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  1. My son pays £7 a day for his bus fare to the closest sixth form (which gives unlimited travel.) No weekly ticket, although we had the option of buying an annual ticket for a bit over £1000, but it only covers term-time.
  2. After a few minutes searching, I can't find one actually in the city itself paying under £8.75, which I think is the "living wage" level. I suspect there are almost no private care homes in the city in any case - property prices just too ludicrous for it to be profitable. Non-english speaking office cleaners might be at minimum wage, I suppose. Teenagers I know working in shops/waiting/bar/cafe jobs seem to easily get £10/hr jobs same day. Point is, it's a lot more complicated than just looking at local rents. Cambridge has more jobs than residents. Central London no doubt is the same.
  3. Harsh. It was his mother-in-law Lady Astor who got him that job, not his dad.
  4. JonM


    Couple more decades of CO2 emissions should do the job 🙂
  5. Yes, same in Cambridge. I think you would struggle to find a job that only pays minimum wage here, but equally the low-paid cleaning, shop, bar/restaurant jobs here are a just in a different league to what you would need to be able to rent a flat. Most of the twenty-something graduates I know earning £35-50k are sharing places with friends rather than having their own flat. Even that bus price for Reading seems ludicrously cheap! My wife has two part-time jobs for charities, both on zero-hours contracts. I think the homeless charity she works for would probably struggle to operate without such contracts - the arrangement suits both parties, I don't see any benefit to making them illegal. The problem is with one-sided exploitative contracts used by some companies, not the lack of guaranteed hours itself.
  6. JonM

    Under 19's European Championships

    Sure, but the point here is that they beat an England u-19s team chosen from the "community" game rather than professional players from SL club academies (and well done to Leigh Miners who I think had 4 players in the squad). It's a good result, but it shouldn't mean people getting too excited about this feeding through to the full national team. I'd say Serbia beating Ireland is probably the more interesting result.
  7. HT. Toronto are making far more metres than Halifax, spending a lot more time in the opposition 20 than Halifax, but not really any clear breaks, most of their attacking sets ending with a kick to the corner that the Halifax three-quarters are having no trouble dealing with.
  8. Haven't seen much wrong so far. Three consecutive sets on the 'fax line here.
  9. Toronto dominating in terms of territory, but decent defence from Halifax so far.
  10. JonM

    Under 19's European Championships

    They both said in the local paper that it was more important to them to get a professional contract than to play in the last game of the tournament, excited to be making their professional debut, that kind of thing.
  11. JonM

    Under 19's European Championships

    They probably would be if they were playing BARLA rather than a professional England team?
  12. Decent game. Scotland 18-6 up at half-time eventually lost 18-42 with some great passing movements and offloads from the Welsh lads. Some top-notch touchline conversions from both kickers.
  13. JonM

    Under 19's European Championships

    Reminder that you can watch Wales v Scotland live now and England v France in the final at 5pm.
  14. Scotland v Wales just kicked off at