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  1. Yeh pal ive heard you lot complain about him quite a bit if you go on the haven forum theres fans whingeing about the refs every week whoever we get .
  2. believe me that is of no benefit to us gareth is not a haven fan and every time he,s refereed against us he always seems to give the 50/50 shouts to the opposition so he can,t be accused of favouring his local team
  3. Says on RFL website deadline day signings that joe bretherton as signed for youse on dual reg for rest of season yet he played on loan for swinton on sunday . How many different players have been on loan to town this season
  4. Dont know the full ins and outs but its definitely not that more a clash of personalities with player and coach .
  5. At least they've stayed at the club this season theres been a few jumped ship at haven leaving us up the shi77er think our small squad will catch up with us in the end.
  6. your right in a way about cash talks but if our budget this year is twice as big as towns then surely we,d have offered them more . When i say ours is twice the size of towns i,m going by what someone on here said the other day we budgeted for 850 crowds town 450.
  7. be too late now marra window shut at 5pm
  8. Without doubt barrow will definitely harder next week and lets be honest the game was still there for both teams with 20 mins left its anybodys game next week .
  9. Ours is more stretched pal personally I'd forgive and forget and let karl play the 8s he seemed in a good mood with the players after the game on sunday
  10. Thats a short turnaround for our rematch another massive game for both teams
  11. Wonder who we want kris coward was at our game on sunday standing with haven players wonder if it could be him.
  12. To be fair hulme did the business at haven scored a fair few tries was just a shame his heart was still at town
  13. Shacks went off early yesterday was on crutches after the game hopefully he,ll be ok soon
  14. Believe it or not Newcastle are the best supported team behind Toronto i thought it was you lot its on york forum
  15. Nobody reckons its gonna be a shoe in after game yesterday everybody was saying town away is gonna be our toughest game apart from toronto and how youse lot would love to knock us down a peg or 2 .