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  1. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    I agree but we did have Liverpool Stanley/Liverpool city from the early 1900's to the 1970s when they moved and became Huyton...
  2. 2018 Admission prices

    Thanks for taking the time to put together. At a quick glance at the SL clubs, It would seem to me that at this sort of cost it doesn't impact attendance. e.g. Leeds are probably one of the highest prices but have relative high attendances. I do think overall prices are not high compared to other paid entertainments.
  3. aaah no need to be fair and objective
  4. New Leeds Captain

    Well not being in the coaches or players camp and seeing how players respect, listen to, and whom provides the right kind leadership so to speak I would have absolutely no idea whom the best candidate was.... and I don;t think many on here do either. Good luck to Watkins...
  5. Their is an answer but we find it unpalatable.......
  6. That was one of the points I was hoping to make, namely jeapardising clubs that may drop down. Especially as it took many struggles to get the sport to have a fully professional league that the current system and a simple P&R impacts. Some of our strongest financial clubs have been involved in the middle 8's. It wouldn't have taken much for them to have dropped down, especially when a few Championship clubs are stronger. It seems a daft system strategically that pushes our strongest financially healthy clubs into that quagmire you describe. By system I don't just mean the league structure and P&R system but also salary caps, etc.
  7. The biggest issue is he difference between full-time and part time teams. If the Championship was fully full time then P&R as we are well versed with in this country is fine. Problem as has been mentioned by others is the full to part time difference between the leagues. This ain't like soccer were the clubs are fully professional and have been for ever between the top leagues. We need a system that enables clubs that have shown they can sustain a full time professional set up to be able to join the only full time professional league - namely Super League without jeopardising the few full time clubs we have and potentially the professional sport we have that was a struggle to get to. That is the dilemma we struggle with in a simple P&R system.
  8. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    Well given the importance of the Sky deal monies to clubs I just find it difficult that any SL clubs don't know or didn't know the fullest of details, as the article seems to suggest or that they were prepared for the RFL not to be fully open.
  9. Draper also leaving the RFL

    seems odd that a acting CEO would be restructuring the executive team. That is one of the key appointment roles of a CEO.... and any new CEO coming in would be wanting to do such within a reasonable time span. No CEO worth his salt would come in not looking to decide those appointments once he/she has taken a short time to assess needs.
  10. Well... although only one aspect. That is trying to compete with Union in attracting or keeping top players. I think a major factor in maintaining higher standards and subsequent greater media focus is being able to compete with the NRL in keeping our top players - union comes second to me otherwise we accept we are always going to be an inferior competition and only a feeder league for top talent to NRL. With the likes of those star players playing in SL that could give better commercial opportunities.
  11. Northern & Pariochal

    Well I hope the people organising the "Great Exhibition of the North" this year have a more positive approach to promoting the Norths Art and Culture. Designed to challenge preconceptions of the north with various funding available to bid for. Hopefully someone from our RL administrators try and build on the positive aspects that the Exhibition and associated events aim to achieve... and use some of the more positive cultural perceptions to include in our Northern heritage sport.... of course whilst having a much wider perspective as well.
  12. Northern & Pariochal

    To the above comment: The difference is that "a southern sport for the privately educated" would be seen by many as elitist were the value's associated would not be something they see themselves as wanting to be a part of. Hence nobody would use if trying to market to a wider public, maybe something like Polo would want that association. "Northern and parochial" could be seen as having positive values that many would be happy to be part of. depending upon how you market those values to the wider public. Of course any marketing campaign would be multifaceted but nowt wrong with Northern values.
  13. well at least Aston has had a successful rugby career and played for England many time's in front of huge crowds. Something I would say that many RL players would dream of. Its good to see any sportsman making through hard work and dedication to the peak of his sport. Really can't understand some sour grapes on here....
  14. So its up to RFL to insist Leigh conform to the commercial agreement or ask for return of some central funding.