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  1. young locals in Barrow , Haven and Workington , ie , Toal , Barrow , Burns and Holiday at Haven and Towns Ritson are all easily top end Championship players but playing part time for a Semi Pro Championship club outside Cumbria just wouldnt be practical .
  2. great stuff , well done and 3 more to follow ? happy days .
  3. Good side Barrow , still say they and Toronto go up .
  4. Craig Lingard says Haven are a top four ...or five team , he was happy with his defence as after last week he knew his attack was going ok .
  5. Ive posted before 1st Toronto 2nd Barrow 3rd Keighley 4th Haven .... and will stick with that
  6. But most peole know and undersand that Town are a long way from title contenders and double hopefulls
  7. 36 -0 57 mins , title contenders should never be getting nilled , whatever their excuse
  8. HT 26 - 0 to the Cougars
  9. Could be a long afternoon for Haven , 3 try's down in the openning 15 mins
  10. The new Chairman , the new members of the board the new Coach , the players that remained and the new players and trialists willing to make an effort and a go of it can't be blamed for whats gone and deserve to be given a chance , even if it's a hard slog and things go wrong in the initial first season of what is practically a whole new club on a shoe string budget . Any rebuild is never going to be easy and success should be expectedly slow but also sure and measured .
  11. agreed , and i'd probably give town a bit more credit than 8th as some are saying , 1st Toronto 2nd Barrow 3rd Keighley 4th Haven 5th and 6th between Town or Donny then York then Hunslet then the rest , baring in mind Town are said to be adding a number of experienced pro's to an already decent backbone of last seasons players . If the budget is right and things go well this season I'd say it's a good beginning to the rebuilding of the club .
  12. surely town will get just as many away fans as haven will get and town will also win a lot more home games in this league than lose , probably only losing to the same teams haven lose to ?
  13. is whitehavens sustainable in champ 1 tho ? this could be the key issue at the end of the season
  14. don forget , the 3 or 4 amateurs who seem to be signing have all been preseason training with the 17 man signed squad from the outset so there should not be much of a gelling issue there ? this would take the squad to about 21 ? then its said several other experienced are in negotiations ? so it is actually sounding like it will be 25 or so ? at least this is how am reading Gary's informative comments .
  15. I took it as the friendly games would be a good chance to gauge some of the lads on trial before offering the right ones a deal ? The Pro's who are said to be signing are probably in final stages of talks ?