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  1. Grey ones with whiplash aerials and racing trim?
  2. Hull winning at Wembley 😉
  3. Come on Parky, this thread about Toronto is 34 minutes old. You know you want to.
  4. Halifax seem to be making plenty of metres with their penalty kicks to touch. They must have made 40 metres in the last minute of the half and that wasn't the only one.
  5. Whatever actually happened with Gareth Hock and the Hull KR fans, one thing is certain - he should stay off twitter.
  6. Is that one of his posts from the Cross Code Forum?
  7. Absolutely fantastic album: All you kids that just sit and whine, you should have been there back in '79.
  8. Teenage guerillas on the tarmac, Fighting in the middle of the road, Supercharged FS1Es on the asphalt, The kids are coming in from the cold
  9. Codpiece would be good for Hull.
  10. Absolutely, and just looking for rhymes leads to monstrosities like this from Nicki Minaj: I think I met him in the sky, When I was a geisha, he was a samurai Somehow I understood him when he spoke Thai
  11. Superman is DC Comics not Marvel.
  12. I suspect that watching Houles' coaching would be a better bet than watching Frayssinous'.
  13. That's an excellent summary, and yes that kick from White was quite possibly the worst kick I have ever seen on a rugby field.
  14. Enjoyable game. Middle Eights for both teams I think.