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  1. I don't think we know our strongest team. In a weak moment - I worried.Now I know we will defeat you. I am impressed you took the time to find out about the opposition.
  2. If it had rained persistently or the earthquake/tremor,on Saturday, had caused damage the result - a postponement -would have meant the same result.
  3. I am just amazed that the ' pre match boasting - total stupidity of the new owners - swaggering know-all-stewards ' managed to stage 3 games at the end of last year,after saving the South Wales Ironmen from failing to fulfil their fixtures. What a splendid rugby league family there is,and how devoid of envious,troublesome,irksome specimens who are able to have their grievances given the oxygen of publicity. Still,it will take my mind away from p***poor administration when Mrs Hetherington allowed the original Gateshead Thunder to,allegedly,have to merge with Hull FC.The well administered Hull FC that earlier,late 80's,had to sell Crookes and Schofield to Leeds,as they were poorly administered and running out of money. Then the late 90's merger where the Thunder supporters lost their club - not just the huge inconvenience of yesterday! Then this millenium Hull FC play an ineligible player in the Challenge Cup,but be allowed to win the cup,gain more press and media coverage and sponsorship,and money. Then have an administration of giving banned substances to international players and attempt a cover up.( An in-law of the p***poor adminstrators ) But yes,really go to town on West Wales Raiders.A slight oversight on a thousand and one things required from sorting out the disaster that was South wales Ironmen to starting up a whole new semi-professional club. I don't think it will matter much after Friday,anyway.
  4. Chris Houston at the RFL Disciplinary...

    Come on! You can do it yourselves!
  5. How do you come to that conclusion? I have checked the RFL Operational Rules - Medical Standards Section C Mandatory Medical Equipment Down at C8 - Drug Box the required items are listed. It is the responsibility of the Home Team Doctor and the advise is to make regular checks as some of the items have relatively short shelf lives. There is no punishment mentioned in print.I don't think the RFL have jurisdiction with regard to those in the medical profession and the RFL don't have any precedent in such a matter. Hugely annoying and frustrating,admittedly.The Thunder suppporters,as one would expect with these people who make friends wherever they go,took the appalling bad luck with their usual good grace. West Wales Raiders have hardly benefited.They now travel to battle hardened Bradford in the Ladbrokes challenge Cup massively undercooked and should the game v Thunder take place on a future blank LCC weekend the Thunder players who were missing today through injury will have returned. I would have thought the the rugby league family would have every sympathy with the owner of the West Wales Raiders,the board,coaches,staff and supporters who had waited for this game this afternoon with a great deal of excitement and expectation,after a considerable amount of hard work behind the scenes from those who know who they are,and were then left apologising to the visitors who are deserving of the utmost sympathy. There isn't always a bad guy when things go wrong.It is just sometimes fate;a bit of bad luck. RFL Medical Standards final PDF.pdf
  6. Not much anticipation in the start of League 1,then? Over in Llanelli the earth is moving in excitement Unless it was Kevin & co leaping from a moving train.
  7. Chris Houston at the RFL Disciplinary...

    I thought you were a Widnes follower? From last year - Chris Houston (Widnes Vikings) plead not guilty to a Grade D Contact with Match Official charge in the 76th minute of Widnes’ Betfred Super League match against Warrington Wolves on April 13. Player was found not guilty and no ban was applied. Also - The RFL may go on the reckless option - but viewing the last of the newfangled disciplinary it seems to go on previous - the previous for Chris Houston is innocence. Unpleasant for Phil Bentham,though.I hope he is okay.
  8. That's a surprising attendance after last year,when Ben Cockayne and the local Hull press informed the 7k membership that they should not travel away from home if other Championship club supporters didn't take many to their place. Maybe their fans just like Championship rugby league. With 2 former international coaches in charge of the 2 sides it was underwhelming - unless,of course,that Pearson chap from t'other side of Hull has worked his magic and Super League is already on par with the other code and rugby league has been transformed to compete with rugby union ( this time on a low skills threshold ) There shouldn't be many KR fans attending Perpignan,anyway.
  9. ...3pm k.o at Stebonheath Park v Newcastle Thunder. It should make an interesting selection for both clubs,with a number of absentees,which should make for an exciting game as both sides will not know too much about the other. 2 long trips out facing Thunder,having been drawn away In the LCC the following week. West Wales Raiders should have huge effort from their selected players as the opportunity to exhibit their skills in front of the Wales national coach,next week,could be the reward for those who perform. Hoping for a good attendance and a home win.
  10. Nigel Wood

    I didn't claim it! From your neck of the woods -
  11. Nigel Wood

    Most people do not take everything so literally. On nearly every fan forum,in many press reports,in the opinion of many,the marketing and advertising of rugby league events is either poor,or non-existent. Dropping GB has upset a number of former international players.I shall allow you to argue the pros and cons of that with Garry Schofield. The future attendances at Wembley is one which is to be addressed now that it seems Wembley is still to stage the LCC Final. Clubs lose money during the play-off games,and the aggregate of the attendances at Magic Weekend also suggests a loss. Leadership personality is possibly his wanting of an individual who does more than do 'spin without substance' which afflicts our country since a certain political party some years ago...and still! People can see through it.They don't want soundbites. It does seem difficult to get a message across in a short timeframe - yet you have come to a conclusion in a shorter period of time about a former player.So it does show the importance of how the message comes across.I believe the medium of Twitter is extremely limited.
  12. Time for action

    There was resistance to it,and warnings against it. But a certain Nigel Wood was sure it would increase the number of participants The arguments against were quite good - It seems the Rubicon may have been crossed.It is going to require someone special to bring everyone back on board. Difficult.
  13. Nigel Wood

    Why do you conclude that it is an irrational rant? Are the views of an ex-player and someone who brought commercial income and sponsors into a professional club to be dismissed without any question? Should someone from the governing body,or Super League club owner not answer the points? Will they answer should the Players Union put the same points? It demonstrates that not just forum users actually have real issues and concerns,and those issues and concerns are ever-increasing around a whole range of topics.
  14. Restructure 2019?

    Gary Hetherington once stated this,in 2013, Lenagan,the other day,stated - Wigan chairman Ian Lenagan says Super League clubs have never been "as together as they are now" as they bid to take the sport forwards. The roulette wheel is spinning.We might learn what happens when it stops.
  15. Challenge Cup Third Round

    John Kear,king of the Challenge Cup underdogs,now coach of a side hosting a club with a plethora of young Welsh players who will be keen,in the extreme,to impress the Wales national head coach. I could do without the 'leveller' of inclement weather - or a glue pot pitch. Odsal will be the place to be.