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  1. Eppie Gibson

    Word gets used a lot but, A true legend in every sense of the word. RIP Eppie

    guess its more about having to have extra Stewards etc.

    me too, watching games from grandstand side is just not the same for some reason, old habits die hard I guess
  4. Away shirt

    Wife just been in to office to collect some merchandise for me and to order the new away top. Having visited the DP offices on many occasions to collect orders for me in the past she couldn't believe the transformation in terms of the welcome, helpfulness and professionalism, (was even offered a coffee). So just thought it deserved a mention on here and to also say Well done to the BOD and all concerned, great to see things behind the scenes are being greatly improved. UTT
  5. Squad Numbers

    Girl friend involved in major car accident apparently, needed to go back home to support etc. Best wishes to the family, Although unconventional and had his critics at Wigan, he will certainly be a loss to the English game
  6. Away shirt

    Home strip was green at one point in history but times change
  7. Away shirt

    Really like it, bit of a quensland cowboys look to it
  8. fantastic well done to all involved
  9. N&S picture quiz

    Yeah, of course mate. Probably a bit early for Spanky thinking about it
  10. N&S picture quiz

    Looks like Spanky
  11. How many more?

    Modern day 13's usually play as an extra middle unit these days so would suit him down to the ground
  12. How many more?

    Yeah, of course, forgot about him to be honest
  13. How many more?

    Decent shout, but who kicks goals?
  14. How many more?

    Absolutely, seen him play at Dewsbury and he looked rapid. I like Perry as a player but think he is shade too slow for Centre at this level
  15. Think Doncaster away is last game on 23rd Sept, we play Bradford away on 19th August