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  1. Whoooosh
  2. No need to be embarrassed, it's the best hour of television outside the season. There was a question earlier in this series or in the last when Keegan Hirst was the first name in the what links round.
  3. I've just been reading the Carol Midgley thread - how long before this goes the same way?
  4. So Fages has been forgiven. That's a sensible decision.
  5. I think it'll be Warrington's year. Don't know about the rest.
  6. Completely agree with this. The Aussies looked rudderless in the second half against Scotland when Friend was on the pitch. They have so many options in the halves: Thurston/Cronk, Thurston /Morgan, Maloney/Cronk etc, but have no real dummy half backup for Smith. I wondered whether targeting him in defence might reduce his attacking game, but then he made 72 tackles in the Grand Final so probably not.
  7. Lateral meniscus tear. Out until March.
  8. If we had seven tackle sets in Super League after a ball had been kicked dead or caught in the in goal area would that improve the quality of our kicking game?
  9. How many minutes was Zak on the field for in the play-offs? Chris Heighington played a lot of minutes in the play-offs but I wouldn't choose him over Sam Burgess who couldn't catch a ball in front of the line.
  10. One of my favourite players of the 70s. RIP Tommy.
  11. Definitely don't want to loose their shirts. Easier to grab hold of.
  12. I pretty much agree with the comments of those who posted and attended the games. Yes the matches weren't classics and the scheduling was poor, but I really enjoyed the occasion. As I got back to my seat before the second match, Dan Sarginson was chatting to the people in the row in front and ended up giving his tracksuit top to a young Cas fan. What other international sports have that sort of connection between fans and players?
  13. Cheers Hector, I've just got in to find them on the doormat.
  14. Has anyone who bought tickets via Skolars had theirs yet? Getting a bit worried.