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  1. I see no reason for the defender(s) to have their arm between the ball and the attackers body unless it's a one on one.
  2. Commentary said Leeds turned defence into attack. I'm affraid that was Wakefield turning attack into defence.
  3. Sky know (and have known for years) what the ground is like and should take equipment for all weather conditions.
  4. I think there needs to be a rule change where if the tacklers arm/hand is in with the ball (intentional or trapped) then they should just play the ball. If you are tackling, you don't need to put your arm/hand under the ball. I'll leave what I originally typed here, but immediately after doing it I went for a ###### and then in my mind came up with about 5 different replies saying what a stupid thing I had put. If I can thion of a better way to put it I will later.
  5. It's on Sports mix, I couldn't get it on Sky Go so went to www.skysports.com and clicked on there to watch, then had to download the desktop player to be able to watch.
  6. Seems to be a lot of injuries early in this match, or is it that some are going into the match injured?
  7. I agree with this, and not just in RL. It is the same in football as well, they have rules but just don't enforce them when they should. If they enforced the rules it would start off looking bad, but soon after the infringers would stop do infringing and then the game could flow as it should.
  8. Yeah, that's something else that has been noticed. Being able to offload when being tackled by 3/4 people will always cause problems.
  9. One thing i've noticed is that when tackling, Trinity seem to tackle around the chest where Wire a lot of the time have someone hitting lower down. It makes quite a difference.
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