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  1. Schools and Rugby League

    When I was in middle school (1978/9 to 1981) in Wakefield we had a good schools league for RL. Now I would be surprised if any still play. I was at Flanshaw St Michaels and RL was the main sport played. Other schools I remember are: Lawfield Lane Snapethorpe Crofton Sandal Cathederal Shay Lane When i moved to high school (Eastmoor), there was 1 RL game played in the 3 years I was there and it was a shambles. I'm pretty sure St Michaels doesn't play RL anymore as I pass it often and haven't seen RL posts for years now.
  2. Xmas films

    A few I've watched recently: Muppets Christmas Carol Christmas Vacation Fred Claus Scrooged A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey version) The Night Before Deck The Halls
  3. Shaving

    I've used electric and multi blade, but after leaving it to grow for 3-4 weeks at a time they just don't cut the mustard. I will sometimes shave, then go over again with a multi blade just to get any straglers. I suppose a trimmer would be better for me.
  4. Shaving

    I'm really lazy when it comes to shaving and have sensitive skin, so probably shave 10-15 times a year. I use a Baili Double Edge Safety razor with Derby Extra Double Edge Safety Blades. Probably not the best shaver/blades for sensitive skin, but I have rarely used any other type of shaver.
  5. There's a few things wrong in the article, but at least there is one.
  6. Very Sad News

    RIP Evan My girlfriend is on the phone to her twin sister, and it turns out that her sister's son is in the same class at school as this boy. Very sad indeed.
  7. Windows 10

    You can use Spybot Anti Beacon to block the telemetry and other stuff. I turn off a lot of things when installing.
  8. I'd rather kiss your wife than have a night out in either, and I live in Wakefield!
  9. Sidebar!

    There are ways of blocking this sort of thing, but usually involves using ad blockers. Other sites I frequent have sidebars, but you can easily close them without any additional extensions.
  10. Mirror has the story as well
  11. Forum Upgrade Info

    Yes, seems as though the problem is sorted. Thanks.
  12. Forum Upgrade Info

    When clicking to go to next page in a topic, it gets stuck and I have to refresh the page to get the posts to show. This happens in both Chrome and IE.
  13. You missed the /s at the end of that statement.
  14. Not a wind up. But there is no way that people would go to watch RL just because Princess Anne was presenting the trophy.
  15. You seriously think people would go just because Princess Anne was presenting the cup? Seriously?? And if the entertainment was Adele or One Direction or some other popular artist, do you think the people would stay after they had performed (bearing in mind that they only went because that person/band was playing and not for the sport).