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  1. I had a guess and genuinely got the country correct, though like you I didn't get the capital. I thought it was the largest city but I was wrong.
  2. My favourite song of theirs is "Heaven".
  3. Niels

    Six Nations in Northern Hemisphere

    Thank I understand. It's a good format.
  4. Most of the time there is not a right or wrong answer though. People interpret "evidence" differently or else there can be conflicting evidence.
  5. Niels


    Interesting. I was pleased Livingston held Celtic. They have done well against the old firm at home.
  6. A good question. To answer honestly yes. I thought the headline was misleading. They may never forgive the Government but they are very attached to Israel as a country. Additionally other articles I have read have not suggested any such division. I can't access the full article for free unfortunately.
  7. To be fair Haaretz is very Left Wing. Nothing wrong, I used to read it myself online when it was free. But it's views are polar opposite to the Government there so that has to be borne in mind.
  8. Niels

    Six Nations in Northern Hemisphere

    I enjoyed reading the post. I do have a question though. Its regarding England always having a semi final at home.and the other game being in France in case they qualify. What would happen if England win group A. Do the venues switch? Also what if France win their group? Does that semi switch to France and the other move to England? However, what if the semi final is France v England with France due to be at home? You asked for questions and this one came to mind☺
  9. I just read that Caitlyn Jenner's home has been burnt down in Malibu. I remember seeing it during "The Kardashians". It's sad so many people and homes being affected.
  10. I think it is because 80% of Jewish people in the US are secular and tend to be Liberal. Similarily in Israel the Seculars tend to vote for the centre left Zionist Union party.
  11. Its interesting that the Jewish vote has always been largely pro democrat. I've read a number of articles about this recently.
  12. You are definitely correct regarding Batley and I think the other clubs. I wouldn't watch a feeder team and would have no interest in following any other team. That's why people work so hard to keep teams such as Batley independent and thriving.
  13. I understand your point Oxford. I do think there are some things to take on board from the article. Compared to the Counter Culture of the late 1960s and 70s though the Left, or Liberals do seem very different. Then the music was very influential and the meanings more subtle. Artists like Jefferson Airplane, John Lennon, etc really believed and had an influence. This election all there was in comparison was the millionaire singer Taylor Swift who made no difference at all. Before the Left seemed to be imaginative and tried to get their message across through music and books. This seems to have been lost.
  14. Niels

    The TV Thread

    This looks great John. I will look to see if it is on Readly. If not I will buy it. I still get excited when the Christmas Radio Times is available, even though I know I will be disappointed with the listings.
  15. Niels

    Rugby League in the Spectator

    Max Boyce did hymns and arias at the 1999 world cup to promote it. What I am saying is that "stereotypes" can be used positively. I thought they were in the video.