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  1. Onreport

    1895 Trophy

    Unfortunately split gate receipts with some of less supported clubs will mean little additional revenue, maybe struggle to cover costs if travelling!
  2. As would most, maybe a bit harsh but simply does not compare to Widdop (who is world class) does it week in week out in NRL and provides so many options for England,
  3. Not sure Williams offers that much to be honest, out and out runner of the ball and doesn't seem to be able to exert any control in the game! We certainly need a 7 desperately and boy how much do we miss Widdop for game management and last set options.
  4. Totally agree, To be fair cope of England players looked out of their depth yesterday and a couple more didn't have the best of games but our last tackle options were very poor and we lacked direction for long periods, really showed what Tomkins brought to the team for me and I questioned his inclusion at first.
  5. Onreport

    Tyllar Mellor

    Fantastic signing, well done all concerned, hopefully more like this to come
  6. Onreport


    Scott is certainly much quicker than Sam, would need to beef up a bit for FB though
  7. Onreport


    Brilliant news,
  8. Onreport


    Excellent news, always 100% performer on the park, just the type of player we need to keep hold of.
  9. Onreport

    Official Club Statement.

    Nice shout out on 40/20 tonight, applauded towns professionalim for taking Swinton game seriously, big rap to players taking field injured and said obviously team of week had to be Wigan but in their view Town close second
  10. Onreport

    Sorry 3 matches for FUI

    Apparently Sam Tomkins charged with 1 match for dangerous contact to head (knees) following Grand Final, have to say it was a pure accident in my book but if charge is contact with to head, how come only 1 match as opposed to what Fui was charged with?? RFL , Consistency please!!!!
  11. Onreport

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Lot of them lads in tears at end, shows what playing meant to them, hardly lads that dont want to play for a coach
  12. Onreport

    Official Club Statement.

    Absolutely unbelievable effort from all the boys today, big shout for those guys who still took the field even though obviously shot, every little helped but we understandably ran out of steam with 15 to go. Dont want to single any one out but unbelievable efforts from Dawson, Olstrum and Dickinson.
  13. Onreport

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

  14. Onreport

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    It also released some cash to bring in a couple of replacements
  15. Onreport

    Sorry 3 matches for FUI

    Unbelievable, shows where they sit mate