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  1. Both did very well today and looked useful additions to the squad. Now lets just hope the injury curse stay's away
  2. Anyone can beat anyone at the moment and desire like we showed today will be a big factor in winning certain games.I thought some of our defence in the first 20 minutes was awful especially in the middle however we did then tighten it up and looked very good,my only concern would be our inability at times to cover the ball to stop the offloads which Hunslet were very good at. Good to get back to winning way's just a pity our next game up is Leigh away. Thought the 2 new boy's were excellent and with Tyler Mellor and Perry Singleton to come back we may finally have a bit of competition and cover for places and it will be good to get Caine back into the Pack. Does anyone know what the crowd was ?
  3. Well it looks now like the play offs is our only option for promotion which could be a big problem for us as we are always short of numbers at the end of the season as everyone knows. Players playing out of position is not helping us or them and I would not knock any of our travellers and cannot understand anyone doubting the effort or commitment of Moi Moi as the guy loves playing for us and lifts the Supporters when he comes on.
  4. This is very true and apart from west wales there are no easy wins in the league this season. I remember posting a while back thank God we were playing Siddal as that day we were due to play Coventry away and we could not fill the bench with only 3 Interchanges and one of those was Tom Curwen who was never going to go on anyhow.
  5. Thanks for the update
  6. Just getting back off holiday and trying to catch up with all that has gone on. We appear to have a excellent new coach and great news to have fieldhouse and Olstrum back in the mix but every time we seem to get someone back from injury another player goes out.What has happened to Mellor ? Show the grit and determination that we did at Hunslet and hopefully Thorman has had a week to put a few of his ideas across and I would expect us to get the win which should help build the belief back in this small squad of players that they are good enough to win this league.
  7. I would guess it's still up in the air with our new Dinosaur Councillors wanting to stop the New Stadium and keep the area even further in the dark ages. I know Reds fans are also in the dark but I believe they have registered Borough Park as their ground for next season with the Evostik League so doubt money will be spent removing the Speedway Track and relaying Derwent Park.
  8. Just what Fieldhouse quoted on the radio so sure they will be correct as he was assisting Ollie from the sideline. I remember a couple of seasons ago I was sat next to Richard Marshall and his Stats team and despite them leading us by over 20 points and winning at a canter he was furious with their completion rate of around 60 % at the time and when he sent word down to the touchline to get it sorted and nothing changed he substituted 2 of the culprits and ensured they got a right roasting from the touchline team before they were allowed back on.Modern technology allows easy analysis of Stats now such as completion Rate,Tackling,missed tackles and yards gained so the repeat offenders should be known and work spent on which ever aspect of their game is failing.
  9. Looks like that will be our option now with this being a very short season and only 3 more games until the half way point but still some very strange results today. Interesting listening to Fieldhouse summing up on the Radio today saying he was happy to help Ollie out and that the team showed plenty of Spirit but with 30% completion first half and our poor discipline and unforced errors you are not going to win games. Hunslet away next week in the Cup and I have mixed feelings for this one.Do we give the likes of Sutton and Dom Smallwood game time as getting knocked out might be a good thing as we could then concentrate on the league and avoid risking more injuries and heavy defeats against the likes of Leigh or Widnes away.Or do we go for the win to build confidence and get momentum going again ? I really don't know which would be the best outcome.
  10. just hoping for a commited performance from the boys and I am sure they will all pull together for Ollie. It's been a strange week and it is now up to the players to stand up and show what they are capable of but as said before keighley will be no pushovers.
  11. Excellent post mate. He has certainly left us in a better position than we were when he came.We must move quickly to replace him and keep the positivity going around the Club as it has taken a long while to get the crowds on the up but won't take long to lose them again. Being in Leeds only 2 weeks along with around 500 Town fans showed me how much potential the Club have if we can just get a decent product on the pitch and continue with the amazing off field work that many have put in.Merchandise sales have been very good and the Welcome in the Club shop is great and I for one have spent more money in there this year than i probably did in the previous 5. Get Chris Thorman on board and lets get this Party Started !!!!
  12. I try to bring a friend to every game just to try and get them interested and my dad enjoyed the 1st Newcastle so much he has been to each home game since.I also think when The club invited Maryport ARLC along it was great to see the kids down and getting on the pitch but also making some noise in the crowd.We need to do this with all the Local Amateur Teams and things like the Leeds Training Camp during the Easter Holidays was well attended and should help us connect with the next Generation of Supporters.
  13. I didn't say it had and Haven deserved their win but you are correct that Haven being Joint top made them the Inform team. My Point was that over the years Form means nothing in Derby games and in general the team that wants it more tends to win.
  14. Well I have let the emotions settle before I post. This was totally expected by me and Haven fully deserved their win. Derbies are a weird thing and over the years the form book has gone out of the Window and Local pride kicks in which was sadly missing by us yesterday.Leon was wrong to play down the emotion side and can he honestly say when he played in the Leeds Bradford derbies the coaches told the players to forget about local pride.Missing key players is a problem, and how many others are playing at not 100% due to lack of numbers we can only guess.IMO knowing Penky will probably retire next season we should have had Newts tied down as the Lad never let us down and looking at players like Forrester,Moore and Kurt were they really given a chance with a run in the team to prove what they could do. Some do not like DR but to be fair the Huddersfield connection has provided decent players and in Mellor we have made a good signing and Dickinson also played his heart out.Young Farrell looks the Business but we urgently need some quality in the Centres to tighten up our defence. Keighley will be no push overs and the only good thing at the moment is the top 6 all seem to be capable of beating each other but we need to keep in touching distance while we try to get some bodies back. Anyone heard what the official crowd was ?
  15. Sitting in Skyrack sinking a few but had a great time and proud of the lads. Too much pace and guile for us but still buzzing from Caines try.hopefully few injuries and a couple of DR in on Friday and beat the Jam.
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