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  1. latchford albion

    Sandow back to Wire?

    You think Sandow's head is in the right place 30% of the time?
  2. latchford albion

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    I would have thought that living next to a takeaway was handy. Logan Swann used to have to drive to the Trawlerman chippy on Knutsford Road after games. It was probably cold by the time he got home.
  3. latchford albion

    House of York v House of Lancs June 23rd

    Some classy marketing here Thought that he was re-enacting the Ben Flower, Lance Hohaia incident at one point.
  4. Never rely on the Bulldogs. Only 2 points off but I'm not supporting Manly. Good luck Davo.
  5. latchford albion

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Adrian Mutu
  6. Bulldogs to win at Belmore. 44 points.
  7. latchford albion

    Whitehaven Belgrade

    Nicely done. Clap hands.
  8. latchford albion

    Sensation: Tonumaipea Walks Away

    It didn't do Jordan Rapana any harm.
  9. latchford albion

    Your England picks to play New Zealand in Denver

    There you go again using facts and stuff.
  10. latchford albion

    Your England picks to play New Zealand in Denver

    If I was going to clone one of that team it wouldn't be Stevie Ward.
  11. latchford albion

    State of Origin - MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!

    I'd love to see what Tom Johnstone could do at fullback.
  12. latchford albion

    New Young Halves

    Are you saying that Richardson, Williams or Patton would be playing in more intensive and better quality games in the Queensland or NSW Cups?
  13. latchford albion

    Auckland Tour 1987

    Nominative determinism at its best. We need one of the 20 odd or so English ones on this list to name their child Stan.
  14. latchford albion

    Jason Clark to Wire

    Trent Waterhouse, although he didn't rip up SL was a good servant for the wire. If Clark does a similar job I'll be happy. If he's another Roy Asotasi I'll be less so.