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  1. Statement regarding Head Coach

    Dont think you understand what I'm saying to have a good CV on paper you don't make it up and right it yourself it's whats been earned in the past and a championship grand final winner with barrow isn't too bad
  2. Statement regarding Head Coach

    Surely you dont get a good CV by being a rubbish coach CV,s are good for a reason
  3. derby game

    No we just gotta good spanking think ├Čt was 28-8 or summit close to that we scored first 2 or 3 mins thought it would be a walkover the rest was history
  4. derby game

    It was highlight of the day if anybody can remember was sionne decking brett McDermott after he pulled off his skull cap. Town where very good that day as we had a full team out bar Joel Penny
  5. derby game

    No the ike cup wasn't around then think it started 2006 but I think 2009 we put 60 past you in the ike game then 2 weeks later you turned us over in the nrc. Was 2005 when you beat us in the McCormack era inbetween 2 grand finals
  6. Well

    wouldn,t worry too much about sundays result would have been different if both phillips curwen and doran played . We where in a similar position 2 years back you lot put 60 on us towards the end of the season but you,ve just gotta get on with it we beat you 4 times the season later even though we both got relegated .
  7. derby game

    The players done their best to get shot of don gailer even though he got us promoted in 4th place behind barrow donny and town who all had better teams at the time. And there was also a witch hunt for ged stokes the season we got relegated and half the team jumped ship as we where skint , yet the 2 seasons before that he was the messiah taking us to the semi final one year and a narrow defeat to widnes in the play offs the following year.
  8. derby game

    They had a near full team when we won down there we only had 16 fit players that day but as you say it's who performs on the day be interesting to see if ellis is bk would say he's the one who makes them tick
  9. derby game

    York weren't at full strength when they beat Toronto
  10. EGM

    If we both win our semis next week could possibly be over 3k for the final if its barrow v haven
  11. Callum

    Got told last week off a town diehard who hates haven that callum wouldnt play for town again this season and that him brett and Jamie Doran where signing for haven next season if true Dave Clarke's 5 year plan just went bk 2 years
  12. Barrow Game .

    Mewse had a stormer at the recre in the ipro cup if he's getting frozen out at town wouldnt mind him at haven next season if we've gotta replace calvert
  13. Barrow Game .

    Players are usually under contract until 1st November but obviously underhand deals do get agreed it's usually common knowledge who's gonna get signed would love them 2 at haven if it happens it happens would guess barrow are sniffing aswell if they go up.
  14. Semi & Final

    The semi and final dates came out with the 8s fixtures a few weeks ago
  15. Semi & Final

    Semi final last week in sept final 1st October