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  1. metallithrax

    Rugby History Thread

    And another one:
  2. metallithrax

    Rugby History Thread

    Some of you might have seen this particular article before.
  3. Apart from Sky owning the rights to the games.
  4. Two excellent games so far, shame I probably won't be able to watch next weeks game until Monday or maybe even Tuesday, but I will watch it.
  5. I wonder if Salford practice throwing their arms in the air trying to get a penalty at the play the ball.
  6. metallithrax

    Season of the fake

    Not to mentioned the odd ruptured testicle.
  7. metallithrax

    Team names on forums

    I haven't read any of the posts apart from the OP, but on other forums I frequent a lot of people shorten everything. I can be reading something about a band I listen to and people abbreviate the song title to the initial letters and I have no idea what they are talking about. I have to look through the discography to see what they are talking about. At the rate it is going, we will just end up using the initial letter of each word and others have to guess what is been said.
  8. metallithrax

    13-15 Jul: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread also saying 0-0 FT
  9. I'd should be enjoying watching this game, but the ###### stupid bag of Sky Go app is really starting to ###### me off. Strange - I thought I had missed a word out between of and Sky. But when ever I edit it to insert said word, it still doesn't show up, even censored.
  10. I agree, as a spectator you want to be entertained first and foremost. But, the teams playing the sport want to win first and foremost.
  11. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you. Professional sport is about winning. Hell, I would even say that amateur sport is about winning. Who wants to be in, or support, a team that entertains but doesn't win.
  12. metallithrax

    In a Major .......

    Audio of the signals here
  13. metallithrax

    Schools and Rugby League

    When I was in middle school (1978/9 to 1981) in Wakefield we had a good schools league for RL. Now I would be surprised if any still play. I was at Flanshaw St Michaels and RL was the main sport played. Other schools I remember are: Lawfield Lane Snapethorpe Crofton Sandal Cathederal Shay Lane When i moved to high school (Eastmoor), there was 1 RL game played in the 3 years I was there and it was a shambles. I'm pretty sure St Michaels doesn't play RL anymore as I pass it often and haven't seen RL posts for years now.
  14. metallithrax

    Xmas films

    A few I've watched recently: Muppets Christmas Carol Christmas Vacation Fred Claus Scrooged A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey version) The Night Before Deck The Halls
  15. metallithrax


    I've used electric and multi blade, but after leaving it to grow for 3-4 weeks at a time they just don't cut the mustard. I will sometimes shave, then go over again with a multi blade just to get any straglers. I suppose a trimmer would be better for me.