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  1. But more importantly, someone who as a doctor has successfully brought about a great deal of change and statistical rigour to the way the NHS (and other countries) evaluate the usefulness of drugs and other treatments. And apart from the likes of McKeith and Patrick Holford (and similar media "nutritionists" with made up titles), he's also exposed a whole range of quack cures.
  2. I've recently read the whole thing, and tried to extract something that could be related to the Tories and be vaguely funny. Obviously I failed. Maybe I should have gone with the opposition being too busy arguing among themselves, or how the Spartans shafted their allies after winning the war
  3. Well, the Spartans went to war with Athens to preserve rule by a hereditary elite and to stamp out the spread of democracy, if Thucydides history of the Peloponnesian War is accurate.
  4. At last, someone to unite the thread. George Galloway (2014): “I’ll be campaigning to remain in the EU as anyone with any brain cells will be doing” George Galloway (2019): “I will be supporting Nigel Farage in next months elections.”
  5. When the West Indies play England or Ireland at Cricket, it's a test series, or an international. RU has autumn internationals. We shouldn't call these games "friendlies."
  6. Suspect both London & Widnes will individually be up on last season too, even though the swap brings the overall SL average down . As others have said, it's whether the loop fixtures do better than the super-8s (which I expect they will) that will determine whether there's any growth over the season.
  7. A pet deer too. I've spent the last couple of years trying to stop the things getting into my garden - they seem to have an unerring eye for what's a weed and what isn't. In a year living in Australia, I did not see any snakes or scary spiders. I did see some crocs in the Northern Territory and thousands of cane toads going under the wheels of my car in North Queensland.
  8. His kicking against Catalans was just brilliant. A try off an inch-perfect kick, two more off kicks that led to a repeat set, that's before you think about the 50 yard penalty and the winning drop goal. If that was all he did, he'd still be a great player. I wonder how many other massively limited half-backs have won the Lance Todd Trophy two years running?
  9. #3 At the George by Geoffrey Moorhouse. It's from 30 years ago, but he was a brilliant journalist and award-winning travel writer (he tried and failed to make a solo crossing of the Sahara.) It was nominated for Sports Book of the Year when it came out. Some of his criticisms of the "modern" (i.e 1980s) game haven't aged well, but it's still by far my favourite book on RL.
  10. Me neither, but if you open the link, you'll see plenty of people having a moan. https://twitter.com/wolvesrl/status/1118095438178025472
  11. Tbf, the last time Widnes were league champions was 30 years ago today.
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