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  1. Hemel Stags 10 v 54 Newcastle Thunder KO 2pm Hunslet 60 v 12 Coventry Bears KO 3pm Keighley Cougars 86 v 16 West Wales Raiders KO 3pm North Wales Crusaders 18 v 56 York City Knights KO 2.30pm Oldham 36 v 22 London Skolars KO 3pm Whitehaven 18 v 42 Bradford Bulls KO 3pm Workington Town 18v 30 Doncaster KO 3pm
  2. I'll take that as a fair shout
  3. Cumbrian club Whitehaven have announced a proposed link up with Serbian side Red Star Belgrade for 2019 which would see Serbias finest prospects enter Whitehavens newly proposed plans of a youth and academy system . This appears to be all on condition that this seasons financial difficulties are resolved and two new major business and financial backers , one who is said to be based in Australia with many business's throughout the Country and in Europe . All sounds very promising and very interesting for that part of West Cumbria . Thought anyone ?
  4. Coventry Bears 8- 46 Oldham Doncaster 24 - 22 Keighley Cougars Newcastle Thunder 32 - 24 Whitehaven York City Knights 38 - 18 Workington Town
  5. Anonymouse


    I thought that was the built in message and point I was making
  6. Anonymouse


    Its a combination of factors over the years , SKY , SL , lower leagues overlooking locals for average aussies and fading has beens looking for a final pay deal on over inflated wages , no reserve team squads , the ridiculous dr system which discourages good local amateurs from turning semi pro etc , etc people who walk away from any sport very rarely return if major changes or improvements arent made and the next generation werent then taken to watch games because of their disgruntled Fathers
  7. Anonymouse


    how many semi pro clubs have gone to the wall in the past 20 or 30 yrs and even gone altogether ? quite a few and Whitehaven are by no way unique to this current situation and certainly will not be the last and its a shame that people who supposedly are lovers of rugby league cannot wait to have a dig at and mock and even add wide off the mark speculation and insinuations towards a club who are in seemingly difficult times . No one knows what is around the corner from season to season for any club , yes they have probably overspent in last seasons promo push but who wants to be in this basement league for the foreseeable future with almost no away supporter revenue and a dwindling home support and some of the things said on other clubs forums are ranging from the ridiculous to the libellous .
  8. Anonymouse


    your original comment was'n't critical at Leigh fans though was it , it was aimed at their club
  9. Anonymouse


    I'm not so sure DavidM I do realise dr is here and everyone uses it like it or loathe it , but when you see important trys scored by dr players in recent weeks then you have to say it has helped clubs , including Workington , to win some games and put them where they are at the moment . Or else why use it ?
  10. Anonymouse


    and all the more strange as Leigh are providing his club with dr players and propping them up in a league 1 playoff spot .
  11. Anonymouse


    no one who likes the great game likes to see clubs fall into such a state but as i recall last season many people were saying whitehaven had invested all their money , including half of this seasons budget , in an all out high risk high wages promotion bid which would mean promotion or bust , this was vigorously denied as lies and now we see this current situation come to light , its no wonder there are claims of recklessness being banded around as something looks very much amiss .
  12. think both Cumbria teams will struggle to get a win away and WWR could notch up their first win after that its wins for Bulls . Hunslet Oldham and Donny
  13. Anonymouse


    he needs the book thrown at him for this it is unacceptable drunken disorderly and abusive behaviour . Also one other factor is how was he allowed to enter in such a state ? or did the staff continue to serve a person and allow him to get in such a drunken state ? which is also a breach of licencing conditions as you are putting other punters in a possible risk of abuse and aggressive behaviour .
  14. Anonymouse

    Who will finish bottom four in SL?

    like football , the rich will float and the poor will sink , if one of those bottom clubs doesnt sink this year they eventually will and out of those promo hopeful only 2 have the resources to have a realistic dig at it .
  15. Anonymouse

    Sam and Joel Tomkins - Fresh as Daisies

    Wonder how much Wane knew of this ? it seems one or two things recently could have made him think now is time to leave .