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  1. Probably yes! Good natured banter never hurt anyone - I don't think!
  2. There are no Canadian lads in your team Kayakman - in fact you have the same amount that we have!
  3. steve75


    They went through the RFL and Toronto refused the 5.00pm kick off - because they didn't get their own way.
  4. steve75


    Barrow offered to move it to 5.00pm but your saintly team spat their dummy out and refused to move it all! Now justify that kayakman!
  5. How is your young right winger - he was all over the place and was left on for a long while before your trainers etc appeared to notice?
  6. steve75

    York CC

    How is that young winger - knocked senseless and a while before he was taken off? Never came back on either. At one point he looked like Bambi - legs everywhere!
  7. Swinton utilised the Wigan tactic of releasing the ball in most tackles hoping to con the referee into giving them penalties for stripping the ball - which, for the most part, worked!
  8. steve75


    At one point we were playing with 11 players!
  9. steve75


    Bad start to the second half - let two tries in in the first 5 minutes!
  10. Well deserved Phil!
  11. York City Knights at home 30/31 March weekend.
  12. When we had him last season he just wanted to be the centre of attention - wouldn't speak to any of the players and just dismissed them.
  13. Is the one and only Mr James Child!
  14. steve75


    It must be disheartening for the players who lose their places just because someone from Wigan; Warrington etc walks straight into there side due to people believing that because they come from a team from a higher league they must be better than the players already there.
  15. steve75


    Deon Cross possibly Michael?
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