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  1. You kept that lottery win quiet.
  2. I share your views on Swinton and the possibility of a famous old club going out of business. When I first started watching they were one of the very top sides and Station Road a great venue. Wether forming a break away competition is a goer I just don't know. How much sponsorship such a league or leagues would be able to command is very much in doubt. I've no delusions of Super League grandeur for my club but I suspect one or two in our league still have pipe dreams.
  3. I've been watching since 1966 guys and with my hand on my heart I can honestly say I've only seen the best team lose on less than a dozen occasions in all that time. Normally the best team will have had more ball, better field positions etc. Most of the time in Rugby League those two factors alone are crucial. That's what make League such a great game, you can't " Park the bus " as they say in football and get everybody behind the ball and play for a draw or a lucky break away goal.
  4. Anybody else think the game is getting harder ? I also think getting thrown down onto the harder summer pitches regularly can't be helping matters. Reading other sites it appears other teams are having similar problems. With small squads lots of players are having to play carrying an injury, that's not good.
  5. As I understood it this was a case of " He said, she said " with no other corroborating evidence from any other player, match officials etc. One person's word against another. I was surprised at the initial verdict if this was the case. I heard that the Oldham player turned up with a barrister in tow. Maybe the disciplinary committee took fright at this and over reacted. How a guy can be suspended before the appeal and therefore miss last Sunday's game is typically Rugby League. In effect he's had a 1 match suspension for nothing. Let's hope things have calmed down before the up coming derby match.
  6. D.R

    We had a stand off who would have put that kick over no problem last season.
  7. D.R

    " Injured " and out for the rest of the season apparently.
  8. May the best team win, that's what usually happens in Rugby League.
  9. " I Think We're Alone Now "- Tommy James and the Shondells.
  10. The bloke that coached me as a football player gave me this advice - " Be a bad loser but also be a good winner ". " When the final whistle blows if you're lucky enough to be on the winning side that should be enough for anybody ".
  11. After watching Hornets v Swinton yesterday I reckon whatever it costs it was money well spent. I get a season ticket every year knowing I'm going to miss at least 3 or 4 home games because we have a long summer break in Spain. They are my choices I know but I reckon the Club needs the money more than I do.
  12. I'd love nothing more than for Hornets to run riot in the forth coming game. Having said that I wouldn't want the Biffo's to go down. Where's the fun in that ? No Derby games ? They've been great this season.
  13. Reading between the lines of the coaches after match speech some of the guys who've been playing injured recently might be rested with one eye on the up coming Oldham game.
  14. I see from today's RL Express that Brian Glover who played on the wing for Hornets during the Frank Myler era has recently passed away at the age of 81. Previously he'd been a star with Warrington and then moved on to St Helens. I remember him being a burly, strong, hard running player who didn't bother with any of the fancy stuff like sidesteps but just went for the corner flag.
  15. " These Lads Can Run For Eighty Minutes " has a good report on yesterday's game. Thinking about it this morning games like yesterday's are why we love rugby league. It had everything. Edge of the seat job from first to last. Total commitment from every player on both teams. I have a season ticket now but if it's £13 to get in it'd be the best £13 I spent all week.