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  1. Challenge Cup

    are you drunk ? Donny ,York and Oldham were always going to be Bradfords closest challengers and still are by a margin .
  2. Challenge Cup

    According to twitter feeds and club web pages both teams made 3 changes to their previous teams .
  3. Cumbrian lakers

    agree , it was a Scots International team so it would have attracted a few from the borders and Glasgow area where RL has a small foothold and some of the many Scots who live in and around west Cumbria .
  4. Challenge Cup

    possibly Hunslet in there too , Town havent convinced me yet of being a promo favourite as the only team of any note they have met thus far is Keighley and Keighley won , tomorrow might show more and if there is anything there and the following 2 games are must wins .
  5. Challenge Cup

    Hull KR Half Back was on loan with York last season , Donny have stole him , he is very good , could easily play top level championship and will be snatched up sooner or later , possibly by SL club . Donny have several very good Hull FC and KR players this season .
  6. Challenge Cup

    Liam Harris is pulling all the strings and weaving the magic at Donny , he is way better than this level or anyone at this level in the halves , Bradford and Donny to go up i'd say as both are looking head and shoulders above the rest , as Ive often predicted .
  7. Donny looking now like the real deal this season and although it was only a cup game and early days , with Liam Harris pulling the strings its hard to see past Bradford and Donny to go up .
  8. Cumbrian lakers

    lets face it Haven are not going to set this league alight this season and at this very moment in time Town are a hope only and no certainty of being successful just yet , if things do not click and they fall short this season with the names brought in and the investment spent on them then maybe the time will have come to form a merger or both clubs continue to struggle on and die a slow and lingering death .
  9. Music at games

    I very much doubt it as he was only 15 yrs old in 1982
  10. Music at games

    when ?
  11. Broncos prediction

    cheers wonky , not many ? I'd say not one high bomb to Tansey at all , in fact I dont even think the west wales kickers had either the time or the nous to have any real kicking game at all a couple of attempts at punting through which were awful and went nowhere . So I cant see how anyone can claim "he was solid under the high bombs " what he did do he done well though with his experience and calm professionalism .
  12. Broncos prediction

    so you are claiming on here that west wales put up high bombs for towns fullback during Sundays game ? Anyone one wish to back SS up on this because I never seen any testing high bombs from a wales kicker ?
  13. Broncos prediction

    solid under which bombs ? I dont recall high bombs from west wales and no testing last tackle kicks to the fullback of much note come to think of it ?
  14. Broncos prediction

    my point too mate , if they come with a second string and rest several of their key players then we could see a much more competitive game .
  15. Broncos prediction

    all the lads who played with him = Doran , Forber and Scholey . DavidM has called it right , if Sammut turns up with the squad who has been running riot against top opposition in the Championship then they will win by a very comfortable margin but it will still be interesting to see how town handle the game and to see some personal performances against who are at this moment in time , far more superior opposition from 1-17 . Injury free and enjoying the occasion will be more important season wise as anything else .