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  1. Match off

    they are a dual code squad and ran by Ikram Butt and Schofield , been on the go for 10 to 15 years or so
  2. 2018 prospects

    one of the most talented young Cumbrian's is a lad called Tee Ritson , the 21 yr old fullback played for Workington in the championship in 2016 and became the clubs favourite young star , had a short season last season due to injury and has left Town for Newcastle Thunder , deffo one to watch this season and big future in the game .
  3. Hock

    partly but there are the discipline issues and desire to make it too and youth if its a long term hope which give Forster the edge
  4. Hock

    you really dont get it do you ? it was never about a like for like comparison , it was about saying he would not be a cost effective option in this league when there are very good calibre forwards around who would be 4 times cheaper , maybe not be as good but he'd be almost as effective in this league and not be a liability to miss half the games sitting in the stands , so again , just for you , If I had a choice between Hock and Forster in league one I'd go for Forster hands down .

    If (and only if ) any of that is true Havenfan13 then it can only mean a big amount of money has been found and promotion must be the target . Or why else do it ?
  6. Hock

    No I'm interested in all things rugby and i'm not going through life ignoring other teams exist and have good players and are local talking points , local rivals or not
  7. Hock

    he isnt alone in being shipped out of top clubs and now in league 1 though DavidM is he ?
  8. Hock

    Its rugby all the same isnt it or are we being told to stick to one subject ?
  9. Hock

    Forster would be snapped up by several Championship clubs after his last seasons performances in my opinion and is at Haven because it is where he wants to be ,he had the guts to take the mantle at such an early age and obviously has ambitions of a long and successful coaching career and playing is a big bonus for him too .
  10. Hock

    Cost .
  11. Hock

    I was using him as a comparison as he was probably one of if not the best forwards in league 1 last season . Him being a haven player dosent blinker my vision or stifle my opinion of that .
  12. Hock

    Biggest point of my opinion ? COST EFFECTIVE , you would probably get slightly more out of someone ,,if he isn't sin binned or banned for half a dozen games , for 4 times the cost .
  13. Hock

    I also stand by my comments of Forster being a far better acquisition in this league than Hock , Carl has youth and determination in bucket loads , is every bit as strong , keeps his cool and would be a fraction of the cost . It was never going to be Hock in any case but I still say it was the better and more sensible comparison for this league .
  14. Hock

    wow talk about an over reaction , i simply meant joseph was the biggest and best prop and hope for last season but unfortunately in his first home game and league 1 opener he got an injury scoring a try and is why the forwards were then left light for weeks .
  15. Hock

    so was Joseph .