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  1. steve75

    Chris Hankinson

    Joe Brown and Macauley Davies played for them on Sunday. Craig Mullen never.
  2. steve75


    The world's best speller as well as I recall!
  3. steve75


    Nothing new there - he is terrified to give a decision in favour of Barrow. In his defence he shouldn't be put under that pressure by the RFL!
  4. steve75

    Liam Harrison

    Clearly man of the match - head and shoulders above the rest especially for effort and work rate! By that I never meant the rest never tried!
  5. steve75

    More injuries

    What is going on with Martin Aspinwall?
  6. steve75


    They struggle to see out 80 minutes at the minute! They can't afford to switch off!
  7. steve75

    Team for Toronto

    They aren't letting Johnny Pownall play against them so I can't see them lending us any more yet, let alone letting them play against us!
  8. steve75

    GENE ORMSBY ........................

    I've always thought Gene Ormsby was Lazy and going through the motions and nothing more!
  9. steve75

    Blackpool...last regular season away game.

    Reynolds immediately went to the officials - people behind the posts from all supporters were saying it was a goal! Did Sky not show it because it would bring more controversy to Toronto and the referee who had made "mistakes" in their favour in the last game?
  10. steve75

    Blackpool...last regular season away game.

    Leigh were robbed - that penalty most certainly appeared to be over!
  11. steve75

    Paper rumors

    All this speculation must be having some sort of effect on Joe!
  12. steve75

    Officials for Sunday's match

    Let's hope he is better than he was the last time he was at Barrow!
  13. steve75

    York result

    Just wondering was does this have to do with the York result?
  14. steve75


    The referee won you the game! It was the clearest penalty try you are ever likely to see. O'Brien should have walked and he knows it. He even looked embarrassed when nothing was done!
  15. steve75

    Toal Brothers

    This is from League Express