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  1. commonwealth 9s

    Well the last one in Glasgow 4yrs ago Australia couldn't be bothered with the process of sending a full team over and just sent the Roosters U19s over complete with 3 or 4 kiwi lads.
  2. Been like that for a number of years.
  3. O'Loughlin wants Bennett to stay

    I would think most fair minded knowledgable RL people would,obviously you don't fall into that category.
  4. New England sponsor

    Arkwrights corner shop ?
  5. Match off

    Maybe they didn't fancy playing against semi pro opposition with only 2 or 3 preseason training sessions behind them and then playing in a team with no training sessions who don't play another game until October,cannon fodder springs to mind.
  6. 1.Thatto 2.Siddal 3.Mayfield 4.Wath Brow 5.West Hull 6.Kells 7.Hunslet 8.Egremont 9.Myton 10. st Pats 11.Underbank 12.Normanton
  7. WCC Scheduling

    Wow,is that a record for the most contradictions in a single post ?
  8. WCC Scheduling

    Up late for a 7yr old,even if you are on your summer break.
  9. Hock

    Rumoured to be signing for Fev after this weekends friendly with Halifax.
  10. Another poor off season,good players leaving,inadequate replacements,middle 8s I'm afraid.
  11. Signings / Potential Signings

    Really,built like Tarzan,played like Jane.
  12. Sam Kasiano

    I think he’ll do well at the Storm,less talented players than him have signed for Melbourne and have gone on to be a success.
  13. Beverley info?

    They won’t be alone in offering players financial rewards though.
  14. God its quite on here

    You forgot why are Rochdale Mayfield always the victims off your list
  15. 2018 Kits

    That's a massive improvement on Errea's usual rubbish.