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  1. ALL club crowd averages are up due to Bradford., but the club are one the most solvent in the league, due to there of field activities.
  2. Hemel Stags selling £30 for £10, kids £5. Such a good deal
  3. newbe

    West Wales Raiders

    Hope WWR do well, but surely there must be a duty of care to the players you can't have less than 17 fit players per game. . Its all well saying good ground/announcer etc. But as a professional club it's just not on.
  4. newbe

    West Wales Raiders

    Most of the the problems started when they reconfigured the league dropping down 4/5 teams from the championship, when at the beginning it was a more even playing (excuse pun). I have a feeling that when the new TV deal kicks in 2021or possibly before there will be a quite a few clubs cut adrift North n South.
  5. What about expansion clubs like Skolars, Hemel an Bears that don't have S/L club's near them.
  6. Hate to think how many West Wales will concede, with point's difference being so crucial for York.
  7. Fair play to him, considering it was against a good team, and by the looks of it a very hot day
  8. Raise the salary cap simpools💷💷💷
  9. Take all D/R out of Oldham for example then teams like Coventry n the rest of lower teams will compete. This apply to all teams that D/R. Promote local players n give them a pathway
  10. Just to throw this out Hemel Stags U-16 playing a touring Queensland U - 16 rep team in October, should be a good experience for the boys. Hemel have played this fixture in the past.
  11. Slightly off track, but reckon Cats can pull of surprise v Saints.
  12. newbe

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    A big IF, if TWP get promoted this season all S/L will know well in advance that they got to get visas, no excuse to get into a mess, that means they can cc games at home as well.
  13. newbe

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    Do the players need sporting visas as opposed to fans needing tourist visas?
  14. Thought this was a Catalan topic. Win by 24. Quite a few Salford supporters here. More coming up from Spain Saturday