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  1. slowdive

    Fouad Yaha to Union?

    Fair enough. On the subject of Houles, what is the impression of him in the game over there. From here it looks like he's doing a fantastic job.
  2. slowdive

    Fouad Yaha to Union?

    I'm guessing that you think Houles didn't get the best out of him? The limited stuff I've read seems to potray Houles very positively. What do you think about him as a coach?
  3. I think what is even more encouraging is the fact that there is beginning to be real competition for places. Escare/Miloudi at full back without even mentioning the guy who played for them in the WC.
  4. Growing up in Southport during the eighties I definitely identified with Merseyside rather than Lancs.
  5. slowdive

    Wales Rugby League Annual Report

    Fascinating reading..Developing the women's game is a must with the funding it would probably bring.
  7. slowdive

    League One's Future

    How can a club like Hemel survive with attendances like that?
  8. slowdive

    Catalans sign a NRL player

    I think he's exactly the sort of player the Catalans should be looking for...maybe Cornish falls into this catergory as well.
  9. slowdive

    Catalans sign a NRL player

    Is Sam Tomkins still meant to be signing?
  10. That seems a bit daft to me unless Guasch is using the time to source someone else. It seems fairly clear McNamara isn't working. A nightmare scenario would be if he won a couple of those games and was kept on.
  11. slowdive


    I think I'd be just as happy watching a local club game on a nice sunny day with a pint as I would watching the more serious stuff. On another note, I find the England players increasingly unlikeable. I don't know whether this is because of my age, but I don't find this with other sports I watch.
  12. slowdive


    I was thinking only yesterday that Test cricket is dying (so I'm not reacting in a knee jerk fashion to that scoreline) which is a shame as I much prefer the longer form of the game, but performances like that only accelerate the decline. As much as I like Test Cricket it's starting to get devalued as teams don't spend long enough acclimatising on tour and just seem to get rolled over very quickly. Games seem to routinely finish early. It's a real shame but I really don't see how test cricket has much of a future.
  13. slowdive

    The next Catalans Dragons coach

    what's he up to at the moment?
  14. I agree the Premiership was overpriced but I think the same might be said for broadcasting rights more generally. Off the top of my head I don't know anyone under fifty who still has Sky/BT sports (not saying there aren't any but in my wider circle and I'm including people from work) people stream/watch fire stick etc. I think it's a mistake, however, to think that what happens with football rights is unrelated to other sports rights. The Prem has been the main driver of sports broadcasting rights in this country and what happens there does have a wider impact. BT have had to show some Champions League games for free (including the final!) because they didn't have enough viewers to satisfy UEFA sponsors. That model isn't working. The media landscape is changing, people are becoming more media savvy in terms of accessing content and it's becoming more difficult to regulate/control. Relying upon the existing model as a reliable way to support and fund the game would be a mistake in my view because the days of TV companies paying substantial sums of money are coming to an end.