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  1. Don't forget the London teams have to travel to the Midlands.
  2. Think this has put paid of a new Bristol team in league 1 next season with Lionel Hurst, with All Golds, Oxford gone it leaves it for this potential New York team to come in, an get ready for the new format which starts in 2021, when the new TV deal starts. But who knows with the rudderless RFL in control.
  3. Think Bob Brown of Hemel been around as well
  4. Why I really admire Thunders attendance an the great work they did in promoting the game it is really down to Bradford Bulls an there fantastic supporter's plus there reputation. I think all grounds will get record home ground attendances when they rock up. Let's not get carried away that league 1 is tv material. To me the league is true rugby league shame about the D/R which distorts the true positions of the clubs
  5. newbe


    Still mot sure about going to the Summer Bash. Weather will be good but how are the tkts sales going, any one got any info
  6. newbe


    It is going to be a flop, with out the likes Of Bulls etc n other teams who have a following, it will be a total embarrasment, an show how much we are a minority sport.
  7. newbe

    Is today the day?

    The funding was reduced when the league expanded a couple of seasons ago, but since then it's been the same £75k.
  8. newbe

    Is today the day?

    No funding changes till 2021. When new deal kicks in, league structure to be twicked they are working details out.
  9. newbe

    Keep the 8's

    Watch this space the end of the 8's is soon. Straight 1 up 1 down. You read it hear first 😁
  10. newbe

    Is today the day?

    One question how would teams do in league 1 with out D/R? Would there league positions be any different now.
  11. newbe

    French Affect

    Think S/L chairman would go into melt down, Toulouse go up (Toronto as well) Catalan perform a mini miracle an stay up. Would love to see this happen. The beginning of a new dawn.
  12. newbe


    Hemel made the play-offs for the first couple of seasons, then the RFL changed the format. If they de-regulate league 1,an rumour has it will, I think the southern teams can tap into antipadion players with a mixture southern players which is the same as Northern clubs using D/R in tandem with S/L, then you will see a narrowing of results.
  13. newbe


    Would NCL teams want to join, there could be some long journeys, agree the quality is there, but until it is deregulated nothing can or will happen.
  14. Raiders have got Bulls next week, bet they will try n top Yorks score, to improve there goal difference.
  15. newbe

    League One's Future

    Rimmer said it was an expansion league, then they dropped more teams from championship into it. The whole format changed. The simple way to make a level playing field is stop D/R in league 1.