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  1. Barring a few slips it's generally very good. In fact I'd like to see balance and impartiality rolled out further in the media. Wouldn't it be great if the guardian, mail et al were more balanced as well.
  2. Also I'd add those figures were from when the Lib Dems were holding the Conservatives back from damaging it.
  3. And yet it has been independently judged as the best health service in the world a couple of years ago.
  4. I disagree John. The BBC is about as balanced a news outlet as they come in the U.K. To compare it to the guardian is laughable. If you're on the right of politics everything not right wing looks left even if it centre. Equally if you're on the left it looks right wing. If only the guardian, mail, et al could have some standards of balance. (Note I'm not saying the same because that would never happen)
  5. Oddly enough, under Osbourn that may have happened. Post brexit austerity was relaxed and £60bn of extra quantitative easing was introduced. So instead of raising money for that by raising taxes as Osbourn would have, the government have borrowed the money instead. So it looks like really we're in a doubly bad position. It's kept the economy in growth for now though.
  6. Well that will please some people because it will probably mean interest rates going up... even though the trigger for this is rising prices and not people having spare cash.
  7. It's a true saying, that in troubled times the left falls apart and the right falls in line.
  8. My point exactly. When you merge two entities its hard to tell which bit comes from where. Also the situation was different. My gut feeling is that whatever the case you'd hate or feel betrayed by the lib dems. One small question for you, which of course you not have to answer. Did you vote lib dem in protest in the 2010 GE believing that they would only do a deal with labour, inspite of the labour leaning press saying vote Clegg get Cameron, and the conservative leaning press saying vote Clegg get Brown?
  9. ;-) just don't call me Shirley. The lib dems were only formed in 1988 way after the Callaghan negotiations. I'm curious to know why you think a party that didn't exist (and was in fact two different parties at the time) would have the same policy then as now?
  10. Blooming heck your having to go a long way back for that justification. Their policy has changed since then! Parties do change policy direction.
  11. I was calm not angry in what I was saying, and genuinely I'm not bothered who anyone voted for. However I do try and challenge people ignoring reason for their 'beliefs'. Im more annoyed by you calling me dear than anything Trojan said as that is childish name calling as opposed to opinion.
  12. Yep you don't need to do the math! Why listen to the vast pool of experts that disagree with you when you can blinker yourself to the one expert who supports your personal belief.
  13. There are some good vpn's I used to use ipvanish. But be warned some companies are wising up. Netflix now doesn't work through a vpn so it's possible others will employ the same technology.
  14. We'll have to agree to disagree on this. The lib dems did the right thing in negotiating with the largest party. Being advocates of full on coalition governments, as they've always been, it would have been folly for them to be in a supply and confidence relationship (where traditionally again the junior partners get kicked at the ballot box). Do the maths yourself, especially after the greens pulled out, look at the presidents with regards to how long 'rainbow coalitions' last. It wasn't viable. Imho, which you no doubt disagree with, this country is in a better position having had a coalition government, than it would have been with a 6 month 'rainbow coalition' and subsequent conservative majority.