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  1. Not fancy Bradford to challenge personally i think they'll walk it at a canter
  2. James Newton

    All it takes marra is a good early run of 6 or 7 wins early on and both teams are capable of it but anyhow just landed in Benidorm now for 5 nights drinking darkfruits cider so happy days 😂😂😂😂
  3. Ike southward trophy

    Rememer a boxing day derby at the recre would have been about 2001 over 4000 there 2 evenly matched teams haven won about 28-14 but got turned over in the return game thats when they're used to be crowds
  4. How many more?

  5. How many more?

    Glen Riley according to today's league express
  6. How many more?

    Kurt Maudling is a centre bit lightweight for a prop
  7. How many more?

    nice problem for youse to have don,t think anybody expected miller to sign back on
  8. Ike southward trophy

    I thought that was when the league started aswell find out this week
  9. Carl Forber

    Was always you went down we went up in the early 80s never in top flight together in them days think your team was slightly better then. I started watching haven in 79 but it wasn't to 85/86 season that we where in the same league.
  10. Carl Forber

    dont know what it,s like in worky now long time since rumours days but if you tango on any of havens dance floors your likely to have your feet stuck to the floor
  11. They would love to keep the league 1 cup hoping bradford get there and fill up the stadium
  12. Ollie Wilkes

    Very good signing for youse be 38 next season mind can't remember how he got on agaimst us last season 3 massive forward battles he can't have done too bad bullock was the stand out prop in the games in my opinion
  13. 2018 Squad

    i thought liam harrison retired a couple of years bk
  14. 2018 Squad

    Experienced or a young un