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  1. Warrington go top without playing a game.
  2. latchford albion

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Assuming that he does sign - and I really hope he's just playing for a better RU contract like Eastmond did - then I hope he would be on less money than Atkins.
  3. In talks with Warrington as a replacement for Atkins. Can't say that I'm thrilled at the prospect.
  4. latchford albion

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    He had a club in Warrington -Shane Fenton's Nightspot (or possibly Nitespot) in Mersey Street.
  5. So they should say to Enfield and Haringey Athletics Club, a club that is one of the the most prestigious in the country and that produces Olympic, World and Commonwealth medallists, that they have to give up one of their main training venues and at the same time remove all the community athletics facilities from the borough? That would create great publicity and really win the hearts and minds of the people of Haringey.
  6. latchford albion

    This Forums Members age

    Same age as you Allora. I went to my first game on 21st March 1971 - Warrington lost to Huddersfield.
  7. latchford albion

    Balls (Merged Threads)

    Aren't Steeden and Gilbert owned by the same company?
  8. latchford albion

    Confirmed: Wolfpack buy stake in Skolars

    My favourite part was when he said it excited him as an expansionist.
  9. latchford albion

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    Irony turned up to 11 there.
  10. latchford albion

    London Broncos Announcement

  11. latchford albion

    11 Nov: Wales v Ireland KO 3pm (BBC Online)

    I was only joking, but LSV has been used as a neutral venue for WC qualification hasn't it? Didn't Russia play there a couple of years ago?
  12. latchford albion

    10 Nov: France v Scotland KO 5pm (BBC Online)

    Nice speed from Robertson for that try. Miloudi's defence not up to much on top of generally acting like a coq.
  13. latchford albion

    BBC Sports site - Rugby League.

    Tell him that you weren't gripped by the Ryder Cup.
  14. latchford albion


    More impressive that you must have seen a Huddersfield home goal.