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  1. Anonymouse

    Sunday - York away

    Well done for getting out of this league , looking like both Cumbrian teams will be down here for another season , time is running out and uncertainty is growing about the leagues future after 2019 .Worrying times .
  2. Anonymouse

    Sunday - York away

    what playoffs ?
  3. Well done york , outstanding season . Looks very much like Bulls v Donny final on todays results .
  4. Anonymouse

    Widnes relegated

    Widnes Leigh Featherstone Bradford Toulouse Toronto or London B Sheffield Halifax Batley Dewsbury York Barrow and possibly any from rochdale swinton workington doncaster That should be a very good competitive league next season
  5. Bears get another win over an old heartlands club , it has been coming , well done Coventry .
  6. I wasn't knocking anyone mate I was stating a fact and pointing out that Doncaster are fortunate to have the choice of resting and changing players .
  7. Town dont have much choice and the luxury of who they field as they only have 19 fit and available most weeks .
  8. To make this fair and not seem to favour Bradford it should be a winner takes all game between 2nd and 3rd (neutral ground ) then the loser going into a play off between themselves and 4th 5th and 6th .
  9. a sad day for rugby league if this is true .
  10. Anonymouse

    New league structure revealed

    if the goal posts are moved and 3 go up from league 1 at this stage of the season then I'll turn my back on it all for something more serious like WF Wrestling .
  11. if whitehaven win and hunslet lose it would mean haven in the playoffs if the 3 up system goes through .
  12. edgy game for workington to keep in playoff contention and skolars are under no pressure , watching highlights from york and newcastle games the workington flanks are their weak point and they struggle with grubber kicks behind the line , should be a win by at least 20 pts at home though
  13. Anonymouse


    I'd say they will still win the playoffs and go up although the biggest danger to them now is a very good resurgent Doncaster .
  14. Donny will finish 3rd now , the fight is for 4th and 5th with Workington almost sure of 4th as they will beat London on their own pitch ,.Newcastle will have another say in it if they beat Hunslet but Hunslet and Oldham both losing yesterday probably means 5th are their best hope .
  15. I'll stick with my prediction DavidM .