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  1. Davo5

    Moving forward from haven defeat

    Both sets of fans would give their right arms to win it now mind.
  2. Davo5

    Border News

    Yes he is
  3. Davo5

    Derby squabbles

    To be fair most of it is the usual nonsense that follows a derby game but this time a couple daftarse and his sidekick have taken it up a notch,sad really,it’s a game of rugby.
  4. Davo5

    Haven reaction

    Isn’t endings like that is why we love the game,can totally understand you all being gutted but it’s sport and comes with the territory and when Town break the streak you’ll all enjoy it that much greater.
  5. Davo5

    Classy and humble

    Taking it well then,CLASS
  6. Davo5

    Haven reaction

    Fancy celebrating a last minute Derby victory,how dare he !!
  7. Davo5

    Town v jam part 2

    Not quite good enough,about 2000 miles south.
  8. Davo5

    Town v jam part 2

    Golf this morning but yeah your correct
  9. Davo5

    Town v jam part 2

    Don’t think he was good enough to get his own Youtube clip to be honest
  10. Davo5

    Town v jam part 2

    I know,sorry David
  11. Davo5

    Town v jam part 2

    Latu Fifita
  12. Davo5

    Professional rugby in Cumbria

    He’s been in the bull###t buisness for ages to be fair.