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  1. Hock

    For once I'm wrong confirmed he's signed for fev all about the coin i suppose
  2. Signings / Potential Signings

    Hull Kr i think
  3. Dual reg

    Expect Whitehaven to announce dual reg with Widnes after tommorow nights friendly

    What is the most used part of Derwent park the popular side or grandstand side the popular side is always busy when haven go there
  5. Squad Numbers

    Gone bk home to new zealand wigan have first option if he returns
  6. new signings announcements

    Gotta agree with you think they'll win it by at least 8 points the other 5 or 6 teams will beat each other injuries might hinder a few teams like it did with you lot last season
  7. Town website

    Dunno last season we struggled to get 4 fit players on the bench for a lot of games but yeh your right about injuries we where lucky last year where youse had no luck . Bit more luck last season town could or should have been top 5
  8. Town website

    Not too bad but sometimes you would think he kicks when there's no need to do it and there's no ground made but as a player you'll get 110% every game
  9. Town website

    Just that the number 12 shirt as been retired for this season
  10. Town website

    Think karl will be in the second row just t
  11. Town website

    Good player or great player he was the best hooker outside super league not that long ago
  12. Town website

    Haha every is haven fan is gutted we lost miller but if you think newts is anywhere near as good callum your one deluded man
  13. Town website

    And with a bit of luck karl and dion for a full season
  14. Town website

    First day back at wrk for 10 days and the rumour mill says town have 3 players lined up but have spent the budget but are looking to raise at least 50k by selling the naming rights of derwent park again.
  15. Town website

    Nowts been confirmed about mossop yet it,s all rumours so far