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  1. He's probably done enough to stop Johnson calling an immediate general election. He's also done a public service by constantly restating the realities of the situation i.e. whatever the other candidates say, they are not going to get anything materially different from the EU, parliament will not permit a no deal Brexit and the ERG has three times voted against actually leaving the EU. None of that changes with a new leader. And I don't think it's at all out of the question for a significant part of the Tory Party to join the Brexit party, leaving a pro-reality, pro-business, traditional right-wing rump.
  2. Interesting to see policy being made on the fly though. Hunt admitting mental health cuts had gone too far, an independent investigation into Islamophobia in the party, Boris backing away from his plan to raise the higher rate tax threshold.
  3. The format doesn't help any of them look very Prime Ministerial.
  4. I assume he's positioning himself for the next leadership election, in six months or so. Most people in the country wouldn't have known his name a few weeks ago. I suspect a reasonable proportion of voters know who he is now.
  5. Presumably because Johnny Mercer is a former Army officer. The thought of Boris Johnson with his finger on the nuclear button doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
  6. Amazing innings from Morgan. More than 100 runs scored from sixes. Old Trafford is a big ground too - it's not like Cardiff or Taunton.
  7. Didn't MI6 have its brief extended a few years ago? So now they infiltrate extreme-right wing organisations as well?
  8. Have a look at the kind of salaries on offer to top players in the NRL e.g. as shown in this article. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/bulldogs-preparing-5m-five-year-offer-for-latrell-mitchell-20190618-p51yz1.html There is simply no way that superleague can compete with those kind of salaries, at least not any time within the career of current players. Reality is that anyone good enough to play for England is going to have make a decision about whether to take the money.
  9. An absolute battering - to win by 8 overs is a huge margin.
  10. Yes - one of those words that seems to be in every day use by most Scots, and hardly anyone else ever uses.
  11. So, you've beaten six teams below you in the league and two of the three away wins were against the bottom two? Carry on
  12. Indeed - and obviously Leeds deserve a lot of credit for funding such a development and I really hope the attendance figures at Headingley get back to where they were. Just wanted to comment on the "best ground in the league" bit which seems a little far-fetched.
  13. No - as I did say in my earlier post. And to be fair, unless Leeds do get relegated, I'm unlikely to visit again anytime soon I doubt the redevelopment has made it any less painful to get to, or to get away from.
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