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  1. latchford albion

    11 Nov: Wales v Ireland KO 3pm (BBC Online)

    I was only joking, but LSV has been used as a neutral venue for WC qualification hasn't it? Didn't Russia play there a couple of years ago?
  2. latchford albion

    10 Nov: France v Scotland KO 5pm (BBC Online)

    Nice speed from Robertson for that try. Miloudi's defence not up to much on top of generally acting like a coq.
  3. latchford albion

    BBC Sports site - Rugby League.

    Tell him that you weren't gripped by the Ryder Cup.
  4. latchford albion


    More impressive that you must have seen a Huddersfield home goal.
  5. latchford albion


    You didn't know the MGM musicals?
  6. latchford albion


    I'm always up to shoehorn in a HMHB reference "The siege of Troy was long before my time"
  7. latchford albion

    George Burgess summoned

    Main stand block V?
  8. I think the sausage and mash question should be asked as standard in all Qand As, much as Smash Hits always asked pop stars what their favourite cheese was.
  9. latchford albion

    Zak Hardaker (Merged Threads)

    I just noticed in a list of notable people from Knottingley Professor Austin Tate, head of the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute at Edinburgh University. Do you reckon that he's got any going spare for Zak to use?
  10. latchford albion

    2 Refs in SL for 2019.

    It's a good job Widnes have been relegated or Chris Houston would have twice the opportunity.
  11. latchford albion

    Zak Hardaker (Merged Threads)

    Add a bit to the front cover: "SHAUN WANE Wigan's In My Blood", "ZAK HARDAKER More than 80 mg of alcohol is in 100 ml of my blood". Allegedly.
  12. latchford albion

    Widnes relegated

    In the late 70s and early 80s, all the lads I knew from Penketh were supporters of Widnes rather than Warrington. I suppose that isn't the case anymore.
  13. A pack containing Joule, Pascal and Coulomb would be impressive. Three units there
  14. latchford albion

    Tuivasa-Shek wins Dally M

    Probably when he opted for Tonga.