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  1. newbe

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Many years ago Farrell n Ford played league as kids v Hemel Stags juniors. Think when there dad's came over to union.
  2. newbe

    Nou Camp

    IF Catlans turn up an beat Wigan convincingly like they did a few years ago, it could set up something special on a yearly basis.
  3. newbe

    Nou Camp

    As they are organising it, and not the RFL there is strong possibility of it being a success, for this fixture and in the years to come.
  4. newbe

    Nou Camp

    All booked, think it will be a record crowd for a S/L game. People who do not follow league will go just because of the iconic venue.
  5. Rooster are still pre season and undercooked, so Wigan should win.
  6. I think the RFL are keeping there powder dry until the new tv deal kicks in. With the start of the Southern Conference league this season, there might not be a league1. Talk of a Northern Conference league for teams of the possible defunct league 1, and play offs between the league's. This way new teams could enter the comp. Its only a whisper.
  7. From speaking to a few older ex S/L coaches, players are mostly finely tuned and hardly any body fat now days, old school of say 10 years ago had a little bit of timber to absorb the hits.
  8. newbe

    Sheffield's "Stadium"

    Surely rules are rules.You have teams like Newcastle or even Keighley meet the right criteria, any other walks of life if you don't meet the standard your out. Fact of the business world.
  9. Being a bit simple, my logic is Sky reduced what it pays football (there main revenue), so it stands to reason I expect a heafty reduction in what it pays for league.
  10. newbe

    League 1 predictions

    This season is important, but 2020 is the real one, if teams with ambition's to get out of league1 don't achieve it, an the new tv kicks in, we wil have teams disappearing. It will happen.
  11. newbe

    League 1 restructuring

    Will there be a league 1 in 2021 when the new tv deal kicks in?
  12. newbe


    F÷%##=g Hell that means West Wales will not be bottom of the league 1 for at least 8 weeks.Now that's an improvement!!!!!!!
  13. newbe

    New SL Promo Video

    Steven Spielberg he's after your job 😂
  14. newbe

    New SL Promo Video

    Have to agree the fox add is far more vibrant, it incorporates all aspects of the game, players, kids, match experience commentators etc.