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  1. The Young linesman in question looked about 10,didn't have a bad game to be honest,far better than the whistle happy ref.
  2. Wilkin should have been penalised there
  3. Well this game has gone downhill rapidly.
  4. Cheap penalty for Saints led to that try.
  5. Some mystifying decisions went against Souths,much improved performance from the Bunnies but Klein continues to be a very poor Referee.
  6. Your not alone in that,but it does involve TWP so expect more of it.
  7. He'll bounce back,like all Wath Brow lads,never know when there beaten.
  8. Maybe well down the line,but he struggled physically at times last season in the NRL.he might have to go on Cronulla's "supplement" regime to play centre at international level.
  9. I know he has pace but after watching all his NRL appearances last season,he did struggle physically at times,moving him to centre at international level would only multiply those problems.
  10. Hmmm,seems to be a pattern forming,players improving after leaving KR.
  11. Yeah but Webster wouldn't get into an NRL team,never mind the Kangeroo's,centre is a real area of weakness going into the World Cup as it has been for several years and we look no closer to finding an answer,I wonder what Ben T'eo is doing after the Lions tour.
  12. Not for me,but I would scrap the 2nd Easter game and spread 1 round over the whole weekend.
  13. Can see the Catalans exploiting Wigans weakness at centre.
  14. Let him develop at Centre,let's face it big ,skilful English centre's are not in abundance.