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  1. slowdive

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    I think given the problems expansion sides have had, a little due diligence is necessary and it's not surprising that people are sceptical. It's often said that the RFL has nothing to lose with these expansion sides but I think that's completely false. Firstly, there is the reputational damage to the game of repeated failed attempts to develop expansion sides..sponsors and broadcasters will take note. Secondly, there is an opportunity cost to other established sides who lose out on players and promotion to a side which has been put together at fairly short notice and may not be around for too long. Also, we have the situation we do in League 1 where they are short of numbers because three of the expansion sides have left. None of these things necessarily mean we shouldn't try expansion, but there is a cost to not doing it well.
  2. What's the role of the RFL in this? Wouldn't clubs go to them initially? I would have thought they could impose sanctions on clubs who don't follow the rules, especially deliberately.
  3. slowdive

    The Youth of Today

    What on earth are you on about?
  4. slowdive

    Dion Dublin

    I'll ask my partner..she used to hang round Beaumont Leys shops with him when they were kids😂
  5. Aye mate wtf do they know
  6. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    I agree with much of what you have said there iffleyox, but in the city itself people have voted differently in the past. The IWCA (Independent Working Class Alliance) did gain some seats a while back but the Labour party were pretty ruthless in trying to snuff out any threat they posed as an electoral threat and devoted a lot of time and resources to that effect. The IWCA are an interesting group and continue to have a strong presence in Oxford,
  7. Those kids from that school are knobs, but who wasnt at that age..I definitely was. I think it's really disturbing that they are being plastered over the internet and the news for this stuff..when we were kids there were no phones recording us being idots thank god, but this could have profound impacts on their lives going forward and I don't think that's right.
  8. Politics isn't just democrats v republicans, that's part of it. Going on a march to the capital about any issue is a political act. Just because your views on something are informed by religion or personal morals doesn't make it any less political.
  9. The pro life message is political! Regardless of where you stand in that debate, it's definitely political. They had travelled hundreds/thousands of miles to attend a march in Washington DC.
  10. What's the maximum temperature ever recorded in Australia and how will this impact upon how you prepare to play in a new league?
  11. slowdive

    Andy Murray

    I can't think of a more significant UK sportsperson in my lifetime: He stood toe to toe, competed and won titles against some of the greatest tennis players ever in Federer, Djokovic and Nadal.To win 3 grandslams and 2 olympic golds in any era is amazing, but he was competing against some of the best there has ever been. His sporting achievements are immense but his contribution towards fighting for equality for women's tennis, and equality more generally has been even more important. He challenges casual sexism in press conferences, but his appointment of a female coach was huge. We accept that you don't necessarily have to have been a top class professional to be a good coach/manager in sport, but he broke the gender barrier. For those of a nationalistic persuasion, he led GB to a Davis Cup victory which is astonishing in itself, but he put himself out for his country something other top professionals sometimes get criticised for not doing.
  12. slowdive

    NY bid financing.

    Hmm. That thread is locked and I'm not sure there was much awareness of the latest financial situation regarding Toronto. I'll be honest I think that some of the stuff coming out of Toronto in the past week or so demonstrates what an unlikely investment opportunity the NY bid is likely to be. The wolfpack may endure and I hope they do, but it's clearly a very expensive business and not one you are likely to see a return on for a long time, if at all.
  13. Based roughly on Toronto, what sort of costs (losses) would a NY bid likely face in the first two to three years and how are people going to get a return on their investment?
  14. slowdive


    I hope that the Wolfpack have stumbled upon a symbiotically clever idea which ensures they are viable concern on going, but I think this does highlight the difficulties of expanding into NA more widely. Any investor is going to demand a return on his investment and given the extra costs involved with NA teams, this isn't going to come from conventional means. As I read things, it seems as though there may have been some doubt about Toronto if this extra financing had not happnened. This may or may not be the case, but from reading the article in the LE, it seems as though they required extra funding. Why this is I'm not sure because didn't they have a five year plan to get to SL? What the deal suggests is that it is not financially viable to run the Wolfpack without developing the'unique brand' into a range of different markets. I genuinely hope this is successful and that they thrive, but, that's not really much of a model to follow when you're looking to start a new sports league.