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  1. The bass line is superb. I remember this being released. I still think Isn't she lovely is the best track but this is a great song too.
  2. Its interesting you should say that. I read an obituary just an hour ago about her which stated that was her defining role for which she will be remembered. It was meant sincerely and I understood what they meant as she played it perfectly.
  3. As a member of the PCS I would much prefer the General Secretary comment and concentrate on issues such as low pay and failure to treat racism by Government management.
  4. I thought Martin's column anticipating what the Hearns' points would be was very illuminating. I can't imagine their actual recommendations being any better.
  5. I think you are right. Her ex partner was an ambassador so they are educated and have some awareness of the procedures. I think someone of that standing ought to have contacted the Home Office again if she had received no response before taking her son out of the country. However the photos do make me feel sorry for them and hopefully they will be reunited quickly.
  6. Niels

    Tommy Robinson

    Denmark and Sweden are interesting as they do have a disproportional number of rapes committed by non Scandinavian nationals. Even newspapers such as the Independent have articles regarding this. Before anyone cries racism two of the countries with a high proportion were European with others from the middle East or Africa. Religions weren't specified either so no slant intended there. In fact one of the African countries I think had a high Christian population. One of the reasons given for this in the Independent article I read was different attitudes towards women in other countries. I know others will cite poverty which is relevant, but the statistics aren't consistent with every nationality.
  7. Niels

    Tommy Robinson

    I was very specific. I said the organisers and I also said West Yorkshire. I think we will go too off topic if we discuss this in more depth.
  8. Niels

    Tommy Robinson

    I just used it as an example of a crime where poverty and material depravation were not relevant factors or motivation. Just really to show that there are different theories and thesis about crime and that the view that it is motivated by poverty solely is just one side of the argument.
  9. Niels

    Tommy Robinson

    The posters are promulgating the "conflict" theory about crime which is popular with the left who don't see economic or social controls as a positive. Regarding Batley it doesn't apply. There are poorer muslim areas with low crime. The criminals of all colour organising the drugs trade live in good areas and drive expensive cars. The organisers of the West Yorkshire grooming gangs in other towns had money, that is how they were able to entice the girls with lavish gifts.
  10. Niels

    Tommy Robinson

    Sorry duplicate post.
  11. Niels

    Tommy Robinson

    I learnt this during Sociology studies, it is only one viewpoint, the Marxist, not definitive. In my expeirience It's not really this simplistic. Comparatively some similarily deprived areas have more crime than others. Batley has a very large Gujarati muslim community yet there is very little crime amongst them.
  12. They took a massive away following to Salzburg last night for their champions league qualifier.
  13. But there are other sports with more specific demographics. All Ireland, Australian Rules. They seem to have no issues or chip on their shoulders either.
  14. Hysel wasnt an accident. 14 Liverpool supporters were convicted of involutary manslaughter. I had a recent correspondence with the editor of the Liverpool Echo about this and they had no wish to excuse or underplay the responsibility of Heysel. Indeed it was her that pointed out the convictions to me. People are very empathetic about Hillsborough and to, in effect, blame "Heysel" on a wall collapsing and state that other incidents were worse is disrespectful to those who died in my opinion.
  15. There is no real comparison though to Heysel where 39 fans were killed and 600 injured. These were 12 amd 10 years before Heysel respectively. There were no fatalities and only the teams affected were punished. Additionally Heysel resulted in all English clubs being banned for 5 years and Liverpool.for 6.