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  1. Not forgetting John Stonehouse also known to have spied for the Czechs. Odd that both he & Mawby became postmaster-general, one under Heath, the other Wilson.
  2. No, no. There'll be plenty of money. Driving half a million skilled workers out of the country and losing access to our main export markets will make us richer. Patrick Minford told me so.
  3. Pretty sure I saw a statement from Coventry RFC a month or so back that they would never let Coventry City play at their ground while Sisu were still involved. And you can see why.
  4. Hard to see how Bradley could possibly avoid losing and incurring heavy damages should Corbyn proceed with a libel action. MPs are required to resign in the case of bankruptcy and a marginal seat like Mansfield would be likely to be a Conservative loss in a by-election.
  5. Winter Olympics 2018

    That was seriously my first thought!
  6. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Reminds me of a story in the indy.
  7. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Google turns up the following:
  8. Coventry haven't ever finished bottom of the league. Or even next to bottom.
  9. Ille lost 54-9 to Saint-Estève
  10. ASC 20 TO 17 with a few minutes left, if anyone wants to see the finish.
  11. Yossarian says it in the film, but not in the book, so although it's attributed to Heller, he might not have actually written it. Amazing how many things from Catch-22 have become part of the language - including the title itself, of course. Having spent most of my working life designing CPUs for smartphones, I don't use one myself. I'm struggling to see how, if your phone is genuinely, properly switched off, it could possibly be used to track where you've been, per bearman's original post.
  12. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    The photo on many scrabble boxes is of the hand of one of my friends. Now there's an uninteresting trivial fact for you. We have played using a Dutch set he took the photos for. Only 4 points for a J.
  13. Was the same last year - they did get a lot of practice at it, after all. Great team spirit built by Denis Betts, just a lack of star quality and depth in the squad. Having said that, I see from this week's paper that 18 year old Danny Walker stepped up from the academy and made 51 tackles against Cas. If you look at the two line-ups, if Warrington play to their potential, they should win.
  14. State of Origin comes to Adelaide

    Can I just say that RL has been tried there before and failed, it's a waste of time trying to get these southerners interested, it will cost me thousands to get there, we should play these games in the heartlands. Anything else?
  15. Subbuteo

    Don't tell my brother and sister that, forty years later