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  1. Did we use Puma balls at one point as well?
  2. Ringo or predictive text for Agar? Ringo would probably do a better job.
  3. But re-named Danny Totally Wicked.
  4. Shaun Ryder claimed to have seen a spaceship over the Willows. I'm sure that he was completely clean at the time
  5. At the World Club Series match between Warrington and Brisbane, you would have thought a wire fan would be happy. I certainly was, but the bloke next to me spent the entire game shouting to Alfie Langer to get off the pitch. Nothing else was important to him at all.
  6. Me neither. The ref was in no position to judge and the touchie's position wasn't much better. The reaction of the fans from just over the dead ball line certainly suggested the ball was grounded.
  7. Richard Agar seems to be doing a good job at Leeds. Maybe he has got unfinished business at Hull.
  8. Come on, most predictions were for London to go down. I'm delighted that they are both - so far - confounding expectations. I've had a soft spot for Salford since the glamour team of the early 1970s.
  9. No love for Navarrete? He is surely better than Springer. France need to be playing against England at home.
  10. Either him or Prince Phillip. The give away will be when he starts mentioning any of Liverpool FC, the Ryder Cup or the French Union backline of the 1980s.
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