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  1. I'm not a fan of the concept,but Sunderland has far more options,away from imbibing alcohol,than Newcastle. It can also attract 'customers' - https://www.sunderlandbid.co.uk/events/spice-girls-stadium-light Attractions nearby - https://www.seeitdoitsunderland.co.uk/roker-and-seaburn-beaches https://sunderlandculture.org.uk/our-venues/national-glass-centre/ There is a football museum,as well,for the soccer fans - https://fansmuseum.org/ Gizza job,Tourist Board!
  2. My username is the clue here. Being a follower of a League 1 club - All Mr Elstone has done,thus far,is emulate ideas from the NRL. The move to Anfield is his first,and only,original idea. I very much doubt it will be a success. I would guess that attendances at the Summer Bash,and the Magic Weekend will see attendances drop. I would like to think there are meetings planned,involving the club owners,to see what the plans are for next year.
  3. Sexist and animalist,you Bronco you. Too many roundabouts in MK.Not enough pubs,for those so inclined.Too far from railway station to stadium. You must know that whatever is decided there will be those who complain. I think everything the elite clubs owners decide is correct,and Mr Elstone has not done anything wrong since he was appointed. However,if Anfield is not a success then his one original decision has been incorrect. The disenfranchised followers of League 1 clubs may sit up and take notice.
  4. Well,I enjoyed a home win at Stebonheath Park. Match Report here - https://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16637/under----wales--ireland-?fbclid=IwAR3144xOTdvyfz-tM422Rj5uSMMR5fxbTlWibd866BNr7bXNIbyS1sq6SVU
  5. Stebonheath Park.Llanelli is hosting the Wales Under 19's v Ireland Under 19's tonight,with a 7pm ko.
  6. I would think the BBC would feel obliged to host political leaders. - or face action. The BBC have sacked D.J's - Kenny Everett in the past - and other radio presenters - http://www.drphilhammond.com/blog/2018/08/22/private-eye/press-release-from-dr-phil-hammond-after-his-dismissal-from-the-bbc/ I was in London when Baker got a position on a programme alongside Michael Aspel - and this lady who seems to know him,quite well https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/danny-baker-tweet-racist-bbc-sacked-chimp-royal-meghan-markle-a8908141.html
  7. This appears to have gone off-thread,somewhat. Mr Perez may have stated the above but the Director of Rugby,Brian Noble MBE,was,I believe,tasked with delivering more rugby league players for the club.He does seem to spend more time in England,nay,more time with the BBC,than he does in Canada.Perhaps this is why the North american young athletes aren't entering the sport.Mr Perez has moved from Toronto to Ottawa. Perhaps the plethora of journalists/reporters at Odsal could have got round to asking Mr Noble MBE how things were developing in that direction? Over the 120+ years of rugby Bradford have had the club in the top division.In recent years they seem to have been run by people commonly referred to,in euphemistic terms as 'chancers'. With being in the top league/recently Super League,this allows the club to have all 3 generations of families to 'support' the club - grandparents - parents - children,and this support can be sustained during short periods where success is not achieved. Clubs outside of Super League - expansion clubs et al.do not have this 'support' of familial following or the money allocated to the clubs in the top league. Asking the fans would be an unfair action - unless they hopped on a plane to Toronto!
  8. I thought I would view the television coverage of these 2 elite clubs and was surprised to see that it appears the club which was in the 3rd tier.last year,may have had the highest attendance. The elite clubs didn't attract a full-house. I am not aware of any clear-up on the televised interpretation of the 'obstruction' rule,and being 'materially disadvantaged' no longer seems to apply. Bradford fans,on their forum,are questioning 'double-movement' interpretation - as it seems to have changed over 24 hours - and the interpretation over the ball-carrying arm being on the floor when tackled;and tackle complete. Could someone ascertain what rules the elite will be playing to prior to the next BBC television coverage of the Coral Challenge Cup so it may be safe to invite potential new followers to the sport - now the season,in chief,of union and soccer,has ended. Will the match officials be preventing reporters from running onto the playing area as from today? Quite enjoyed the games but the opinions of those not au fait with the peculiarities of rugby league,or watched for the first time this weekend,may find it slightly confusing - particularly when the experts in the studio also had different perspectives on some decisions. I understand that the elite are on a different level to those in the lower league(s) - but on the off chance of having an opportunity to tune-in again.....Thank You.
  9. Noted by the most-ignored,but highly adored,expansion club West Wales Raiders. Commencing 26th of this month - at your place,Doncaster.
  10. Some publicity https://twitter.com/HenoS4C/status/1126921703613960198
  11. That is one way of looking at it - and it is very true - but the fact remains that some people are complaining about the lack of Canadians playing for Toronto when the huge amounts of money available to Premier League clubs also dwarfs the amount of cash in rugby league large amounts,and the best staff,have been allocated to the Academies at both clubs with what looks like a poor return. It makes it all possible for the folk living in Toronto to follow their local rugby league side - just as those living in various corners of the globe can follow the 2 soccer clubs:without undue criticism.
  12. It seems the UK media and press,especially those highly-paid pundits on television,have got all emotionally charged about 2 'English' soccer clubs,Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur,reaching the final of The Champions League - despite neither club being Champions of the Premier League. Overseas managers,goalkeepers,central defenders and goalscorers,with very few English players in either side,and even fewer from Liverpool or Tottenham. I don't see any dissenters in that sport.
  13. The article states the build will begin in April - it hasn't. The owner of Sheffield United - and the preferred construction company Scarborough - Kevin McCabe,wishes to sell Sheffield United,and later this month is in the High Court in dispute with the joint-owner. The photograph of the guy at the head of the article is taken on an embankment which overlooks the 4g and allows free viewing to anyone not wishing to pay admission. It must be worrying for those who have waited an aeon for a home stadium.
  14. http://www.totalrl.com/derek-beaumont-leigh-centurions-owner-rugby-league/
  15. Is the surface going to be artificial - and will Coventry City FC NOT be accommodated? https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/cov-rfc-coventry-city-groundshare-16140390
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