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  1. Cheating

    The Australian commentors aren't helping much, over the last couple of weeks certain ones have been praising players during commentary for "clever" play in milking penalties by deliberately throwing the ball at offside players. It's a clear blight on the game at present and is influencing results. Maybe 2 referees might help in SL as it seems worse here than in the NRL.
  2. NCL Free Sports Coverage

    30 or 40 more like. Morgan apart, it was a good and entertaining show. The kids getting interviewed was a highlight.
  3. Just a question

    Do Sky not simply get the UK broadcast rights to whatever Fox is showing that week in Australia?
  4. NRL in the USA?

    Doesnt actually say it will be on the West coast, but that will be where the NRL will want to go to minimise disruption to them. Also doesnt say that it will be the season opener, other than text in the URL? Could it be held the week before or after the 2019 England v NZ game as it talks about extended break before and after the proposed game?
  5. I watch and follow the game avidly and had no idea about this so no idea how a casual supporter is going to know. Bit cheesed off as I worked form home today so would have watched some of it. We are slowly pushing forward globally, but don't half make it hard work for ourselves. Empty stadium are irrelevant, it's about getting the message out that RL is played at big global sporting events, that is a huge trigger for the game.
  6. WatchNrl.Com

    RFL2018 is the offer code, sent out in an OURLEAGUE email but should work for anyone.
  7. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Bear in mind this is the Daily Mail. I think one of the reasons they have split their channels is perhaps to guage the true interest and value in other sports. I've got Sky again this season but made a point of telling them I don't want the soccer, even though it would only have been a couple of quid extra per month it's still a couple of quid I'd rather (and do) give to charity.
  8. Because the deal is probably to share the money 50/50 and is nothing to do with who takes more UK fans, which group of fans spends more, or who is the bigger "name" club and entices more neutrals - as all of that is impossible to quantify.
  9. cabra 9s??

    http://www.theroar.com.au/2018/01/24/cabramatta-international-nines-rugby-leagues-most-undervalued-event/ https://playnrl.com/harmony/programs-and-tournaments/
  10. Bradford v Toronto Live Stream

    Managed the last 10 minutes as only saw this late but it was not very stable, would have been better on YouTube perhaps.
  11. Hummel

    The World Cup debacle is why.
  12. Hummel

    New RFL and England kit supplier http://www.totalrl.com/rfl-secure-new-four-year-kit-deal/ Don't know much about them but glad BLK are gone.
  13. Hock

    Your completely missing my point, I said he will do a good job for Fev this year, meaning as a player. I just don't see the wider benefit in signing someone who is 35 this season with a long history that will do nothing for the image of the club in the minds of parents who have impressionable young kids etc. Especially one like Fev that tries to promote itself as a community asset. Realise many other clubs sign players with misdemeanors (Gelling/Monaghan being good examples at Wigan/Warrington), but they generally mature and become positive role models. Hock doesnt fit into that category from what I have seen as an outsider looking in. There are reasons no top team (no disrespect to Widnes, Salford, Leigh) wanted him after he left Wigan despite his undisputed talent.
  14. Hock

    Watched Hock as a kid and player at Wigan and he was an absolutely superb talent, he repeatedly tore apart defences and was unplayable at times. I am convinced he would have terrrorised the convicts playing at his peak but his attitude and lifestyle choices ruined his career so we will never know. I think he will go very well and do a very solid job at Fev this year but what example does he set to young children watching and playing the game? Fair enough if he was to stand up and becomes an ambassador for "not being a moron", but no sign that I have seen of him doing that so he's burnt too many bridges for me. Not blaming the lad by the way, he's got to earn a living, I just think he just blew it repeatedly despite Wigan bending over backwards for him and there are far better ways for Fev to spend their cash.