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  1. As far as I can see the next few MCU movies are : Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 (May 5th) Spider-Man homecoming (7th July) Inhumans (1st Sept) Thor : Ragnarok (3rd Nov) Black Panther (16th Feb 2018) Avengers : Infintiy Wars (4th May 2018) so i'd imagine they're more likely the earlier ones on that. Unless it would be the Defenders on Netflix.
  2. Yeah I'd noticed they'd started project fear on that one.
  3. How have I never seen this before (MST or Reptilicus)
  4. Final score 21 -10 to Wigan. Impressive considering they were a man down. Good initiative on social media as well if the can sort out the buffering issues.
  5. Sorry I brought a little bit of sick up at the mention of windows ME
  6. I thought windows 10 was a huge improvement on 8 and 8.1
  7. I still don't get why they're pushing a German pagan god. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ä’ostre
  8. I can only see a Cas win here, and with the injuries a good one at that (without the injuries I'd still see a Cas win, just a much closer game) if if they do win, I expect Cas to win the league at a canter.
  9. Toppy, here's a quick question. In a similar situation do you think Wane would pick those junior players for Wigan?
  10. Seriously I don't see you as relegation contenders. It's a shame for Cunningham in some ways, as when Wane took over at Wigan he'd had a few years under Maguire who is an excellent coach, and he learned a lot. When Maguire left Wane definitely stamped his mark on the teams style, and no one can accuse him of simply inheriting a successful side. I feel that that last step is what Cunningham has missed, and it's a shame because he's such a legend for the club it would be a shame, even as a wiganer, to see his legend tarnished.
  11. You've got to give Cunningham more time! At least another 3 years I'd say.
  12. Also he never justified all his bravado about Kosovo, once it was pointed out as NATO not British. Hey ho it's nice to have the official Moscow opinion stated though.
  13. Yes but we both suspect political motives in his incorrect linking of the two.
  14. I'm ok for Scotland to go it's own way. Sad, but accepting. Youve brought up Kosovo again, wasn't it NATO that went in there not the UK?
  15. Why should this not even be a topic? The disintegration of the UK is a very important topic which should be discussed. Of of course the really interesting thing is that many of people saying Scotland shouldn't be allowed to stay are the ones saying we should leave the EU (except you... who seems to be a putinbot). Seeing their hypocrisy laid bare is worth the topic on its own.