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  1. steve75

    Jono Smith

    Thought I had read it somewhere - at least I'm not going potty!
  2. steve75

    Jono Smith

    This was on Facebook wasn't it?
  3. steve75

    The next time we aren't going to bother.......

    We were second best all day. If we play like that Swinton will beat us as well. There were hardly any breaks and when there was there was no one backing up! Batley had back up almost all the time and were faster; slicker and wanted it more!
  4. steve75

    Sunday's Referee

    Dalli won't last long if he back chats him!
  5. steve75

    Barrow v Batley

    God help both teams then!
  6. steve75

    Sunday's Referee

    The one and only James Child!
  7. steve75

    Jackson Hastings

    I remember Kevin Hastings he was a class player!
  8. steve75

    Hands off Cresta

    Hope so Ron!
  9. steve75

    Hands off Cresta

    I t seems that Keiron Purtill, Leigh Coach, has left and gone to Warrington!
  10. steve75

    Joe Bullock

    We won't Richie it says out for eight weeks!
  11. steve75

    As Elvis once said....It's now or never....

    Just another part of the plan to disrupt Barrow and slow the game down along with feigning injuries etc.
  12. steve75

    Raiders v Broncos

    I wasn't crucifying the coach - if the coach doesn't coach them and give them the gameplan who does? Please tell me!
  13. steve75

    Raiders v Broncos

    There were far too many missed/one handed tackles. No way could Ben Thaler be blamed for the lack of invention; poor tackling; lack of ideas; no backing up and no leadership. There can be no excuse for that display surely we have to start to look at the the coaching/ gameplan the team have been given.
  14. Congratulations on a good win tonight! Let's hope we beat London tomorrow!
  15. steve75

    Toronto V Featherstone

    TMF - I wouldn't mind a team this weak - they don't appear to have rested all of their best players