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  1. Gordon maudling is correct but also supposed to be the best of the 3 brothers so good signing for youse
  2. Whitehaven area talked to us signed for you lot surprised ss his brother plays for us
  3. Well youve just signed a player from fatland sure it will be confirmed this week
  4. Probably nobody since mcnally off me head players could have tried it with dion and ended up second best
  5. Same for any decent player marra on any team was newts shot a bad un on callum can't remember seeing out happen at the game
  6. Much faster side didn't go dp the other week young dowsett looked a good un never mind the French revolution are on their way
  7. Turned down Halifax for travelling issues more than likely sign for Oldham or Swinton
  8. Good player for youse
  9. He's mellowed now though
  10. Bit harsh there unicorn
  11. Dual Reg with widnes watch this space
  12. Obrien gone hull and sidlow to toronto aswell gonna be playing academy team next year way they're losing player's
  13. would be an extra 75k for more players for barrow or haven if any of us got a chance but can't see it happenug
  14. i wrote that last bit wrong should have said definitely not the conference but not sure about the cumbrian mens league was under the impression it was just the Cumberland league sure there's people on here involved with glasson and Seaton who would know