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  1. In fairness to the Daily Mail they just plagiarise news from the local papers. This story made the Manchester Evening News and was then re-produced in the national. Nice of the Leigh owner to bring even more bad publicity to the sport.
  2. Angelic Cynic

    Kneets - club thinking positively.

    Would it be possible for someone to explain the KNEETS word,please? Is it just the sound of the accent for Knights,or something more interesting? It has only come into use fairly recently,I think.
  3. The bit I had the misfortune to read didn't mention speeding.
  4. Angelic Cynic


    Widnes were once the World Club Champions when they defeated Canberra,coached by Tim Sheens. They later had an owner named Vaughan and ran into financial difficulties.Years later they were in Super League. Man City were in the 3rd tier of professional soccer.They are now one of the richest clubs in the world. Part time rugby league clubs existed,and some prospered,in a semi-professional sport,long before Sky TV existed. Supporters of the game have no control over the owners. I struggle to see the sport existing when only half a dozen clubs along the M62 are involved. My opinion differs from yours. Times and circumstances change.
  5. You do know Beaumont has been in charge at Leigh far longer than Toronto Wolfpack have been in existence,don't you? As I type this I don't think the boom and bust club have been really rejuvenated. Beaumont,far from planning an academy,achieved this - Until Micky Higham was returned to the club,I don't recall too may home grown players at Leigh for the 2018 campaign. Trying to veer back on thread - It is far more interesting having Brian McDermott listen to a question,consider it and give a full answer,rather than just do the usual cliched - sick as a parrot - over the moon - type of answer after a defeat or a victory.
  6. Angelic Cynic

    Player Roster 2019

    It's refreshing to have a head coach who can see the potential in young players and be able to attract willing professionals who want to improve. I was impressed with this interview - despite the small spelling difference.
  7. When playing for Leeds the supporters created an atmosphere with the drum and singing which was enjoyed by some,and not liked by others. You now play at Hull KR where they attract a fairly decent fanbase. In your experience do the noisier crowds have any impact on playing performance? ( I note the qualifiers/relegation issues for both clubs in recent years but I do feel the more animated/noisier crowds add to the gameday enjoyment - just wondering how it impacts on the players or are they too busy concentrating on the playing of the game? )
  8. Angelic Cynic

    Player Roster 2019

    There was once an actor who played the part of a funny man called Wacky Jackie - which is what your username reminds me of. I did read about a Greek signing on Monday - but I do hope you have not overlooked our other Greek national player,Robert Tuliatu. I don't suppose you know how to pronounce the first four letters of the forename? At the moment it doesn't lend itself to an easy song. The pair of them are bringing the hirsute look to the club. But they could be hirsutely -challenged by Scotsman Sam Herron,a 6'2'' 105 kg prop forward who has represented his country up to A team level,played in Australia and just finished with Red Star.Belgrade. A new head of strength and conditioning arrived all the way from Australia,recently.,Bradley Lawton,and he will be joined by the equally clean -shaven Rob Simon and Rob Welch. Good health.Success and happiness to all for the time ahead.
  9. In your early career at Leeds you benefited from former half backs being in the head coach position,which may have assisted you technically,and your current and last head coach are former props,which may have assisted in your tactical development. If that is true,would you advocate a former half back to be appointed to the national coaching sides,or do such improvements occur with experience?
  10. With the Rugby League Players Association developing in conjunction with the GMB Union would you advise young players to still seek an agent,and if so how has an agent assisted your career?
  11. Angelic Cynic

    What shape will Leigh be in next year?

    Deggsy been doing the recruitment?
  12. I have read from the Leeds watchers a) It was the players and not the coach who won the success b) When the players under-performed it was the fault of the coach. I hope this bipolar performance/review for Mr McDermott can be rested once he gets his feet under the table at Toronto. I hope he and Toronto have a hugely successful future.
  13. Angelic Cynic

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    I have a feeling Brian Barwick may be behind this decision. He is closely linked with the club who play at Liverpool;and the city itself.
  14. Angelic Cynic

    What shape will Leigh be in next year?

    Without getting political,despite the views of some Featherstone followers and the political involvement of Andy Burnham,and knowing how some people outside of sport would react to such conduct towards themselves,it has been seen before how Derek Beaumont treats contracts,but he is a 'man of his word.' I am quite astonished at the lack of support for the players who provide our entertainment,many of whom will be in the gyms and then running up and down hills in the snow over coming weeks/months,despite their lack of support,or consideration. I do wonder how the sport struggles on. I even feel sorry for the Leigh followers not knowing what is happening and not,at the moment,having much to look forward to.
  15. Angelic Cynic

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Players from a side which was in Super League in 2017 are also asking for payment. It is not unusual for rugby league clubs to have owners who do not pay the players. Equally,it may be further evidence of the central funding not being adequate for the demands of a well run League 1 club trying to improve itself. Perhaps each side should go to the maximum dual reg players? Attending universities in Yorkshire. Newcastle Thunder have players from the heartlands who are in universities on Tyneside. I don't know if Hemel have links with their universities; or where their students originate from,or what their sporting preferences may be.