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  1. Sure, it definitely not great. The monogram only is better. But we were talking about the name.
  2. I quite like the Arrows name. Unique, local meaning(s), lots of imagery / branding possibilities. Better than Wolfpack which was ripped off of the Prairie CRC team.
  3. TheReaper


    Who owes who?
  4. TheReaper


    Parky, why are you talking about loan and interest in liability? It seems pretty clear they sold an ownership stake. Cash for equity. With a side of licensing agreement, new owners use the brand to help sell other products, and portions of sales come back to the team. Not seeing any risk? Oh, and everyone got paid, it was just delayed. Try to accurate.
  5. TheReaper


    How on earth do you get to "losing interest" from adding ten million in investment and strategic branding partners?
  6. TheReaper

    2019 Schedule

    I just took a look at some pics ans video, it looks there are RL (white) soccer (yellow), and lacrosse? (orange) lines. So they'd need to add a 22m line, 5m from goal, 5m in from touch, and 15m in from touch. For clarity you'd probably also want to paint green over the 10m and 20m in from touch, and the 20m from goal line. And depending how much work they wanted to do, paint over the other 10m lines, but I'm betting they won't on the short turnaround day.
  7. TheReaper

    Challenge Cup Solution

    Why would you enter a tournament where you win yourself more work to do?
  8. TheReaper

    2019 Schedule

    Only one shared weekend, on the 4th/5th, unless the Arrows host the final on the 16th. I thought they would alternate back and forth more so they could gauge which one does better. Although making it less confusing about where to go is probably more valuable.
  9. Catalans have the cup, don't they? They should ask for 500k to give it back 😂
  10. Why should they get any money from anywhere for their inability to make the most out of their strongest assets?
  11. TheReaper

    2019 Schedule

    Only three "field sports" teams in the country play indoors, and a third year team that plays in a structure that can't figure out if it wants them or not, is gonna build an indoor stadium in Toronto? 😂 I'll have what you're having
  12. TheReaper

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    Do you think there's any chance that professional League beats MLR to either Vancouver or Victoria?
  13. TheReaper

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    Or, as I and many others have pointed out., YOU need to look at the amounts of OTHER sports to put the numbers into context.
  14. TheReaper

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    Not bad ideas. Start writing cheques and maybe they'll listen to you.
  15. TheReaper

    Leeds South Stand opening

    No, Lamport has benches. Because I like arguing with people who are wrong. Why are you?