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  1. Barrow

    The referee won you the game! It was the clearest penalty try you are ever likely to see. O'Brien should have walked and he knows it. He even looked embarrassed when nothing was done!
  2. Toal Brothers

    This is from League Express
  3. Toulouse whose going

  4. Toulouse whose going

    Who scored for Barrow? I can't find it anywhere!
  5. Some of his decision making wasn't the same for both sides i.e. sinned binned Brett Carter for a professional foul (holding down) but only penalised the Sheffield player for exactly the same offence when Barrow where on a straight; clear run to the line!
  6. DALLY

    They are not suggesting he is banned for league games only are they?
  7. Challenge Cup Draw

    Good draw for Kells against Toronto Wolfpack!
  8. Challenge Cup Draw

    Barrow V Sheffield to be played W/E 17th/18th March 2018.
  9. Fantasy League

    Tried to join and it doesn't appear to be letting me in!
  10. Joe Bullock of Barrow is a good value prop!
  11. Fantasy League

    No problem!
  12. Fantasy League

    On the 2nd line under the headline banner - right next to fantasy rl - it says tipping! I somehow managed to get 2nd place overall last year!
  13. Fantasy League

    Also on Love rugby league - all English leagues and N.R.L. too!
  14. Do you know Sport or just Rugby League?

    TMF - None of these have actually taken place yet!
  15. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    It is not just try scoring that has to be taken in to account think about making tries; defence etc need I say more!