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  1. Plastics in the ocean

    Correct. It was announced by Michael Gove before parliamentary recess and stated as coming into effect within 12 months, along with various calls for consultation with DEFRA on the issue, but then not mentioned in the Queen's speech. But no reason to doubt the word of a respected government minister like Mr. Gove, right?
  2. Plastics in the ocean

    Kind of. They will be banned in "rinse-off" products (eg soaps) and toothpaste, still allowed in "leave on" products like lipstick or sunscreen. The ban on sale comes into force middle of next year.
  3. Interesting piece from Neil Woodford, one of the most successful UK fund managers of the past 10-15 years. He has always been pro Brexit and still believes it will be good for the economy. The report is by Roger Bootle, one of the "economists for free trade" (i.e. Brexit campaigners) group. I think the analysis completely misses the point in some areas (loss of single market access is really not about tariffs) and doesn't consider the possible "no-deal" fallout. Whole thing looks pretty pollyanna-ish to me, but it's worth a read.
  4. Ah yes, Liam Fox, he of the "easiest trade deal in history" promise.
  5. Decent game so far, stream working perfectly. Red Star scored first, then it went to 6-6, Red Star took the lead again, but a couple of quick tries and it's now Red Star 10, Partizan 16 on the half hour.
  6. Aussie media is reporting that Brown was replaced at half-time because a player not involved in the game tweeted a clip of the incident to the coaching staff. Neither Bennett nor the doctor had seen the incident and there was no replay at the ground. They've assessed it and think that Brown is OK. Crowd was 10563.
  7. Red Star Belgrade v Partizan Belgrade 1pm UK Time. Livestream here: Amazing to think we've had an 8 team, 4 country (Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Turkey) competition running since April.
  8. Try again 2008 RLWC against NZ in Brisbane? Suspect we'll get next to zero coverage, just like all previous occasions.
  9. We had repeat sets in the first half - admittedly from penalties for offside/holding down near the line rather than off kicks.
  10. Probably not helped in the this game by the contrast with Watkins on the other side. I think England will beat Tonga with ease. At least we haven't peaked too early
  11. I wonder whether conditions playing a part, PNG's error count is also dreadful.
  12. Trying to avoid putting the ball through Bateman's hands?