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  1. Today's growth figures of 0.1% when the rest of the developed world is booming tells its own story. GDP per head actually shrank. The US is expected to be over the 3% mark for the quarter. The EU economy as a whole obviously has its average brought down by the UK, but still grew at 2.5% in 2017.
  2. JonM

    Devons Sharks situation a disgrace.

    When I lived in Plymouth, it could sometimes take 3-4 hours sat in M5 traffic to get home from Bristol on summer weekends. Lot of people holiday in Cornwall or S. Devon and there's only one road and one railway line.
  3. JonM

    Park Run

    I've done a few marathons (and ultras), but still try and do parkrun every week, getting close to the 250 mark. Nice chance to catch up with people, sometimes I run with my wife or kids, sometimes I'll actually race against a friend.
  4. JonM

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    I think his comments make it pretty clear that he was all for giving Hardaker another chance and that he was disappointed not to have the opportunity to coach him. Will be interesting to see whether any other SL club will give him a job. It's been fairly unusual in recent times for one club to recruit a head coach from another SL club.
  5. JonM

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    I'd say it was one of the stupidest things I've ever read on here. Apart from being an all-time great player, which doesn't always translate into being a great coach, he's also clearly very intelligent and when you hear him talking about coaching he clearly reads a lot and takes advice from a lot of the greats - he spent time with Wayne Bennett, for example, when he first went to union. If I were a Wigan fan, I'd be absolutely delighted if it did turn out that he was the new coach.
  6. I've been working my way through the 2014 Booker Prize shortlist. Read so far How to be Both (Ali Smith), We are all Completely Besides Ourselves (Karen Joy Fowler), To Rise Again At A Decent Hour (Joshua Ferris) and J (Howard Jacobson). The latter two about Jewish identity. Still to go, The Lives of Others (Neel Mukherjee) and the eventual winner, The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Richard Flanagan.)
  7. JonM

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Which team will President Trump be supporting though
  8. JonM

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Or the 22k that watched the Australia v England game in Australia for the opening match of the world cup.
  9. JonM

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I see the RU lot finally managed to find an opponent for the week before - they're going to play Russia in Denver on the 9th.
  10. JonM

    Elite 1 Round 17

    I guess he's played in the championship a couple of times before (Fev & Sheffield?)
  11. Private Eye suggests it would be Johnson (with possibly McVey as deputy) vs Hunt, with Gove's support being enough votes to swing it for one of the other. The Conservatives are a few points ahead in the polls, so I don't think it's completely impossible. Probably need to engineer some crisis where the DUP vote something down to justify calling an election though.
  12. I'd guess the Italians will make some vague threats about leaving and will be allowed to continue breaking various eurozone rules and will continue to overspend and run up debts for a while longer.
  13. The (bipartisan, cross-party) senate intelligence committee report on the presidential election makes interesting reading. Conclusion is that Russia did try to influence the presidential election in favour of Trump and that they were successfully able to hack individual US states electoral computer systems holding voter registration data (and in some cases, actual votes) plus the systems of some of the companies making electronic voting machines. One of the recommendations is to revert to paper ballots!
  14. Has Phil Bentham been on-field referee in a game since Chris Houston knocked him over, or has he been limited to video ref appearances? He's mid-forties, probably takes him a while to get back to required fitness level. My guess is they've chosen to fill all the video ref roles from the pool of 6 on-field referees who are in Newcastle for the weekend, so Phil wasn't needed.
  15. Link seems to have moved: