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  1. How many more?

    whats all this anti traveller and "we have our own " nonsense about ? you say you never mentioned the lads origins , you didn't need to be specific as you just constantly bleat out "traveller , traveller , traveller " in your venomous rants about non locals . Any player from anywhere should be treated equally and with as much respect as anyone if they are willing to pull on a town shirt and ply their trade for the club . Other BARLA prospects ? forrester yes he could potentially make it and go on to championship level , have the others played in BARLA representative games or tours ? they are prospects and have shown glimpses but still a bit off from first team selection but with hard work and patience they will improve and be given their chance .
  2. How many more?

    a travelling 3 rd rate 9 ? really ? see Gonch's post .
  3. How many more?

    not dissing anyone , only my opinion they have a lot of room and a lot of scope and potential for improvement as does prior .
  4. How many more?

    I'm not sure the wages will be all that higher than last season , only slightly on the players budget but will be higher on the head coach salary I should imagine . Winning pay should make a dent in the coffers tho
  5. How many more?

    I did say as a cover and not meaning a starting player , he was a BARLA Tour hooker and Lancashire player so you would think he has some talent to tap in to ? everyone else keep saying sam is not likely to return any time soon ? Getting decent loan players will be dictated by the finances available after the squad build is finished .
  6. How many more?

    so why was he a BARLA GB hooker and tourer and a Lancashire County team player ? he cannot be all that bad or is it coz he isnt a seaton prospect , who by the way didnt pull many trees up either and with far more game time .
  7. How many more?

    so many things wrong with that comment . Whats wrong with signing players from development or expansionist clubs such as Coventry ? not all players who play for or have been at those clubs are " cast offs " or poor players , they leave for their own personal reasons such as travel and work or other commitments . Some of those young lads are talented prospects and looking for a step on the ladder and a future in the game , clubs like hemel and coventry and oxford , the old golds have talented prospect on their books or on loan or trials and will no doubt over coming years produce some future championship and SL stars . Prior had very little game time at all and I'm not going to judge a young lad who only had a couple of minutes in a couple of games in a unfamiliar team . He was willing to travel up and be water boy for a few months and wait for his chances , unlike one or two were in recent seasons .
  8. How many more?

    did he sign with an injury ? he had heavy strapping on one elbow the whole season . If its 2 months out then he should be ok in February or is it 2 months into the season ? if so at least one more hooker/half back needed for cover , prior ?
  9. agree donald , i left bradford out because i was talking about the rest of the top 5 qualifiers
  10. pre-season

    didn't tee ritson play for town against doncaster at 17 and then sign at 18 for the next season ? If the young lad is on trials then thats ok , sometimes signing at 18 happens as to keep close rivals from luring them first .
  11. How many more?

    he is quicker than perry but allround defence and passing and physicality I'd say perry shades it . Its all about pros and cons and opinions but a good selection headache to have .
  12. 4 days late in paying the bill the N&S has claimed .
  13. How many more?

    theres more to being a centre than running , its a step up from amatuer and local Union and I'd give perry the nod over him for last seasons efforts , good cover when needed at fb wing or centre tho . I'd have miller and foster on the wing and singleton and patrick or hambley in the centres first .
  14. How many more?

    put some beef on him and it is possible , a few years ago miller and patrick were only considered wingers but now have good size .I just dont see him being in the starting 13 at centre or wing with all the other options ? be good cover though .
  15. How many more?

    I was meaning more size than singleton , I'd already said JP at centre , scott needs some utility if he wants games as I dont see him as a first team starter in this squad