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  1. Spot on mate, as i have said on here earlier, how lucky we are to have had the privelege to watch so many talented locals
  2. Alfie was an outstanding talent, like so many we seemed to produce them days, Harold Henney and Ian Hartley for example. If only we could produce back rowers like those guys theses days.
  3. If he keeps going this way, Leigh might do a Widnes and send him out on loan to us like they did with big Jim, can only hope😀
  4. Just been upped to 4 months after appeal, ouch
  5. As did Derek Branthwaite from Lock to Fullback, all good servants to the town cause
  6. Bruce Gibbs, awesome front rower with the hair to match Always expected to hear his name in NRL (ARL them days) but never heard of once he went home, Think I may have read somewhere he had lost an arm in a farming accident back in Aus? Hopefully I am wrong on that?
  7. fantastic clubman
  8. How lucky have we been to see such great talent in a town jersey. Any two or 3 of these would transform today's side
  9. Fair shout but hard to go past Jimmy and Eddie up front, rated John Lomax very highly but wedd didnt see the form he subsequently showed for Canberra and NZ. Harry great player but maybe a little off the pace for today?
  10. Afraid he didn't make the cut mate
  11. Absolutely, been watching Town home and away since mid sixties Used to sit on the wall them days), To be honest I could have picked a few more but only saw them towards end of their careers so hard to judge.
  12. Virtually Impossible to compare players from different era's but I have gone for the guys who I believe would have been able to play in any era. But you can bet I will have overlooked someone. 1. Paul Charlton 2. Ike Southward 3 (Cant decide between these 2 locals) Tony Kay or Ian Wright 4 (Again toss up between two great centres from outside the area, Paddy Tuimavave.or Kieran O'Laughlin 5.Des Drummond 6. John Burke, Didnt see the best of him due to injury but surely the best I have seen in no. 6 7. Boxer Walker 8. James Pickering 9. Phil McKenzie (squeezed Smiler out but only just) 10. Eddie Bowman 11. Les Gorley 12. Brian Edgar (recently voted best second rower of all time by Alex Murphy) 13. Ken Goodall (but Bill Patt ran him close) And on my bench John Lomax Ken Kerr Kevin Ellis Ray Glastonbury
  13. Eddie Bowman, Brian Edgar,Les Gorley and Boxer would have to be in surely??
  14. Shows what a team who have a go can do, Forster has proved himself, that,s more than can be said for some of our guys i am afraid.
  15. And they wonder why gates are poor!