliant tv.
  14. I’d disagree as most of it hasn’t been odd. They’ve built the world very well, but there were a lot of things that didn’t really stack up in the ending.
  15. I heard they were trying to arrange a govt loan today and if that falls through they’ll go in to administration tomorrow. Taking back control of how we go in to receivership!
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