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  1. Hock

    Your completely missing my point, I said he will do a good job for Fev this year, meaning as a player. I just don't see the wider benefit in signing someone who is 35 this season with a long history that will do nothing for the image of the club in the minds of parents who have impressionable young kids etc. Especially one like Fev that tries to promote itself as a community asset. Realise many other clubs sign players with misdemeanors (Gelling/Monaghan being good examples at Wigan/Warrington), but they generally mature and become positive role models. Hock doesnt fit into that category from what I have seen as an outsider looking in. There are reasons no top team (no disrespect to Widnes, Salford, Leigh) wanted him after he left Wigan despite his undisputed talent.
  2. Hock

    Watched Hock as a kid and player at Wigan and he was an absolutely superb talent, he repeatedly tore apart defences and was unplayable at times. I am convinced he would have terrrorised the convicts playing at his peak but his attitude and lifestyle choices ruined his career so we will never know. I think he will go very well and do a very solid job at Fev this year but what example does he set to young children watching and playing the game? Fair enough if he was to stand up and becomes an ambassador for "not being a moron", but no sign that I have seen of him doing that so he's burnt too many bridges for me. Not blaming the lad by the way, he's got to earn a living, I just think he just blew it repeatedly despite Wigan bending over backwards for him and there are far better ways for Fev to spend their cash.
  3. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

  4. What do Leigh offer Super League?

    Leigh is not a village it is a town and as I understand it has a bigger population than Castleford, not picking on Cas there or pushing Leigh (for balance of facts Castleford has a train station and Leigh doesn't).
  5. Too young for the 70's, but differences from attending in the 80's and 90's include: I can now go to the toilet indoors, I dont get a lungful of carcinogenic tobacco fumes, see no baggy player shirts, rarely have to figure out who the mud covered player is (or indeed who's team he is on), I don't have to wear 5 layers of clothing to keep warm whilst standing huddled under a leaking roof on a windswept terrace, watch almost no biff (on or off the pitch) and see no-one listening to the half time scores from other games on transistor radios. Most of these disappearing are good things but one thing that has definately changed for the worse for me is the demise of advert free shirts, which has now reached a new undignified low with the current trend of adverts on players bums. Oh, and players welfare has improved, I recall watching concused players staggering round the pitch for half a game or crippled lads being put on the wing and hobbling up and down, clearly causing further damage to themselves, because there were only 2 subs allowed. Thankfully not all has changed, I can still visit a substantial number of SL grounds which retain the traditionally nostalgic opportunites to drink terrible beer, consume food with less nutrition than a piece of varnished wood and get soaking wet whenever it rains....what some on here quaintly refer to as atmosphere ☺
  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Happy / Merry Chirstmas fellow RL fans
  7. Bobble hat

    I expected this thread to be about Kieran Cunningham.
  8. If it's in Noth America then I will be coming, wherever it is played, as booked 2 weeks off work covering either side of the proposed weekend. Hence I hope it doesnt end up as France at home in Doncaster! Seriously, I think England v anyone in N.A. be worth putting on if marketed properly in the right location. As for the NRL clubs stopping their NZ players, if true then that is obscene and exibits all the attibutes of the RU which drove the creation of the NU. I have been watching RL for over 30 years and we have never had the global opportunities available which currently present themseles, I just hope the game has the foresight to grasp them.
  9. Toronto v Halifax venue

    https://www.torontowolfpack.com/2017/12/11/last-chance-enter-leader-pack-co Admittedly not high profile glamour, though I think it's a great idea and obviously plan to enter the whippet, but to me this shows they seem to be continuing their positive and innovative approach. From a quick look at the website and Twitter, TW don't seem any more or less active to me than they were 12 months ago, although I don't know how off season N.A. sports culture works so no idea if that's good or bad. I am however also disappointed they are playing some home games in the UK, especially the Toulose match, though perhaps the RFL could have planned that better. Overall, to me TW were a huge breath of fresh air and the positive story for RL in 2017 and I hope that continues, good luck to them in 2018.
  10. Improving the World Cup

    Teams don't just do It to waste time, they are trying to give the their defence a rest. The shot clock idea tries to negate this.
  11. Great Discounts on RLWC Merch

    At the Mt Smart semi and at the final the Warriors and Broncos shops were both closed, 70000 fans attended these two games.
  12. Wow, wow, wow

    The big screen at the game showed some important looking guy in the stands before the game, turns out it was the King of Tonga, he flew in especialy to see the game apparently.
  13. Wow, wow, wow

    I was at the game yesterday and in my 33 years of watching the game I have never experienced anything remotely like it. We parked about a mile away and for blocks around the stadium there were houses decked out in Tongan colours, parties going on everywhere, cars driving up and down covered in flags with music booming out and people of all ages from babes in arms to old folk in wheelchairs dressed in Tongan colours. I have also never experienced so many people come up to me before a game and say may the best team win, or indeed so many people come up to me after a game to say great game and wish England all the best for the final. Even after the match there were flags waving and car horns blaring long into the evening. Lost count of how many people shook my hand walking back to the car, it was a completely unique experience. Tongans are some of the friendliest and loudest people I have ever met, it was the highlight of the trip without a doubt.
  14. RLWC 2017

    Booked flights yesterday, doing Perth through to the final. Noticed the RLWC2017 website has England merchandise. Admittedly only T-shirts showing at present but better than the ghastly BLK rubbish and hopefully they will expand the range so I can buy something decent. http://shop.rlwc2017.com/t-shirts/