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  1. Might that be more to do with salary cap and having a wealth of experienced players. The salary cap is a constraint and part of its goal is to share out players around teams so that fewer teams can keep all the talent. Players that have gone may well have gone on to be better players but at the decision time may well not have been as good as those kept.
  2. well looking at the injury list of Leeds plus semi coming up Wigan by many. Unless Wigan still have lots of ongoing injuries then maybe an academy esk loaded team like Leeds and hence Wigan by a few.
  3. First of all let me say I want to see Toronto successful plus get into SL. Mainly just for the fun of seeing what can be achieved and what opportunity that may drive in the future plus also look forward to a trip to Toronto as per Catalan. Never-the-less I do wonder what strategy RFL and SL have assuming Toronto do throw up further opportunity. Where do they see Toronto taking us and where focus should be on growing the game international, e.g. does one focus in trying to get city based teams in Europe aka Paris or on NA market place - or is the game allowed to just meander along in other European countries whilst we just focus on existing clubs and heartland. Of course could add loads of other questions but the key point is what is the strategy and hence the tactical steps to achieve. It does seem more "wait and see" what happens anywhere and if something happens then we will ponder what to do - in the mean time lets do what we like best and know can do, that is tinker with league and competition structures and hope the game grows somewhere.
  4. Ok, thanks for taking time to comment back - much appreciated.
  5. The line defence was really good... but then the question is why so much line defence. Was it poor defence further out and hence big yards by Leeds or indiscipline leading to penalties. The game it self was a bit scrappy, especially in first half with both teams dropping the ball. Second half better which was odd as it rained for the 2nd half and expected more drop ball. Last 15 to 20 minutes was good to watch and game could have gone either way. Really need VR for all games not just sky games.
  6. Must be just me then... If I use google chrome have problem but not using Microsoft explorer as I am now.
  7. Would be great challenge and different family life experience to go to Toronto... plus I would have thought good addition to Toronto assuming they think will make middle 8's next year .. again assuming format remains. That is for both Mcguire and Burrow. Having said that I have no idea of their family situations. Must admit surprised he isn't doing another year at Leeds given the non-readiness of younger players at Leeds for his position. Even if Myler coming they are still exposed. I can only assume a big signing coming along.
  8. yep, hard to disagree.
  9. I agree with your last comment, particularly as he can sometimes express his frustrations in the wrong way when another player makes a silly mistake. Although he is no doubt supportive off the field to the youngsters. I'm not as sure about being likely to be sent off, I still don't think many and less than lots of other players given his career length. He does throw theatricals on the pitch but they are not always aimed at the ref... so be careful not to conflate the two. Never-the-less prefer if he didn't show his frustrations as it can't be helpful to the inexperienced in the team when struggling through difficult moments that happen in all games.
  10. as a matter of interest as I have no idea... how many times has he been sent off in his career to-date.
  11. As I haven't read every contribution to this thread I may have missed something but it seems to be based on heresay. Whom in the clubs have said what is reported and which clubs, is it the CEO, a senior figure or whatever, unless specified who knows - it seems like one of those political journalists that always get a story going based upon a "source close too". Never-the-less ignoring that, how much monies are we talking about that away support brings: What is the average away following, 2000 (bigger supported clubs maybe), 1000, 500 (some clubbs). Whats the average ticket price, 20, 15 or 10. At least one visit, maybe more depending upon play-offs, CC, etc. How much extra ground officials needed for whatever away support numbers - I assume more away fans means more stewards and facilities needed. To off-set that (what seems to me) small amount of revenue How much sponsorship and profile does Toronto bring into the game. How much more attractive is such a game that extra sponsorship or commercial monies come into the fixture. Remembering that here its far more cost and margin. It seems more a smoke screen as to what the real reason some may not wish such as Toronto. On yeah to add.... if Toronto become a leading club, playing great rugby then surely they add extra on to the home support... they want to come to see a top club just like more home fans come to watch Leeds then say Wakefield visit (I like Wakey so don't mean any disrespect).
  12. yep, no problems with having GF/play-offs but need to have greater emphasis and reward for League Leaders
  13. Well one could argue in bigging it up he learnt or had it confirmed something important. That he needs to find new leaders in the team or bring leaders in. I don't know but sometimes we make the wrong assumptions as why someone did something... he may of intentionally set out to see if his team, some of whom are inexperienced youngsters, could handle pressure. They didn't. Not sure if its he that didn't cover himself in glory. Maybe not as I say I have no idea why he decided to big it up - maybe to encourage a bigger game attraction to increase revenues for the club, who knows. or expecting Cas to feel the pressure following the Hull CC game but he had already started to big up the game before that defeat.
  14. Yep for what I can remember and maybe my memory isn't great but then all teams didn't play each other... plus as you say players where away on tour. Hence the fairest way was to have play-offs. The situations is obviously different as all teams play each other twice and no long periods with internationals. We need to increase the value of striving to be League Leaders as currently nobody really cares. Maybe monetary - say 50% of sky money, or extra points in super 8's, something that makes teams strive for better position or direct into CC semi for following year, ... whatever but something worth while.....
  15. The problem is [in my opinion] the the lack of value attributed to winning the LLS. The GF is now the "be all and end all"...