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  1. The Rugby League doesn't do things like that - do they ?
  2. I was only saying how much our line defence had improved before the Oldham game. Are we missing Gary Middlehurst more than we should ?
  3. Well done lads but It looks like neither team fancied their chances of going to Wembley these days . I suppose the Challenge Cup has gone the same way as the FA Cup in football. Toulouse aren't the same team without Ford. I was hoping he might get injured but obviously they were saving him for the up coming away games. Given the antics of last season's Hornets v Toulouse fixtures I'm expecting some fun and games at Spotland in a fortnight.
  4. Good.
  5. What's the weather like over there ? It's rained all day over here and more is forecast. Any chance of the ground not being fit ?
  6. It is very sad news Doug but the doctors can work wonders these days. He's beaten it once already. I'm hoping the lad can make a full recovery and he's soon back playing again.
  7. I don't know about the milking penalties issue but what I did find disturbing was the way Oldham players were appealing to the referee constantly through out the game. We don't want our game getting like football.
  8. We had one the other day. An opponent bursts up the wing and is struggling to make progress against three maybe four tacklers. We're trying to get him towards the touchline, he's wound up really giving it plenty to keep going . I suppose the ref must have shouted held because he penalised us for not releasing but the opponent was making some forward progress. We couldn't have really let him go earlier.
  9. I see you've signed Warren. You've got a great lad there. Always gave 100 % at Hornets. A very consistent player who won't let you down. All the best to you and Warren.
  10. We were quiet because for the majority of the game we'd nothing much to shout about. Apart a couple of five minute spells when we actually looked like the Hornets team we've seen this season it was just a litany of mistakes tempered by some good defence. One knock on followed by a misplaced pass followed by a poor kick etc. It's hard to get excited by such shabby play. A classic example was when we'd actually got out of jail and got a penalty right at the end. All we had to do was kick it into the stand. I could have booted it out on my bad leg. What do we do ? Unbelievably we kick it straight to an Oldham player so they can have another go at getting a drop goal. Dumb, amateur rugby. I'm not getting into the crowd argument. The expression " two bald men fighting over a comb " springs to mind. I've been to Hornets v Oldham " A " teams games in the past with larger gates. I suppose ten fat bald guys can make a lot of noise. I remember going to the Oldham Widnes play off game at Spotland several years ago. There must have been at least 4,000- 5,000 Oldham fans at that game all wearing replica shirts. Where were they yesterday ? I sit with a guy I've sat with for years. When we miss executed a simple play about 10 minutes from the end were we managed to pass the ball forward more or less straight from a scrum he said " I can't be doing with this rubbish, It's doing my head in. I'm off to get my tea ! " I've never known him leave a game early before in all the years I've known him and he's sat through some real garbage in the past. The consolation I take from this game is we were awful yesterday but every time we got into the Oldham 25 we scored. We were poor yet we got a draw. We were dreadful but we scored more tries. We were shocking but if Palfrey had have brought his kicking boots we would possibly have won . We can play a lot better than that, can Oldham ?
  11. Yeah, a top player. Hard but fair.
  12. Well we played our " Get Out Of Jail Free " card there today alright. After an error strewn first half performance that somehow saw us with our noses in front at 14-6 in spite of 3 relatively easy kicks at goal all being missed I said to my pal " Well we can't play that bad again ". Well I was right, we were worse. I know the ball was greasy and I know we had a tough game last week and our opponents didn't play at all but the number of mistakes we made was unbelievable. We made every mistake in the " Dumb Rugby Handbook ". Probably the worst being were Danny Bridge threw a wild pass straight into touch after a scrum when we'd gone about 5 minutes with no ball at all. When we finally managed to put some coherent sets together in the last five minutes we actually looked like we knew what we were doing and managed to get two converted tries. Throughout the game we had no problem getting over the Oldham line, we just had major problems getting into their half. I reckon we must have scored every time we got good ball in their 25 but we didn't do it often enough. For large parts of the game we were out enthused by a hard working Oldham side who will probably go away thinking " How did we not win that one ? " Their kicking game especially caused us problems throughout the game. Pluses for Hornets were Danny Yates who looked really sharp and Josh Crowley who was our best forward. Not many of the other players covered themselves in glory in a poor performance. We need to learn how to build pressure and that in this league you don't have to score on every play. Our defence was good given the amount of tackling we had to do and we stuck at it until the end but that was a point we were lucky to come away with.
  13. That'll teach me to keep my mouth shut. I just saw the weather forecast for Sunday. Rain earlier , depends when it clears up.
  14. Our coach has been saying once the dry grounds arrive we'll be throwing the ball around more than we've been able to up to now. At Fev it was like old time rugby.
  15. If the weather stays fine I'm expecting a cracker with plenty of running rugby.