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  1. Don't know if this is revelent, IMG produce Channel 4 rugby. Was this them dipping there proverbial toe in the water to see how the sport stands up to the general public.
  2. Danny Ward, he's used to working in a mad house.
  3. Might not be a League 1 after the restructure just expanded S/L1 n S/L2
  4. Slightly off topic with the varied locations of these junior teams, I predict London Broncos will be SL2 when it happens n go full-time.
  5. No age group for the boys to play in.
  6. Slightly off topic, have been told Hemel run all junior's, but are looking to join Southern Conference League again next season. Had a conversation at club that the U-18 age group was dropped by the London Junior League which did help the development of future players. All junior finals being played there along with the London origin series. Seems the RFL still have a lot of faith. The club have spent £100,000 of it's own money along with a £90,000 grant for new n existing changing rooms upgrades.
  7. As an established club of over 30yrs albeit in the south, they should beat the likes of Raiders, Cornwall although beating Oldham was good. Will hold judgement till the end of the season to see if they finish top of the expansion clubs.
  8. Think with Kear being appointed, it should make Widnes a harder game, new manager bounce n all that.
  9. Think having a slightly reduced capacity than Wembley but a far superior stadium helped with the TV coverage. They should hold it again at Spurs ground again but dare say contracts with Wembley will not allow it.
  10. Skolars were more successful when JC was there because Broncos were fulltime, did not have look into the same player pool.
  11. Goes to how stale Sky is, both NEW broadcasters have modern young co-coms n analysts, who can connect with the younger audience n also the older existing fans.
  12. They just seem to be changing like the wind, maybe it's the board should change, it all starts from the top.
  13. Interesting to see who will takes over the asylum? Dare say there will be some one who thinks they can do it. Will they pay the coin to get a coach down from up North or even Oz.
  14. Slightly of topic, if Broncos get relegated (hope not) will they lose there academy / scholarship status? If they do it will really help Skolars and Southern Conferance teams in London.
  15. Back in the day Hemel Stags played in the NCL, and competed really well v Fev Lions, Underbank, Kippax n Bramley, which I dare say could beat most of the lower league 1 teams, but they had aussie players no visa restrictions this is what the southern teams need a helping hand, but emigration rules will not allow it.
  16. The worrying thing is, if these London clubs fail (i hope they don't). Hemel Stags amateur will be the only club left with only proper semi pro facilities. Saw they are in the middle of a £200,000 ground improvements (new n additional changing rooms)they needed it. The chairman said they got out because of no players of league 1 standard. London clubs should be more realistic.
  17. Just seen they have added another set of changing rooms, looks like things are happening there. Seems like they setting themselves up as main focal point for RL in the South.
  18. If (when) Broncos go down, will the two London clubs merge?
  19. Thought Helen Skelton did s really good, knowledgeable job, good linking with guests. Once again Ch4 seem to have the midas touch in which game they pick.
  20. If you want to help a local RL club get in touch with Hemel Stags!!!!!!
  21. I know he has, but I was thinking what a lost opportunity because his past connection with Rhinos.
  22. With the squad ok but not top draw, I would get Danny Ward in, if not as head coach, assistant coach with the potential as head coach later. He has the experience to get the most out of players and is a good organiser.
  23. Looks like Mitch Pearce is starting to settle in, had me doubts but seems to like it in South of France, but not to much I hope
  24. Hemel Stags when in league1 had a Greek International, does that count?
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