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  1. Was a thriller, really enjoyed it, well worth a watch.
  2. The IRL are trying go spread it around, which is a good thing. Their 2029 preference is USA, but if not I suspect Australia or NZ will get the nod, so the UK for the 2033 tournament.
  3. I have got tickets to see every men's and every women's team apart from Aus & NZ men, whom I expect to see in the Semi's and also have tickets for these. The next WC in the UK probably won't be for another 11 years so am not missing the opportunity to see all these teams.
  4. Getting a new stand apparently. If true, suspect this means they will be in IMGs brave new RL world. https://twitter.com/catalanmedia/status/1574459350952939524?s=20&t=p-_8eYnQlTAxAWhdB0B96Q
  5. I assume there are a number of points to be presented so it may not be a single vote. Possibly also not final ones, there could be initial proposals to be taken forward into an open public consultation phase.
  6. There is zero interest from clubs, players or administrators (NRL, SL and IRL) to hold the WCC at the end of the seasons for a long list of very good reasons. International RL is far more important to developing the sport and that is rightly taking priority. I've been to about 10 WCC games over the years' in England and Australia and love the concept, but there are far more strategically important autumn playing priorities so it should stay where it is.
  7. I imagine it was in the years after 1918. The war and then suffrage changed a lot of perceptions about what women should and should not do socially.
  8. https://www.townrlfc.com/article/727/workington-town-appoint-anthony-murray-as-head-coach
  9. Seven League won the tender to find opportunities, nothing further was announced so presumably they didn't. https://rlwc2021.com/article/173/seven-league-win-rlwc2021-gaming-and-esports-tender- Seven League are owned by IMG, there is probably a good conspiracy story in there somewhere.
  10. I think the 2nd Knights game is the same weekend as the Fiji game so can only count as a single match against his ban. Clubs use friendlies and reserve games against bans so nothing new or unusual.
  11. Yes they can be interchanged, but only if you are a Tier 1 country begining and ending with the letter A.
  12. An end of season competition would destroy the Tier 1 international scene, which is massively more important for the sport. Pre (NRL) season is the only realistic option.
  13. Returning to winter would tie in with Elite 1 which means we could also create a mid-week European League. Playing on a Wednesday would mean no disruption to either domestic competition and we could sell it to Channel 4 for millions.
  14. They were down in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago.
  15. Looks like a 40-18 win to the sharks, well deserved.
  16. Missed conversion from the rough, remains 26-12.
  17. Sharks running away with it it, length ofthe field try and now 40-18 with some low wattage floodlights on, as bright as Batley v Widnes on Premier Sports back in April.
  18. Curently Sharks 16 Bulls 12, decent game, although the pitch could do with a good mowing.
  19. Cairns is just a provincial town, 160K population is way too small for an NRL franchise. I think Perth has a population of c2 million and growing.
  20. If MA is purely a low cost stop-gap then it's an exceptionally risky approach. It's going to be Wakefield's toughest challenge for a while next year, the other 10 staying in SL all look far stronger and Leigh look like they are trying to build a decent squad which can survive. On the plus side, great to see a young British coach get an opportunity, good luck to him.
  21. Some Ukraine highlights, give them a follow if you are on Twitter.
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