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  1. Davo5

    New league structure revealed

    Far too simple and sensible.
  2. Enjoyed the game although once again Klein's interpretation of the 10 metres was bordering on the rediculous,Melbourne will be happy seeing the players sat injured on the Sharks sideline at the end.
  3. The Young lad from Cas Trueman looks a class act.
  4. If he's fit leave him in the centre's,we have even less quality options there.
  5. If hands like feet Tautai is back,nailed on Wire win !
  6. Davo5

    NCL record points

    Just one error,they are not 2018 Premier League Champions yet,that honour goes to the Grand Final winners dosent it ? Great read though well done.
  7. Even an out of sorts Saints will win by 40+
  8. Hastings missing is a huge blow for Salford,Leeds to squeeze home by 4 pts.
  9. If only a few more would leave their sofa's and attend matches.
  10. They wouldn't be alone in doing that mind.
  11. Davo5


    Ive sent the forum Mod a message for you,don't know what the problem is.
  12. Normanton relegated
  13. Normanton & kells losing ,Mayfield winning at halftime
  14. Wow the Hunslet defence league are out in force,never said you could only win on small pitches but the 4g at Widnes has resulted in some teams overturning league/play off form to take out the trophy.