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  1. To be fair his last ban was a joke,he plays on the edge and that's what makes him a fearsome player just like Morley before him,the only difference is the game is more sanitised now.
  2. Reevaluate Havens Form

    Fully agree,shouldn't have been put on here,probably best to ignore it.
  3. Rochdale game

    The big question is can they play like that every week,especially away to the likes of Bradford,York and the other play off contenders.
  4. Reevaluate Havens Form

    Too be fair you've made a rod for your own back here,several of the genuine and knowledgable rugby fans on here have already recognised Havens win and like any forum you always get a couple of sad & twisted ones who refuse to.
  5. Sunday

    You must stay up all night making up this rubbish.Are you related to that other ray of sunshine Parky that haunts the general forum ?
  6. League One's Future

    Oh dear another round of "fact"s from his book of myths.
  7. Sunday

    Oh dear,pathetic and predictable.
  8. Sunday

    Certainly not me,maybe Havens win and York’s great effort against Catalans will show the RFL that there is value in League 1 and funding should continue.
  9. Sunday

    Maybe busy celebrating being the only League 1 team in the next round,well done on your win today.
  10. Whitehaven leading Rochdale 18-0 at halftime
  11. More problems for Big Sam?

    Went for the big hit and got it wrong,not a send off for me but unlike his last ban probably warrants a 2 match suspension.
  12. Squad for NWC

    2 or 3 dropped after attending the Grand National.
  13. Cumbria Derby

    Wath Brow 16-24 Egremont,the Brows long winning run against their neighbours is over.Egremonts forwards got on top of the younger,smaller,Brow pack and scored 3 close range tries in a 15 min spell before H-T to open up a 18-4 lead. Wath Brow stormed back after halftime to make it 16-18 before Egremont ran in another try in the closing stages to take a deserved win before a near 4 figure crowd.