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  1. I remember a James Bunyan tackle on some unfortunate Featherstone player a year or two back that was a real bone shaker.
  2. When you're retired every day is a holiday. I'm where the sky is blue and the sun is shining.
  3. I couldn't make it today as I'm on holiday. Nothing to be ashamed of in that score line. I'm just hoping we camr through unscathed injury wise.
  4. That was a very successful evening. I loved the dark grey away kit. I'll be getting one of those. Not so sure about the home kit, it's quite similar to last season's shirt.
  5. I didn't go that game but a pal of mine did. He reckoned Myler got so frustrated with Brelly dropping the ball that day that for one of the tries he actually ran towards Brelly put the ball in his hands. I think he got four tries. I liked Brelly, he was pretty quick, wholehearted and a good tackler for a small guy. The weak part of his game was his handling though. Your heart was in your mouth until he'd got a firm grip on the ball.
  6. I'd broken my leg playing football so I was staying away from watching games so I didn't get the itch again. A pal of mine dragged me to see Hornets v Leigh in a Lancashire Cup game back in 1966. The late, great Apesi Toga more or less beat Leigh on his own that night. That was it, one game and I was hooked !
  7. The injury to Robbo was a tragedy for the player and the club. I was at that game at Featherstone. We'd played Dewsbury the week before and Robbo had made two lung bursting breaks from his own 25 to the other 25 before putting John Kucuve in for two tries in a 10-10 draw.Featherstone had obviously seen he was the danger man and had targeted him. In the first tackle he was involved in a Featherstone player flopped down onto his legs while he was on the ground being held by other players. It was no accident. They meant to put him out of the game and they did. He was never the same player again even though he came back after the broken leg. He'd lost that vital yard of pace that set him apart from other loose forwards.
  8. Hi Dave, Eddie Tees was pre the Myler era. He would have been an asset in that team though, a class player. Joe, Bill and Bob all played in the Myler team.
  9. I remember John Butler making his first appearance for Hornets " A " team. My pal and I went up to the old Athletic Grounds to see our new signing.. In the first half he played loose forward and didn't really impress much. Our stand off , it could have been Harry Wood , got injured near half time so John played there in the second half. What a revelation he was in his new position. He more or less won the game on his own. After that he never looked back and went on to become an Hornets legend. I've often wondered if the intention was for him to eventually play at out half or was it just a lucky break. He was certainly devasting at out half. He was bigger and stronger than most stand offs and had a fair turn of speed. His backing up was excellent and he had the happy knack of running into the gaps and not the tacklers.
  10. The stand off in my all time Hornets 13. An outstanding rugby player who brought a great era to the club. Whenever he played you knew you could beat the opposition irrespective of who we were playing. I've never seen anyone with a better hand off, when he handed you off you knew all about it. He made the game look easy even at the end of his career.
  11. That's a big loss. Warren was possibly our most consistent player. I never saw him have a bad game and he always contributed in some way. Good luck for the future Woz, you'll always be welcome back at Hornets.
  12. Most top players have the time to " help " the referee if they get the chance. First " assistant referee " I remember was Alex Murphy but there's been plenty more since then.Australia should have been down to 12 for 10 minutes in the second half but the captain made sure that didn't happen.
  13. I'm not sure it's a good idea to reward teams that have relegated. The usual points deduction plus 6 more for being serial offenders I think.
  14. Quatar mustn't have fancied it then.
  15. Smart Rugby versus Dumb Rugby. With the usual result.