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  1. The Fall

    Parksider digs Repetition.
  2. Andy Burnham

    Paul. Is a lot. More, Staccato.
  3. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Think that was Cussons rather than Crosfields . We were never short of Persil in our house. Edit: Doh you're right DP it was Unilever.
  4. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    It's the club's nickname TWIG. Crosfields was a soap works - it became part of Unilever.
  5. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    My dad used to work at Crosfields. Come on the soap!
  6. Nicely done. Super Dooper League, millions wasted in London and Wales, and laughable. It only needed farce for a full house.
  7. Carcassonne v Limoux Streaming

  8. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    I'm a fan of Gelling's despite him playing for Wigan; it seems that you don't mind that he's an ex Rooster. He must be doing something right.
  9. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Chargers v Hills Hoists at the New River.
  10. The Fall

    50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong is a decent place to start: 2 and a half hours of songs from 1978 to 2003.
  11. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    Possibly. There is also a tale in Lee Briers's autobiography about smearing s hit in his roommates ear as he slept. Lads eh!
  12. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    Wasn't that Nate Myles?
  13. Northern & Pariochal

    Well two to be precise.
  14. Our League

    Why has step been written with a capital s? Why the multiple exclamation marks?