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  1. It's a fair question. The answer is no. I don't bet in every race though. I enjoy the whole experience and read books about it. I do think the betting is an integral part.
  2. I have heard Scottish people use the term "bigots" a fair bit, as in "bigot brothers" but they are referring to the 2 Glasgow football teams and their fans.
  3. I agree with you. I go horse racing sometimes. It is a great day out regardless of the betting. I like a bet but I still enjoy watching it without.
  4. Yes people on both sides are going too far. I read about some remainers abusing a 16 year old girl yesterday.
  5. That's very interesting.☺ I didn't realise there had been Turkish immigration as early as then. Were there any names given out of interest or other details. I do have Readly so I will look to see if the magazine is there.
  6. We saw one remainer in trouble last week because of a racist tweet. Do you think all of the people giving him a standing ovation 3 days afterwards were Brexit voters? Then there was the story about comments made by John Bercow. I think it's very dangerous to say most racists voted leave. Sometimes we don't discover people's true views.
  7. Yes the whole of Scotland by designated area voted remain, though the percentages in each area varied. Dumfries was 52% to 48% I think. Edinburgh was the most pro remain city by approx 3 to 1.
  8. The map doesn't show voting percentages either. Sone areas of Scotland such as Dumfries, Falkirk, Aberdeenshire had well over 40% of leave votes.
  9. I watched just the one game, Batley, with a friend from Turkey and he really enjoyed it - he picked up the purpose of the game very quickly and now wants to go to a home match. I think it's good for attracting new fans to the game. Of course it helped that Batley played well and won, it's a great showcase for smaller clubs.
  10. She represented GB at Tennis in the 2011 Maccabi games.
  11. I really enjoyed it. I thought Batley played the more structured game and tackled better.
  12. I think there is something in what you say. However the Italian entry was a rap style which did well. Also the UK entry was co written by the Swedish representative who was born in London. He topped the jury votes yet the UK were near the bottom. At one time the UK entry always did well due to the popularity and legacy of British music in the 60s and 70s.
  13. The juries give their votes by nation, all 41, with 12 points for the best. At the end of this the countries are ranked 1-26. Then, the public points are awarded to each country starting with 26 and ending with 1. The public points ranged from 0 to 276. So Sweden which was first after the jury vote, ended up 6th.
  14. Thank you Shadow. I find the work sheets very helpful to compare my weight.
  15. I agree. I think a lot of English people have perhaps a misunderstanding of their aims. They are popular in the north and with those who wish to break up the union. However in the central belt particularly, Scottish people are very doubtful of them.
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