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  1. Angelic Cynic

    24 Mar: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    More chance of Thunder losing 2 on the bounce and having a coaching change than a) Skolars defeating West Wales Raiders b) London only winning one more game in 2019.
  2. Angelic Cynic

    24 Mar: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    That was innovative for rugby league - the away side select the kick off time;and win. Second home game for West Wales Raiders in 2019 and a bit of a problem caused by the rugby league family when it fails to assist in attendance(s) growth of a new club. Still,blows to the chin,repeatedly,and still we stand. In this second home game we showed,certain,green shoots of recovery - thankfully,after the last 3 away games. Scoring more points in the second half than Doncaster managed in the full 80 mins.last week,with the rewards available to Whitehaven for winning this game,has to augur well for the future. After recent weeks a definite good day at the office - despite the ludicrous time of start. Now the precedent has been set I expect many more to follow.
  3. Enjoyed that. I noticed the criticism of the host,last week,but once again he did his job admirably by introducing the topics seamlessly and got the 'chat' underway. I'm a little baffled that the new overseas clubs are not given a timeframe for introducing new officials to the sport - given the dearth of officials currently wanting the advice of the sideline experts - and why the governing body/Elite club reps.don't provide development officers and coaches for new areas,to assist in the build-up for a new club. After all,many development officers who have lost their positions in the UK may fancy a job overseas.Lots of experience going to waste.
  4. Angelic Cynic

    24 Mar: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    The owner keeps taking the blows and yet he continues. On top of the comedy gold that is the RFL Disciplinary in relation to the Appeal by Reece Dean,Hunslet,after his exchange of punches during a recent game and the all-new,accepted by the naive and gullible,self-defence version of self-defence,as first accepted by a jury in a case involving England cricketer and son of former Whitehaven coach Ged Stokes. Have a read.This is why comedians are millionaires.As for officials... I just add it to the rumour that one of our players,a half back,missed the game on Saturday as a direct result of the assault from a forward which got the offender 10 minutes in the bin,in the previous meeting a week earlier. Some justice in this sport.Just pleased the experts got involved in the Disciplinary to end the inconsistencies. No idea who West Wales Raiders have available.I hope there is enough aggression from our players travelling from points east,and England,to inculcate and imbue the entire team into getting a result. My busted body clock,and broken spirit,will be in attendance to witness the West Wales Raiders win.
  5. Angelic Cynic

    24 Mar: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Whitehaven head coach,Gary Charlton,to the local press - Haven are playing the clash in Llanelli at 11am on Sunday morning to try and meet the needs of both clubs but Charlton is not worried about the early start. He added: “We will go down the night before and then play on Sunday morning and the early starts stops us hanging around.
  6. Angelic Cynic

    24 Mar: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    “We have been discussing the options with West Wales and the Rugby Football League and, finally, we got approval for an 11am kick-off. It does mean the lads can get back into west Cumbria at a reasonable time on the Sunday night.” Source - Cumbrian Press -
  7. Angelic Cynic

    Dennis Betts joins Newcastle

    I'm quite surprised by the poor response to this thread. By what the RL journalists write,I was led to believe that the international game was the way forward. Here,we have an individual,hand-picked by Wayne Bennett,to be his assistant, prepared to take employment in League 1,a division that the great and good want kicked into amateurism, yet we have less replies than when the predecessor to Wayne Bennett left the country to work with under age players in the NRL before going on to France and winning his first piece of silverware. Having been at a club which has lately proved to be extremely prudent,or not,Betts never spent big or unnecessarily,instead wanting to develop the youngsters;and taking constant criticism for doing so. Seems a good appointment by Newcastle Thunder. Seems a good decision by Denis Betts,who appears to relish this coaching gig having done so in both codes.
  8. I don't know the squads for Thunder v Raiders but Cory Aston for Thunder is worrying enough without the Wakefield players. Also quite worrying,was the lack of player sponsors for the Thunder players shown on the team sheets at the CCC game last week. A tyre company sponsored Lewis Young,no surprise,and club snapper,a referee in the Castleford district,Paul Clayton,spon sored a winger.That is all. With the fanbase of the sport predominantly mature,would it not be better for central funding not to be based on joining Our League,but on the numbers of supporters who are in a Supporters Trust,or are members of a Squadbuilder? Thunder thanked their supporters in their Squadbuilder for their latest signing. I understand we live in an unfair world,and the plans by the Super League elite are unfair.The clubs Thunder and Crusaders,with their time in Super League,have more of an opportunity to have a fanbase than West Wales Raiders,Coventry Bears and London Skolars etc who have started at the bottom and hope to grow. Hunslet are run by their supporters and have been pro- active in seeking sponsorship. Supporters attending games and putting money into their club are surely deserving of central funding - more than those who do not attend games. Any thoughts before this division is cut adrift - or West Wales Raiders win on Saturday? ** Sorry I didn't start a new thread but it may be better that only mainly League 1 followers comment,and I'm on a Tablet belonging to someone else and it has only come to mind **
  9. Angelic Cynic

    Bears v Workington off

    Rugby League followers must be the most put upon fans of any sport. I won't ask about the 1895 Cup and what happens with postponements,or whether or not there is extra time and golden point. I was surprised last year to lose out when a re-arranged Challenge Cup game took precedence over a League 1 game. ( Ironically that was involving Coventry ) One home game in 10 does seem strange after 2 successive home games for Coventry resulted in 2 home wins at the start of the League 1 campaign.
  10. Worryingly one - sided game at Newcastle where West Wales Raiders could play until midnight and still not trouble the scoreboard. Travelling on the day and playing may not be wise when it involves the geographical outpost clubs. Best wishes to Newcastle Thunder. It'll just be like the thing if former clubs Castleford,York and Thunder, who were coached by Dave Woods in the past,are all going well by the merry month of June. He went well quickly at the other 2 clubs but his first year at Thunder wasn't his best. I hope the same applies to Kim Williams. A week is a long time but today was a tortuous journey with a torturous performance. Good to see the Academy sides of Thunder and Bradford. 1895 Cup it is then!
  11. Newcastle Thunder make 2 changes,at full back and half back,from their winning spine from last week. While new head coaches at full - time outfits Leeds and Wigan have also lost games ,West Wales Raiders,like Thunder, have lost to Coventry, and I would hope they surprise a few of those making the predictions. Either a victory in the CCC or the League 1 fixture,next Saturday, would be most welcome.
  12. Angelic Cynic

    Liam Finn quits Newcastle

    Lots of investors seem to have a change of mind. The unexpected does happen - despite the words spoken. This wasn't too long ago - There may not be a relegation for the Falcons. It was only a few weeks ago and an opening double-header at Kingston Park and everything appeared good for Thunder. The departure of a head coach,and a big-name signing with Super League and international experience,doesn't seem so good when neither have been replaced. They do have a chequered history.
  13. Angelic Cynic

    Liam Finn quits Newcastle

    Should the union club Newcastle Falcons be relegated - they are bottom of the league but the RFU have a meeting scheduled for 9th April to decide of relegation is to be scrapped - and with the losses announced last year - there may be the possibility of the Newcastle owner opting out.( It does happen in our sport! ) ** I do seem to have read about the other code,recently,with the potential of the Scarlets club merging with Ospreys in south/west Wales** There seems a lack of certainty about Newcastle Thunder going forward. Their plans for this campaign have certainly taken an unexpected turn.
  14. Angelic Cynic

    Liam Finn quits Newcastle

    The current acting head coach Tim Rumford is from Castleford. Mr Rumford did show some character when he resigned after Richard Pell was sacked at Gateshaed Thunder. It is possibly the case that he does the travel from Yorkshire to Newcastle.Though he probably also did the travel from Yorkshire to Oxford. I seem to recall Denis Betts resided in/had property in Gloucester,and travelled to Widnes. I do sometimes wonder why the ever-shrinking sport of rugby league still bother with contracts.Are they really worthwhile?
  15. Angelic Cynic

    Rugby League World

    In view of the success for the home side with Rugby League World sponsoring the London Broncos v Wigan Warriors may I take the opportunity to inform you of a wonderful programme of fixtures ahead at Stebonheath Park.Llanelli. I have heard the hospitality afforded to journalists cannot be matched in England,France or Canada. Just sayin'...