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  1. Onreport

    James Duerden

    One was for recreational use, this is performance enhancement is it not? A bit different given the context.
  2. Onreport

    James Duerden

    WOW, Former Barrow Raiders player James Duerden has been banned for four years by UKAD after a positive drugs test. Duerden tested positive for 2α-methyl-5α-androstan-3α-οl-17-one (a metabolite of drostanolone), and 19-norandrosterone, the latter being a metabolite bolandione, following an out-of-competition test on 14 December 2017, during a training session...
  3. Onreport

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Absolutely, apart from 1 poor pass and poor kick he was excellent, worth perservering with in that structure, he will only get better with experience in the role
  4. Onreport

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Bizarre but so were some of the other decisions he made today, kept score down in reality
  5. Onreport

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    (Ryan) but yes Well deserved too, his link play was excellent
  6. Onreport

    Game day

    Be a first if he has
  7. Onreport

    new stadium - todays press

    He was very negative on radio cumbria tonight, no opposite views offered / put forward so very biased interview. Could inluence impartial listeners!
  8. Onreport

    2019 signings

    He will fit into charlo,s standard game plan, up the middle and see what happens (unless of course he has changed, but doubt it)
  9. Onreport

    2019 signings

    Same guy is on last photo stood next to Leon, guy with a beard
  10. Onreport

    2019 signings

    Acton never on the field so wouldn't go there, Walne was always decent for us but doesn't have the fire power we need if to replace Fui.
  11. Onreport

    2019 signings

    Very dubious sending off at Bradford, he was very good for us last year, in fact our only consistent line breaking threat that actually tired out defences. You could see the difference he made on opposition middles after each spell, if he isn't back on board this year, we really need to replace that kind of fire power which is not really Olly's style, who leads more by example whilst Tom and Stevie are not really line breakers, out and out workhorses (which every team needs) Tickle doesn't offer that sort of threat either in my opinion.
  12. Onreport

    2019 signings

    Was a class act, unfortunately had been out half a season through injury before we signed him, surprising we didnt know given Veivers,s connections in oz!
  13. Onreport

    New Stadium for Workington

    Fantastic asset for the whole of the west and of course If we have any ambitions of moving up the leagues, it is at least 1 box ticked off
  14. Onreport


    Or lack of any plan b when up the middle failed
  15. Onreport


    Debateable but in any event hardly a success