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  1. President of Valencian government has a familir sounding there a family connection?
  2. Hi I'm looking to buy an old French Rugby League poster for my wall at home. Does anyone know where I could find any?
  3. Fellow sandgrounder myself mate. Live in Leicester now and Cov Bears season ticket holder. Give me a shout when the fixtures come out for next season.
  4. Are there any plans to do 'after school' clubs in primary schools? That seems a huge potential market?
  5. Can't see many decent ones which weren't written previously. I don't mind a bit of Buddy Holly. Regardless, being a hit song isn't really a good gauge of being decent. The charts are full of ###### and always have been. I stand by my argument that I think musicals are rubbish!
  6. I have long believed this. You combine generally ###### songs with acting in which people burst into song at a moment's notice (###### acting in other words) and the sum most certainly is not greater than it's parts. It's culture at it's worst. I hate them.
  7. Good luck fella i hope you can find a club in England/France to join
  8. Hull, Catalans, Widnes, Wakefield
  9. In individual sports we accept that sportspeople are doing what they do for themselves. Why are we so naive to not accept that for sportspeople who play team sports?
  10. Some people play so they can say they've played international sport, some because they are desperately proud of their country. Whatever the motivation , to suggest professional players should play 'at the highest level' for nothing is insulting, disrespectful and exploitative.
  11. Top sportsmen and women want to play at the top level, not all care that much whether they are representing their country and why should they? What counts is whether they give their all for the 'team' not whether they are bursting with patriotic pride.
  12. up until Sam moved down under I would argue he was the most exciting rugby player of either code in the northern hemisphere. I don't know whether he was the 'best' but that's far too subjective anyway. It probably was a bit daft to spend so much money on a transfer fee but then the Warriors don't really sound as though they are the most well run club in the NRL. If they got their act together surely they would be challenging most years. Spending mega bucks on one player when the culture of the club needs sorting out seems rather silly because injuries etc will always be a real possibility. It sounds as though Sam has had to adapt his game as a result of injuries, but is still a very good player. I wouldn't have him as a shoe in for the England side anymore though, up to him to prove he is better than Hardaker.
  13. At the risk of turning this thread into yet another "France' debate, i think we have to be realistic about who and what we can expect from expansion. If we look at most existing clubs they are not by and large in the large cities. I'm told most of Leeds support comes from southern towns like Morley etc.. don't know how true this is. Why then do we persist in the belief that we can spread the game far and wide when it's not really made significant inroads thus far? I support expansion clubs but we have to be realistic about what they are ever likely to achieve. I'm a season ticket holder at Cov, and they've had decent crowds but they're not realistically going to challenge Wasps; which was a real downer when they relocated. I've been a bit disappointed with the crowds at places like Hemel, and that isn't me slagging them off, but I'd hoped for far more as a fairly established club. Going into areas with no footprint of the game is fine and gives people the opportunity to play, but I'd question the value in having a league stuffed full of teams with little or no support. On the other hand we have an area of Southern France where the game is long established and as the Catalans have showed have the potential to make money and get the crowds in. It seems a no brainer to me especially when the domestic league in France will never be able to compete with Union's mega bucks, even other union clubs in Europe can't compete. As objectionable as Bernard Gausch may come across sometimes, the game in England was built on characters like that feeding their ego and status rivalry between relatively small towns back in the day. There is real potential to replicate that in southern France especially as their local authorities seem more inclined to support local teams. I'd add another league at some stage and look to have about ten (guess) French teams trying to work their way up the ladder, fairly in other words. Three or four top French teams would open up the potential for more sponsorship and better TV money as well as creating a fairly unique 'product' which doesn't really exist anywhere else. I'm not saying I don't think any expansion teams can't work in this country as I think there seems to be promising signs at places like Newcastle and I think potentially at North Wales which seems to get half decent crowds, but lets not pretend that we are going to have professional teams across the country because we are not. By all means give people the opportunity to play and pathways for them to progress, but at the semi professional/professional level focus on where our strength lies and that is the south of France.
  14. I've posted something on the League 1 expansion thread which I will repost here as it seems equally as valid here. At the risk of repeating myself, we need to include French teams within the English system. Yes there will be logistical and financial hurdles which we need to overcome, but it seems nonsensical that we are struggling to grow the game here and in France. The solution seems pretty obvious to me, acknowledging that things are never easy. There are several clubs in France which can pull in 1,2,3 thousand for at least for certain games, if not more! With the right support those clubs could be incredibly competitive in the national leagues and I reckon you would get at least one or two which could easily compete a la Catalans in Super League. By the way Hy Wyg, I love your posts.