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  1. Whippet13

    Season ticket sales

    With totals added plus some explantation of the columns, assuming the 2 missing clubs are similar to last year it shows a good healthy growth year on year: https://leagueunlimited.com/news/32567-2019-nrl-club-membership-tracker/
  2. Dont worry about Catalans making the SL GF, it's a completely different event with major Sky financial support. This is their key RL game of the year and it doesn't matter to them if only 30k turn up at OT as the TV audience/subscription is their target. Unlike the RFL, Sky would probably like Catalans to make it as it would widen the scope and demographic of the neutral viewing audience.
  3. Excellent post, completely agree. The RFL should hold their hand up without delay and say publically "sorry, we were wrong". It's the only way to dig themselves out of this ever deepening hole whilst retaining a little dignity. If they dont, history will record it as a bleak and ignoble event in the game's history, it's certainly on a par with the Stobart experience. Bearing in mind the RFL is looking for a CC sponsor, this just sends the message "we are skint and desperate for cash", which is a shocking and self inflicted position for the RFL to go into for any negotiations with companies. I've been to the last 20 Wembley Finals and wouldn't normally dream of not going, but based on this issue I am very tempted not to bother this year if my team don't get there. Looking wider, I've sat on the fence regarding the SL/RL split but this whole farce has me tending to agreeing with what the SL are doing. The RFU must be laughing their socks off about the whole thing, and I don't blame them.
  4. Whippet13

    Nigerian Players past and present?

    From the Nigeria Facebook: Jayden Okenbur (Canterbury) and "Nigerian superstar" Will Sharp. From wkipedia in addition: Martin Offiah, Jamal Idris, Bolu Fagborun, Abi Ekoku, Bright Sodje, Chris Enahoro, Rob Worrincy, Ade Adebisi
  5. Whippet13

    Very exciting development in Africa

  6. Whippet13

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Cricket have T20 dont they? So a cricket match?
  7. Whippet13

    Tony Adams to become RFL President

    The story is being syndicated around the world, this is an Indian Website for example: https://www.firstpost.com/sports/former-arsenal-and-england-captain-tony-adams-named-new-president-of-rugby-football-league-5719491.html
  8. Whippet13

    RL and power of free to air tv

    I'm still not convinced that the GB matches actually are going to be. Without an Australia game it's a much bigger financial gamble for the RFL and they could easily pull the plug.
  9. Toronto shouldn't really be bothered about the Challenge Cup, their entire focus will be on promotion. This has given Arglye a perfect morally acceptable excuse to rest his team for a couple of weekends, same goes for Tolouse. As for the concept, it's an absolute utter disgrace and not something I would ever have thought the RFL would stoop to, manna from heaven for any anti-RL media out there. It's also almost completely pointless bad publicity, when is the last time a championship/D2 made the cup final? I've been watching the game for 30 years and can't recall one. One thing I would like clarity on is has the sell X amount of tickets been imposed on ALL clubs making the final? If yes, given there is a 99% chance it will be 2 SL teams, is this a sign of war between SL and RFL?
  10. Whippet13

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    Its a USA bid which has lost the rights EF2000, Canada was not lined up for 2025. France would be my personal preference.
  11. Whippet13

    Challenge Cup Final

    July from 2020, you also have to buy the travel package to get the extras, not just a ticket.
  12. Whippet13

    $1000+ raised to help player

    Done, good luck to him.
  13. Whippet13

    The RLIF and Steve Mascord?

    Some cracking shirt designs on that site, most of them put the England one to shame.
  14. Whippet13

    The RLIF and Steve Mascord?

    I wonder if that Italian shirt is sponsored by the Mafia?
  15. Whippet13

    Heartwarming story

    1908 link: https://1908.store/collections/all#