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  1. If the players are. Contracted to other clubs then they can't. Without going through the correct channels.
  2. Then there's dexys come on Eileen with the obvious Come on oldham ta loo Ry ay. Particularly the slow beat hand clap speeding up leading to a frenzy.
  3. The inspirals, great oldham band, this is what its like.... This is what its like to be Oldham. This is what its like to be small. This is what its like when the RFL cares nothing at all. 😕 Edit. Sure we could come up with more positive inspirational lyrics.
  4. What!? So Wardy wasnt strong going forward? 😂
  5. That's why there shouldn't be a rush to allow a 'new' club instant access to the championship. However the RFL has one major objective: to protect its investment in odsal. To my mind there is now no RL club in Bradford. It is gone, it no longer exists. There's talk of any new club being allowed in the championship with a 12 point deficit. Some have pointed out that even with 12 points deducted last year they would have been clear from relegation. That final position was bought with money they didn't have and far more importantly they have left people unpaid and in debt. You may think that HMRC is not a real debt, but it is, it's money that could have paid for the care of the elderly. Yes I am angry!
  6. The irritating thing is Bradford were obviously over spending and achieved their league position artificially.If they had spent within their means what league position would they have ended up at? When the new oldham club was formed, we had to start in the third tier with no funding for the first year. All this nonsense about Rugby league needs a Bradford club really grates.
  7. I'm sure whitehaven asthe highest relegated club won't mind the inconvenience of promotion. However, if the powers that be allow the new club start from the championship then it should be with maximum points deduction and no central funding.
  8. When the old oldham club went bust, the new club had to start in the third tier and without central funding for the first year. Allowing a new club to keep the the championship place and possibly with full funding, including the money from being in the top 8 of the division just isn't right, even with a points deduction. That's my view.
  9. Just loved it when the hairnets beat Tolouse. So many 'pundits' and know-alls had it down as foregone conclusion. Saw a picture of the Tolouse coach with a face like a smacked @rs€.
  10. And the last competitive new years day match, 1/1/95. Workington at Sheddings. Won 20-10. Scott Ranson scored 3 tries, Mike Kuiti scored 1. Paul topping with 2 conversions.
  11. It was more than just the match. It was an annual ritual. Meet the the lads in oldham, usually the Hare and hounds, go to the mess house. Then make our way to the junction at the bottom of Ripponden Rd. Go to the club for one before the game. It was the banter with mates.
  12. 26/12/94 Salford away. Won 16-12. 26/12/93 Last home boxing day game V Salford. Lost 8-20. Miss those festive games.
  13. Must admit that when I watch old games I'm amazed at seeing contested scrums. No more contested than the infamous one when we played leigh at Sheddings in 82 or 83.
  14. It's the nature of things I'm afraid. You have winners and losers. In a league structure you'll have those at the top and those at the bottom. If there's a cash incentive to finish top then everyone will, and I mean everyone, will spend to finish top, on the assumption that they will recoup their outgoings by finishing high up the league.
  15. Agreed, same with us over at the Yeds. A 12-18 points deduction will do for me. Oh and a loss of the £450k they were due. Give them the same as the lower teams.