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  1. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    As I understand it our chief executive did the calculations regarding the new kids passport that the rugby league is supposed to be bringing out. Alledgedly it would cost Hornets £5,000 going off last years figures. That's a lot of dosh when every £1 counts.
  2. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    I don't know the answer to that one.
  3. Rochdale Hornets

    You'll have to ask Barrow about Jono.
  4. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    The pessimist in me says for our teams the future is extremely bleak. Have a look around the stand tonight. There'll be more guys on the pitch under 30 yrs old than there will be in the stand.
  5. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    The writing's been on the wall for clubs like ours for quite a while really. I don't think the RFL would be overly concerned if any of Oldham, Swinton or Hornets folded. That's not where they see the future of pro Rugby League. Most clubs at our level exist on a financial tightrope, so it's not surprising one or two fall off from time to time. I had to smile at the guy earlier offering advice as to how we should increase our gates. I'm sure the management at Oldham RLFC would love to get more through the gate as well. The way I see it the three clubs I've mentioned have a regular fan base of around 2,000 at the moment.
  6. Law cup week 😁

    The pitches I played on looked like that in early October !
  7. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    One our the major sponsors ( TBA ) went bang owing us and presumably lots of other people substantial amounts of money. How do you budget for events like that ?
  8. Law cup week 😁

    Galbraith leaving is loss. I wasn't expecting to see Greenwood playing much this season to be honest. I think he'd be the first to admit he struggled to fill Wayne English's shoes last season. We've got two better fullbacks at the moment.
  9. Those nice tories

    One of Nicholas Soames previous lady friends was asked what it was like being made love to by him. She said " It's like having a wardrobe fall on you with the key sticking out of the door. " Who says women can't be funny ? It made me laugh anyway.
  10. Those nice tories

    Any re-shuffle that lets that poisonous Esther McVeigh back into a position of authority is to be welcomed by Labour voters. She's like a character out of a Charles Dickens novel in modern dress. An odious, repulsive woman.
  11. Lewis Gailbraith

    Your gain is our loss. A very good centre with pace and aggression. Doesn't take a backward step. He'll be sadly missed.
  12. It's usually 1964 in my house but I do play more current music. Two great tracks that you very rarely hear this side of the pond. If you play in a band you'll like the musicianship. You can watch live performances on YouTube. Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones - " Harlan County Line ". Mighty Mike Schermer - " My Big Sister's Transister Radio".
  13. I know, but he played on a lot of the later stuff like " Hungry For Love " , " Ecstacy ", " I Can Tell ", etc and as The Pirates - " My Babe ", " Casting My Spell ". His sound is unmistakable.
  14. Great stuff, I think that's Mick Green, the master of the Telecaster.
  15. Yeah I've seen Southside Johnny, really got the Tee shirt as well. He was a top live act but The Beatles, they were from another planet.