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  1. Angelic Cynic

    It's Ralph

    I thought Wood left of his own volition with a sideways move to the RLIF - which made his pay-off even more untenable.
  2. Angelic Cynic

    It's Ralph

    I thought,read,that the 'Elite' clubs in Super League were paying for Mr Elstone. I would have thought,after reading,about the loss at the RFL that they could NOT afford anyone good,nor pay off Mr Rimmer. Ergo, '' Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose ''
  3. Well,the previous board of directors believed Richard Caborn! '' A stadium like no other '' - not wrong there. One of the end paragraphs in this nonsense - Then,Caborn awarded the 'stadium' to his mate,the part owner of Sheffield United and fella behind the Scarborough Construction group.Allegedly to build the stadium for the Sheffield United Ladies side.It now transpires that he is going to the High Court over the ownership of Sheffield United - Appears to be a competition between Wakefield Trinity and Sheffield Eagles for who can be told the most untruths.
  4. Angelic Cynic

    It's Ralph

    Is Ralph Rimmer still in dialogue with The Hearns? Is Ralph Rimmer still big on mergers? Will Super League be dealing/accepting all these putative new clubs from across the globe,or will they be joining the lower tier which will no longer have central funding? - The only certainty is the uncertainty.Same old,same old.
  5. Angelic Cynic

    13-15 Jul: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    My memory may not be what it was but, - didn't Mr Thornton get closer to promotion with York than anyone since he was head coach? Bit unfortunate with timing if my memory is correct. Looks like about now is the time to hit top form for those after a top 5 position. I shall be watching from afar...
  6. Alongside the one which had Kieran Moss playing for Keighley - and a lot more.
  7. Angelic Cynic

    13-15 Jul: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    See the long serving coach at York managed to win at London against a side coached by a virtually new starter who described WWR as 'grubby' on a recent League 1 show,on the radio. Once again WWR got through the entire 80 minutes without a yellow or a red card and were very sportingly applauded from the field by the very sporting Doncaster followers. I wonder what happens if York fail to be promoted and Featherstone fail to make Top 4? You worry about that and I'll totally relax in the knowledge that in 2019,out of all 3 divisions WWR will be the most improved side. I don't think either the club,or the players who represent the club,will be giving up. The problems will have been recognised by the individuals who matter. It was the dual reg players,from the other side of Hull to the ones York use,who scored the majority of the points for Doncaster.
  8. Has the League Express made an error on the Thunder v Crusaders attendance?
  9. Is it really necessary for a supercilious solicitor to come out with indolent invective and make the entire sport,from bottom to top, lose any credibility for the Family Game? Why get personal,if his ideas are the panacea for all the ills of the sport? The legal system has ruined the country that is England,and now this buffoon,with his insults,wants to ruin the sport. He should have more respect for his betters.
  10. Angelic Cynic


    Dr Koukash has had his name linked with Swinton,Oldham soccer club,and was up in Cumbria before Workington got a mention about a new stadium. It was because of 'stadiums' that he was linked with Swinton Lions and the soccer club at Oldham Dr Koukash does have 'property developer' attached to his name. That was the case before he took over at Salford - The situation at Odsal may be the reason for his interest. On topic,if Whitehaven have already sold season tickets for next year - to ensure they complete the fixtures this season - they may require more than the sponsorship from Carlsberg. I think more news is expected over the next few days.
  11. Angelic Cynic

    How do we build support?

    While attempting to answer your question I thought I would look at ice hockey as I read recently that attendances were increasing. The 'magic screen' informs me that free-to-air television played a part,from this - To this - Maybe there is something in this elite league malarkey...
  12. Angelic Cynic

    league one

    I think West Wales got into League 1 as they had shown an interest and then South Wales Ironmen may not have completed the fixtures given to them for 2017. The owner and board of directors probably don't want any thanks - so I'll merely doff my cap. Do tell of the prescient RFL and their political machinations.Intrigued...
  13. Angelic Cynic

    league one

    The removal of Match Commissioners from the games may suggest that the loss making RFL may themselves not want any League 1 clubs to start next season. Other semi-pro teams have entered the lowest tier when dual reg with Super League clubs/players had not been part of the sport. The strength of the squad has been considerably weakened by the absence of the two captains on a regular basis,the signed half back being injured,and countless other problems that occur on a regular basis. Gateshead Thunder finished second bottom of the league in 2007.The following year,2008,they won the league. I see a strong squad in the 'elite' league,one that has won more than Wigan,St Helens and Warrington,in recent years,since 2008,say,and they have been in the Qualifiers/8's,despite that success,and the head coach during those successful years has just lost his position at the club.They are likely to repeat their time in the Qualifiers later this year. That squad is at one of the richest clubs in the sport in Britain with some of the largest attendances. The head coach coming to West Wales appears to have improved both the fitness and discipline of Dave 'Coal Train' Taylor,something not done elsewhere,including at an 'elite' league club in France,when he regularly appeared at Red Hall after some 'tip' tackles,and he also coached former prop at Doncaster Mr Groat,who has gone into the NRL. I don't expect there to be too many training sessions this year,should the injured/unavailable players return - and even less opportunity next season.
  14. Angelic Cynic

    Rearranged Fixture

    It would seem that the away game against Coventry Bears,postponed earlier due to a Challenge Cup game,has now been scheduled to be played at Butts Park Arena.Coventry on Wednesday 25th July.With a 7.30pm ko (?)
  15. Angelic Cynic

    13-15 Jul: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    I should point out that the Doncaster game is being hosted at the LD Nutrition Stadium,in Featherstone,should any neutrals wish to attend the game.I don't expect any Featherstone followers to cheer on an expansion side,though. The all change venue and the all change ko time will hopefully lead to an all change result for a,presumably,all change WWR side - as is usual week to week,and game to game,especially with 2 signings due to be announced,this week. With the same referee as there was when West Wales Raiders played at Bootham Crescent,it is an opportunity for the change in personnel,and those who played that day,to impress the referee and those who view the game;in particular the fella in Australia.