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  1. You don't have to justify any thing you post on here marra,i would think 99% of posters on here think you a great job in often difficult circumstances,but Jesus,Jimmy boy as a mod !! was Kim Jong-un too busy ?
  2. Great win yesterday and with several stars to come back into the side they are looking ominous.
  3. It's a team built by the chuckle brothers,Lenaghan &. Radlinski that lacks quality brought about by the stripping of its best assets year after year and the recruitment of bang average replacements.The likes of Tautai,Isa,Sammut,Hankinson,Navarette,Powell should be nowhere near a Wigan shirt,Leuluai was brought over 3 yrs ago to join the coaching staff and is still having to play,the Capt. Is on his last legs and Hardaker looks a shadow of the player he was.
  4. Wow Town really must have been playing awful if you had to resort to crowd counting.
  5. So I'll take it you have nothing to back up your original statement about Pryce then,so I won't derail this thread anymore. Enjoy the game folks.
  6. Still nothing to back up your original post,must have realised it was a figment of your deluded imagination,have you ever had any credibility.
  7. Hmm so you still can't back up your rediculous post that Leon Pryce is one of the greatest ever international halfbacks and as usual resort to insults when you've been found out,no need for dubbin old lad ill be down at the Wigan/Saints game but will try to keep up with events up here,enjoy the game,I'm sure Mrs Sandy will welcome the break.
  8. Seeing how he played more international games at centre/wing than halfback only someone with a distinct lack of RL knowledge would label Pryce one of the greatest international halfbacks of all time ! Good domestically and a useful utility player at test level.Seeing as the last time you talked sense,Webb Ellis hadn't even thought of picking the ball up I'll have a laugh at yours.
  9. One of the greatest international halfback of all time,have Town drafted in Andrew Johns as a halves coach ?
  10. Hmm always thought a good kicking game was something a good halfback needed,the fact that Sneyd's is so good tends to overshadow the rest of his game and so people label him unfairly as one dimensional.
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