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  1. Whippet13

    New online England store

    Charging me 7 quid delivery for a shirt. That's right at the payment page, even though the free delivery claim is still on the front page.
  2. Whippet13

    2018 Kits

    On Saturday here was an assortment of plain t shirts with England badge printed on or Denver International League Rugby Football or similar. 30-35 dollars. Two stalls in the ground, dull looking stuff but they were doing a decent trade. I bought a very good qualty and very smart Denver Broncos gym top for 11 dollars from the club shop instead. Going to the semis at Bolton, so maybe they'll have England gear there, if so I'll be getting a shirt. Looking ahead, given how seriously the RFL seem to be taking the 2021 WC then hopefully they will have a deal to get the England shirt into a major high street clothes or supermarket chain.
  3. Been back out and had dinner and a beer at the main Blue Moon brewery, back home tomorrow so your lucky to be headed to Vegas! Yorks Tim, I was also surprised at the number of people who had no idea the game was on, if they keep it here and promote it I'm sure it can grow into something big I'll be back next year if it's on again.
  4. Ermmm....actually there was.......part of the pre and half time entertainment. Team of 4 dogs chasing and catching frizbies, one was a whippet, the best one actually. They compete in the world dog frizbie catching championships or something....as the saying goes: Only in America! Got a pic but can't upload it.
  5. Just back at my motel, the crowd was right at around 19+k, atmosphere was absolutely fine considering 95% were neutrals or English / NZ RU expats. People seemed to enjoy the game, especially the big hits and tries. Crowd not an amazing attendance but considering the negativity from the NRL not bad. No reason why the crowd should my be bigger next year with more of a run up at it and less Aussie sabotage, Clint Newton looked happy enough. Great stadium and a nice city centre. Russell Crowe was at the game. There was no official English merhandise but Broncos had produced their own stuff, t shirts, for the game which was impressive. Beer 7 quid a litre, approx.
  6. Whippet13

    Modern game

    I was there and I experienced it live, it's something I'll never forget. In 34 years of watching RL it was the most memorable atmosphere I have ever experienced. Put 24500 fanatical Tongans and 500 English together and you'd expect some sort of intimidation, yet there was nothing, they were the most friendly people you could wish to meet and were there to watch RL and support their country. 100% passion before and during the game, handshakes and best wishes for the final after it, both on and off the pitch. Oh, and Tongans and are bloody huge. International RL is the future, the game needs to understand that, every other sport does.
  7. Whippet13

    New online England store

    Despite the lack of a mug this is a huge improvement on BLK. Allegedly the England shirt will be on sale at the game, so I'll be getting one this Saturday 😎
  8. Whippet13

    Rugby and Motorbikes

    I know Brad Fittler rides and does his bit for charity, ok he's a Harley rider, but still.....
  9. Whippet13

    Rugby and Motorbikes

    Just got back from the TT and I can confirm there certainly are. The Facebook page is well supported all year round so it's a good call. Love the idea but suspect I am possibly a touch past playing age at 50 sadly.
  10. Whippet13

    Super League Crowds

    Three of Wigans 4 remaining regular home games are against Warrington, St Helens and Leeds. These are traditionally the club's best attended home games so the average will rise. However, 2 are in the crowd-reducing Thursday night slot - Leeds and St Helens. The club's promotion doesn't seem to be as good as it used to be, I don't know why.
  11. Whippet13

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    Which is fine if your going off on a jolly with a couple of mates in October, but will there be 65000 £40 tickets over the required 3/4 day period on a weekend in May from Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds Bradford airports? I doubt it. The ferry takes a day to get there and another day back, I can easily drive to Newcastle from Lancashire in under 3 hours.
  12. Contact BARLA or Oldham St Annes, surely either will be able to put you in touch with someone local?
  13. On the subject of TV money: http://runningrugby.com//media/RDA-To-Sell-England-And-Super-League-International-TV-Rights/
  14. Whippet13

    Balancing it All Out!

    Second on field official to monitor the PTB, or get an experienced ex-player to review the games, every offence of illegal action in the PTB, attacker or defender, gets a 1 point rating. Get 2 points and its a 1 game ban and £200 fine (that will cover the admin costs). No hearing, just a notification issued. One appeal per team allowed each week, loose the appeal and fine is doubled. Any oustanding offence points to roll over between games. I'd also introduce a shot clock for drop outs.
  15. Whippet13


    The Australian commentors aren't helping much, over the last couple of weeks certain ones have been praising players during commentary for "clever" play in milking penalties by deliberately throwing the ball at offside players. It's a clear blight on the game at present and is influencing results. Maybe 2 referees might help in SL as it seems worse here than in the NRL.