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  1. Best cover versions

    Creedence didn't do many covers, mainly because their own stuff was brilliant, but their version of " The Midnight Special " is really great.
  2. The TV Thread

    Yeah, it's hopeless but my wife likes it. Bits of it were filmed just down the road from me in Rochdale.
  3. SOO saved Australian Rugby League

    Same with me, also I've absolutely no interest in horse racing at all but I always watch the Grand National.

    I'm not quite sure he's up to playing regularly at this level. He should be a good signing for Oldham in that division though.
  5. I was thinking the lines of " Keith Don't Go ( To Toronto ) " by Nils Lofgren were pretty appropriate to be honest.
  6. Best cover versions

    I'm sorry but that doesn't do anything for me, on the other hand the Dionne Warwick version is a thing of beauty.
  7. All this will be history in 5 years, 10 at the most. We've seen it all before.
  8. Leigh receive parachute payment

    Again typical Rugby League. We make it up as we go along. Football watching pals of mine were incredulous when the found out the WC Final had a referee from one of the finalists !
  9. Typical rugby league. We make it up as we go a long. How other codes must be laughing at us.
  10. One of the greatest songs ever. Just as relevant today as it was when he wrote it.
  11. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    You're right. I'm more interested in the wave than the surfer who's riding it.
  12. Playing in the snow

    Watersheddings had it's own Eco climate. It was bloody cold up there even in September and April. Boundary Park wasn't much better. I remember reading a series of articles entitled " Your worst ever away day ". A QPR fan travelled North to watch his team play Oldham Athletic there. He came up with a pre existing cold, froze his nuts off on that open terrace behind the goals and ended up with pneumonia in Oldham Royal next to the ground ! He got back to London a week later. Southern Softy.