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  1. Are you forced to retire at 33 though,bit rediculous comparing top ievel sportsmen with other "normal" occupations.
  2. Do the Broncos have a salary cap ? Must be rolling out the old 3rd party payment routine again.
  3. Well it's black,a lot of thought must have gone into that design.
  4. Should have been banned for at least 2 yrs,12 weeks is a joke,not surprised the Sharks are keeping him with there recent attitude to drug,sorry supplement taking.
  5. Mate didn't understand a word of that,keep off the Toohey's
  6. Thankfully it's not up to you,I take it you didn't want Hayne,Burgess etc back either.
  7. He still has a way to go to catch up with SBW.
  8. 5 from Dockers,must be splashing the cash again to buy another Premiership.
  9. Looks like there has been an almighty Fock up over the reporting of his death by the Whitehaven news and Whitehaven RL,Dick Huddart is alive and well inAustralia
  10. Very good,the White one's a belter.
  11. Whitehaven Away Kit.
  12. New away kit,one of the best for years.
  13. You can drink your own urine,but very few people actually do it.Somehow I think the waters of the Med are better suited to Australians used to Bondi,Coogee and the Gold Coast.
  14. Maybe the post should be why do the Catalans sign bigger name NRL players than the rest of Superleague,,having said that the've probably had better value for money from their lesser known Aussie/Kiwi signings over the years.