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  1. donald


    Birthday bash at Wales on Sunday then 2 week cruise for me 50th week later still think am in me 20,s maybe grow up one day
  2. donald


    Was on birra morreti on sat free bar in kells club sponsored match always say a few daft things when I've had more than 3 pints
  3. Long way to go yet think Oldham are the best team in the league yet on paper town look the best they will come good before end of season.
  4. West Wales the only whipping boys in league 1 the rest would wipe the floor with any conference side its a lot more evenly balanced since you got promoted 2 years ago
  5. Watched the brow against kells on Saturday if Rooney takes over at town there was 4 players who would excel in this league if they follow him Taylor, Teare , Dixon and Molyneux all quality players.
  6. Was never in doubt crack is he could be player coach at Ottawa next season
  7. Excellent kicking game only saw him play once against Newcastle looked very good
  8. Think I'll go for a try scoring prop forwsrd
  9. donald


    Do yourselves a favour forget about the reds and don't widen the field
  10. Good effort there be some sore bodies youse should be proud of them
  11. Good effort what I've seen 17 players and it would be no problem think it'll catch up with players last 20
  12. Make sure there,s enough drink this time and we don,t drink you dry again my 50th that week we will be drinking hard
  13. Very surprised a strong labour area got done by the independents complete opposite in copeland looks like labour have the majority by a fair bit in tory land.
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