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  1. Thanks for the comment; I'm guessing our formative years watching the wire are pretty similar. I definitely considered Bob Eccles - as you said he had an unbelievable try scoring record for anyone, not just a second row. Steve Hesford was a great kicker and a good defensive full back but, for me, is behind Derek Whitehead - who also didn't make my team. The others that you mention: Blocker - a great player for Balmain, but did he have anywhere near the impact for Warrington as Les Boyd or Kevin Tamati? Rick Thackray - I remember him having a really good game against Widnes on Good Friday in 1981 but he'd be well down my list. Harry Bath - would probably have been in my dad's team but I couldn't comment. A couple of others I considered were Paul Cullen and Mark Forster, both wonderful servants of the club.
  2. He had completely slipped my memory.
  3. I really liked Hicks, and would also consider Joel Monaghan, but I think it would have to be Dessie.
  4. One vote off a Superleague place? I thought they had to get to the middle eights next year and then either get in the top four or win the MPG.
  5. I was obviously too hurt by Paul Sculthorpe leaving for Saints to think of him earlier on, but Judas would have to be in my 17 so Ben Currie is out until he becomes an all time great.
  6. No need to apologise for picking so many 1970s players: that team, when on song, was wonderful to watch. Banner rather than Steve Nash?
  7. Waiting for a post about Rugby League pushing the envelope.
  8. From one basket case to another.
  9. Apart from Brian Bevan, I've seen all this team play for the wire. I've left out - from players who would walk into any team - Andrew Johns and Bob Fulton (not enough games) and Alex Murphy and Alfie Langer (past their best when at the club) 1. FB: Jonathan Davies, 2.WG: Brian Bevan, 3.CE: Martin Gleeson, 4.CE: Alan Bateman, 5.WG John Bevan, 6.SO, Lee Briers, 7.SH, Parry Gordon, 8. PR, Les Boyd, 9. HK, Kevin Ashcroft, 10. PR Kevin Tamati, 11. SR Ben Currie, 12.SR Mike Nicholas, 13. LF, Mike Gregory (c), 14. UB, Stefan Ratchford, 15. HK, Michael Monaghan, 16. PR, Adrian Morley, 17. PR, Chris Hill
  10. Meh. If I want to watch a race then Bolt, Blake, De Grasse and Gatlin would be better. I'm happy to see your selection on the rugby field.
  11. What's the general consensus on Josh Dugan at centre? IMO he is very good defensively and is a strong ball carrier, but I can barely remember him ever making a pass in the Origin series. I reckon his winger will get more tries from kicks than passes from Dugan. To try and answer the question: yes we can but I wouldn't put money on it.
  12. I think Troy Perkins lives in Coventry though.
  13. It's a surprise to see you criticising the ref in a Hudds fixture Ant.
  14. Fantastic tribute to Manu at today's game. Hopehe does well at Salford.
  15. He's also a Kiwi according to Parky.