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  1. One of the best of all time, Brian Edgar signed from RU, if this kid is half as good he will do.
  2. Both great kickers, Korky has the edge for mine but Dean Marwood wasn't a bad one either
  3. Would suggest that any comments of an accusatory nature should be either supported with facts (via private medium) or be withdrawn.
  4. And Veivers game plan (whatever that was)
  5. Age old saying, A good big un will beat a good laal un! All teams try to get big man on small man, half backs around the world all occupy the same defensive positions more or less and unless they get protection the result will be the same. Forber is not the only issue with our defense out wide, we have had similar problems for the last few years even when he doesn't play, For me there are two main issues that we need to address. 1) Forward power, unless your pack can compete and tire out their opposite numbers you will get this all day long, All Golds had 2 excellent front rowers who ran hard all day long creating space out wide for their outside backs, we struggled to handle them despite the heroic attempts of Stevie Scholey. 2) Defensive reads, some of the defensive plays by our middle defenders are very poor, constantly coming out of line and missing thereby leaving the smaller guys with too much to do. I made the same point from the last game when Scott Rooke was left with 3 attackers to defend on more than one occasion!
  6. Hard to disagree with any of that mate, except it used to be a better atmosphere at A team games, and better quality than what we saw yesterday.
  7. Spot on
  8. Not sure what I hear (on popular side anyway) is incessant abuse, more like constructive Criticism I would have said. Of course home fans are going to be biased, but some decisions at this level do really make you question the ability of officials, especially the apparent lack of consistency, application or interpretation of certain rules.
  9. I think our sustained pressure also coincided with the reintroduction of Callum Phillips which really sped up our middle plays, They really struggled to cope with this and resultant gaps appeared out wide which we were good enough to capitalize on.
  10. Maybe they did get a lesson but for 1try Jason Mossop must have been 5 yards out of position, left young Rooke covering 3 players
  11. Excellent result, always good to win away, Town win, haven beat and Chinese for tea, does it get any better?
  12. Must be 350 still in the bar then
  13. Accept and indeed expect the young guys to make mistakes but I was most dissappointed with some of the more experienced players in the team. Not wishing to single anyone out but Howarth for example, made several mistakes and missed a few tackles, he looks off the pace to me, is he carrying a knock?
  14. Our kicking game was atrocious full stop, not sure what the game plan was to be honest. Big disappointment after last few weeks
  15. Pretty poor it has to be said, looked devoid of ideas and painfully slow at times two Wigan lads and fitzsimmons looked dangerous but need some work I am afraid