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  1. And this week's lottery numbers are ...
  2. The Codebreakers BBC2 Wales documentary on now.

    It was interesting to hear Alex Murphy's views as a player considering the number of Welsh union players he signed as a coach for Warrington in the 1970s.
  3. The Codebreakers BBC2 Wales documentary on now.

    I don't completely agree. We get Mark Chapman to host our games while they get Inverdale. I know who has the most respect from the general sporting public.
  4. A belated thanks for running this comp again RLW. I think that the Storm are the safest bet but I don't think the Roosters will lose two in a row - at least not to the Doggies so I'll go with them. 42 points.
  5. Living dangerously - the Knights.
  6. Size of your wingers

    Rhys Evans nearly manages it here (from 2:15)
  7. Which, to be fair, Dave Woods pointed out in commentary. He read out a tweet from Swindon St George - was that from you?
  8. NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    Thanks for trying. Another thread gone to s hit.
  9. Dave Woods mentioned that contractually the BBC had to show a northern game. Does anyone know why?
  10. Well I enjoyed it. OK the result was never in doubt after the first 10 minutes but it was refreshing to see a game where a team was willing to throw the ball around in their own half, and that kick straight from the scrum that led to the second try was a perfect example of playing what was in front of you rather than just following a structure. Does anyone know why the Crosfields try was disallowed? Was it a forward pass or a problem with the grounding?
  11. Even men with steel hearts love to see a dog on the pitch.
  12. NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    Yes it'll be interesting to see how Kalyn Ponga goes or how Mitchell Pearce fits in. I don't think they'll be wooden spoonists. Nathan Ryan thinks they'll go well after his pre-season experience
  13. NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    I've got a soft spot for the Knights because: They stayed with the ARL rather than Superleague, Andrew Johns and Kurt Gidley give a Warrington connection, Their supporters still support them through the bad times, and I like their colours.
  14. The Fall

    RIP Mark.
  15. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Navarete playing twice in three days? He must be preparing for the Easter programme.