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  1. theres no denying how good he is in this league but next season if there is a push to go up will he be banned for important games ? or will he decide he has other plans that week , will he play against teams who we expect to win then blow a fuse the week before several big fixtures and have to sit them out ? he is a talented lad if he can for once leave all that behind , which is the gamble of taking him back into an already small squad and tight budget .
  2. true ivans82 , but if haven do go up it will be a very long hard season for them with the squad they have and they will have to go deep into the red in order to aquire numbers and and a bit more quality in areas or they will be on a hiding week in and week out , for me I firmly believe town could easily have been up there on around 24 or 26 pts with the other 2 cumbrian clubs had they had been a bit less unlucky with injuries , in particular long term such as davies , joseph , coward and scholey and losing tee even before the season started was a huge blow as he would have taken many of the teams in this league apart , but town are where we are and in any case it is way too soon for what would likely be a disasterous season next year if we had squeezed up into the championship first time of asking so lets all hope for an entertaining 8's and enjoy the end of the season .
  3. it would seem a simple on loan deal would be obvious for olstrum , there has to be more to the haven chairmans press statement if he used the swap as an option .
  4. couldnt imagine the BOD even concidering tee or even tee considering haven as it would mean giving up his favourite fb position and going on the wing , they wouldnt dare dislodge elliot .
  5. Barrow have been stuttering for some weeks , I wouldnt read too much into that result , I expected a haven win .
  6. with all the lads back and olstrum a very strong possibility and some good games under their belt i'd fancy the last game to be a home win for town so haven will have to make sure they dont wobble against the improved keighley , york and newcastle who are all hitting form recently and are all very capable of beating haven and barrow , these 8's are going to be much tighter than some would like to think .
  7. it is natural for this sort of thing to happen during the tail end of a season and much of havens shopping list will depend on whether they are promoted or not , championship rugby will be a very tempting carrot for several of towns key players , it will be up to the BOD and coach now to present a sell able plan and package to keep them interested and on board , losing callum wouldn't be all and end of all but it could give some players with ambition a few second thoughts as champ 1 isn't an appealing league and it will be similar if barrow go up there could be also moves for 2 or 3 players . york may yet have a big say who is going to go up and are capable of a run of wins and newcastle although highly unlikely are the others who may upset the apple cart .
  8. My personal view is if someone sees this sort of thing going on and you know who the individuals are then report it to stewards and have the report logged then the next time you are at a home game report it to a board member or office staff and have it logged . Putting claims and counter claims on here makes dire reading and lowers the tone of the town forum which many people from other clubs read and use .
  9. both callum and tee would be an asset to any championship side and would thrive at clubs with players who are a better quality around them , they may stay another season but to be fair they need to be playing in a higher standard than champ 1 .
  10. so everyone gets beat by toronto , if we beat donny and haven at dp ( it is very possible at home if all are playing well ) then who knows ?
  11. if haven do go up I suspect a purge on our key players , likewise if its barrow , but anything can happen in the play offs and I wouldnt write off york or newcastle to pull off a shock promotion .
  12. yeah .
  13. here lays a problem , no size or grunt up front and the halves are under the cosh , also with callum missing the dummy half yards have been few and far between .
  14. isnt that irrelevant ? he wasnt playing , he's gone , not that you were aware of it . , good win for your lads today though , they have to be given credit .
  15. fell wasnt playing , his loan is over , thought you'd have known that ?