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  1. Anonymouse

    Saints sniffing

    any talented young player will not sign a 2 or 3 yr contract without a clause to be released to a full time SL team if they come knocking .
  2. Doncaster who have been down played during the build up to this season , have past a big hurdle today and a big plus while doing so is they have 2 home fixtures in a row which if they win both will set them in good stead . With much fancied and many punters favourites losing today , the other 2 big boys Oldham and Workington becomes all the more vital to get that first win and 2 points on the board and get in front of Newcastle , there are only 4 teams in it for the top spot in my opinion and winning away to one of them is crucial
  3. What a come back , Donny shock Thunder with a second half blitz . never saw thay coming at half time
  4. Newcastle look good but Donny are poor on this showing so far
  5. awful defending for that last try .
  6. DR does far more harm than good
  7. Bradford Widnes Dewsbury Fax Fev York
  8. Oldham league winners second place promotion between Workington and Newcastle
  9. SATURDAY 16th FEBRUARY Newcastle Thunder 28 v 24 Doncaster KO 2.30pm SUNDAY 17th FEBRUARY Coventry Bears 40 v 18 West Wales Raiders KO 3pm Oldham 30 v 22 Workington Town KO 3pm Whitehaven 28 v 18 Keighley Cougars KO 3pm
  10. if i am not driving i will always by a few pints at a clubs bar and some chips or a pie or burger etc if i get the munchies , any revenue for clubs these days is vital
  11. the only thing this thread proves is the sham of SL for not having reserve teams and a reserve league because they can rely on DR
  12. Anonymouse

    League 1 predictions

    I went for Oldham , they are flying in pre season and have signed another good half back in A Brook from Fax yesterday , big squad and a lot of strength in depth , runners up could be any from Donny , Thunder and Town Bottom WW Raiders , Keighley may not even start and if they do they may not finish the season
  13. Anonymouse

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    There was a cumbria select dream X11 team on Love Rugby League or somewhere a month or two ago but dont know if there is any notion to move with the idea of a county series ?
  14. Abram confirmed at Rochdale today .
  15. Anonymouse

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    all 3 would be better off if consolidated in a vibrant Championship and to be honest it would be far more entertaining than the super dull league