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  1. Dual reg with leigh

    As for dual reg with Leigh cant see any problems we had dave thompson last season and was it Lewis foster for one game which meant troy armstrong leaving . Think Beaumont spit the dummy out for some reason and pulled the plug but let us keep thompson for some reason . End of day its not the end of the world going dual reg if you don't shaft your own players with it as town and haven have both done over the years.
  2. Dual reg with leigh

    Done York no harm last season and won't this season either don't think donny will do too bad with it aswell can see North Wales getting a good deal with Widnes aswell.
  3. London Skolars Prediction

    Dual Reg with Leigh
  4. Whitehaven away.

    yeh but haven only had 3 fit players on the bench 1 was there to make the numbers up
  5. Cumbria Team

    I would think of the 3 cumbrian teams now there's at least 25 ex super league academy players in the squads all cumbrian aswell it must be hard to make the final grade.
  6. Cumbria Team

    We would struggle with only cumbrian players in SL out of the named players so far only 10 are super league players and 3 of them are only fringe players hotbed of rugby or not cumbria isn't producing enough high profile players.
  7. Cumbria Team

    Jordan Johnston and Ben Harrison
  8. London Reaction

    Mr Sweet refereed the haven game it wasn,t Gareth
  9. Challenge Cup

    Donny york Oldham or maybe town to go up with Bradford think that'll be the play-off teams
  10. Squad v London Broncos

    Was on the drink at Halifax Leigh game last week
  11. Music at games

    Music and tannoy system used to do my head in every time you ran in a try against us happened a few times in most games
  12. Cumbrian lakers

    In the eighties and early nineties i used to travel all over the country to watch man united with loads of worky lads so basically if the products there so will the fans
  13. Cumbrian lakers

    Kendal penrith carlisle right off the M6 well away from west cumbria heartlands though
  14. Cumbrian lakers

    Solway Sharks gotta nice ring to it
  15. Cumbrian lakers

    Jamland jets sounds a good name after all we're all jameaters according to wiki