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  1. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    Not wanting to hijack the thread, but the comment I made was well within the context of the rest of what I was talking about and whilst you are free to disagree with it, explicitly calling someone out over a comment, when you so explicitly yourself identify on this forum with a political position is a bit rich. If you want to focus on what unites us...why vote Tory?!! Sorry couldn't resist that last one..ha ha..but I suggest that we agree to disagree.
  2. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    Ironic that you so publically associate yourself with a political party on a RL forum, but seem unhappy when people express a political opinion on said forum.
  3. David Mead to Catalans

    Even more interesting if Gigot is able to return. What's Romano like?
  4. 2018 Predictions

    Can't see the London Broncos staying in the mix this year as they've lost their coach and a few players.
  5. Amine Miloudi

    Hopefully he can join Cas and really develop under Powell. Not sure Springer has come on as much I'd expected given how much players have seemed to improve playing at Cas recently.
  6. Amine Miloudi

    What's he like as a player? How old?
  7. I'm hoping that Bennett knew all along that O'Loughlin was injured so the initial team was a bit of a red herring and Australia will have prepared to face a different gameplan than the one Bennett intends to play...hoping!
  8. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    I think the other points you make regarding Qatar are very valid, but I think this whole blockade thing has got as much to do with wider regional tensions with Iran. Saudi Arabia's links to ISIS and other jihadi movements are well documented. It's much more complicated than suggesting that Qatar are the bad guys and the House of Saud are the good guys...they aren't. Deciding whether to accept Qatar investment Is an interesting moral question. There's a lot wrong with Qatar, but equally there's a lot wrong with capitalism. Most wealth is accumulated off the back of exploitation of the workforce.
  9. I seen a couple of mentions on here that there are 'strong rumours' of a potential new TV deal from abroad - France/Canada/USA?? Does anyone know anything or have other people heard similar?
  10. Major town/city WC final meetups

    Anyone watching in Leicester?
  11. True, but I suppose I was starting from the position that if they want to go straight into the Championship and bypass League 1, which makes sense for a fully professional team, then they would offer League 1 clubs something for it. It sounds like they've got plenty of money, but if it's only financed initially for three years then it's in their interest to start as high as possible . I'm not sure what they would be spending ten million on for a team in League 1! As much as it might be great to have Super League teams from Toronto and New York, have we currently got enough players? The SL has been much more competitive since it's gone down to twelve. Having said that what about some of the players who played in the World Cup? I was very impressed that a team largely of amateurs from the States could even get onto the same park as some other international teams.
  12. If they want that promotion place and they've got all that money available why not make them pay for it, that way the League 1 clubs benefit.
  13. Wayne Bennett kicks off world cup final mind games

    That's probably the only thing that's giving me a glimmer of hope.
  14. Rangi Chase

    Cocaine can be very addictive and can make people behave very aggressively, but then the same can be said about alcohol. TBH, the fact that it's illegal doesn't in my book make it shameful and as someone has already said the genie is well and truly out of the's use is extremely widespread and that's realistically not going to change because for most people it is no more harmful than alcohol if consumed on a recreational basis. That being said, it's not appropriate for a professional athlete and I think there should be consequences although 2 years for a recreational drug seems completely disproportionate and unfair.
  15. I'm genuinely not sure what you mean by 'you don't supply the enemy with a ready made target'