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  1. Angelic Cynic


    Not just a plan - but a RFL decision.
  2. Interview with Mr McNeil -
  3. Angelic Cynic


    I wonder if the RFL - who included Keighley in the fixtures for League 1,and the 1895 Cup,have a Plan B It is looking increasingly like time is running out.
  4. Angelic Cynic

    Player Roster 2019

    The 30th member of the squad for 2019 is Phil Cowburn,who joined the club last year from the All Golds.
  5. It may be that the personnel at the RFL who concocted the idea have been headhunted by Elstone to work for Super League at the new premises in Manchester,and the remaining staff at the RFL have been left to pick up the pieces. The sport supporting punters may be the last to know;if the trade press care to inform the sport supporting punters.
  6. The elite clubs gonna raise the salary cap?
  7. Angelic Cynic

    Anyone got a question for Trent Merrin?

    Over your playing career has there been a rule change which has had an impact on you,and if so,why,and how?
  8. Angelic Cynic

    Who would you like to see replace Rimmer at the RFL?

    Andrew Chalmers.
  9. Angelic Cynic

    Anyone got a question for Trent Merrin?

    Do you have any superstitions? If so,what are they? From which head coach have you learned the most? Has sports psychology been of any benefit to you in your career?
  10. Angelic Cynic


    If they get a points deduction before they start - the return to large attendances may take time
  11. There is also the Schools Final to consider.So 3 games on the day. Those association football games played at Wembley all seem to have sponsors,with teams participating from villages,towns and cities. No point in comparing apples and pears. It will not be a Losers Final if a relatively new club reaches the final - or earlier Challenge Cup winners get there. Sport is cyclical. Neither Wigan Warriors or Manchester United keep winning throughout their history.
  12. Angelic Cynic

    Player Roster 2019

    The 29th player announcement is forward Mike Connor who has represented Wales in rugby league at under age level, played for Scorpions in the past,and has played and coached in the other code.
  13. There appears to be a dearth of sponsors for rugby league. Creating additional games won't please coaches and players who put the importance of League games at the top of the list of priorities. The lower league clubs have only recently learned of the divisive attitude of the Super League clubs...and some of their followers. Of course,some of those lower league clubs do have a glorious history in the Challenge Cup in former years.
  14. Other cup competitions no longer exist - and League 1 has lost some clubs and has fewer games this year. The Championship overseas clubs don't wish to pay to enter the CC competition. I certainly don't think the clubs should be patronised - and the semi-pro players should be respected.
  15. Angelic Cynic


    After the 'team full of Aussies' chants at Featherstone in past years,aimed at expansion sides,it is quite refreshing to see how cosmopolitan life has become down Old Post Office Road. It seems new head coach and new signing are friends. Be interesting to see how quickly all the new signings settle in and the side gels. I wish them good luck and hope to see Featherstone go well.( There's a first - But not as well as Bradford.)