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  1. pretty sure alI pro and semi pro clubs have insurance for all players for medical attention .
  2. stay in touch with the top 8 for a month or 2 and anything can happen if or when Davies , Ritson and Joseph are back in the team , its a case of the injury curse mixed with poor discipline yet still no team have hammered town , not even barrow .
  3. didnt the ref end up on his backside near the sticks ? maybe a contact with referee has been reported ?
  4. I'm not sure things that players say to friends , sometimes in one to one confidence or friendly openess , should be posted on open forums , some players will be happy with the way things are going for them and some will be impatient and others may feel hard done by , its only each mans personal carachter and natural in any squad , sometimes these supposed comments can pass through several mouths and recycled into something out of sync to what was originally said . On field issues should be the focus and lets face it , there is certainly enough there for all to chew on .
  5. yes , its because i usally use a mound of sand
  6. a poor haven side got off the hook today , we were short of muscle upfront and I thought it would be difficult without davies and curwen who have both been solid in recent games , truth is it wasnt all that difficult as town showed in the second half , haven are there for the taking but in order to take them you have to ge the basics right , this didnt happen in a shoddy first 40 mins and 16-0 was always going to be a mountain to climb , but town ran up that mountain like mountain goats in the second half only to lose by a individual error by a player who was one of our best over the previous 75 minutes and haven got out of jail . Size is needed in the pack although scholey was his usual immense self , curwen was a big miss and davies is a huge loss , rooke has pace but ive said before he needs to work on his defence , fell ? the jury is out on that one and give him a bit more time but after 2 games he hasnt been a patch on tee , we need him back sooner rather than later if we are going to push into the top 5 or 6 . three weeks to patch up and get the lads chomping at the bit , dicipline should be the main focus and the rest will follow .
  7. Miller on one wing Hambley the other , C Phillips and Ritson ripping up through the channels feeding and providing , sounds good .
  8. depending on who is fit to play and if they play anything like they have just shown then it could be a walk in the park as havens defence is woeful in comparrison to barrow , town just need to find that clinical finish to their attack . town by 18
  9. I'm just hoping the injury to Davies isnt serious or even one which will keep him out for a few weeks , he has been solid for town , we can ill afford to lose any more of the top players and strike threats so early on , he will be a big loss if not fit for friday against haven .
  10. agree , finish above haven and it will have been a good season for a developing team
  11. I dont think wonky was turning on howarth , everyone knows he is a very good player but if games are to be challenged and won then players need to be picked on form and not reputation , doran is currently the form player , missing a game or 2 will make players hungry to play again .
  12. better today and looking more like the starting 17 .
  13. well in ed , come on town
  14. well done doran
  15. should have scored twice , fell could have passed to hambley in space