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  1. slowdive

    Our new position in the EU

    If anything it's what has kept her there. No serious contender wants the poisoned chalice. It's all just being kicked down the road.
  2. where did you watch it Bearman in Cov?
  3. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    I wonder how much impact that has now..I'm sure it still has some but I bet that it's rapidly diminishing. The Sun have lost something like 2 million readers since 2003 and newspapers are on their ######.
  4. Ironic in a way that they seem to be suffering from potential impacts of climate change with the drought they've had and they're also susceptible to typhoons which are likely to increase in strength and frequency.
  5. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    It really isn't. There are large numbers of working people on benefits because their employers don't pay them enough to support themselves and their families.
  6. slowdive

    Our new position in the EU

    I sometimes wonder whether you are a real person or a Tory party bot. The Irish Border has been politicised since at least 1922, long before the EU came into existence.
  7. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    I don't understand?
  8. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    That's because loads of them are even more racist
  9. But most football comps have opportunities for more than one team to get promoted. The top six in the championship either get automatically promoted or go into the playoffs. That's a quarter of the sides with something to aim for. I think you've got to offer a carrot to more than one team otherwise you run the risk of having a competition in which nobody has very much to play for if you've got one really dominant side.
  10. Dragons seem to have loads of backrowers leaving them a bit light up front and thin in the backs
  11. slowdive

    French Scene

    What crowds are the union side getting? I noticed they're bottom of the league.
  12. But he actually believes in these policies and has done consistently. You may not like them or think they are realistic but that's what he believes in and believed in when he was a backbencher. I'm not sure anyone can be too sure what Boris believes in..that's certainly the message a lot of commentators and fellow Tories say.
  13. Whether you agree with Corbyn or not though, I think he comes across as fairly consistent and genuine. Johnson seems to say whatever will get him elected.
  14. slowdive

    Please Tell Me this isn't True.

    it's not true😀
  15. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    The ignorance of mainstream politicians during the early years of the Troubles contributed to them getting worse, let's hope this isn't repeated.