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  1. New Workington Coach

    I really hope so too. He seems a decent bloke. It just seems strange that in that very recent " Guardian " article he appears not to be interested in a coaching career yet a fortnight later he applies for the Workington job.
  2. New Workington Coach

    No pro coaching job is low pressure. This is a results driven business.
  3. Bookies refusing to pay out

    That still adds up to " No Chance ". Look at the odds.
  4. Bookies refusing to pay out

    That's in football. The difference between the " 1 st level and the 2 nd level " in rugby league is massive. A better comparison would be to expect a team like Rochdale to win the FA cup.
  5. Bookies refusing to pay out

    You'd have more fun if you folded your £10 note into a nice little paper aeroplane and launched it from your bedroom window. No championship team is going to win the Challenge Cup in your lifetime.
  6. That must have been a bloody big watch if you could lose that much under it.
  7. french players at english clubs

    My Oldham supporting pal's nickname for him was Hussein M'bite em. How he got that I don't know.
  8. New Workington Coach

    Yep, that's the one.
  9. New Workington Coach

    Coaching at that level is a very tough gig, especially if you've been a top player in your day and the guys you're coaching aren't. I've had similar issues to what Pryce referred to when I got divorced many years ago. Getting back to " normality " takes longer than you think. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I sincerely hope everything works out for Leon and the club but it's a big ask.
  10. Well they'll know a forward pass when they see one.
  11. Yeah, it's missing Rochdale Hornets v Oldham.
  12. New Workington Coach

    I'd rather not say. Like I said I like the lad so I don't want to rain on his parade. There was a very good interview with him in " The Guardian " a week or two back. Reading that article I'm surprised he's come back to Rugby League so soon. See if you can find it on the Internet. If you do read it you may get the drift of what I'm concerned about.
  13. New Workington Coach

    I like the lad and I wish him all the best but I think he's making a big mistake as are the Workington club.
  14. digital radio

    Only if the building site has wifi matey. My Roberts has rechargeable batteries that aren't bad. You can also plug it in to the mains. We have it on the mains in the apartment and on the batteries down by the pool. The choice of stations is amazing, I can get every BBC local radio station- great for Rugby League when we're abroad. They say there are over 30,000 stations you can access but I've never counted them all.
  15. Two more North America rugby league sides.

    " high finance and strategy is my expertise " - I think I'd already guessed that.