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  1. Think there was a reason why Leak was under par He allegedly got a finger in his eye and had blurred vision ended up in St James eye dept Sunday night But that said we were awful We had plenty of chances to win though !!
  2. Wait until next week when Leon Price and his Workington team visit Tonight’s game must have given Leon hope !
  3. Johndeere


    I’ve missed something 9’oller who’s being linked with a move away ? We can’t afford to loose from the top end of the squad I do hope it’s only rumour !
  4. So if you were Diskin Would you stick with the same team Or Give the lads that haven’t played a game ?
  5. Some people on here need to grow up it’s boring !!! Its a case of back the players the unpopular coach picks Moaning on here will change NOTHING surely you know that Time to back the team I think !!
  6. Stick with that team because I don’t believe Diskin will go anywhere yet They deserve another chance after that performance some positives No doubt there will still be calls for Diskin head
  7. Leaky Full 80 and tackled everything Manning Showed exactly why we missed him so much last week Scotty Just did as he always does
  8. To be fair yes their much better than us but how many of their players would swallow our total wage bill And their getting nothing off the ref either O Brian should have had a yellow card if not a red had it been the other way I’m sure we’d be down to 12 I think we’re showing sprit just starved of possession
  9. I have to say two things stand out to me as the main reasons The half backs really have been poor most matches nothing coming off them at all passes going to floor creating no gaps getting caught with ball in hand and I can see why he’s gone for a change this week Another thing that isn’t happening is a quick play of the ball It really has been to slow for Leaky to get the forwards rolling forward this in its self gives the halfbacks time and space One look at the team sheet says there’s class in there it’s form that’s lacking but let’s hope we can put a couple of decent shows in the next three games we never expect to win One look at the lads after the game last week tells you how their hurting There is class in that team it just needs to come soon
  10. Today was certainly a game of two halves obviously gave them 12 start then our forwards got into the arm wrestle and got on top but all that pressure came to nothing the halves lacked ideas to unlock the defence! ! We really should have had something in those 20 mins then another interception try !! Second half we were all over them all they were doing was hanging on but it wasn’t to be but we were certainly the better side and came away with no points but we showed promise I’m sure we can kick on !
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