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  1. It's a shame that some of these so called professional clubs, dont try to produce any income away from match days. It's about thinking outside the box.
  2. Good to see Hemel Stags renting out there pitch to a football team during the off season. Nice a see a RL club making money off another sport for a change with all the secondary spend bar etc, any other clubs diversifying.
  3. Why can't clubs with the exception of Coventry in League 1, be more realistic there are some serious changes coming down the line very soon. I think some will survive some will either join the amateur ranks or disappear. As for Golds paying wages in my day it was called boot money and petrol money.
  4. Talk Sport just gave the a ref a right coating about the ref not giving a penalty with the tackle on Tomkins then penalise Tomkins for not releasing. All good publicity.
  5. I know this has been shown on another topic, but it is still pretty amazing for Catalans to get such national press coverage.
  6. Good to hear complimentary remarks about Coventry n the chairman during the Toulouse game from the commentators, saying expansion is good for the game.
  7. Sign of the times, shame it was a good place
  8. Try Rileys Sports Bar, Lower Haymarket. W1. Multi TVs to show different sports. London junior rl origin used hold there meetings there. (Don't moan about the prices)
  9. What did look good was the crowd on TV, full stands, fireworks, noise. It made RL look good to SKY punters flicking through sports channels.
  10. Reading various threads it sounds like Catalans are providing a really good pre match atmosphere. This as a sport we should/can encourage new fans, younger men, female n kids.
  11. Fingers crossed will be booking GF tickets. Allez les Cats. Rose' chilled can't wait. Like you have supported them for over 15years.
  12. Best game Cats v Saints, magic weekend as good as anything in the NRL, for pure excitement.
  13. Think it would help if they got new/younger co commentators and pre match summarises. BBC seem to have gone down that route, except Cup final day. Plenty of players retiring if they had some media training new young talent with up to date view's on how the game is played.
  14. Watching the build up of the play off's in NRL, you can see a vast difference between the two networks. They really try to tell a story in a few minutes. Puts SKY to shame.
  15. Does any one know when the new structure is being announced, bearing in mind this RL, but teams starts in the later part of the year.
  16. Didn't Hemel win NCL 3, the season before they joined League 1. It can be done I suppose.
  17. All very well saying they could join NCL but who pays for the travel every other week.
  18. I pray to god I'm wrong, but with all that has been reported this week, is this the week we see the last of some of these teams in the semi pro ranks.
  19. Think it's gone under the radar, but travel costs are being withdrawn aswell. More pressure on league 1 clubs.
  20. Listening to what is happening in League1, I think there could a few clubs joining the community league's be it up north or south. Could raise the profile of the game. Should make some tasty games.
  21. Just announced on 12o/c Talk Sport news about going P/T due to reduced tv deal.
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