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  1. That's a better example but again you seem to reference the states all the time
  2. There is a degree of illiberalism amongst some people on the left but YK isn't coming up with any good examples.
  3. Thanks for that..but I listen to 6music primarily for the music you see?
  4. You're right..it was just a viewpoint I'd not really heard before..it's easy to say if you haven't been colonised..it came up in a conversation where I was saying a lot of people in this country are embarrassed by the British empire cos he was saying that people from Spain look down on latin Americans.
  5. I was speaking to someone from Panama the other day about this. He said many people in latin America wish they'd been colonised by England rather than Spain and that they look at countries like the states, oz etc a bit wistfully. He also said that if we hadn't done it another European country would have. It was about the only interesting thing he had to say for himswlf?
  6. I'm not sure about that analysis tbh. How do you mean?
  7. I'm the opposite really, but I accept he wasn't everyone's cup of tea. There aren't many people I could listen to first thing in the morning but he was definitely one.
  8. Doesn't set a terribly good precedent. Russia et al will use this to justify their territorial land grabs.
  9. I support trans rights but I think it's legitimate to be able to discuss the issue from a radical feminist perspective, for example, without being shouted down and labelled trans phobic/terf. The 'debate' has become fairly poisonous in some circles even when people haven't been engaging in hate speech, they have been labelled as such.
  10. Don't rate her either!...I don't mind her just not first thing in the morning tbh
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-47636011 I smell gamesmanship!
  12. They seem to be pushing female presenters to the fore which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I'm not really keen on Laurent Laverne first thing in the morning
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