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  1. Davo5

    Time for a rethink ?

    If you had a 6 week break in Dec/Jan you'd end up doing 2 preseasons,believe me 1 is bad enough.
  2. So good of Todd Greenberg to come on here to share his and the NRLs vision of the future of international rugby league.
  3. Davo5

    2019 kits

    Some truly awful away shirts getting churned out.
  4. Davo5

    Whitehaven 2019 Squad.

    Tom Wilkinson signed from Askam,always been a classy player with a great work ethic,been playing loose forward recently but can also play hooker.
  5. Davo5

    New kit

    Decent is that,nice to see a proper Vee on a RL shirt.
  6. I don't recall you ranting on when Beaumont and Leigh forced the increase in the salary cap or when Leigh and Beaumont then assembled a squad far more expensive and superior to anything else in the championship,but then again Leigh are not Canadian ,talk about hypocrisy.
  7. Might be a more competative game than the Leeds/KR one a couple of years ago
  8. Davo5


    Your always going to get this when clubs are giving out 1 year contracts.
  9. Davo5

    1895 Trophy

    Yeah have a preliminary & round 1 with League 1 clubs first to get the 4 clubs that will go into the hat with the Championship clubs,at least it will add 1 or 2 fixtures.
  10. Davo5

    1895 Trophy

    Not sure,in the communique from Rimmer,Town,Hunslet & Oldham were mentioned as former winners but not sure it said they were included because of that,I'd have thought it would be the 4 highest L1 teams from last season,but it is the RFL so who knows.
  11. Davo5

    1895 Trophy

    12 Championship & 4 League 1 teams apparently.
  12. Really,haven't we had championship teams reaching semifinals,we also get amateur teams bearing semi pro teams in games that are talked about in those areas for years,some of my own old amateur teams greatest days have been in the Challenge Cup,beating Workington,Dewsbury,Skolars,Travelling to Toulouse any so many more.
  13. Davo5

    Whitehaven 2019 Squad.

    Sam Dowsett confirmed,very good player,looking like Gorley is a big factor in attracting players.
  14. Davo5


    Haha,you really should be writing for the Daily Sport.