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  1. Dual Reg with widnes watch this space
  2. Obrien gone hull and sidlow to toronto aswell gonna be playing academy team next year way they're losing player's
  3. would be an extra 75k for more players for barrow or haven if any of us got a chance but can't see it happenug
  4. i wrote that last bit wrong should have said definitely not the conference but not sure about the cumbrian mens league was under the impression it was just the Cumberland league sure there's people on here involved with glasson and Seaton who would know
  5. as far as I know we've signed tyrone dalton and troy armstrong from Kells they can apparently play for kells second team in the Cumberland league if not selected but not for the first team in the conference and i think you can only dual reg with teams in the Cumberland league definitely not the conference or the cumbria league where the barrow teams are involved.
  6. You know what's gonna happen apparently Sheffield are still awaiting a new backer hey presto a new super club is formed Bradford Eagles
  7. I know its not gonna happen but if we where given a reprieve at haven we'd be ok our squads already as strong as last year's and another 75k would see us alright
  8. Don't think it would make any difference a few years bk Keighley got promoted to the championship and shortly after went into administration they still got promoted and started off on minus 9pts and ended up getting relegated with us would have been 2010 dunno if administration and liquidation are any different.
  9. had a couple of injuries last season one a bad in at London supposed to have been a season long injury was playing again 2 weeks later think he's only 19 tough la ###### think haven fans are getting confused there's was times he never played for 2 or 3 weeks that was due to being in Widnes 18 rather than injuries. Be a good signing for youse was him who kept Jordan Burns out most of the season and we nearly list him because of that
  10. Brooks is jonny big pants now went through the motions when he played for us last season believes in his head that he's a super league standard player
  11. Ed Chamberlain for you next season that's a good un for you
  12. Duffys 6k hospital fee as been paid for
  13. Was very much a hit and miss player had more average games than good and went missing big time in the game at Oldham when it was 5hit or bust
  14. Cant remember lads name but his best mate plays for glasson and was working with me on Thursday night said his marra was signing for Town