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  1. One of the best I ever seen in the number 10 jumper
  2. Half as good as Deano and he will be fine, welcome to town Blain and good luck with your career
  3. Not quite as quick though
  4. Stevie was outstanding as usual but Danny also but in a big shift. Two standouts in the pack for me, not sure of the count but Tickle made a hell of a lot of tackles and also took plenty of ball in. Andy Dawson and Fui also had very solid games, and Tom looked strong when he came on, we just need to learn how to wrap a ball up in the tackle. Maybe carrying a knock but Hopkins looked of the pace a bit!
  5. Looked strong and seems to have bit of pace which is vital at this level. His high knee lift running style reminded me of Mike Thornthwaite (one for the oldies),
  6. Tickle not far behind aswell, i thought
  7. Dont forget smiler, one of the best ever
  8. Onreport


    Hard to disagree Jamie looks very unfit at the minute and tries to do everything himself at times. Also have to say I have not been impressed by Farrell so far, lacks enthusiasm for me, but having said that, we have played him out of position and of course its early days, so I hope he shows some improvement soon, After all if he wants to play, then surely he will for this coach?
  9. Onreport


    And without any backs! But to be honest, even when our first choice backs were present our attack was lacklustre to say the least, The problem has been obvious all season right from Doncaster game, forwards making yards for fun then poor choices and end sets let us down.
  10. Stick Ollie there, only hat trick this season, the guy is a try machine
  11. Assuming Ollie wanted the gig
  12. I prefer Maryport
  13. Nowt wrong with Maryport
  14. Onreport


    Looked as solid as some we have tried this year
  15. And never got selected again....how does that work?
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