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  1. TheReaper

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    People have been ragging on Kyokushin for this and other comments, but I've made almost identical comments on here and elsewhere before. Yes, RL has limited tackles and football has limited down, but I do think that's about the point where RL stops being MORE like football than RU. For starters, with that very same rule, if you gain ten yards, you get a new set of downs, meaning you can control possession through your play, and can hold onto the ball until you score unless the other team can take it. Both FB and RU can be slow, strategic, sometimes a low scoring defensive affair, etc. People don't give American audiences enough credit for being able to understand and appreciate it. Kayakman, I'm usually on your side, but I think you're being a bit aggressive overall. He makes some fair point that I don't think is just trolling.
  2. TheReaper

    was rugby league ever patented?

    Stanley Cup - 82 game season, 4 rounds of best-of-7 playoffs Grey Cup - 18 game season, 3 round of elimination playoffs
  3. TheReaper

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    Are you actually arguing that hockey is more accessible than rugby? That isn't true even in Canada.
  4. TheReaper

    2019 Early Season games

    All Sunday games is smart, or avoiding it is smart? I'm quite happy with all Sunday afternoon games. I almost never have anything else scheduled for Sundays, and come late May Saturdays would be a real problem since I play at 1:30. I think having a regular date/time will be good for building the casual fanbase. The odd Friday or Saturday would be good too for those who really can't do Sunday, but the regularity makes it easy to remember and go.
  5. TheReaper

    2019 Early Season games

    Very interesting for sure. I wonder if TWP will take the MLR schedule into account and avoid clashes? I don't know how far into the scheduling process the Championship would be.
  6. TheReaper

    2019 Early Season games

    "Webb says the Arrows games will be broadcast, with details to come later. " CBC streaming like TWP? Ar the very least, TWP-haters should now realize that the climate is a Toronto wide issue, and not just something the Wolfpack has to deal with. New York is playing away until March for the same reasons.
  7. TheReaper

    2019 Early Season games

    What about Varsity if Lamport has the dome? It's turf, not too far away, not too big. Do they dome that?
  8. TheReaper

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Now THAT would add some drama to Seawolves vs Arrows next year!
  9. TheReaper

    New Grounds.

    Thanks for that link! I work in steel and formerly precast, so that was a very interesting read.
  10. TheReaper

    when it was easy to attend a game

    I actually keep the tickets from most events, show etc I attend if I can. That does unfortunately mean I have a lot of email printouts in that drawer. That's because I still print out most of them, so I don'y get caught out with a dead battery or something. Now with my Ticats season tickets, I don't bother anymore, those I use the ticket app, but any one offs I print.
  11. TheReaper

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    How many times are you gonna write the exact same thing?
  12. TheReaper

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Why would they? The Blue Jays have 3 Canadians on their 40 man roster. They sold 2.3 million tickets this year without making the playoffs (and that's down from 3.3 million 2 years ago). The Raptors have zero. They sold 813,000 tickets last season. That's 100.2% of capacity. The CFL, which has a mandated 50% Canadian players (not counting QBs) is the least popular of the major sports in Toronto. Torontonians don't care about their teams being Canadian. They care that they entertain and bring championships to the city.
  13. Who is going to invest money to start a team if they might get kicked out after so long, if no one else steps up to form a league?
  14. TheReaper

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Rugby season is done, except for university, and junior 7s. So probably not much until spring. Right now it's hockey and high school football, and pretty soon volleyball and basketball if those haven't started already.
  15. TheReaper

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    I challenge anyone to find a hard "promise" of anything. By that I mean "We WILL play converted football players" "we GUARANTEE we will play x number of Canadians" . And not "will work towards" "it would be nice if we could" "we hope to" "we'd like to see".