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  1. Wasn't he so big they had to sew two shirts together?
  2. The circular 'phoenix' avatar that oldham 13 uses on Twitter has been used by someone, I assume the same person, on this site.
  3. Think you'll find you're in 8th now.
  4. We had more land. The houses at the top are built on the old training pitch.
  5. Fortunately all the other games went our way. Was watching the Rochdale score on BBC website and thought 'oh well' , left work and by the time I'd got home they'd blown it. I thought 'oh dear, what a shame' ☺
  6. If it belonged to the old club then, I would guess, it belongs to whoever has it now.
  7. Had to chuckle about the junior rfu team being our mascots. They initially wanted to know if we had a song they could learn and chant at the match!!! Give us T .... 😮
  8. "Get over the line, get över the line, come on kieron get over the ... yeeeeeeeaaaaaah " Classic commentary.
  9. So, this is how I'm reading this, you've been in bed for a few weeks. But you're not sure if it's because of a comfy fleece or the whisky you've been drinking.😂
  10. If, before the season started , we'd been offered a draw away at Rochdale, losing by only 2 points away at featherstone and by only 2 points to london , I'd have took that. Much closer than I would have predicted. Just a shame the dewsbury game was called off.
  11. Be like a home tie for oldham then, it being closer to oldham than bower fold.
  12. Oòooooòooooooooow!!. Who did you play and what league are they in DaveButt?
  13. Looks like our neighbours are focusing on the league and making sure that they are not going to be too tired come the end of the season 😊
  14. I remember when he made his debut for oldham, his dad was coach at the tme and the whole of Watersheddings chanted there's only two Tony Barrows. Really sad news. Condolences to his family. RIP.
  15. Really sad sad news. RIP.