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  1. There might be pages & pages of posters wanting To & TWP in Superleague,but most of the agree it has to earned on the pitch.
  2. I think your the one who has misread things.
  3. I’d be more in shock if you and your other chuckle brother post something that made sense.
  4. Played yesterday jimmy boy,hasn’t yours ?
  5. Maybe because their 1st choice isn’t available this season.
  6. Well got Ferguson,Maloney,Simms & Finucane right but didn't expect so many changes,especially playing Wighton & T.Turbo out of position in the centre's,is Morris injured ?
  7. Quality coach,but he will be moving on at the end of the season.
  8. Anybody who thinks the likes of Meninga/Miles wouldn't be stars in the present game needs to give their heads a wobble.
  9. You do realise it’s not compulsory to contribute to a thread.
  10. A. bit like comparing a Ferrari with a Lada.
  11. It will be one of the best stadiums in the championship.
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