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  1. That's who I was talking about, some may go to NZ with Malcolm and Mitchell, or Europe. Although, world cup prep probably takes precedence for those who make the training squad. A good showing ay the WC may also help get some contracts. I think it would be up to TWP to approach any players they may be interested in. The Arrows guys will be focused at trying to get to the top of their own sport.
  2. I think the Kiwis are going to head back to play ITM cup in the fall, possibly that connection ( and Hurricanes being a partner club) could see some of the guys headed over that way. It would also be a good time of year to try to get picked up in Europe. Or NFL, Tristan Blewett from NOLA got invited to Saints mini-camp.
  3. Arrows through to the semi-final! Thanks to a late Sam Malcolm drop goal to put us ahead by 2. Unfortunately not enough to sneak into second and a home semi, but I'm just glad we're in!
  4. I came back to this thread to say exactly this! It's been in my mind since this morning. Why does it need to be BETTER? For a sport that often seems to begging people to like it at all, why does it need to the best? We have four major sports in North America, 5 if you count soccer, and most sports fans are fans of almost all of then. Or at least 2 or three. All RL needs people to do is like Soccer AND rl, or like union AND RL. Nobody needs to give anything up for it.
  5. Idk, I don't think it's so much "hate" for TWP as it is annoyance at league fans coming into the sub and pumping it up. Similar to the attitude towards union on here. Add the fact that no matter what how many times people say that they support each other, they are still competitors in a crowded sports market, and it's no wonder that the Wolfpack aren't the most popular over there. Not a threat to the whole MLR, but certainly to the Arrows. The two year hard start and big budget are big hurdles. Learn things from the Wolfpacks marketing and event planning certainly. Other than improving the level of players and coaching though the game itself won't change. It's already at a very entertaining level, they just need to get people out and make sure they have a good experience. The game itself pretty much doesn't matter. Are there two more opposite sports than curling and hockey? Or basketball vs baseball? It's all entertainment, and they all do well.
  6. In this thread : "but,but, if you take away what they're good at, those other guys are barely good at anything!"
  7. Okay, sure. But league 1 is D3 on another continent. Playing against towns that no one has heard of, just like USL. And soccer is widely and deeply more popular than rugby as it stands, in every way. Especially if Ottawa joins the CPL, then the coverage and natural rivalries that come with playing in a national league will give them a huge boost. Really, the best thing for ORL is for the infighting between CPL and the Fury to continue to the point of OSEG folding the Fury rather than switch. Not saying that Ottawa RL won't put on a good product or have a fan base, but to think they're overtaking anyone before they've even started is just rose coloured glasses at this point. Let's be generous and say they get half of what soccer does. Is 2500 fans sustainable for playing in a transatlantic league, when you're covering other teams flights and accommodation? With no guarantee that they're in the same league as TWP or any other NA teams, what kind of revenue stream is that going to bring?
  8. They added the 15m-from touch line, the lacrosse line worked for the 5m in line. I think they just used the 20m line instead of 22. None of that caused any problems from what I could tell.
  9. God no, that would be stupid. It's winter. The stadium / parking situation handles 25,000 people for RedBlacks games, so there obviously won't be any problem with the much lower expected crowds for RL. That being said, Ottawa barely manages 5000 for soccer. I don't see how RL can outdraw soccer.
  10. The rugby team is part of the FCB family, just like the handball, basketball, etc. As far as I'm aware they all wear the club colours.
  11. People should drink when and where they want.
  12. I don't think that would really work because you'd have different values for different seats, and would have no proof of your individual seat number and that you paid for it.
  13. Why can't you just use the bar code on your phone?
  14. Frickin miserable today... chucks of sleet falling down amongst the rain. All the Honda towels there were throwing out became seat cushions pretty quick! Thank goodness we got the win!
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