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  1. I must credit the Salford fans for sympathising with the supporters of Toulouse who have had the date of the game in the north west of England changed at short notice for televising next Thursday. I would think the French folk had booked ahead and paid their money by time the announcement was made. Perhaps this is the reason why the Qualifies attract lower attendances and has allowed the money/power grab by the elite. I thought it was Brian Barwick who had the television contacts. If the owners of the Elite League clubs can have Sky accept that the Qualifiers ain't worth the trouble,for next year, why are Sky changing the dates this year? Pleased it don't bother me... I'm alright,Jack.
  2. Angelic Cynic

    23 Sept: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    I was quite looking forward to travelling to Kingston Park. I was recently reminded it is 10 years since Gateshead Thunder won promotion after defeating a Doncaster side owned by the chap who is now an agent,coached by Ellery Hanley,Luke Gale and Briggs among many more-than-useful players. I remember,of course,how well Thunder coach Jason Payne reacted to the awful postponement of the first game,after schlepping all the way down to Llanelli from the furthest geographical outpost of the 3 divisions,and how well he went public to show support for West Wales Raiders after one of their extremely large defeats. I was cheered last night,when I was surprised by a Labour councillor,female of course as they are the finest gender,who summarised our sport prior to recent events, - “The values of the sport are inclusivity and having a family feel'' Source - Then I discovered the referee - the very same who has officiated the world record defeat at Bootham Crescent,and at the stadium of the brother club of York,Featherstone,when Doncaster scored quite a few - over 100,actually. Now it seems dual reg is permissable next year. But,I'm not disappointed,lots of tries may result in Kevin and co.losing their voices.Ms Kim McGuinness,should she attend,can attempt to persuade me from being apolitical to having an interest in her party,( it won't work ),and the opportunity to see West Wales Raiders win their only game of the season cannot be missed. I hope Carl Forster and his Whitehaven players can manage to put another wonderful 80 minutes together,against all the odds. I have lost any interest in Doncaster and Workington if suggestions that they went against the Championship and League 1 Advisory Panel are correct.I hope the Bradford Bulls players hammer them in the play-offs should those games come about. It'll be an extra bonus if our coach for next year can recover from his peregrinations and be in attendance.
  3. I'm sure it is just coincidence that his coach is the same fella who signed another forward who is currently banned for a number of games. Seems to be a pattern emerging.
  4. Angelic Cynic

    New league structure revealed

    But this is contrary to what was quoted back in January - before the Championship clubs and League 1 clubs voted with the Elite club owners. While Mr Pearson,owner of the merged club with Gateshead Thunder when they,Hull FC, won't doing very well,is appealing to more sponsors I still haven't seen any statements explaining why certain clubs,who are not elite as they haven't had decades of extra money,success,and large attendances,went against what the Championship and League 1 Advisory crew recommended. Supporters and sponsors don't rate very highly in this sport,it seems.
  5. The RFL postponed,at very short notice,a League 1 fixture at Coventry Bears v West Wales Raiders,in order that Coventry Bears could host Pilkington Recs in a Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Game in March. They have recently altered the days England v New Zealand at Liverpool. Now this. Joke sport.
  6. Going there to win. The 4g pitch at Oldham may have been the scene of a 'difficult' scoreline,but a long coach trip helps team bonding and our win for the season seems scheduled for a union stadium,and a 4g pitch.A home from home. Our win for 2018 is coming up.
  7. It may just be me,but he didn't seem to have any discipline problems at London Broncos,under Andrew Henderson. I don't recall too much of a problem when he was younger,at Featherstone. I did read this,last year, so I would hope he has received some counselling and support since then. The last biting incident - Miloudi and Hill didn't go anywhere.
  8. Yea.I think the poor fella has gone through the seven stages of grief. As well as spent/lost a lot of money. Don't even ask about the Ladies side. It seems rugby league in-fighting transcends all else. I think he may be at the acceptance and hope stage. He's a top man.Soon to be assisted by a top coach. All is well in the world.
  9. You must be employed by the RFL. No consideration of long-suffering supporters,players or families.
  10. Angelic Cynic

    New league structure revealed

    The main players have already agreed to an increase - Unless it goes altogether and leaves Championship clubs even further behind.
  11. I don't think the Championship is the land of milk and honey. Staggered to read that Doncaster went against the Championship and League 1 Advisory Board - along with Sheffield Eagles and others. ( Martyn Sadler page in RLE ) Off to read about cognitive dissonance - Don't dis me or West Wales Raiders while I'm away,please.Thank you.
  12. No.The home campaign has ended and the nucleus of the side has been mainly young,keen,capable rugby league players who attend training and matches with the required zeal. Work commitments.and the other code,or a mix of other reasons,have prevented similar assiduousness from others. The injuries,not all as a result of playing in League 1,has added to the serious problems of player availability. The social media output is more a summing up then an idea to implement. The new head coach has viewed many of the games over previous months and identified where the team need to strengthen. I don't think too many derogatory threads will be started about West Wales Raiders in 2019. ** There were some positive posts - not all from West Wales Raiders followers - on the Facebook page over the weekend ** They must have been from people who actually attended a game featuring West Wales Raiders.
  13. Rugby League Express has the attendance as 175.
  14. There was also mention,months ago,that with the Sky TV deal in place there couldn't be any changes. Seems the RFL is a busted flush.
  15. If it hadn't been rugby league I would have been amazed that Carl Forster was not nominated for amongst those for coach of the year. Small squad - he plays as well,and plays a very important role on the pitch - a takeover 'started' and then not finished,as well as financial issues during the campaign and rumours of pay cuts for all the players - while being so influential and inspiring players return from retirement to play for him. He's had a fantastic 2018.I wish him well.