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  1. Nope abusive language is never acceptable in any walk of life. Yet surely one has to take account of mitigating circumstances. It seems to me that in normal conversation many people as a matter of course use foul language. That often becomes abusive language in referring to a third party if not directly to those with whom they are having a conversation. e.g a reference to a ref and a abusive opinion because he didn't ref the game as the fan thought he should. In a heated circumstance if foul language is a normal part of their normal communication then is it easy for them in the heat of the moment to over step. One could give more examples... My main point would be that any such view of a players language should also be consistent with how the fans are dealt with. I am not sure that clubs really make any effort to control such nor the RFL apart from occasional comments. Consistency would be great plus when was the last time anyone in this forum reported fellow fan in the crowd for abusive or foul language. what words are acceptable? no foul language but then again for some its normal language....
  2. I have similar sympathies for Bennett. Unfortunately it was a non-logical decision of the RFL in not ensuring that the 4 nations prior to the last one was not coached by whom was going to be the World Cup coach. It was obvious that just the one 4 nations i.e. the last one would not be anywhere like enough games for any new coach and hence the new coach should have been appointed then. That way giving him maximum opportunity to build his world cup team. Anyway as a result Bennett has been given an "hospital pass" in the parlance as any new coach with so few games before the world cup opener will be doing well to have identified his ideal team for that opener. Anyway it is as it is and fingers crossed he continues to be highly successful.
  3. she certainly had a high pitch voice but I liked the way she did the... nil... score and Moon tries. Chuckle
  4. yep, the junior PR announcer. Seems a really good initiative and for those not knowing - its the "junior take over day" were every role at the club is taken over (except players) by a youngster. including the CEO. All seemed to enjoy it, CEO, community officers, PR announcer, media, marketing, even a junior ref.... and many more roles.
  5. I could agree with the comments I have copied from your post. Certainly seemed to me that Hull wasted energy trying to win penalties at PTB and just complaining all the time to the ref. Leeds also did a bit of talking back but some of Hull's players never stopped. No surprise when one was sin-binned as he was the worst culprit and should have been off sooner. I think as you say the crowd where constantly giving stick, constantly shouting forward pass no matter where they where seated. I'm sure It gave a sense that the ref was missing things and it fed back to the players thinking it wasn't fair, hence they got more frustrated and increased shouting at ref as to blame. Gosh the number of times some Hull players waved arms around shouting about decisions not being given... and we know most shouts for forward pass from fans is tosh.. Maybe if they focused more on what they can control, including mouthing off at ref in attempts to influence, then they would surely have done better.
  6. If its the penalty I'm thinking of, I have to disagree with you. It was a period and maybe the only period when Hull on top, Crowd getting behind their team and putting Leeds under pressure. It seemed a sensible decision to take the sting out of Hull and the crowd and giving the Leeds team some breathing space and they would have got the ball back.
  7. I hope your right but whilst he is certainly a running threat the last few times I have seen him for his club as well as previously for England suggests his key role as in distribution and managing the team has been poor. I read excuses for his recent play because some key Wigan players are injured which suggests he needs others to manage the play. His coach and other experts agree that he has huge potential. Does he develop his all round game in an easier environment which includes close to his family & friends support or in the tougher environment NRL under more of a micro-scope. Given his key weakness for some aspects of his role and assuming Wigan have the right coaching then I would have thought another 2 years of that coaching should make him the player we hope he can be. Then I'm sure he can command the huge rewards he would deserve.
  8. Having a long contract is for the clubs benefit if he moves elsewhere - that is a transfer fee. As distinct from seeing it as any sort of long term commitment... . It doesn't mean for sure that his agent doesn't see him moving to NRL or elsewhere just that Wigan can command a reasonable fee the longer the contract left. One would assume his contract if his agent is any good having clause that enables him to move on.
  9. I guess it depends upon how he see's his future... that is once he leaves RL and what career he may wish to pursue. Thus I assume he would want to start planning towards it and building the relationships. Does he see himself resident in Australia for ever or does he see himself moving back home, depending if he still see's UK as back home.
  10. Yep tend to agree... although it seemed to me his arm was straight and stiff as per his other high tackles as distinct from say bouncing off a shoulder or bent arm as if to tackle around the person... but anywyat time for us to move on with a shake of the head
  11. Gosh only x4, how bad must an offence be to get the maximum of 5 games for the Grade D charge. Just that I can't imagine anything worse otherwise it would be a higher charge nor any mitigating circumstances given his poor disciplinary record, including high tackles.
  12. yep your right, sorry I apologise.... just horrible high tackles... in each case player having to leave the pitch as result. Never-the-less with his record one would expect the maximum for the grade.
  13. Although not to kicker but high tackles and this really sneaky punch....
  14. Then that will surely be 5 games, given his previous bans for similar horror high tackles to the kicker... on two occasions players having to go off injured. That's not counting the other bans. Will be interesting any reasons why it wouldn't be the max for the grade.
  15. Yep I agree with your comment but I wasn't comparing the high tackle to the Flower incident. I was just asking if it takes that type of incident to get sent off as distinct from saying they where of similar seriousness. I was actually pleased that Warrington got two points as I like the way the coach approaches the game. Plus I use to get to Wilderspool many times when I was living that way and still have a soft spot for them so believe me I have no anti-Warrington agenda just a pro-RL agenda.