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  1. I think this is an extremely well written post. John pointed out recently that the poll here stated that 50% wanted to leave the EU yet this is not representative of the quantity of the posts here. From what I have read this is the only place some posters come into contact with people of opposite views so maybe their anger is all vented here? It's similar to my teams forum page. It is a lot busier when we have lost☺
  2. Niels


    Yes they are already 4 points ahead in their group. They can break down teams now. Tomorrow is the last set of games then it's back to the league.
  3. Niels


    If none automatially qualify, then the play off group will be Scotland,Serbia,Norway,Finland. You are top seeds so would have a home semi final against Finland or Norway which is winnable. Then a potential 2 leg final against Serbia. You have a fair chance do you think?
  4. Niels

    The new Alan Partridge series?

    I just saw it on catch up now. I agree it was excellent ☺
  5. Niels


    At least next Cyprus game should be a win.... Away to Scotland 🤣
  6. I know Padge but I have never had the opportunity to upload it before☺ I am very proud of it ☺
  7. I have no Celtic heritage like Bodicea ☺ I have uploaded a photo of my Cyprus National team shirt for you - I wear it whilst I watch the match
  8. Thanks - I hadn't noticed Padge's post said Bodice ☺
  9. Niels

    Diskin out!

    Thanks. I agree with what you say. If the squad is good enough then no players are necessary.
  10. It's an interesting point that. I don't feel so bad now as Batley were playing uphill second half so it was always going to be difficult. 12-10 Is not really enough of a lead at half time downhill. However against a strong team like Toulouse it was a great effort. Toulouse downhill were very prolific.
  11. Niels


    I like the choice of all Euro Championship games on Sky red button. I opted for Cyprus v Belgium but I probably should have watched Netherlands v Germany.
  12. I have Turkish family, hence the flag on my aviator. I visit Nicosia also. I love Cyprus. The article in the Cyprus Mail was positive about her anyway. Edit You must have just misread my post, sorry. No problem.
  13. Regarding the petition there was an article in the Cyprus Mail today about the lady who started it. I didnt realise she is of Cypriot heritage, Greek not Turkish though ☺ I had only opened it for a preview about the Cyprus game this evening. Just can't get away from Brexit ☺
  14. I think if those were the options people would be asked to vote first on Mrs May's deal and then there be a second option on the other 2 if her deal were rejected.
  15. interesting results today. Definitely a relegation battle for Batley. Hopefully we can go on a run like we did last year. It's a very tough league now but also one that we need to stay in.