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  1. The irony is that the very first patch of grass that oldham first played on, before they moved to Watersheddings in 1889, is still there. It's now called the meadows sports centre.
  2. Losing 26-14 after 58 minutes. If it had been 60 minutes the result would have stood. However, if memory serves we, oldham, won the rematch.
  3. Yeah, we were poor. But a couple of bad bounces and a pass, intercepted, that shouldn't have been made along with the whoopsies. Doncaster played to the conditions, kept it tight and kicked. Wouldn't be oldham if we didn't balls up now and then.
  4. Leigh wouldn't want their players cup tied.
  5. Leigh are in this comp. Doubt if they'd want their players cup tied.
  6. Roughyed is the nickname of anyone from Oldham and so the rugby club became known, unofficially, as the Roughyeds. The problem is how do you promote/market a Roughyed? We were on BBC a few years back and the commentator said "Roughyeds, what a great name for a rugby club" . It is , but our mascot is a lion called Roary.
  7. Just read on sky that some bloke is now suing Wolverhampton wanderers for pinching their wolves logo from him. He apparently designed it in the 60's. Now't like Warrington's logo though.
  8. At home to Doncaster in next round.
  9. When I win the Euro millions and build New Sheddings, I'm going to have the John Holdsworth suite, complete with pictures of the man. It will be the best toilets in the RL. I'll invite you round to be the first to christen them. ?
  10. That season was one of the best in my lifetime. Ruined by Holdsworth. Newton and Allen were a fantastic 2nd row combo. Was there that day at Naughton park. Wasn't too well the day after at work ?
  11. As for Oldham v Widnes, I'd love us to pull off a shock. However if we lose by less than Rochdale did last week then most of us will regard that as a result. ?
  12. In the 80's and 90's Oldham had loads,of players who ended in Y. Burkey, Fordy, Roundy, Platty, Flanny, Hobbsy and Goodway. ?
  13. Tbh it depends on what the brief was. If they were to asked to adapt the current crest within a tight budget and timescale then there's not a lot they could do. But at least we can sing "3 owls on our shirt, challenge cup's still gleaming" ?
  14. Was talking about Bradford. Some people on this forum can be doom and gloom. So I was pointing out that you beat Bradford twice and now they're playing in a higher division.so all is not that bad.
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