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  1. Onreport

    Newcastle thunder

    His tackle count must have been high, tackled all day
  2. Onreport

    Newcastle thunder

    Would swap Olsrum for Tickle on last weeks performance, Thought Karl gave 100% (as usual) whereas Danny was poor.
  3. Onreport

    new stadium - todays press

    Preferred option for NHS these days is the PFI option, where private developer funds and builds then leases back over period of time. No surprises, developer wants large return so on going costs can be high (as we have seen with effect on NHS)
  4. Onreport


    Share the concern about certain key positions however FFMM brings something that none of our other middles offer
  5. Onreport

    new stadium - todays press

    Agree 100% mate
  6. Onreport

    new stadium - todays press

    There are other revenue streams anticipated are there not? Rental incomes / event management
  7. Onreport

    Matches today

    not sure but would make sense given calendar this season
  8. Onreport

    Matches today

    What about the league game at Coventry on 17th?
  9. Onreport


    We have a history of always trying to help out our less fortunate neighbours.
  10. Onreport


    something to do do with a guy from Maryport I believe!
  11. Onreport


    Didn't she sink on the Titanic??
  12. Onreport

    North Wales predictions

    Absolutely but bear in mind he is now playing behind some very dominant middle units, not been mentioned on this thread, but Olly Wilkes was excellent yesterday, really showed the way with some excellent drives that set up a couple of tries. A lot of his work goes unnoticed but we are not the same team when he is spelled
  13. Onreport

    North Wales predictions

    Must mean Keith Senior then, cause that lad looked out of his depth to me on that performance, no disrespect to the kid but he was lost
  14. Onreport

    Town in 1993-94

    Some big shoes to fill in that list mate
  15. Onreport


    Thought he had a decent game to be fair, , we have had a lot worse