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  1. TheReaper

    Eric Perez

    Man, you guys take Krzzy's posts way too seriously/literally.
  2. TheReaper

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    24, for now anyway. Haven't decided how old I'll be next year.
  3. TheReaper

    Eric Perez

    Nah man, November is peak football! If we can play the Grey Cup at the end of November in the snow, or the MLS Cup in December, I'm sure the rugby lads can tough it out.
  4. TheReaper

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Not in stadiums. You get your ticket scanned and walk through the (very big) open gate. Edit: not at Tim Hortons Field, BMO field, Budweiser Gardens, First Ontario Centre, Air Canada Centre, or any of the university stadiums I've been to. I don't think Lamport did, but it's been a couple years since I went there for a Canada game.
  5. TheReaper

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    This thing. I've never never seen one at a stadium before, I thought you guys were using it as a turn of phrase, like "through the doors" even if there isn't actually a door, until you mentioned it not working. None of which has to do with my point that in this day and age, there couldn't possibly be a connection between an announced attendance, and what taxes a club is paying.
  6. TheReaper

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    I suppose in the days of cash it might work... although I'd call that "tax fraud" , not "attendance massaging" . Also, physical turnstiles? Was this also back then?
  7. TheReaper

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    That sounds ridiculous. Why would the government (or anyone) think that an "announced figure" which is primarily PR, has anything to do with how much money was made? If you brought in a million dollars in revenue, you're going to be taxed on a million dollars of revenue, whether you sold one million-dollar ticket or a million one-dollar tickets.
  8. TheReaper

    The game spreading in the USA

    Not when they're usually set up to include a 150 yard football field.
  9. TheReaper

    Why are we so amateurish

    I find the "watch the same team/ game 4 times" argument a bit strange. I mean, don't you like watching YOUR team? Does the other team matter that much to how much fun you have at a game? You still want to see your team trying win, regardless. You still get to go outside and have some beers and watch rugby.
  10. I wouldn't read too much into how 7s did as an indication of 15s. They're almost separate sports, most of my rugby friends don't pay it much attention as spectators, and not much more as players. Whereas I think the RU world cup would probably do pretty well. Not sure it would be worth including Canada or not, the USA is more than capable of hosting on it's own. Might be diluting it at that point. Hopefully Canada would still be making it by then, we're on the last ditch repechage to make 2019. Unfortunately I don't think a RL would go well at all. I was skeptical when they announced with the "conditional" status, but thought Moore Sports had as good or better a chance than anyone in RL. But now with articles about the Denver game about whether people have been paid or not, and seeming like they'll chicken out on the three year deal makes doubt if they can pull it off either.
  11. Is weed a banned substance from a sports point of view in the UK? I don't think is here (for CFL anyway) since it's not exactly performance enhancing.
  12. First, "Mr" Reaper is my father And no, I haven't. But I've been an employee, which is what players are. They gave their time and risked their body in exchange for agreed pay. The time and risk has been taken, so they must be paid. No matter how hard you try, "better is better", and the other team is trying too, and may be better than you. So sure you could have win bonuses, but you have to be paid to pay, before you can be paid for winning.
  13. I don't think it was necessarily the "transatlantic" aspect either. It's just the good old Canadian inferiority complex, if it's someone else's it must be better. Usually applies to the USA, but hey rugby is British, a British league must be better. I think it's more of a Toronto thing. That's why the Argos struggle so bad, Toronto is too good for "only" a Canadian league.
  14. They're paid to play games, not to win games (obviously there are bonuses etc) but do you think any players would agree to a contract that only paid them for games they win?
  15. I'm not you couldn't achieve that regardless, just by staggering kickoffs to be at 1, 3, 5, or 7 pm. Obviously not the morning games but you could still have 8 hours on TV as it is.