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  1. With Hicks in control he could have headed it and it would have counted.
  2. The championship has enough problems without adding to them with this clown.
  3. Wow that is embarrassing from the officials,Saints knock on all day.
  4. Leeds finally get a decision after 75 mins.
  5. Hurrell tears Saints apart in the first half then Leeds decide not to give him a decent ball in the 2nd,go figure.
  6. That must have been some halftime pep talk Holbrook gave Hicks.
  7. Inept start from Leeds,but Percival doing his best to keep them in the game.
  8. Davo5

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Yeah but I think the game has moved on since those days.
  9. Davo5

    19 man Squad

    Reality check ?? cant recall seeing. any posts from Haven fans proclaiming them to be promotion candidates,I think most would think a play off place being a good season. Great win at Oldham by the way.
  10. And yet you’re mob of trophy dodgers are robbed every week “apparently “ Wigan’s defeat was down to awful right side defence and not the referee
  11. Just about to set off on the 2hr drive down,looking forward to a few beers in Wigan and then hopefully a belter of a game,a narrow Wigan victory over my favourite NRL team and a great advert for our sport. P.S Sorry for being positive on here,I know it's frowned upon.
  12. Davo5

    London away

    That money keeps the game afloat in this country,without Sky handouts the game at professional level wouldn't exist. You can get to London in 6 1/2 hours with a driver rest stop,by coach,a 5am set off will get you there in time for KO,didn't seem much of a hardship when we did it a few weeks ago.