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  1. slowdive

    The Culture Wars I read this article the other day. I get that women are traditionally underpaid but having some middle class woman who sounds pretty privileged herself bemoaning her lack of privilege sounds a bit rich when you consider she is probably earning substantially more than a lot of people male or female. I also pml when after all the stuff she wrote about how prescriptive she was about dating, she says she was attracted to her current boyfriend because he likes animals, his friends and presumably strong union laws. Not that discerning then!
  2. What ever the historical/geographical reasons for us being so powerful/economically successful historically, I think those advantages are long gone. We no longer have much of a manufacturing/agricultural industry, hi -tech industries are not going to be very labour intensive and our heritage will only go so far. My daughter is in her final year of secondary school and apart from Year 9 she has never had a full year of ICT lessons. It's not compulsory on the curriculum! You've got countries like China and India churning out graduates in their millions they are going to be at the forefront of any cutting edge technology, not us. Capitalism is about survival of the fittest and we're no longer that. There's nothing intrinsically special about people living in the UK that makes us capable of bucking that trend.
  3. I wonder where he is thinking of going
  4. slowdive

    London Broncos Announcement

    Why wouldn't he sign on again??
  5. I would say that Goudemand and Da Costa established themselves as Super League players last year. This year maybe Belmas and Albert could do the same? Both got game time last year but I don't think they were quite there yet. Catalans could do with some more backs coming though as well. What about Romano?
  6. slowdive

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    I think in a way it depends on what sort of model the club decides to follow. I'd like to see fans as one of those main stakeholders whatever route they take and getting the existing local RL community on board seems like a good starting point. You can utilise the energy and skills of people on the ground who are already playing the game. It sounds like the CEO of an existing RL club is the sponsorship manager for one of the major NY basketball teams. He sounds as though he could be incredibly useful, but I don't think he was ever contacted. Just seems like a real missed opportunity.
  7. slowdive

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    I think it doesn't bode well that they haven't contacted existing RL clubs in NY. Surely this is literally the first thing you might consider doing. I don't know what a bond is really, but certainly 5 million won't go very far at all. This will surely take a lot of money over a fairly long period of time before it would ever become profitable and self sustaining. It'shard to see how people would be getting a return on the sort of money they'll need to invest. It almost seems to good to be true that two investors are happy to pump money into establishing a professional RL in New York...and on that basis alone I'm skeptical!
  8. slowdive

    George Burgess summoned

    Didn't look good at all.
  9. slowdive

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I think the crowd looked ok on TV and it sounded like a really good atmosphere. I'm not sure I'd say the ticket sales were all that bad either. Can't think of many sporting events outside football that would draw a crowd like that outside of London. This England team seems to be getting better and better and I think they are increasingly becoming a team people want to watch. There's starting to be a little bit of a buzz around the national game here and in the southern hemisphere with Tonga's introduction.
  10. I'd like to see Belmas at Toulouse on loan. I thought he played well from the little I saw the other day and I cant see him getting too many games again at Catalans. Did that other Catalans prop on loan do much in the end?
  11. slowdive

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    20 minutes or thereabouts
  12. slowdive

    The future of League One

    What about the French teams? Similiar standard if not better than some League 1 teams, many have access to or own their own stadium and a few of them seem to have substantially bigger budgets than several L1 teams. Plus many of the teams have been around for decades. At what point are we going to grasp the obvious and incorporate the Elite 1 somehow, in some shape or form, into our system? If the top 2/3 from L1 and Elite 1 played a mini league it would give extra games, games which I think people would want to watch. Not feasible for all L1 clubs but if teams are serious about promotion they should be able to field competitive teams with a little financial help with travel costs.
  13. slowdive

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    The game needs a third tier. Sport is all about narratives and clubs like York and Bradford are building winning ones after going through tough times. Some of the crowds have been ace this year. What about some sort of link up with the French league to add a few more fixtures and play off for promotion perhaps? They're similiar standards and it would provide a pathway for both clubs and players to progress. I was really excited about Hemel's introduction, so I was genuinely suprised and disapointed when I saw what their crowds were like. Sounds as though it was inevitable, but the RFL once again demonstrate what a farce they are. Useless..seem to change their minds every five minutes, reactive instead of proactive and half arsed at best whenever they do finally make a decision.
  14. slowdive

    Our new position in the EU

    If anything it's what has kept her there. No serious contender wants the poisoned chalice. It's all just being kicked down the road.