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  1. Think he would be just a mouth piece for S/L. The RFL should be custodians for the whole game of league
  2. Recond Catalan job is made for Tony Smith. Plays the right brand of Rugby
  3. Sell Red Hall pay for Woods pay off 😂
  4. Playing wise Catalan could be vulnerable financially rock solid, Salford look dodgy on both counts, In other forms of business you have a plan 1,3 an 5yr plans. I feel for all R/L clubs from league 1 to S/L. It's been said before how can sponsorship deals etc be sorted for 2019.
  5. Talking to a match commissioner last Sunday he said they are finished in league 1 in a month, and not needing to having charted physios now, it looks like the league being slowly being deregulated. Worrying signs, recond it looks like amateur days for a lot of teams after they have sorted S/L in what ever format they decide.
  6. There is nothing worse than watching a game of rugby league with a athletics track around a pitch. It dilutes the atmosphere love York, Coventry, Oldham, even Hemel creates a buzz, What's the worst n best? One of the worst was Sheffield Eagles old place, Oxford was pretty bad too
  7. Been told chairmans meeting soon of championship n league 1 clubs. Think the s+=%t will hit the fan big time.
  8. How can it be a level playing field, when the southern clubs can't realistically get loan or D/R from local S/L clubs.
  9. With Skolars away, going to Hemel, just seem there squad announced, few players that have played in S/L n championship, they have recruited well, can't wait when they play Skolars
  10. Dual Registration in 2018.

    I know I keep banging on about this. Clubs should stand or fall with there own players signed on. Can you imagine what the league positions would look like. Think Newcastle or Bulls would be champs.
  11. Dual Registration in 2018.

    Widnes Web site
  12. Dual Registration in 2018.

    Just read that Crusaders have joined up with Widnes.
  13. Restructure 2019?

    The bottom line is all teams outside S/L get money decided by S//L. If they decide to stop this an go there own way no one can stop this. There is no new money available fact.
  14. Restructure 2019?

    I got a bad feeling about what is going to happen in 2019. If you had S/L 1 n S/L 2. I would hazard a guess they might take away the money from league 1. Logical it's the only way to fund it. You heard it hear first.