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  1. me also using chrome!
  2. ben Only a Bench player at Canberra so may struggle to find a top flight club?
  3. Not negativity, for me its more about a real concern for something I have supported for a long long time. We all want the same thing
  4. I am sure the 'die hard's' will as indeed they always have, Problem is that we don't have many 'dIe hard's' left. But even US die hards NEED some news and the resultant optimism, after all that is what helps keep us all engaged. And yes I appreciate the need for rebuilding ( and can see the sensibility of our strategy to build a from a local sustainable base, but would say that I have been amazed at the position we seemed to have found ourselves in!
  5. Would love to think Town will be up there, but given current recruitment position, we are a mid table team (at best) unfortunatley
  6. before my time but I have the programme (6d) from the Kiwi match, was at Borough park 3rd December 1947. Kiwi's won 12 / 7 Town side (listed in programme) Hagan Jepson McGilvary Carr Rodgers Risman Pepperell Hodgson Ackerley Hayton Wareing Park Ivison
  7. Spot on, Also maybe something to do with the apparent sole tactic of having one runner onto a crash ball at the end of nearly every set!
  8. Absolutely, have to say I thought Brett was quiet this season (by his usual standards, like few more) but he certainly showed what he can do against a very good Kiwi pack. Certainly didn't look out of place at that level.
  9. Boyd had a fantastic series but overall can't see them going far from Cronk or Smith Smith for mine by a fraction!
  10. Absolutely, However as I have said in previous posts I think the 2 Saints bound props were as good as any in this comp, but you cant deny the class of Graham, on his day he is as good as anyone. Consistently rated highly by the Aussie press and most pundits, Gould, Johns, Fittler etc. Which is some going for a 'Pom'
  11. Could be called passion but I know what you mean, he can get hot under the collar at times (maybe could do with a bit more passion from some of other English forwards?) In terms of stats for 2016 Metres Taumalolo number 1 meters at 4454, James Graham (4th at 4177) Hit ups James Graham number 1 (417) Taumalolo 2nd (399) All runs Kames Graham no. 1 with 503) Taumalolo not in top 5 Tackles James Graham at number 7
  12. Is that why NRL.com placed James Graham at number 6 in top 50 players list this year? Only front rower ranked higher was Jesse Bromwich "The biggest metre-eater in the NRL in 2016, James Graham has only grown in our estimation despite a disappointing end to the season for his Bulldogs side. Few big men can match Graham's combination of ball-playing skill and pure work ethic – he's the only NRL player to sit in the top 10 for both run metres and tackles, while also frequently acting as first receiver at a Bulldogs side lacking an experienced halfback after the exit of Trent Hodkinson" Says it all really! Maybe not at his outstanding best but Hardly off his game?
  13. So was I, Graham made 206 metres and 36 tackles against the Kiwis and backed it up with 126 metres and 36 tackles against the Kangaroos. That's how the NRL .com team was chosen, purely stats. Personnaly, I think the two Scottish front rowers were up there with the best, certainly for mine they were best two props on the field against England and they were outstanding against Kiwi's, they more than matched Bromwich and co at Derwent Park
  14. All based on stats, James Graham makes yards every game, Top yard maker in NRL this season plus has a great passing game that Matt Scot lacks.
  15. Yes, both Scottish front rowers have signed for Saints next year, I personally thought Luke Douglas was as good as any front rower in the comp, have watched him for years in NRL and always rated him, gives 100% effort and rarely misses a game.