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  1. As Widnes have been regulated they can play with no fear, seen it in football so might not be as straightforward as people think
  2. newbe

    ‘League 1 South’

    This will create problems, the amateur teams can pack there team out with good quality aussies n Kewis etc on work visa's, the league 1 clubs are subject to the rules as S/L, those aussies etc are good enough to play league 1,but immigration rules states they must come over on a sporting visa ie play x amount NRL games. Stupid really a aussie etc can come over on work visa, work for example in London as a sparks, plumber etc earn 40k but can't play for a pittance of a match fee in league 1
  3. Think this total speculation regarding both clubs, can't see anything happening till 2021. Seen on the community page Hemel advertising for a reserve coach, giving there junior's a pathway. Looking for the next Sarginson, Dixon, Acton all from Hemel
  4. newbe

    ‘League 1 South’

    Does mean there will be a League 1 North to counter this, can see a lot discussions on this, were is the line drawn?
  5. Hemel Stags (based in Hertfordshire) are looking for a Community Coach for the 1st team which plays in the London Premier League. He should be able to liase with the community manager so to encourage the boys from junior league to step up and be given a pathway to play league 1. This is a expenses only position.
  6. newbe

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    Put a reserve team in the NCL league, good grounding, also not as many regulations so much cheaper to run. Just a suggestion
  7. newbe

    New league structure revealed

    If the champ n league 1 call for a special meeting with the RFL it takes 28 days to organise, season over = no change. Some serious power plays happening at the moment
  8. Think they might get a result next week v Catalans, but on the other hand Catalan might put on a show, 1st game at home after last week
  9. Talking about the off field festives, good result on field.
  10. Absolute shambles, street food burgers, band was a duo, warm larger. Good result for Skolars tho.
  11. Found my drinking watering hole.Fri/Sat THE FRENCH HOUSE. Dean St. Soho. W1. Allez Allez les Catalan.
  12. newbe

    New league structure revealed

    OK with top of Championship getting promoted, but would have like to have seen runner up in championship play team 2nd bottom in S/L play for winner take all game
  13. Agree should make better games, but does allowing the extra team team to go up leave a space for another over seas team to come in at a later date?
  14. ALL club crowd averages are up due to Bradford., but the club are one the most solvent in the league, due to there of field activities.