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  1. I wasn't sure if it was a joke in that he doesnt really eat pork (though it does say meat intake) but when I looked online there were photos of him eating a bacon sandwich during the election. Interestingly a lot of secular Jewish people do eat pork yet most secular Muslims don't.
  2. I read online today that a survey by the LSE in 2017 found that both leavers and remainers preferred immigrants from the EU than non EU immigrants. Also how do you decide whether a remainer or leaver is racist? Is it sufficient for someone to say "I am not racist"? Do they have to have helped immigrants? Are they disqualified if they relocate from a multicultural neighbourhood? I live n a Brexit constituency and had family from abroad live with me. We never experienced any racism, the opposite in fact. We were looked at more in the so called posher remain areas.
  3. Yes they were very resourceful. Actors, sailors and sometimes diplomats brought the records in. Some were pressed using x-ray machines and materials. They were sold by phone or outside music halls and illegal markets.
  4. I know I have said this before but there are allegations about him bullying his staff, lower grades. He shouldn't be considered for a peerage on that alone. I would say the same if he was a Conservative - oh wait a minute 😊
  5. I agree with you here. Many football teams abroad have the national flag on their crest.
  6. I thought the post I replied to had as clear an implication as we are likely to get. Especially taken in conjuction with another one made today. Saying most or a large majority instead of all is still insulting and I don't think it is helpful whichever side is claiming it.
  7. Maybe that is the circle you move in? I have contact with the local immigrant community and a lot voted to leave. They aren't racist ☺ What about ex pats? They voted to remain I imagine but a lot of those are always boasting to me how they are glad they left the UK because of the immigrants etc.
  8. I understand what you say. Thanks for liking my earlier joke and taking it in good spirit. I did appreciate it. 😊
  9. You are right. It's the Brexit thread that seems to completely change me! I've joined Bobs' s gym club now so hopefully I will be less stressed and back to normal soon.😊
  10. He is a Liberal then at heart😊
  11. Thanks for the reply. I meant historically but I accept I didn't say. That graph could be an indictment of Jeremy Corbyn's failure to capture the working class vote.
  12. Thanks, you are a calming influence on me. I am going out now so I will leave you all in peace for a while 😊
  13. Can I paraphrase a quote from an earlier post about leavers and racists? I didn't assume all Labour Voters are poor but I think it is safe to assume that most poor people vote Labour.😊
  14. That's a very good point. Actually I don't think he is part of them - I think he genuinely does care about the poor and less well off. Similar to George Galloway. I think some of his followers find him useful more than actually admire him.