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  1. RIP Evan My girlfriend is on the phone to her twin sister, and it turns out that her sister's son is in the same class at school as this boy. Very sad indeed.
  2. You can use Spybot Anti Beacon to block the telemetry and other stuff. I turn off a lot of things when installing.
  3. I'd rather kiss your wife than have a night out in either, and I live in Wakefield!
  4. There are ways of blocking this sort of thing, but usually involves using ad blockers. Other sites I frequent have sidebars, but you can easily close them without any additional extensions.
  5. Mirror has the story as well
  6. Yes, seems as though the problem is sorted. Thanks.
  7. When clicking to go to next page in a topic, it gets stuck and I have to refresh the page to get the posts to show. This happens in both Chrome and IE.
  8. You missed the /s at the end of that statement.
  9. Not a wind up. But there is no way that people would go to watch RL just because Princess Anne was presenting the trophy.
  10. You seriously think people would go just because Princess Anne was presenting the cup? Seriously?? And if the entertainment was Adele or One Direction or some other popular artist, do you think the people would stay after they had performed (bearing in mind that they only went because that person/band was playing and not for the sport).
  11. So you wouldn't go just because a Royal was presenting, or some up to date singer/band was entertaining? So why would/should the general public go? Answer - they wouldn't. I cannot think of anyone who would make me want to attend a sporting event I have no interest in. Really? You think many people would attend just because Princess Anne was presenting the cup?
  12. To those commenting about better entertainment and a Royal presenting the trophy- Would you go to a sporting event that doesn't involve your team or a sport that you don't watch just because Princess Anne or Prince Harry was presenting the trophy? Would you attend if Adele/One Direction was the entertainment for 20 minutes?
  13. Chris Annakin, Danny Kirmond and Richard Owen hurt in crash yesterday
  14. Hi Guys, Not sure if this will get closed/deleted, but the company I work for is giving 2 weeks free access to an online collection of World War 1 diaries to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Battle of The Somme. If anyone would like to take up the offer, go here and follow the instructions.
  15. If it's the power supply that is non standard, you can get graphics cards that don't need any extra power than the motherboard gives. As long as the power supply is powerful enough.