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  1. He gambled on something but he lost and now he doesn't want to carry on and he doesn't want to honour his committments to playing and non playing staff as well I imagine. It's not that he can't, he just can't see a future in he'll be okay but all the people he employed face a very uncertain future.
  2. What is vitally important is that we can get the remaining players who are contracted beyond this year to find alternative clubs and accept some responsibility for the failings on the field in order that the Club isn't left with liabilities it cannot fulfil which ultimately would be catastrophic. What a disgraceful thing to say and to expect from the players. He gambled and openly acknowledges he didn't even consider not qualifying for the's his responsibility.
  3. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    Racism is itself a social construction. Franz Boas, a physicist by training, supports this view of race best in his work Race, Language, and Culture where he observes that there is nothing biologically real about race. There is nothing that we have identified as race that exists apart from our collective agreement, acceptance, and imposition of its existence. I'm very much undecided about how I feel about the bhurka, but I don't think people who wear them should be the butt of jokesin the same way comedians on TV no longer make jokes about black people or gay people.
  4. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    I've not suggested that..I've said mocking them is racist. I've provided evidence that many of those women recieve abuse for wearing those clothes and that there has been an increase in that abuse since Johnson wrote his article. Having an opinion, having a debate or discussion about the bhurka is welcome, but when you lower the tone of that debate to comparing those women to letterboxes or bank robbers you encourage more abuse. The fact that so many people in the Tory party seem ok with what was said suggests that they don't seem too bothered that the man who could lead their party and the country is saying things which is encouraging some sections of our society to be abused. They don't care because they don't like Muslims..ergo they are racist.
  5. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    Fiyaz Mughal, founder of Tell Mama, said Johnson’s remarks had served to “embolden mainly male perpetrators to have a go at visible Muslim women as a whole”. The organisation said it had received reports of 14 incidents of abuse directed at women wearing the full-veil niqab and the headscarf hijab in the five days that followed the publication of Johnson’s column. There were five such incidents in the previous week. It's quite clear that some Muslim women do get abuse whilst wearing certain clothes, here is the evidence. There's been an increase in the incidences of abuse following the article as well. Yet, people think it's okay to laugh at these women who they often ackowledge to be victims of oppression already. For the record, I don't think what Johnson said should be a crimminal offence, but I still think it's racist and is clearly representative of many Tories.
  6. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    Hang you claim that women who wear the burka are being oppressed, and I have some sympathy with that argument, but you find it acceptable, funny even, to denigrate those women who wear it. Surely that compounds the oppression you refer to. Your arguments don't stand up. You make equivalence with 'nuns' and 'vicars and tarts british humour' but they aren't members of groups who face hostility for who they are and they are certainly not 'forced' to wear certain types of clothing. This wasn't an off the cuff remark, which wouldn't excuse it anyway, but something he sat down and wrote in a newspaper column. He is one of the most recognisable politicians in the country and until last month was the Foreign Secretary. There's nothing faux about the outrage. I accept people often do jump on to bandwagons, but in this case there is genuine astonishment and disgust that not only did he say it, but that he hasn't so far been more roundly condemned. It feels as though we've gone backwards in a time warp. There are clear links between comments such as these and hate crimes. In the minds of racists and bigots it serves to legitimise ridiculing, and worse, of muslims and other groups
  7. Check out this bunch of muppets. A mixture of far right nonsense and Trump adulation..quite bizarre in a way.
  8. slowdive

    Those nice tories

    You've already said that you want to ban bhurkas so there clearly is quite a big difference as far as you are concerned!
  9. I'm passionate about French RL, but I only want Toulouse to get promoted if they are really ready for it. How ready are they on and off the field? Not a thread about whether they will be promoted! How ready are they and what do they need to do to step up?
  10. Has yaha signed for union? I really hope not cos he seems to have stepped up another level.
  11. What a great result for the Bears. Well done.👏👏
  12. slowdive

    RL in the US - The Reality

    You see that's the thing..I do know a fair bit about the diffusion of sport, RL in particular. My point was about the need for development work to underpin a professional team for things to be a long term success. I acknowledged that I don't know whether this is happening in Toronto. I've no idea whether I'm any more informed than you are, but I'm not pretending to be the big I am and I'm certainly not making supercilious comments denigrating other posters just because they deviate from my line of argument. I'll leave it at that.😁
  13. slowdive

    RL in the US - The Reality

    Why start a thread on it then?🤔
  14. slowdive

    RL in the US - The Reality

    Probably not much in the case of Wales and Serbia, but there's potential for France especially if more teams end up playing in the British system.